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The Best Style Of Wedding Dress Flatters On You
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Victorian Dresses For Parties - 06:23, 26/1/2014

Back in time,wearing vintage clothing is a thing that never can be true,and that's why people holding different vintage themed parties to get fun.And among these parties,Victorian and Medieval themed parties are popular.

In Victorian era,people wearing gorgeous ball gowns to attend parties,this style of victorian dresses feature a bustle and pointed shoulders,and Victorian style ankle boots and hat are also a must for a whole Victorian party look.

Here I will show you several Victorian ball gowns from DevilNight UK which is an online store.

Red Victorian Fantasy Gown

Champagne Taffeta Victorian Bustle Ball Gown

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Romantic Gothic Style - 06:41, 26/12/2013

Gothic style is more and more popular in nowadays and accpeted by different age of people.Because this style is considered to express one's self and show something different from others.

Gothic fashion was divided into different styles,such as romantic gothic,cyber gothic and so on.Here we will talk about romantic gothic.

Romantic gothic style is creative, imaginative and unique in appearance.This style combines Victorian with Gothic.So it is not only dark,but classic.Romantic gothic clothing are mainly black,wine red,green,purple such dark colors.Black or wine red dyed hair,black painted nails,heavy black eyeliner is the most common goth make-up.So if you want to be a romantic goth,remeber these basic points.

Black Lace Long Sleeves Gothic Blouse

Black and Blue Long Gothic Burlesque Corset Prom Dress

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Do a Victorian Themed Christmas - 06:46, 23/7/2013

Christmas seems a fabulous time for everyone.We have Christmas every year,but every time your decorate the room in the same way,this is boring.How about be different this year?Host you Christmas in Victorian style will be special and personality.Now I will tell you how to do a Victorian themed Christmas.

1.Decorate your room with holly and strings of Victorian style Christmas cards. Make everything look vintage and elegant.The candles,the flowers,the tablecloth,even the plate should be victorian style.You can take a Victorian era room as a reference.

2.Presents for children.This also should be very Victorian! Choose candy which wrapped by Victorian style paper.This will be very special for children.

3.Prepare the food. Victorians generally had goose for Christmas. If you want a really big feast, however, you can have pheasant, goose turkey and chicken!

Classic Half Sleeves Victorian Dress

4.Find suitable Victorian clothing,by the way,there have many kinds of Victorian clothing in nowadays,such as gothic victorian dresses,victorian ball gowns,choose according to your detail Christmas theme.

5.Prepare a traditional vintage music,you can play during Christmas dinner or parties.

6.Go to church. All Victorians did this.

7.Finally, back home to read the bible story or Christmas carol.

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Guide To Gothic Clothing for Career Women - 08:36, 18/7/2013

Gothic fashion is a kind of personality and a way of life. People who loves Gothic are not only wearing gothic dresses to attend gothic themed party,but also choose some not very exaggerated gothic clothing wearing in working days.

Black Sexy Short Lace Sleeves Corset Style Womens Gothic Tops

Black Pierced Rivet Womens Gothic Leggings

Now let's see women's choice of gothic look.

Slim fit blouses with lace details and mermaid short skirt,couple with leather gloves and boots,this is the normal gothic look.

The main color of clothing is black, usually add red, blue or green, for enhanced.

The jewels are usually very dark,and sometimes a little vampire taste.

Rose and crosses are essential.. As for the make up, the so-called gothic girls make extensive use of lipstick purple or black, or dark red; so much eyeliner and dark eye-shadow colors.

This is the career women's dress-up,if you are invited to a night party,romantic gothic clothing or gothic party dresses are the first choice.That means choose your gothic clothing according to the occassions.

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Goth at Different Occassion - 04:24, 16/7/2013

Today,I will introduce how to dress in a gothic/alternative/creative fashion at different occassion.

Red and Black Mermaid Gothic Wedding Dress

Gothic In Wedding

The wedding dress is the most important gown in your life,not one of them.Brides will spend months to decide one to go down the isle.It is so important to get it just right as all eyes will be on you,especially when you hold a special gothic wedding,what style of gothic wedding dresses you wearing will stand for your personality.Gothic wedding dresses commonly have black,red,purple,three main color,just choose the most perfect for you.Of course make-up is a point,you'd better ask a professional people to help you.

Red Rose Printed Pattern Chinese Cheongsam Style Gothic Party Dress

Gothic In Party

Party Queen is every girls' dream.To be a party queen is not a simple thing.From clothing to make-up,every detail should be right and amazing.Attending an Gothic Party is no exception,besides a delicate make-up,gothic party dresses are also should pay attention to.Black is the most safe color,but choose a suitable mix color maybe can let you have a chance to be a Gothic Party Queen!Of course, if you want to look elegant,romantic gothic clothing should be your first choice.

