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YS Online: A New Level in MMORPG


buy ys online gold can help you upgrade quickly. YS Online, with the unique worldview and action features inherited from the original YS series, is the most expected MMORPG of the year. YS Online boasts a wide range of MMORPG features, with its fast-paced and flashy action combat system.

In the world of Free MMO games, Ys Online is an excellent example of developers taking the free play model to a whole new level. In the past, it was easy to dismiss free online games: they were relatively understaffed, under-developed, and lacked the depth and interest level of pay-to-play MMOs like World of Warcraft or Warhammer. Ys Online looks to break that mold in resounding way by presenting a free alternative that incorporates gorgeous graphics, unique crafting, a combat style with intriguing customization, and a storyline based upon the rich Ys franchise.

The graphics in Ys Online are impressive. Areas and models are nicely developed in full 3D, with lush, gorgeous landscapes. While the game strives to portray the Anime feel of Ys, which it does quite well, I could not help but see the influence of World of Warcraft. It has that WoW feel to it, but is not quite as cartoons. Character models are much more lifelike, and the realism factor has been kicked up a couple notches thanks to the full use of modern graphic card feature sets.

Ys Online utilizes the mouse for movement. Right clicking a spot on the ground moves you to that spot. You can change direction while movement by clicking in a different spot. Left clicking allows you to pan, and the mouse wheel controls camera zoom. There is no keyboard option for movement. This takes a little getting used to, but it is no deal breaker. Keys are instead used to open menus or perform actions.


Posted: 06:16, 10/2/2010
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Good Tips for Lineage 2 Players


Lineage 2 Adena is very important in the game. There are many mobs that have good drops, but that does not mean you should solely focus all your time on them. However, if you are farming an area with a bunch of mobs and there are some with good drops you would of course choose to hunt those first before the rest.

Avoid buying from NPC merchants. They usually tend to cost more than buying from another player in the game. Taxes there are only 10% and when you buy in large amounts you tend to save a lot more. Do not sell off your loots immediately. Try to find the best barge for them. Private stores can be one of your biggest assets in the game. You can easily browse through a wide selection at various prices, although it may lag a lot but sometimes it can be worth the time spent. You may also want to setup your own store as well when you want to sell off your items. Do not start your store and stare at the screen though, that is just silly and a waste of time.

If you have extra arenas lying around and you tend to travel a bit for whatever reason, you can be traveling merchants. Getting to Giran can take a while and lot of players would rather not travel there to purchase stuff unless necessary. Arrows, healing potions and soul shots are commonly bought items throughout the game. Ideal to stock up a bit on those and setup a store in caves or where ever when you need to go AFK. From time to time if you know the market well enough, there are players who are in desperate need of adena and will sell their item at a much lower price than normal. You can easily buy that and resell later at a higher rate.


Posted: 06:16, 10/2/2010
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Runes of Magic Leveling Guide


Rom Gold can help you upgrade easily. In runes of magic quests will be your best friend, as it is the most efficient way to level both of your classes. With a vast variety of in runes of magic and you will have plenty of opportunity to level quickly if you put in the necessary time?

Daily Quests: these are very special quests that you can accept and complete 10 times in a 24-hour period. These are by far the most rewarding quests in the game before leveling. Most of the quests are collecting items from dead monsters and bringing them back to the required NPC for completion. The best way that I have found to complete these quests quickly is to calculate how many items you need to collect and grind on the mobs until you have gathered enough to complete the quest 10 times. Then you can just go back and forth accepting and completing quests until your 10 quest limit. However if you have real money to spend in this game you can buy a daily quests reset stone and you can complete daily quests for an additional 10 times.

Tip: when doing a 10 daily quests, keep in mind your level and experience needed. In most cases I would recommend taking the time to start completion of these quests on the highest level monsters that you can kill fast and effectively. This will give you more experience than you might not have gotten otherwise and you will level much quicker. Also keep in mind where the NPC location is for the completion of the quest. You can also avoid quests that you have to run a mile to complete the quest.

