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Ukrainian Russian Mail Order Brides Tips Advices and Ideas on Dating and Relationships

This article is a list that consists of few concerns connected to searching soul mates abroad that were sent to me by a woman from the US. I will try to give answers and explain several things.

1. Why the women who come from Kharkov (Ukrainian city) are called Russian Women!?

Kharkov is a Ukrainian city and it is located in the eastern part of it, the boarder with Russia is just 60 km away, even though the national language in the country is Ukrainian, 95% of people speak Russian in Kharkov, also approximately 35% of people are actually Russian and most of the people consider themselves to be Russians over being Ukrainians.

2. Do you have any idea how many women are trafficked each year through mail order brides agencies?

Let me assure you that I know the statistics of human trafficking. There is nothing here for me to argue with you about, it is bad! Last year over 600 cases of human trafficking were revealed and brought to the court by Ukrainian police, it is almost twice as much as in 2005, so it looks like police does a better job than it did. As you might know most of women who are being "sold" are going to Russia, Turkey, Poland and several other Arab countries. I guess it is almost impossible to really "sell" anybody to US or Western European country. The official procedures that US government required from man and woman assure that the will is free and there is no miss leading here. I share your point of view! Those who are promising girls work and than make them work as prostitutes are out laws and they are punished for that, but I don't quite understand what connection there is between legal officially recognized Agency and those people who sell women?

3. Do you have any idea how many actually marry a "nice guy," only to be beaten, not let out of the house,
trapped in a country where they can't speak the language?

One more very important question you high light: domestic violence. Bad husbands beat their wives in the US and in Ukraine as well! You know what is the difference? In Ukraine when she comes to police with a black eye and says that her husband did that, they will most likely tell her that this a family question she has to solve herself! I don't live in the US but I have an idea of what happens in that case there! As you might know there is a new law called IMBR Act which makes man submit all his background info to the lady before their relationship becomes really serious, a man who has been under trial for any sexual crimes, or other publicly dangerous crimes just can't invite a girl from Ukraine! I think beating a wife for a man in the US means he is going to jail, who would want that?

4. I know what it is about selling a wife that is so attractive...there's a lot of money in it. How noble.

I am afraid I don't know if you believe in G-d or not, but I hope you do, anyways let's open the Book, if you find the chapter when our fore father Abraham tells his slave Eliezer to go and find a wife for his son Itzhak, you will understand why I am sure 100% that helping people to meet each other is a noble thing! Our work is shown in Tora (Bible) so I guess if we do all the work the right way and be honest with our clients, we are doing something that G-d likes!

I think there is nothing bad in our business as it helps people. Yes it does earn money too. Since 1999 we have had many clients, some of them have several children already and we should ask them, is it a good idea or not to try finding a bride from Ukraine!

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