Gothin In Causal

Gothic fashion at a casual day was accepted by more and more people if not overdone.Wearing all-black is a safe bet.Black bouse,black skirt,black jacket,all these gothic clothing should be a wardrobe of basics.And avoid much accessories,sexy corset, D-rings,all these is not suitable for workplace.If you notice these,you still can be a goth in workplace.

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Steps of Planning a Victorian Wedding - 07:18, 11/7/2013

Have you ever dream to have a victorian wedding that as gorgeous as Queen Victorian's.Wearing white romantic victorian wedding dresses,walking into church,say "Yes" to each other,really perfect.And what I say following will be useful to you if you plan to hold a Victorian Wedding.

Off-the-Shoulder Vintage Victorian Style Wedding Dress

1.Before you prepare,you'd better do the research about every detail of the wedding,such as the wedding invitation,the victorian wedding dresses,the tea party,the venue decoration and more.This is very important,cause Victorian wedding is different from modern wedding,every detail should be Victorian era.

2.Wedding invitations.Take your wedding color as the background,and add Victorian elements to the invitation,by the way,tell your guests wedding theme and if there is a need that they should wear victorian dresses to attend the wedding.

3.Victorian bridal look.Besides Victorian wedding dresses,I think make-up,accessories are also important. Add a tiara or beautiful beaded comb for the headpiece maybe can make your look more like a Victorian Bridal.

4.Wedding Venue.Choose a Victorian building as your wedding venue and hold a Victorian tea party is neccessory.And also every detail should be Victorian era,even a cup.

By the way,devilnight.co.uk has a large collection of victorian dresses,such as victorian ball gowns,gothic victorian dresses.If you plan to hold a Victorian wedding,just have a look.

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What you need to Prepare to be a Victorian Girl - 06:28, 9/7/2013

Want to look like a Victorian Girl?It's not easy.Today,we will tell you what things about dress-up you need to prepare for.

List below:

1.Hat.It's almost a symbol of Victorian girl.So don't forget it.A very nice looking antique hat make the look.

2.Cloaks.When cold,women will wear cloaks to keep warm,not coats.

3.Skirts.Keep in mind,the length of the skirt is important.A 4 years old girls' skirt should cover knee and sixteen year old girls should cover ankles.But if you are in that age range, you have free to customize your skirts within that range.

4.Victorian ball gowns.Victorian dresses covered their whole body except shoulders and/or breast line.

5.Bustles and Corsets.Corsets commonly worn to keep you bodyline more beautiful.In Victorian Era,girls must be wear corset,especially attending occassions.Some Victorian wedding dresses are designed with corsets.

6.Gloves.Victorian gloves also be accented with lace, and commonly,the color is black.

By the way,Victorian girls when invited to attend a Gothic Victorian party,should wear gothic victorian dresses,different from traditional Victorian dresses.

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Brand Collection of Gothic Clothing ---- Pengtagramme - 07:17, 5/7/2013

Do you know what is gothic fashion?Or the definition of gothic fashion?I think "dark glamour" is a good word to define.In past,people talking about goth maybe use the word of darkness,destruction and death.But nowadays,gothic also represent a fashion trend.Different field of designers in their design works begin to add Gothic elements,such as Vera Wang.

Recently,DevilNight bring a brand collection of gothic clothing ---- Pentagramme.Pentagramme brand design Gothic clothing for about 5 years,their designers keep sharp eyes on alternative fashion,focus on designing personality style to meet customers'pursuits.They think goth is not about being different,or something not normal,it is an expression of personality.

Here is the works from Pentagramme Clothing.

Black Corset Lace High-Low Gothic Party Dress

Spaghetti Strap Purple Gothic Party Dress with Irregular Skirt

Red Corset High-Low Gothic Party Dress

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Victorian Inspired Wedding - 08:48, 18/6/2013

Several years ago, to blow up retro, pop it until now.How many girls wish they were born in a different era,especially victorian era,surrounded by gorgeous victorian dresses.That's why victorian themed wedding is more and more popular.Image the brides wearing amazing victorian wedding dresses,stepping in history with heritage venues and holding English afternoon tea party,what a romantic wedding!

Also family and friends will delight as they join you wearing victorian ball gowns for a very special wedding,everything seems to be uniqe and personality,and such a theme wedding will ensure that your day is perfect in every way.

Here is the victorian clothing for your wedding to choose from.

