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13/10/2009 - A good job

"Dear me£¬"I said£¬recovering from the shock."I suppose next time I come
home I shall find you wearing false moustaches-or are you doing so now?"
    Poirot winced.His moustaches had always been his sensitive point.He was
inordinately proud of them.My words touched him on the raw.
    "No£¬no£¬indeed£¬mon ami.That day£¬I pray the good God£¬is still far
off.The false moustache!Quel horreur!"
    He tugged at them vigorously to assure me of their genuine character.
    "Well£¬they are very luxuriant still£¬"I said.
    "N'est ce pas?Never£¬in the whole of London£¬have I seen a pair of
moustaches to equal mine."
    A good job too£¬I thought privately.But I would not for the world have
hurt Poirot's feelings by saying so.
    Instead I asked if he still practised his profession on occasion.
    "I know£¬"I said£¬"that you actually retired years ago-""C'est vrai.To
grow the vegetable marrows!And immediately a murder occurs-and I send the
vegetable marrows to promenade themselves to the devil.And since then-I know
very well what you will say-I am like the prima donna who makes positively
the farewell performance!That farewell performance£¬it repeats itself an
indefinite number of times!"
    I laughed.
    "In truth£¬it has been very like that.Each time I say:this is the
end.But no£¬something else arises!And I will admit it£¬my friend£¬the
retirement I care for it not at all.If the little grey cells are not
exercised£¬they grow the rust."
    "I see£¬"I said."You exercise them in moderation."
    "Precisely.I pick and choose.For Hercule Poirot nowadays only the cream
of crime."
    "Has there been much cream about?"
    "Pas mal.Not long ago I had a narrow escape."
    "Of failure?"
    "No£¬no."Poirot looked shocked."But I-I£¬Hercule Poirot£¬was nearly
    I whistled.
    "An enterprising murderer!"
    "Not so much enterprising as careless£¬"said Poirot."Precisely
that-careless.But let us not talk of it.You know£¬Hastings£¬in many ways I
regard you as my mascot."
    "Indeed?"I said."In what ways?"
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