Posted: 06:16, 10/2/2010
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Warhammer Online Gold Getting Tips


Warhammer money has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. Due to the intense dislike Mark Jacobs has for gold sellers many have had their accounts banned from the guide, there is even a counter on the main website showing how many. Due to the fact that there are not many ways to make money other than picking up salvaging and talisman making which is hilariously expensive to level up to 200, people have come looking for a solutions, I am going to list a few tips which helped me out of this situations.

1. The only trade skills I see worth taking out side of talisman making and magical salvaging are scavenging and apothecary, the scavenging is great to use after you have just PvE farming, the water you get you can either sell in batches or wait to use in a potion and sell the potion which can sell for significantly higher.

2. The quests you get for killing 25 players always give 1 gold 40 at T4; always take these, especially if you are an RVR addict. The great thing about these is that you do not even have to do all the killing yourself! Join a war band and watch the Enemy Players Killed number go up and up!

3. PvE farming again, some of the items you get can be sold on the auction house for 25 silver. This may not seem like much but for an hour of PvE farming you can sometimes get more than 100 equips if you play it correctly. These equips will be bought by salvagers who need to level up their skill and sometimes players who need new equipment.

Posted: 06:15, 10/2/2010
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YS online will give you unique game world


ys online money can help you get a high level. The ys gold is a South Korean CJ internet and Japan POPCOM jointly development online games. Then the two well-know gaming companies to jointly develop the ys gold what kind of game? Next, we went together into the world of bar ys online.

The game can create an account the role of five games. When the game players to create the role of free choice of occupation, gender, hairstyle, hair color, facial, players can create their own personalized according to their own favorite game character. Play the role of men can also create stand-alone game ys gold red-haired hero.

Just entered the game no money, no equipment, so I intend to hunt. The village had seen a low-level monsters, I started hunting. Hunting method is very simple, with other online game made little difference.

RPG series game with red hair, male protagonist, but the ys gold the story against the background of male death of character 100 years later, so I do not find men in the game hero. The ys online gold this is just the beginning not to understand how the future will be the development of what we are not sure. ys online gold names may be the same as the content does not follow the same path, may be the RPG series of games to go to the road network. The completion of the game only really knows the results. Perhaps because this is the first time test, the game is not difficult to find bug. I entered the game not along time, but found a lot of problems. The completion of the game enough, there are still many details need to work hard. In the above chart is not difficult to discover, France battle through the body and head.

Posted: 08:21, 3/2/2010
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Earning Maple Story Mesos is interesting


Maple Story mesos can be made by a successful trade master. I have started Maple Story already though not a long time, I earned a lot of Maple Story Mesos. I have many friends in it and they are so kind that they helped me a lot. I am almost new to this game and find earning Maple Story Mesos is as interesting as the fun brought by wow gold.

On other news, I have been collating all the Maple Story comics by Hook. The only problem is that it is in Korean Language. The series became popular that Nixon and Wizen made it official comics. And maybe it might be the storyline for the Anime series coming soon. The story is a bout a newbie guy who met a mysterious newbie girl and they venture to the land of Victoria and other lands of Maple. On their journey he will meet bunch of other characters like a swordsman and a ranger and many more. The series is still going strong and I think it is weekly release.

I will upload the series soon so stay tune; right now it is in the 60th release. Today patch will bring Maple Story to another dimension, says Sung Jin Kim, Manager at NEXON. We had promised a great summer with extensive, exciting new contents, and this is merely the beginning of our delivery. We hope that our players can enjoy the new maps and exclusive events even better with the upgraded game system and community features. We are already excited about our next big release, the Knights of Cygnus this very summer. A knight of Cygnus is a completely new concept as our players have never experienced before, and will definitely open the second chapter of Maple Story. I love Maple Story Mesos.

Posted: 08:20, 3/2/2010
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Analysis of Fallen Earth


Fallen Earth gold I have been concerned about the long time. All Fallen Earth content is played out in the Grand Canyon, and the developers have been using real maps to create the game environments.

In Fallen Earth players get the opportunity to join one of six such different groups. Some stands for order, the other for chaos, some for the environment and others for the development of technology. All groups have their own allies and enemies, and form the basis for many of the game conflicts and stories.