Royal Victorian Style Wedding Dress

Purple Victorian Bustle Gown

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Where to Find Gothic Detail? - 03:59, 6/6/2013

Holding a gothic wedding is complicate as holding a traditional wedding,maybe is more complicate than it.Since this wedding theme is special,and the wedding decoration need you to spend much time to find.But if you are knowing where to get them,everything is gonna be easy.Here I will introduce some good online shop for you.

1. Bridal Goth Makeup:

A right gothic makeup is important for the whole bridal look.How to have a fairy makeup for a gothic wedding ceremony?You can just search by google,a lot of results will show out.Compare them,see their work,then make a decision.

2. Bridal Goth Hair:

Check out Latest Hairstyles: Includes A Gallery of Pictures and Alternative Hairstyles: Gothic, for inspiration for your perfect bridal hairstyle. But don't forget to take your wedding dress and makeup into consideration.

3.Bridal Gothic Wedding Dress:

Wedding dress is the most important part of the bride.Almost every bride wants to have a uniqe,beautiful and personality wedding dress on the wedding day.If you hold a traditional white wedding,you have a lot of choices of wedding dresses,but you hold a speical theme wedding,maybe find a suitable gothic wedding dress is not a easy thing.DevilNight is a professional shop offers alternative clothing including gothic wedding dresses,you must can find what you want.

Are these useful for you? Plan your perfect day with these resources,it must be right. In fact,whatever you want gothci ball gowns or victorian wedding dresses,you can find online.

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New Choice for Wedding Themes - 06:14, 27/5/2013

100 people have 100 different ideas for wedding,some like traditional church weddings,some like beach weddings,and there are a group of unique couples who would like to hold an alternatival wedding to show their own personality.And if you are also these group couples,now I will bring an idea for you.

Gothic wedding is the main trends of wedding themes in recent years.This themed weddings bring a fresh taste for brides who are bored with traditional weddings.These brides don't want to wear white wedding dress just like others,they need to get a special design and style wedding dress.So gothic wedding dresses are their first choice which both can match with their wedding theme and also can show their own alternative beauty.

Here I will show some alternative clothing for brides to choose from.

Do you like these styles,if you want to see more gothic ball gowns,just go to devilnight.co.uk,there offers a lot,also including victorian wedding dresses.

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Gothic Wedding Dress Styles - 03:33, 23/5/2013

Gothic wedding dresses just like traditional white wedding dresses,have a lot of styles and designs,elegant,unique,romantic,whatever style you would like to wear on your alternative gothic wedding,you can find it.

Here we will introduce a style which is gothic wedding dresses with jacket outfits.This style of gothic wedding dresses make you look more formal and more noble,of course,still unique and personality.

Black and White Long Sleeves Gothic Wedding Dress

This design is special.A whole long sleeves black outfit with strapless white wedding dress in it,when you take off the black outfit,it is just like a traditional white wedding dress,and with the outfit,it is complete a gothic wedding dress.What a good design,so creative and unique.

Black and White Lace Long Sleeves Gothic Wedding Dress

This is a romantic gothic wedding dress.Black lace jacket and bodice,long train,pick-up skirt,all these make this dress look fantastic and beatiful.Brides who want to sepcial but also would like to be elegant and beautiful,this is a good choice.

How about both the two ones?If you would like to buy,just go to devilnight.co.uk,here has a lot of alternative clothing including gothic ball gowns,victorian wedding dresses and more.

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Color Choice of Gothic Wedding Dresses - 03:23, 20/5/2013

Gothic wedding dresses can be modern, romantic,unique and alternative.And now this style of alternative clothing is more and more popular,whether you are doing gothic ball gowns for a costume event or for a real wedding.As for the color,the main color is black, white, red or even a jewel-tone.

Here are some suggestions for your choice of gothic wedding dresses to let you look more unique and alternative.

Color choices:

Black - This color is very bold,alternative,especially applied in wedding.But it is the most common in gothic wedding.Lots of brides choose black wedding dresses as bridal look to show their unique personality.

Red - A warm color but also alternative, this makes a bright and bold statement for a Gothic bride.

Purple - A romantic color that can be both unique and elegant.Dark shades of purple bring a formal feeling without being black.

Antiqued White - Tea-stained can be the perfect moody non-white for a Gothic bride who likes a lighter palette. Runs the gamut from the palest off-whites to gentle creams or even tan with hints of rusted brown for a very aged look.

These are the mair color of gothic wedding dresses,which color do you plan to get for your wedding?Or have you ever thought of victorian wedding dresses?It is also a good idea.

