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Solar Panels

5 Reasons Why Investing to Solar Panels is Worth It

12:18, 7/8/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Many did not expect the booming market in solar panels not until many experts have declared that the mineral deposits below the earth are at stake – and that people has to find new resources that are sustainable and renewable. When it comes to these characteristics, the first thing that comes in the mind of the people is the solar panels. These photovoltaic modules have been in the industry for several years, but only a few were able to explore the full capabilities of these modules. Many believe that this technology only belongs to those people who can afford it. But, since there is mass production of this product, the solar panel cost in the market started to plummet. Thus, many people were able to ‘go green’.

But what makes solar panels a good investment other than real estate? Well, that is because…

1.    Solar energy is clean energy. Unlike the traditional energy that every sector uses where coal and crude oil is used to generate electricity. With solar panels, it only uses photovoltaic modules. It can be renewed; the modules are silent and clean. More importantly, it does not release greenhouse gasses and does not have to pollute the air and water just to generate electricity.

2.    The solar panel is a future saving. You might spend an amount for the upfront cost, but this will give you more saving especially if you managed to recoup the expenses from buying the solar panels. And since the lifespan of solar panels is 20 to 25 years, you will be able to save a lot from those years.

3.    The solar panel is a potential business. You can sell the electricity that your solar panel can produce to the neighborhood. Aside from that, you are eligible t receive FiTs and rebates from the government for installing solar panels.

4.    For your own convenience. Solar panels are easy to maintain. All it needs is an annual professional check to ensure that they are working on its maximum capabilities. It is best recommended for cottages, rest houses and remote building that has no access t the national grid. Plus. You will be able to control the amount of electricity you are going to use at home.

5.    Solar Panel is for the betterment of the future. Imagine that your children will be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the world and be able to breathe clean air. This is what solar panels can promise to people – no pollution. So you will be rest assured that your children will grow happy and healthy in a clean environment.

3 Stupid Mistakes You Should Not Do When Buying Solar Panels

19:02, 16/7/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Unbeknownst to many there are many horror and cringe-worthy stories that revolve around buying panels. The sheer decision to take the plunge considering solar panel cost is really nerve wracking and no laughing matter. Though there is a steady decline, it’s still quite pricey to the average working class Brit. Maybe these stories don’t circulate much in social media as solar panels are not really a preferred shopping item or not a priority which we regret and disagree otherwise. But if you’re really dead set in buying solar panels we warn you to read these pointers below; a cumulative summary of what should you do when buying solar panels. Please don’t try any of the below.

Buying From the Internet

                Though with the wide prevalence and expansion of online shopping and the continuous rise of e-commerce sites, you can almost buy anything online, but we reiterate that there are some things you can’t really buy online. And solar panels are one of them. Solar panel kits are still expensive and many people have been fooled by items offering half of the price yet no a deformed or no product has been shipped, clearly a scam. Another thing is that solar panels kits are so huge, that shipping or deliveries would be almost half of the actual unit price of these panels. What’s important is that you visit the site of a reputable dealer, get there phone number, discuss your space’s architecture ask for a quote or maybe a site visit, it’s important to realize that buying panels does not involve an easy click process. It requires a lot of collaborations and discussions, so the next time you see one online you now know it’s best to veer away.

Buying One without Asking For Rebates, Incentives and Discounts

                The government focuses on a greener initiative so much that they are paying people who buy solar panels. But it really varies per area or timeframe, so you miss out on valuable discounts that could save you more money. If your area does not offer one, why not consider getting one from the store that offers rebates within another 20km radius. It’s all about being a bargain sniffer and asking all the right questions.

Buying DIY Solar Kits or Installing Ones Yourself

                If you’re lucky you might get a solar panel provider that offers free shipping and delivery. But even though you can’t squeeze out a free installation, please do not attempt to do it yourself or you’ll run the risk of ruining, destroying or damaging your freshly bought solar panels. The installation must only be done by professionals who really know how to handle this stuff. Yeah, you might be a certified handyman but please just for once take a rest and live the sweaty hard work to those who know it. Trust us, the money you’ll pay for installation will be worth it than installing one yourself, getting it smashed and buying a new one after that.

