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About my life, feelings, sex and my view on sex.

the doc...11/8/2010

today i got a message from the doctor on my voicemail.... if i would call her tomorrow morning my test results are in.

im afraid.... but not that it's cancer... im afraid it's a sexual disease...

and i cant have that... what would i tell my friends? parents? at my job? i told everybody that i have some problems.. and that i had a test for cancer...

i hate myself!

if i have a disease... what would i tell the guy who gave it to me.. he told me he got tested... if i have it... he lied! about taking the test or having the disease...

im going crazy!! i had save sex... he was tested... i was tested... so i cant have a disease... but what then?

i soooooooo hate myself...

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to be continued...9/8/2010

yeah... im back!

and guess what... i went to the doctor.. for the bleeding...
and the alarmbells rang when i told her about "my problem"!
today i got the results back on the urine test i did... that's clean!  =)
now im still waiting on the cancer test...

yeah i know... CANCER! wtf!

but im trying to let it go.... it will be good... and if not... i will survive!

to be continued!

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what a girl will do for sex...26/7/2010

Last night i had a sexdate.

So  cleaned my house, washed some spots out of my sheets, i even used my hairdryer to dry the wet spots in time.

Put on a sexy dress so if we didn't make it home in time my clothes could come off easy.

I had to pick him up at 11 pm (so against my rules) so i drove alone in the dark 15 min on my scooter.

When we saw each other we started kissing wildly, we were so horny! On the way home i wanted to stop and do him outside but everywhere we stopped were people so we drove home fast while his hands were everywhere and i was going crazy!

When we got home i lost my pants before we got upstairs! It didn't took long before i felt him deep inside me!

But it also didn't took long before he stoped bcause i was bleeding very bad. It had happend the last time too. I don't know how because we didn't do anything crazy.... Just the "usual" and i didn't feel any pain. It was a good thing i didn't changed my sheets because there was blood everywhere.

Now im starting to think there's something wrong inside my pussy. I called my doctor but she can see me next week on friday. so i have to wait almost 2 weeks. It probably is nothing but stil...

This morning i woke up earlier than him, I felt terrible and i had to cry... I don't know why exactly.. because the night didn't go as i planned or because im scared about what''s wrong. And maybe because he didn't put his arm around me and told me everything is gonna be alright. He didn't show anything... no anger or disappointment or comfort. And why should he... we just fuck.. but it would have been nice.

So for now no sex with him. First i want to see my doctor.

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