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Gothic Wedding for 2013 - 09:17, 16/5/2013

Take a deep breath, lace up your corset, and start planning.Have you ever thinking of your wedding before you planning?Would you like unique or tradition style?

Now, it's wedding season! Many couples are getting married within the next few months, and I'm eager to see which designs of alternative clothing they've chosen for wedding and how they decorate the wedding venue.Black,red,green,which is the most popular gothic wedding theme ?

I know that gothic wedding is very special, and I'm also curious what couples are planning for their gothic weddings. What would you love to wear as a guest, a bridesmaid/groom, or mother- of -the- bride/groom? Will they all wear gothic ball gowns to appear on the wedding?

Here are some gothic wedding dresses and victorian wedding dresses for you to choose from. (please click the links under the photos to go to their shops):

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Gothic Wedding Ideas ---- Gothic Wedding Dresses - 08:22, 10/5/2013

Have you ever dreamed to hold an untraditional wedding?Throw white wedding dresses away,wearing a unique gothic wedding dress to appear on the wedding.This is a new trend for new couples who have personal interests, characters', and personalities. To have a Gothic themed wedding, you need to make sure that your ideas are subtle and not too over the top.

Before going ahead with Gothic weddings, talk with both of your parents and make sure that they are okay with it.Since maybe parents have an objection to such a wedding. Remember that although it is your wedding day, your friends and relatives are also equally important.Also when you send invitation to them,just tell them wear gothic ball gowns and gothic suits to attend you wedding,let your wedding look more perfect.Here we are going to discuss some Gothic theme wedding ideas.

Best Gothic Wedding Ideas

To have an unforgettbale and special Gothic wedding, you have to plan everything in advance,from the food, wedding decorations and wedding dress,all these should incorporate the Gothic theme. Now we are going to discuss the gothic wedding dresses.

Gothic Wedding Dress Ideas

Black, Purple and red are some of the main colors that are used in Gothic wedding dresses. But finally the color you choosing should be suitable for your skin and wedding.As for the style, corset gothic wedding dress is one of the fashion trends which can also modify your body shape.

And if you can't find suitable gothic wedding dresses,online shop is a good choice.Whatever gothic,victorian wedding dresses,they have a large collection of alternattive clothing and also can custom according to your size.

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An Unique Themed Wedding ---- Gothic Wedding - 02:42, 9/5/2013

A white wedding isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re of a Gothic disposition. in nowdays,black gothic wedding dresses is more and more popular,especially in young couples.Even Vera Wang also landed her black serie collection,which encouraging couples to put a personal stamp on their big day.

Contrary to traditional belief, gothic themed wedding is cool.Wearing a long black dress,couple with a dark gothic make-up, everything is totally different.I think these days, families are more open when it comes to themes,so why not try to hold a gothic themed wedding?

Now here is gothic wedding inspiration for couples who want to have a indifferent wedding.The wedding is inspired by all that is dark and whimsical: a fusion of Victorian vamp, fanciful garden beauty and Old-World luxe tweaked with flavours of Rock n Roll and Carnival/Circus. Elements included mismatched French style furniture, vintage silverware abound with roses and ostrich feathers and candelabras, all in a rich palette of blood red, deep plums, black and white. The bride walked down the aisle to Sweet Child.

So do you plan to hold a gothic wedding?If so,you need romantic gothic ball gowns to let you look amazing on wedding.Here is a online shop which offers alternative clothing,such as gothic wedding dresses,victorian wedding dresses and more.Just have a look.


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Special Themed Wedding---Gothic Wedding - 07:19, 7/5/2013

Want to have a totally unique wedding for your big day?How about holding a gothic theme wedding?Image you wear a black gothic wedding dress,appearing on the wedding,must be considered chic and stylish.

It is different from traditional white wedding dress that we see. Gothic wedding dresses are unique and personality. If you are also thinking about a themed wedding like a Halloween inspired wedding or go back in times with Gothic wedding then black gothic wedding gown is more appropriate.

To hold such a themed wedding,you guests and bridesmaids also should wear the same style dresses to attend your wedding,that will make your wedding more perfect and unforgettable.So just tell them gothic ball gowns is their first choice when attending your wedding.

If you are having hard times looking for the alternative clothing,you can try to find a online shop to custom. In this way are assured that your dress is truly matchless and one of a kind. Commonly,such shops have a collection of special design gothic dresses,just choose what you like.

And if you think gothic wedding is too dark,maybe victorian style wedding is another choice.Also,many online shops offer gorgeous victorian wedding dresses.So if you want to have a special themed wedding,you never need to worry can't find the suitable wedding dress.

