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the roof on Mars at the dance?

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Yong at the door and saw fireworks Flying Swallow playing sticks, really green with envy, see Jin flavored law to try it, they do not dare enter.

Lagerstroemia indica, Erkang, Lime, Yong-Qi, Jin Suo, the moon, Choi Ha, Xiao Dengzai, small zhuozi all in the yard, we looked upward, and the roof of the Flying Swallow. Erkang shouted with a smile:

"Do you have more peaceful way to celebrate?"

Flying Swallow Wu Zhao fireworks bar, dancing on the roof, jump risk insurance risk, but also propaganda of the following:

"Pretty good-looking? Do you see? A lot like the roof on Mars at the dance? I can also hold fireworks turn Jindou ... ..." on the roof to reveal Jindou. ugg 5114 boots

Yong could not resist anymore, and ran into the yard, looked up, see stunned. Clapped his hands and shouted:

"Good to see ah! Swallow sister was amazing!"

We can see forever, can not help all of Yizheng. Yong-Qi on the surprised, said:

"12 Elder brother! How do you come? Wet nurse do?"

The Egegege palace, at the age of 12, has wet nurse to take care of these wet nurse, and some follow the master for life, to become domineering Teresa palace.