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Some experience about masters in the Ro Zeny26/1/2010


I have gotten experience about masters in the game, and I want to share it with players to earn much ro zeny.

Now it is popular to play under automatism state. Now I begin to talk about how to upgrade to earn Ragnarok Online Zeny. There is a wolf area in the old city behind WS, the main straight with the location of fire. There can use a single ice card in the left and the following. You can fly, if you do not defeat the monsters. It is important to use the sight of monsters. There are a lot of the men to play big 8 to upgrade. You had better be supplemented an ice wall after the single ice.

I like the SOLO trade union base, clock tower, and can hit by the water ball in the middle, the capital with rockets. You can crazy to fight ant mother, too. Now I you see many IDWS ice wall, you can add them low. Personal habits may be different, but I think it is a very useful skill by the ice wall. Many maters commend the tortoise island. I try it and feel it well.

After the abolition of the skills that are cast magic action problem, a very useful skill, but it was overlooked by a lot of people.

About equipment: no much to say, if you have enough zeny to buy good equipment. If have no enough Ragnarok Zeny, you only buy the equipment by your ability.

About PK: if you want to fight all enemies, you can use the mire first. Many WS players like to use ice to fight antagonists. You can be invincible in after the mire and you can defeat it by the trick. The iron white water only can die or run after or throw in the towel.

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Do you have some experience in the dofus?26/1/2010


I play the dofus for a long time. I do not know friends have some experience about getting dofus kamas. Now I will talk my experience in the game to gain kamas.

About dofus skills: there are many kinds of skills, such as initiative skill and passivity. I do not want to say much in this aspect.

Now I mainly talk dofus battlefield. Although it is a 2D game, or a flash to do the battlefield than in the past SLG games are fine and distinct layering. This time you had better use Acheter des Kamas. The only drawback is that the role and lattice are too small. Your eyes feel weary. One is the barrier, which will affect the role of action. The other is the effect marking. In the grid on the ground, stand up when their actions turn triggered. This is both good and bad things, there is a map of every where are a death trap. The child often stands in the trap and be killed by short time.

About dofus fight: there are three buttons on the right in the team. The first is battlefield mode, and the system to find a similar level opponent, the role can be upgraded after the victory. The second is PK mode. In the mode, even though you are victory, you do not get any experience. The last is appointment PK mode, and you do not get any experience after victory, too. It may be afraid to play achat kamas. You enter the game after finding opponent. This time, the battle is not start, and you can not see the role of the opponent. There are some red grids and blue grids in the battlefield. First of all demonstrate that the parties receive the special captain and random cards, as well as play the role of hierarchy and so on. Each battle captain will be given a card, and this card can only be used once.

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The useful advice for Kal Online players26/1/2010


I have some useful suggestions for Kal online Gold players. Kal Geons brings a much happiness and fun to every player. Of course, Kal Gold is a more interesting online game than others. You can play all your wise and intelligence. In my opinion, it should not harry to earn money at the first time. It is importance to practice their skills. However, fighting monsters is a faster way to get Kal online Geons.

Many players said that it is hard to add weapons, and defend explode need much Kal online Gold. How do we add the equipment in that way? Now I will talk my experience in detail. The weapons add method: you need buy book and steel nails first. Then you tamp them by the books to go 7-8. In general, it is not easy to explode. If you are failure during the period, you can renovate use the steel nails. This way, you can stint defend explode stones. When adding to around 10-11, if defend explode is often failure, I advise that you add some books to tamp to 12. If you have enough Kal online Gold, you can go on doing that. Of course, you have no enough Kal online Gold, and you do not continue to do that.

Equipment adds method: adding the method need little defend explodes. You only need some steel renovate. In general, it is not easy to explode in the 2-3. Equipment adds to 2-3, and then you can defend explode to add. In order to safe, if you have no much Kal online Gold, you only need add to 4.