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How to Choose Perfect Alternative Clothing - 06:36, 16/2/2013

Spring is on the way, it is the time that everything comes to life, even our dull winter wardrobe. And the fashion keepers try to catch the chance to upgrade their wardrobe, they are looking the perfect alternative apparel that fit them very much. As we know in spring, there are many fashion shows; fashion keepers usually find inspirations from those shows, especially those people who like gothic and punk very much. While for people who like medieval clothing, the dresses they choose are in the same classic and graceful. You should choose the perfect dresses that you like.
In modern society, subculture has influenced a large groups of people, they pursue odd and different. They choose a unique way to show their personal style, some of them prefer gothic and punk, and some of them incline to the middle ages clothing. Dresses in different kinds have their own characters, for gothic and punk are morbid and weird, while the dresses in Middle Ages are classic and graceful. Personally, I am longing to live a pastoral life, I think many people must have the same the ideas as me, and that is why I like the renaissance clothing very much. How to get the cheap and find alternative clothes, even they are many stores that are specialized in alternative apparels, but it will cost you a lot to shop from those stores. Why not choose those alternative clothing uk online. It will be perfect to choose dresses online as those clothings are various and in fine workmanship, what is more the price is also suitable. You can enjoy perfect clothing in a economic way.

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Tips to Dress Well as a Modern Fashion Girl - 07:28, 5/2/2013

For women the long and flowing skirt is a good choice. Long skirts almost never go out of style and they are a staple item in the wardrobe of a gypsy, Long skirts are classic in the Gypsy style just like the long dresses in medieval clothing for women. The mostly colors that applied into this style of clothing is black. But there are many other colors and fabrics that can be worn for a gypsy costume. Be creative and don't be afraid to try bold colors like a true gypsy. Gypsy styles so as the middle ages clothing are graceful and amazing.
In nowadays, many styles fulfilled the fashion clothing world. Young, both boy and girl, are crazy for fashionable dress styles, the decadent punk style, the vintage Victorian and medieval style, steam punk style, pagan style, Wiccan style and other alternative apparel. And here today I will talk about another popular style for girls: the Gypsy style. As we know the Gypsies are characterized by their mystery. And their clothing style also has something to do with the mystery and conservativeness, alternative clothing uk like this will be amazing and is a miracle. Dressing for the top part, the tunic is another good decision. The tunic that is longer or it could be shorter and show off the waistline. A fitted top is necessary because, traditionally, many gypsies were known for displaying their figures with bustiers and cropped tops. Since this ensemble is for the modern woman, however, a toned down version of this is necessary to bring it up-to-date. We seldom see a gypsy girl wearing pants. So the skirts and tunics are the most classic clothes for women, so do the renaissance clothing for women, skirt and tunics is the stunning point. And besides the clothes women have to select, there are also the other things to take into consider too: the jewelry. For matching the whole gypsy look, you had better to adorn yourself with jewelry and hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are a staple item in the jewelry arsenal of a gypsy, girl should try your best to have a perfect medieval fancy dress in Gypsy style.

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Medieval Clothing My Favorite - 06:58, 4/2/2013

Generally speaking, I am fashion keeper too, and I also like alternative clothing very much, but no like many people who prefer gothic and punk very much, I am longing for medieval clothing very much. Just as the name indicates that, those dresses derived from middle ages which are classic and graceful. And I think those middle ages clothing can free me from the heavy burden and make me happy and comfortable, and that is my sunshine faith that I will never change for the renaissance clothing. It is obviously that, life in modern society is in a busy way. People catch every minute to make learn more money, they hurry for the bus, they eat fast food, and they fall asleep in the deep night. Yes, it is our lifestyle, but it is not my dreamlike one, I prefer to a leisure life and a simple love is stopped work at sunset, and the medieval fancy dress can bring me a feeling like this. To tell the truth, many people who living in towns dream of starting up their own farm, of living off the land. When mankind for thousands of years after inherited the lifestyle follow the sun, the pace of life, the inertia of thinking seems to be fixed to the night and dark, quiet, and so feel together, so many people prefer medieval costumes, and they want to come back to the peaceful life and away from the noisy city life.
In everyone’s inner side, there is a faith; people are always crazy for it. In fact, people are always having different opinion on their faith and choice on other things. Take the fashion dress styles for instance, some prefer alternative apparel as their favorite, some incline to formal and professional outfits, no matter how, it is your choice, and most of you stick to your choice forever. For many fashion keepers, they are interested in many different dresses, from gothic to punk and medieval clothing, they think it is their way to show their best character off.

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