Players can choose to relate completely neutral in this conflict between groups, but will miss a lot of content and some opportunities to develop their fallen earth chips. Neutral players can still walk everywhere, and in such a way have some benefits to offset the aforementioned disadvantages.

World we are presented in Fallen Earth is destroyed and dilapidated. In the closely-spaced mutated creatures and disease and poverty are common. The mixture of genetic modification carried out on purpose, mutations caused by radioactivity and strange consequences of the terrible diseases, has led to many of the Grand Canyons residents have been given new, almost magical abilities, which are called mutations.

With these capabilities, players can perform a lot of exciting action, as telekinesis, telepathy, spread the disease intentionally or regeneration. World also retains some of the future of powerful technologies such as cloning, so that death is not final for the players.

Fallen Earth groupings seem very exciting and well-developed and the story behind the world fall and its further development seems interesting and good. The developers are yet to have a challenge to get people interested in their new and unfamiliar setting, especially considering that post-apocalyptic massive online games is still a rarity.

Posted: 08:18, 3/2/2010
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Basic Lineage2 adena Farming Guide


Lineage 2 Adena sales are very important. You will normally collect more adena if you were to hunt solo rather than grouped. The amount collected is usually less unless your character is really gimp and is unable to solo mobs on its own.

Ideally you should target green con mobs. Although they give you much less SP they do provide a good amount of adena for the time you would take to kill them. Make sure the mobs you are farming are not too tough and that you do not have much downtime. If you are caster, assure that you are able to kill the mob with out having to use too much power. If you are a tank, try not to lose too much life or you will end up sitting majority of the time you are farming. Find areas where there are fewer players and is loaded with mobs. Having to wait for ripsaws can waste a lot of time. Avoid using soul shots as well, they can cost a lot of money and should only be used when you are in danger of dying.

There are some quests that are actually worth doing but here are some basic questing tips you should keep in mind while completing them. Always accept quests that involve killing a lot of monsters. It helps you level along with some good loots from time to time. You can also combine certain quests if they are within the same area, being able to complete multiple quests within the same route is much better than completing them separately. Avoid traveling long distances because they take up a lot of time, traveling time can be converted to farming time. Good to use when in danger and good to save you time from traveling long distances.

Posted: 08:18, 3/2/2010
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The Best and most useful Aion Kinah Tips


Aion online Gold is very useful when playing Aion online game. Aion Online is one of the biggest new MMOs of the last couple of years in the Gaming Market. With its fresh new content, a slew of people are looking to track down what is surely a lot of extremely new information. Aion kinah is the currency in the game and is an integral part of game play in aion online. It is commonly used to maintain your character by upgrading your gear, use various services offered by NPCs and many more. One of the most commonly asked about details for the new game is the crafting system. So much different than other crafting systems in MMOs, there are a lot of people who do not quite understand how it works yet.

Here is a brief introduction about how to obtaining Aion Kinah in the game, and we are sure that these tips will be useful to you: In fact, obtaining cheap aion kina in aion online can be done in a variety of ways:

1. Peddling crafted items.

2. Selling items through in game NPCs.

3. Selling junk enemy drops.

4. Looted from defeated enemies.

5. Completing quests.

The short introductions below will be helpful to you to make aion kinah in the game. For aion players who look aion Kinah as one of the main focus and want to make lots of aion kinah, this is a recommendable Aion Kinah reference. If you feel bored to make Aion Kinah in aion, you can also decide to buy Aion Kinah from our website. We must provide the best service.

Posted: 03:17, 27/1/2010
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A Guide to Final Fantasy XI for Newcomers


ffxi gil for sale has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. Final Fantasy XI is an excellent game and has a variety of strengths. It is a wonderful title because even if you are new to this series it is simple to play and understand. The game contains an enormous world and yet it is easy to become familiar with it and learn how everything works. A newcomer should find it a delight.

Final Fantasy XI is a massively multi-player online role-playing game. It functions as an online world. Players can access this world by buying the game and paying a subscription of $12.95 a month. The game is a cross-platform title, which means that players on both PCs and consoles can interact with each other in the same game environment. This makes it a truly unique experience.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XI comes on five disks that you must install to set up the game. The first disk installs the Play Online client, a piece of software required for access to the game, while the other disks install the game itself. The PlayStation 2 version requires a special Hard Disk Drive and network adapter, the first of which is usually sold with the title. Once the game and the Play Online software have been set up, you will need to download any updates, and then it will be ready to play.