Precious add method: do not need any defend explodes, straight add precious book. Both weapon and equipment adds strength and protest book. Precious straight add precious book. You can go to sentry to use bad equipment to change stability of the stone with blacksmith.

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How to use litter Maple Mesos to upgrade?26/1/2010


I help the small dragon of a friend to upgrade. His request is not very high, to fire with 3w Maple Mesos. So I get some experience in the process and share with friends to gain more Mesos.

The small dragon is 45 levels to give me with all Maple Story Mesos, with four rings and HP 3200. I do not think through it own ability to upgrade to fight monsters. Before 78 levels, the skill points which get in the upgrade are all in the blood. In the 70 levels, the blood gets 1W2 Maple Mesos. Of course, when you play three roll instructors to bring a gun and hit the maple leaves more than +10 tablets, as well as attacks on drugs and should say that it is easy to through shut. After 78 levels, the nest of the sky is no suspense from 2 to 98. During the period, the AP adds that the intellectual, to bring intellectual equipment to achieve 200 points will no longer be added intelligence. Due to the forging task, it is no problems to add inferior and medium intelligence water for fighters’ equipment such as clothes, shoes, mantles, rings and caps. When the intelligence reached 200 after a key period to play Maple Mesos, you can use Maple Mesos to buy books and blue bar to add some power after upgrading every time. You can add all AP on the blue bar. When can be use blue bar to play power or intelligence, you do not need use Maple Mesos  to buy books and blue this time, leave Maple Mesos can add on intelligence and power.

Now your small dragon is 128 levels. In view of skill is not full, soul, healing, and help and so on, you are ready to play under automatism state after 140 levels, by that time should be able to drink fire 4000 MP of medicine water.

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The methods to gain more Mesos19/1/2010


I played the purple ghost for a night again, without seeing equipment. I feel a little sad. My friend said that he spent 7 million Maple Story Mesos to go to three roll, so I am a poor. I want to borrow 20 million Mesos to upgrade. I think the speed of the pursuit of upgrading more and more people are getting poorer. My several friends spent 10-20 million Maple Mesos to upgrade 70 levels for a month. Now I want to talk some to give players who want to earn much Maple Mesos some inspiration.

1. 1-10 levels, you can beat by yourself.

2. 10-17 levels, you can beat mushrooms after 14 levels.

3. 18-25 levels, you choose forest labyrinth better. It upgrades fast.

4. 35-30 levels, the area of warrior, much experience, to upgrade fast, you go to bright pearl to take up pig and mushroom task. This task is that you are basic to upgrade. You finish the task for about 3-4 hours. You can get about 2 million Maple Story Mesos to sell 60% long staff books. You can be easy to upgrade with these money.

5. 30-40 levels, this period is long. You go to sky city right now after transferring to fight small yellow lions in the yellow yard. These are advantages to do that, such as getting much experience, gaining much Maple Story Mesos and wise mine. You can get almost 2 million Maple Story Mesos for a night.

6. 40-45 levels, if ice is full, you can beat stars in the sky, or beat fire pig on the earth.

7. 45-50 levels, this time you will find that upgrade is so slow and hard. Now you can go to fight earth dragon, to beat monkey. Although it is hard, to fight earth dragon can get dragon fur, and to beat monkey can get monkey doll.

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Some upgrade directory to the new players19/1/2010


As a new player, you must have much trouble in the dofus. Now I have some upgrade directory to new players to earn achat dofus. Of course, you have enough patience to play the game.

At first, you need register a new account number. It is easy, and I believe everybody know that. After owning a new account number, you had better play the plant master, in order to earn more achat kamas. You will in a place called sky city, and you go to next map to dialog with NPC. Then you go to beat a man of straw and get 25 dofus kamas. Then you go to next map, click NPC, to get Acheter des Kamas. This way, you need choose the second all the time to get kamas, to fight white goat and then you hand in the task to the old man on the left.