Things to Know When Renovating Your Home

13:09, 22/6/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

  In a house renovation it is known that living room, dining room, and kitchen always take the center seat, those are the places that took precedence when it comes to improving the house. It is understandable as it is where people always go to and where they can give their best impressions of the house, and the bathroom is often left behind. The truth is bathroom took the same amount of notice from the guest just like the other places of the house. That is why, getting your bathroom as pretty as the other part of your house is important. New homeowners do not realize the importance of a bathroom until it is too late, they do not realize that it is also one of the important components in a home. As bathrooms create an impact the same as the other part of the house, here are some of the tips where you can make your bathroom presentable and appealing to the guest.

De-clutter – no one wants to know the type of cream you are using every evening and the brand of your mouthwash. Organize your essentials in a cabinet or a closet that will hide it from the view, go through to all your things in your drawers and closet for easy access and clean looking. A guest cannot appreciate a room that looks like a victim of a tornado. To make your bathroom look elegant and impressive, the first step you need to do is to clean up the mess and arrange all your stuff in place.

Install blinds in your bathroom – just like the living room, proper lighting is important in your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look impressive and welcoming, dark and dingy look does not suit in the bathroom and can only discourage the person to use it. Installing of bathroom blinds can help in maintaining proper lightning as it can let the suns light into the room and can be closed easily whenever in need of privacy. There are many types of blinds that can be used in your bathroom, it is easy to maintain and are fast to install.

Replace shower curtain – shower curtains attract molds and debris like no tomorrow. As it has short life it is best that you change your shower curtain once you dimmed necessary, giving it a scrub will do but buying a new one won’t hurt as well. It is also best to add matching towel in your shopping list, matching towels add elegance and class in a bathroom.


Determining the Cost of Solar Panel and its Benefits

10:55, 23/5/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Many are not sure if solar panels are cheaper than the grid electricity; in some countries this may be considered cheap, but with many factors such as the energy inflation rate. Inflation rate and its module value at the end of its life cycle are the uncertainties that needed to be covered for the future in the form of subsidy. With these subsidies, the solar that is probably economical becomes almost certainly economical. There are some states that are offering incentives that make solar panel cost cheaper and every solar panel subsidies given are considerable for all the solar panel customers.

                   Almost every government today is promoting the use of solar panels for homes; they are given an option as to how they want to install their solar panels. People can install the panel by leasing it to a third party agency, by installing their own solar panel or by buying it on contract. Either way, it is encouraging to be installed as to attain the solar parity, making the solar energy cost equivalent or lesser than the cost of grid electricity and these solar providers offers much cheaper electricity prices. When deciding if you really want to go for the solar panel installation, here are some factors you might need to consider;

 Determine the range of your budget – your budget is the deciding factor if installing a solar panel in your house is possible; its cost depends on the size of the panel you want to be installed. The larger your panel the higher the energy it can produce and your location is needed to also be considered as there are high chances of needing a smaller device if solar radiation is high in your area.

Know the electric usage in your household – determining your energy consumption will allow you to estimate the size of the panel you need to install. 3-kilowatt-hour system generates approximately 3,600 to 4,800 kilowatt a year. By determining the amount of electric consumption, it will give you the idea on how much is needed to be installed in your house and can be determined if this is beneficial to you or not.

Incentives and Savings – governments are offering 30% incentives, property tax exemption and a rebate depending on the city or the state you are in. Installing solar panels do not just help you save up a good amount of money, but can be helpful in the environment as solar power is a form of clean energy and does not emit 35,180 pounds if carbon dioxide.

    The use of solar power is considerably good to our health and environment because it is a renewable energy; it is less polluting and significantly cost-effective.

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