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Premium rider waiver is one of the benefits which you get with life insurance policies.

Riders Available With Seniors Life Insurance Schemes At Attractive Rates17/5/2014

Premium rider waiver is one of the benefits which you get with life insurance policies. This is a relatively inexpensive method that senior citizens can use to pay their insurance premiums. However, it is important that you go through the terms & conditions of these insurance schemes.

These premium riders are generally offered to those individuals who are above 60 and have disabilities. It is essential that you go through relevant details pertaining to certain riders and check whether you are eligible to get those riders. Moreover, check with your insurance agent to find out whether your policy has that option.

Insurability rider with life insurance schemes

Guaranteed insurability option is quite popular in life insurance for seniors. This will allow the insurance holders to renew their policy term or purchase new insurance schemes at regular intervals. This option is available to people up to a certain age.


The main purpose of this rider is to ensure that policy holders can keep their term policies in force even if their health condition changes. However, this is only advantageous for specific individuals who have not crossed a certain age limit. But for others, it is of no use. This rider makes whole term insurance policies extremely popular among a large section of senior citizens.

Accelerated death benefit rider

Seniors life insurance schemes also provide policy holders with accelerated death riderswhich will allow individuals with terminal illness to have financial security during their long term treatment. The person’s family can collect almost the entire amount of the life insurance policy for medical treatment.

In this type of case, the payout is calculated on the basis of the time value for money along with cash value and face amount of the policy. This is beneficial for those individuals who have been diagnosed with catastrophic or terminal diseases and require money for treatments. So, these are some of the popular riders that people can choose when opting for a life insurance policy.

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