You can only add Bramble about skill, to beat monsters to get Acheter des Kamas. How to upgrade two levels with using it? These are two ways. First: if you have enough Acheter des Kamas, you can only receive Acheter des Kamas. You buy a set of adventure coat to kill skeleton. Skeleton is on the lower right corner of the map that several map. If you have two account numbers, you can fight two. I upgraded 10 levels for half an hour. Second: if you have no enough Acheter des Kamas, you first go to the photograph of the east of the innermost map, to click NPC, to go to new player city. Then you go to kill chick. You only need kill the kind of monster, and do not kill the worm. You also can go to 10 levels for 2 to 3 hours.

Now if you are a leaguer, you can go to kill goats to upgrade. Do not kill too high levels monsters, which are around 20-40 levels.


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Join in Kal Online quickly 19/1/2010


Many players complain about Kal online Geons, it is difficult to fight. That is not right. I have some ways help you to gain enough Kal online Gold.

1.       You need own enough Kal Geons to upgrade, to fight monsters to get equipment.

2.       You can play dust and fame goods.

3.       You can finish the task to get Kal Gold. 1. You can make good equipment, such as above 22 pearls are 20 beans in our area. Everybody sell 45 purple golden crowns to get 50w. 2. It needs a lot of atom behind playing atom. People do not want to play how to do? You can accept. This time, you can get much Kal online Gold, fame as the same, such as oil, black blood stone, wine. Next you can play some goat fur, and the price of goat fur is 1.6-2w Kal online Gold in our area. 3. Games reward task 10-19 unparalleled suburban grocery stores, 31 forts, military fabric, and underwater, aquatic plants cloth. Delicacy thick cloths and delicacy thick fur can exchange Kal Geons. Cotton fabrics, military fabrics, grass cloth is going to fight 10 monsters plus pay 10 goods to get 1000 Kal Geons. Delicacy thick cloth and delicacy thick fur exchange directly 2000 Kal Geons, but you need 50.

I need makeup some that upgrade all depend on task chain for 10-45 levels. I play rewards after 43 levels. I beat 50 monsters to get Kal online Geons and get 4500 experience. My master kills two monsters. Master upgrade recommends use ice and fire. If you have enough Kal online Gold, you can play the beans. In the game, you need enough patience to upgrade. Regardless of time or beans are used. At last, I hope that you have a good time in the game and get more Kal online Geons.

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After 100 levels, what can you do?19/1/2010


Premise: you need install the resurrection, a sufficient supply of champions online gold, so easy to complete the task for about an hour. An hour later you can get rich champions money as award. Of course, you can buy champions gold.

1. You need talk with general, and then you can get 50 champions gold task. It is easy to finish.

2. You need talk with general again, and he will take you to playground. This is a 95 levels monster and a 100 levels monster. They have thick blood and high attack strength to often beat men stunned. If you can stay there for ten minutes, it is OK. The task is finished and you can get 50 champions online gold.

3. Then you go back to talk with general, and he will take you to wizard.

4. To talk with wizard, he will take you to Locke Mountain to fight 75-76 levels goats. You can go out to only kill one monster. The shut is easy to finish and you get some cheap champions gold.

5. You go back, and grasp the earth monster, not to kill it. You click right key to click the mountain air, access to life branches. The task is completed.

6. You go back to talk with wizard. Task is completed

7. Wizard will talk you to fight purple snow monster and grey snow monster, to collect above 20 bright champions gold. Basically you beat one to get one, and I advise you to beat 30 monsters to finish the task.

8. To find solar hangover, in this place, you use right click to click bright crystallization. If you fail, you must try again (I only use five crystallizations to get hangover). After getting one, you go back to talk with wizard, and task is completed.

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Knight: upgrading the route and experience show13/1/2010


Are you just a new player? Now I will talk about some tips to you about upgrading the route and earning much Knight Noah.

