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What To Eat Before Dinner

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The festival is getting closer and closer, most of the dinner will drink a little wine to
help celebrate. Expert introduction, appropriate drinking can promoting blood circulation
to remove blood stasis, warm warm, but excess may be counterproductive, drinking alcohol by
the liver to metabolize, excessive drinking on the liver hurt the most.Local restaurant search is a important thing.

"A lot of people have a bad habit, in entertainment like to drink wine in the last round
and then serving, fasting drink a great harm to the human body, drink on an empty stomach
fullness of absorption rate is much higher than, in an empty stomach, 5 minutes in alcohol
can appear in the blood, 30 to 60 minutes. The blood alcohol concentration reached the
highest point.

"Expert advisers said, drink half an hour before taking vitamin C, vitamin B, or eat a few
oranges, can prevent alcoholism; before drinking wine to drink some milk, eat staple food,
in order to form a protective film on the wall of the stomach, slow alcohol absorption; in
a meal, drink plenty of water or soup, diluted alcohol more than, can also play the role of
a hangover. If it is suffering from stomach problems, the proper use of stomach before
drinking, try to reduce the damage of alcohol on the gastric mucosa.

"Many people like drunk after pull the throat, drink tea, or vinegar etc. to solve, from
the medicine on the two methods are not scientific, although vomiting can sober role, but
more serious drunk people tend to unconsciousness, inhalation easily vomit caused by
suffocation. The strong tea or vinegar on the gastric mucosa are irritating, plus alcohol
stimulation on gastric mucosa, can cause gastric acid secretion.

Therefore, drink tea and vinegar on alcohol induced damage of gastric mucosa plays a role
of "fire"." Experts told reporters that after drinking, may be appropriate to take honey
water, glucose water, or tomato juice, grape juice, watermelon juice, oranges, oranges and
other foods rich in vitamins, in order to accelerate the oxidation of ethanol metabolism in

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Material For Making Party Paper Treat Bags

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The paper is printed materials common bag printing, and paper due to the current pace of development is very fast, so it developed many different properties of paper. Which of the following can be used to make party paper treat bags.

Handbag design aims to pursue the rationality of function on the behavior of portable goods, and transfer product information or display a corporate image or display a personality culture. For the design of hand bag requirements should be simple, with strong, relatively low cost, the pattern design should be the pursuit of novel, simple, free, embodies the avant-garde concept, and develop the function of promotion, communication, display.

Paper bags made of low price, as a steady focus on the development of advertising promotion, through creative graphics, symbol recognition, and text printing color stimuli, caused the attention of consumers, resulting in intimacy, promote the sales of products. At the same time in the shopping mall collocation purchased by the consumer's feelings.

Newsprint newsprint is mainly applied in the book, there are some people who bring it into bag, its characteristic is elastic and inking ability is good, but not easy to fluff, after printing surface experience is very smooth, but the newsprint also has a relatively disadvantage, because this paper is mainly to mechanical wood pulp, so more impurities, is not conducive to long-term preservation, the water can not be used any longer, if the use of long-term pursuit handbag should not be used in this paper.

Coated paper: This paper is also known as coated paper, printing in the handbag is very common, the paper printed bag surface smoothness will be better, the most important is its elasticity and water resistance are good, effectively compensate for lack of newsprint. However, in the case of imprinting to grasp the intensity, otherwise it is easy to appear sticky situation.

Embossed paper: This paper in some of the more common on the cover, is mainly a decorative role, because it itself has a clear pattern, but there are many colors to choose from, some enterprises in order to save the cost of design will be used in this paper and applied to the decoration, the bag does not need to be designed too much, but because the paper bending is relatively large, so the printing time will be a little difficult, also affect the overall efficiency of printing.

Christmas is coming soon, and it must be a need to prepare a lot of parties, Igotoshop mall is to provide a lot of party supplies website. If there is a need, you can go to buy.