The first thing that you will do in Final Fantasy XI is create your character. There are five races to choose from, all of which possess their own abilities and skills. They are all great characters and they excel in different ways.

Posted: 03:17, 27/1/2010
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Some ways to move up your level quickly in Anarchy


Anarchy online gold I have been concerned about the long time. We all know that Anarchy Online is an interesting game. However, newbie always complain that it is difficult to level up and get more experience for them. Why some players are can be level up to 50 within a week? Why you still not reach level 50 after you have played for a month? The answer is here:

First: He can gain just a little experience from the task. The task is to kill same level monsters, but he just can get the Anarchy gold from 10 to 15 monsters and waste a lot of time to run around. Unless you are very familiar with the task, and select those simple tasks specially, you can complete it one time.

Second: Do you use your 90 percent time to run and trance? Variety of reasons lead to many people waste 90 percent of the time on running, leaving only 10 percent of the time to kill. That way which player can level up to 50 within 48 hours does not apply in such people.

Third: Do you always PK with others? This is a violent world, and PK is a kind of entertainment in the game. When you are under the age of PK-class entertainment to enjoy on the loving, at the same time please do not complain that they upgrade very slow and need buy AO credits to reach higher level.

Fourth: Do you often make team with others? First of all, we need know that there is no so many extra Anarchy online gold if you make team in game. Instead it would waste much time.

Posted: 03:16, 27/1/2010
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Priston tale: a little thought about upgrading


buy priston tale eons strive to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. The priston tale online game is like all of the Korean online games, upgrade is always the theme forever. It likes our ages is always increase in reality; this is the law of survival. Of course, our ages are limit; the game is as same as it. The different is that the game is based on the highest level as an end, and we are come to an end with death.

Now let us talk about the game. Having selected a Korean online game, it is inevitable that we wanted to go to upgrade, because there is no different if there is no ranking. You can image that all the characters in priston tale are one, empty-handed, and stand chatting together. That is nothing but in reality a group of newborn babies in the same production room babble. Although it can prove the human sense of caring for wild animals has been strengthened, this love is best embodied in the real world, and the game is still to fight. After all, we fight for is a monster.

However, there is a new trouble when upgrade through fight monsters. We often can see a group of people in order to fight a few monsters of blush, and even to fight. That is only can say priston tale has not yet opened PK. Otherwise see their own people died in a similar sword, it is both sad. Therefore, do not hurt everyone when in upgrading. It is only a game. Thank you for reading, I wish all the game players have a good mood in upgrade.

Posted: 03:15, 27/1/2010
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Why Final Fantasy XI is So Special


Final Fantasy XI gil sell you must do when playing this game. Final Fantasy XI is a brilliant game and is distinguished in all manner of ways. It is beautifully made and its world has been designed with great care and thought on every level. It is a deeply satisfying and enjoyable experience with much to offer to its players. It is truly a special game.

Final Fantasy XI is special because it is a cross platform title. It is possible to access the world of Vana diel on both PC and PlayStation 2, which makes it a cutting edge and innovative piece of work. It was the first massively multi-player online role-playing game to do this. Its game world is open to players in America, Europe and Japan, and it features an amazing online community. The game includes a translator so you can communicate with the Japanese players and interact with each other.

Final Fantasy XI has a strong social aspect to its game play. It is possible to play with your friends and this can be useful when it comes to forming a party to complete challenges in the game. The interaction in the game also allows you to befriend other players and get to know them. People are always happy to talk to you and are very helpful if you are having any problems.

Final Fantasy XI is addictive and engrossing. It is a game that can be played for a long period of time and still maintains your interest. Indeed, it is so absorbing that you could literally play it all day. The game storylines will really draw you in and capture your attention. There are a variety of quests and missions in the game, and they include things like looking for objects and tracking down people. You will also carry out conquests for your government. There is a nice diversity of tasks on offer.

Posted: 02:34, 7/1/2010
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