As a new player, upgrading is easy. You can just kill some monsters to skip one or two levels. When you are five levels, you go to buy books in the middle country, and do not run. You can fight monsters by plane. There are six levels firebug outside. You can only fight it, and you can get some experience and some Knight online Noah. You fight monsters to do the transfer task around the village before nine levels. Everything is easy in the 1-9 levels, only need kill several some monsters to upgrade. After nine levels, you have the essential task. Then you go to city and fight wolf out of city. After 12 levels, you can go to fight 13 levels small dragons, to 13-14 levels, to fight big dragons, to fight big dragons and birds together. Then you can fly to city after 18 levels and fight the water monsters in the pools. Next, you go to beat rock or birds, when you are 20-21 levels. This time, you need more patience and time in order to get Knight online Gold and experience points. You can play the abysm finally in the 25 levels. Now you need take care. Until 40 levels, abysm points can buy 30 Knight Gold shoes. Now, if someone on the team, then you can make team a magic to fight essence monsters. Of course, you can get high experience and much Knight online Noah. If you think that you can defeat monsters, you can make another close batter. There are many monsters, but small people. My magic ball bursts at there. You only stay the small island to fight monster after 45 levels.

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I play the call of duty for fun13/1/2010


I play the call of duty to get much joy. Of course, I get much call of duty gold to proof my experience in the game, including buy call of duty gold, so now I talk some tips about gain much cod gold.

1. Alone is very dangerous, but sometimes very smoothly, especially in groups often from a line of attack, the course may also be worse, you may encounter the enemy just learning fine.

2. Buy cod gold easily, now I will give your some advice.

3. If you already know the door is the most likely place where the enemy, if you have been out the door should be immediately retuned to, if he does not go out and have other brothers and would like to go out, then you should give way.

4. If that brother was killed shows the enemy out there, we can choose the next one volunteer or made grenades out.

5. If you must open a fixed machine gun, then you try to achieve their goals on the left, or else you are likely to be the next enemy air frame of reference.

6. Do not appear in one place many times, surely someone would remember you.

7. With a SMG, muffler is your best choice. You will be the most chic of the emergency hand, if you couple with enhanced sprint, fast changing shells.

8. It does not matter along with teammate who has opened fire in front of the local fire, because your teammates may have annoyed a bunch of enemies, so you will be very pity.

9. Sniper not climbs as high as possible. The higher the place is often more narrow. Only a grenade up can kill you.

10. If you find an unknown luminous object appears in strange places, not the past, at least more careful, or allow other people go there.


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I have some small tips to new players in the KAL13/1/2010


I play the game for a long time, so now I have some small tips to new players, to help them earning Kal online Geons and upgrading.

You do not urgency to get Kal Geons, when you just play the game at beginning. There are many personal places in the KAL.

1. The equipment does not need upgrade, as long as the occupation, regardless of the number of levels can be used (except skills).

2. You need receive the main line take, no matter you do it or not.

3. You need find a master to help you playing the game. There are many advantages to help new players, so you do not worry that no people help you. At the beginning of the game, everybody have no much Kal Gold, but give some equipment.

4. Take out the weapons on the master to fight monsters, and finish the main line task. You can upgrade 10 levels for half an hour. Of course, you can get some Kal online Gold during the killing monsters. If you skilled the map, you can finish the task in the short time.

5. About skill, I play the Master, basic skill and then learn a self-health care, is to turn blue to blood, there are these two enough.

6. When I fight the monsters, I choose the red monsters, high experience, and good weapons. After learning a self-health care, you need some skills to fight monster, to kill long hand. Keeping the distance, and then add blood, to go back to fight, about five to six times you can kill the monster. Of course, you can gain high experience.

7. I hope that my tips can help new players to upgrade and get more Kal online Gold.

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My favorite game is maple mesos13/1/2010


My favorite game is Maple Mesos, so now I talk about some experience about upgrading and earning Maple Story Mesos.