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About Round Paper Lanterns

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In the modern society people basically do not need to use the lantern to light, but the special status of the lantern is still not reduced. Every festival, wedding celebration such a happy day, lantern is 
still the first choice. And now the lanterns from the process has been greatly improved, more decorative design, the use of occasions also has a great development, such as advertising. And the use of 
lanterns at the party can make you more beautiful. If there is a need to be able to buy  purple round paper lanterns at Igotoshop mall.

Below to introduce the production method of Chinese paper lanterns:

The first step, making the skeleton. Paper lanterns relatively simple shape is a cube or a cylinder, the best selection can bend the bamboo or bamboo skin Dacheng framework, place of articulation with string 
tied. If long and thin strips of cardboard and barbecue bamboo can also, firmness and flexibility will somewhat lacking, but placed the decoration in the room is also very good.

Second step, making light body. The four treasures of the shop to buy a few pieces of white and red ordinary rice paper or SA Jin Xuan paper, cut to length and width consistent with lanterns skeleton, you 
can design their own patterns. Calligraphy, painting, paper-cut, can show their presence in the small lanterns. After a good paste, you can also use narrow strip of paper under the imitation damask trim, 
looks more elegant, much like the old style lanterns. If you are not good at painting, there is a simple way for reference. With a sheet of tissue paper in the copybook on the trace to the message, this 
piece of tissue paper and deep red rice paper overlapping, single edged blade used to dig out the handwriting. Removed tissue, red paper on the handwriting appeared hollow. With the white rice paper lamp 
body, red paper paste inside, candle or light from the hollow at mapping out, the effect is quite beautiful.

Third step, production of light source. If you put in a room, just point an ordinary candle in the Lantern; if you want to go out, the best use of light bulbs and batteries to do a simple circuit.

Now people demand for lanterns have a taste of the new, traditional crafts lanterns is people enjoy the collection of boutique, western artists of China's traditional lanterns are a soft spot. They not only 
love traditional lantern shape, and exquisite technique was impressed by.

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Breakfast World Map

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Standard English breakfast if placed a full set, around a table: Bacon and fried sausage, it is Anglo Saxon tradition; fried eggs and fried mushrooms and some southern European wind; fried tomato and coffee
is great navigation era before the rise of the tea from the East, fried slices of bread if attentively, must choose the baked two days of bread and butter fried, to ensure the browned crisp, in short, is
everything is full of the British Empire lavish ostentation.Breakfast restaurants in shanghai ,it is my favorite place.If you work in Shanghai, you can find the right restaurant by BonApp.

The French and Spanish eat breakfast is simple, general, bread, orange juice, coffee is, the Portuguese if luxury some, to a fried eggs with cod fillet. Of course they plausibly: French attention to dinner,
Spanish day sweets are not separated from the mouth and a dinner can from 8 at night to eat in the morning. Southern people lazy, like the British nine to five, early in the morning on the battle line. But
this is not the southern continental breakfast, a few dominant. At the East, although Europe is not the same, eat.

The Turkish cuisine, many of the Greek style, and fusion of Asian customs, put on the table is very magnificent, is a completely separate fresh cheese and aged cheese, black and green olives is ancient Greek
epic poem is mentioned in the classic, butter Honey Ham and eggs again, sliced tomatoes, and all kinds of bread -- this is feeding in spring and summer. If the weather is cold, the Turks nomadic people
addicted to meat style would have been wake-up: fried sausage pot, even famous PACHA can when breakfast - the so-called PACHA is a sheep's head soup cook all kinds of bread and beans, vigorous thick a
cauldron. In winter, eat sheep chewing sausage drink soup, early in the morning to eat a belly of a symbol of war in ancient China.

Germans eat breakfast is not so gorgeous, quite simple version of the English breakfast: to all kinds of sausage and bacon, Coffee. But the Germans don't adhere to some: for example, the fresh juice they
particularly picky, morning not drink fruit juice, is like a car without oil, like; also, they can in the two people on the breakfast table, lined up a dozen bottles of jam and yogurt. Of course, the Germans
also feel that they have a unique German bread roll, but the French will complain that this so-called German volume is clearly what it is!

The breakfast is very important in the course of a day, want to have a day of good mood, eat breakfast is the first step.

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