Now I mainly reference sea rovers (boxers), who how to play Mesos. To a number of people who want to practice their moves in hand some enlightenment. Boxers, like as fighter, is close batter, so if you played the fighter ever, you know how to play the boxers fast. Ability to add a little value boxer is basically the same with the fighters, but there are differences. Strength and agility does not matter, anyway, can be added to upgrade them there. Adding agility mainly is to help you to improve hit the target rate and attack ability. The boxer with arms and clothes has the requirements to agility (with the same level), so to be considered hit and weapons, and armor factor. To general players with low level equipment, basic plus agile enough, so I advise to play Maple Story Mesos before 60 levels, to keep your former agile, like as levels, add your clothes, caps, and shoes, except for weapons. This way you can keep your hit the target rate to kill the monsters, do not appear the MISS. In general equipment in cases where the original 60 plus hit the target rate should be agile enough to hit us, and we can consider the value of all the ability to add strength up. If you choose to fight sea rover after 65 levels, my suggestion is that since you do not kill monsters to upgrade, all the values of points are not to increase the ability, all retention, until you finally have to own manually kill monsters to upgrade a plus. Do not blindly when add to the equipment base on your situation, as long as you can affordable weapon.

My experience is so much, and I hope that there can help players.

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Do you have some trouble in the KAL within 30 levels?6/1/2010


I play the KAL for 3 months. My three accounts all are above 60 levels. I know that many new players have some trouble in the KAL, so I introduce to play Kal online Gold on the type of thieves upgrade line and playing Kal Geons location.

1-5 levels, you cruise around in the place of birth, there are some small tasks are completed to fight monsters, very fast. You can go to five levels to beat snail for two hours. After five levels, you can mine hold to find the gold (superjacent your birth place). 10 levels, go right, to fight a man of straw at the western moor. Around the 13 levels, you go to seaside to fight crab. Time way, you can go to 21 levels fast. To fight crabs is easy to finish, but you need enough patience. At 21 levels, you go to dusk forest, and you fight corpses in the tomb blow the dusk forest. The attribute points to soldiers plus points: I do not support the full fighter, because soldiers are close attacks. Kal Gold is very important, a direct bearing on the cost of soldiers upgrade, so you need add some strengths. I began to add some strength after 22 levels, and feel which is good. The fundamental reason is the characteristics of systems in the KAL (that is, beheaded) plus the blood and blue by the total impact, assuming that blood volume is 700, and then the salvation once in the blood is 70.

You can wear the equipment skip a grade, so the Kal online Geons is very important. I talk about my experience to beat monster to earn Kal online Gold. First equipment is important, because property point is three points add 1 after 90 levels, and a piece of good equipment equal to upgrade two levels.

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Ro Online: my experience of sacred small F4 upgrade6/1/2010


I am a new district a small sacred doors F4. Now I play the small number.

We all know that F4 series is one of the most difficult job training. I began to talk about my experience. It is very easy before one roll. If you are a new player, you can through the shut perfectly. After 1 roll, you go to capital, right below the map. There are many Polly in that map. If you do not have enough Ragnarok Online Zeny, you only buy hammer to beat Polly, but you want to beat POPOLY hardly. Of course, if you have old players to help you to teach you, which are very good, you can go to above 20 levels, in general, many players happy to help new players.

This time you can go to zombie hold 1 floor. You can make team with other players to beat zombie. This way, you can upgrade fast. You need remember at here, F4 with low attack strengths must run away after encountering bats, or they eat all of your blood. If you have high attack strengths, you can go to fight with bats. You are a person to beat POPOLY hardly. When it is eating some things, you beat it first this time, and then let your teammate beat it. After 28-30 levels, you leave your team, and then you fight by yourself. This time you own much experience and zeny.

Beyond that, you will find that upgrade is very hard. This time, you need use the Ragnarok Zeny to buy some the wing of flies and blue water (men with much ro zeny). You are a person to the second flood, if you are lonely. You cure the soldieries and bowmen, and fly after meeting bats. This way, you can upgrade fast, too. If you have enough Ragnarok Online Zeny, you can make team with boxing or robber, one close attack, one far attack.


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Champions: let you have more experience6/1/2010


The Champions is a good game. I play the game for a long time, and I get much cheap champions gold and experience in the game. So I want to share my experience about how to earn champions online gold.

You will get the new map while you go new place at every turn. First, you must know the new task to beat monster. Then you can buy champions gold.

Before 10 levels, death does not reduce the experience point, so you can die time and time again. Situ resurrection can add your blood by 20%, so you can save some water.

The task in the early days is to beat monsters, the skills are to attack. To Master or assassin, there is an attacking skill in the prophase. I suggest that master only use firing skill.

As the master magic attacking skills need time, so you can find the monsters to defeat by shout time. At the beginning, blue water do not need save, you can get it fast. Of course, you ensure enough blue water, when you are in two roll.

Next I will talk about the equipment. Bowman: a quick start package is a hunter set, and you do not use the set of bow and gloves. I advise that you only put away the gloves and coats. It is easy to beat head and feet. Do not need much champions gold to buy 22 red bow. About the defend tool, that is much champions money to get. Warriors and assassins are all to vie for that. Master: a start package is smart master set. I advise that you only put away the gloves and coats, too. I only put away 33 single hand staff. When you are 3x levels, you need much time to fight monsters bowmen. Of course, you have a big chance to defeat one, and you can get some experience points. 33single hand staff can be used after 45 levels.

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Four years of experience dofus kamas6/1/2010


Now I teach you how to make a businessman. My tenet is not to earn the system dofus kamas, and only to earn players achat dofus. I do not fight red point to get achat kamas, because I think that waste time. If you have enough time, you can get much Acheter des Kamas.

Now I began to talk about how to earn players kamas. First you need open two account numbers. If the new area, you have received materials on the banking house. The premise is that you need sell four books, and capital 100w is enough. You can price the price of the new area material. If you purchase 2000w, you can sell it by 6000w. This time you can open another account number to put on the stall. 6000w is cheap, so it can be sold easily. You can improve the price of good materials. The sword is now basically an old player, so they have enough Acheter des Kamas to buy good materials. Their problem is not to play some books, which are to go to 10 levels. They will not sacrifice at all costs to buy good materials, which can help them to insist on 2-3 weeks. If there no many players buy things, you can change another place.

You can purchase the materials everyday for two hours, and collect almost to put on stalls to sell. Sold and then purchased. I can earn achat kamas at least.

If you have some ways, you can get the export of the first four stalls. Then you open four small numbers, one number is in one stalls. You open a new account number, and give some money to the number. Then use the money to buy F in the temple. For this way, you can have enough things to put on your four stalls. This time you can sell they buy high price.

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The experience of upgrade and make money30/12/2009


I play the game for a long time, and I find much joy from it. I gain much Redcliff Gold from the game certainly, and the redcliff online Gold can help me to buy better equipment. Of course, you can buy redcliff Gold to increase the combat capability.

The main way of this game is very simple, so you can get the redcliff money at the early period. Your lawn is divided into many squares, each squares, and each square can hold a plant. There are rows of zombies in front of your house gate. If the zombies go to your house, you will be game over.

Starting at game in the first few minutes, you have to pay attention while also planning sunflower plants grown defensive and began to resist a zombie. Your basic attack unit will be launched along the line of its beans, so this unit is to be planted as soon as possible. As the number of zombies become more, your plant team will appear in other unit, include shoot species, defense explode species, and attack species. After a successful attack against an eventual wave of zombies, you may be a small reward of a new game, a new type of plant or just flying across the screen prompts on the new enemy.

You just confirm your defense policy at the daytime but the zombies decide to attack at the night. So you need reorder your plant team to fight. When you just solve the night of the evil, dawn, some of the lattice will be occupied by your backyard pool. The new combat units under the new environment, the emergence of such a natural setting so that the difficulty increased.

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Maple Mesos: make money fast through buying down and reselling30/12/2009


I will talk about some experience to earn Maple Story Mesos following. Of course it is fit for players who have enough patience.

At first, you need have a booth, and you do not need a few lines, because it can guarantee that you own brush Mesos to sell things. There you must lay bare the things for the lower players of playing the whole night at night. Because person is basic few at night, those players want to buy things, but no place to go. They only can go to booth. This time you have a chance of earning Maple Mesos.

There are many ways to earn Maple Mesos, now I began to talk about them.

1. To resell three sects, now market price of 3 sects in around 75 gold, then we purchase in the booth by 55-60 gold. Everyday you purchase 20 sheets before sleeping. The next you sell them by 74 gold.

Please remember that you do not lay bare the thing that you purchase on the first or the second line. Players usually do not note there. I often put them on the fifth or fourth line.

2. Sell magic square, the price of the magic square is usually around 5 gold, the higher magic square is 15 gold.

3. Sell skill necklace, now many players know that two ilk necklaces can synthetic a diaphanous necklace. The booth market price of a necklace is 70-90 gold. The price is between 30 and 50 in the first line. I usually purchase by 40 gold.

4. Sell card box, we need note that we only sell silver box in this point, because the price of silver box is around 250-300 gold, and the price of gold box is only 20 gold. Do not want to depend on synthetic cards to earn Maple Story Mesos, because those lucky few who did not.

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Knight online: the upgrade guide30/12/2009


I like play the Knight Online all the time. I good at close batter, can be arbitrary use of all weapons to battle the fatigue and tension into combat capabilities with great courage. Of course you can gain much Knight Gold in the game. Knight online Gold is important to help you defeat enemy. So now I will talk about some ways to get Knight online Noah.

First: the way of warrior upgrade

The new players of 1-10 levels can kill in front of small dogs and red bug, but the best that you can only kill the monster when you keep full of blood. This way, you can get more experience point in the game. Otherwise you fight with skills that the three levels can learn as far as possible. The sequence of killing monster is according to the size of the monsters. The earth goblin divided according to size 8, you can fight immediate 13 levels.

13-18 levels: you had better make team with others, and the member of the team is not many. You go to Karl country that there have many monsters with your batter helmet and ax. You need some groups of persons to fight this time. This way, you can fight the monster higher level than you. In general, you can fight with wolf persons this time. You can go on to fight wolf persons, or go to the second country to fight scorpion. Form small to fight, when you beat the biggest ones, you can go to 24 levels.

25-35 levels: after 24 levels, you can make the team to fight skeleton warriors. You can get about 2000 Knight Noah when you kill one.

After 35 levels, you can go to beat equipment. If you feel a little of tire, you can go back to fight country batter. Fighting country batter can bring into play you’re the command capability, and also can abreact your bad mood.


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How to use the copy to earn dofus kamas in the game30/12/2009


How to use the copy to earn dofus kamas in the game, and now I will share my some experience. I hope that those can help some players gain more achat dofus during the game.

The tree people copy brush the old tree, looking luck, but in general be more stable. On average, you can daily output about 5-7 million achat kamas. It is fit for around 110 levels. Dragon pig copy is lower. Daily output is not steady, above 4 million Acheter des Kamas. It is fit for 100 levels (must have Master). If you have a good luck, you beat a burst egg, and it is invaluable. Many players do not go through the labyrinth, of course, that need many skills.

Cattle head person copy, and I dare to say that few players can play it well in the internal. There you can earn much kamas. Of course, labyrinth difficulty several times larger than the dragon pig copy. The suit of the cattle head person is a set of suitable equipment to fighters and elf, and materials are also valued higher. It is fit for above 120 levels (must have Master).

Wolf person copy of the degree of difficulty is very low, that is time-consuming, daily output instability. If you have a good luck, you can earn tens of millions of good luck one day, bad luck, difficult to say. It is fit for above 110 levels.

Chick copy: the boss is sick, but it runs very fast. You had better curse division fly to beat it. Daily output is hard to say, because material is high-level equipment. You sell it to get much Acheter des Kamas.

That is all. I hope that you can earn much money, and have an enjoy time in the game.

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