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aion news

The complex way to make money

Posted at 02:49 on 27/1/2010


Do you all worried about to get the rom gold? Do you worried about runes pf magic gold? Now I tell you, do not worry about it. First step, you can wear bad equipment, and you may buy it from the auctioneer, it just cost you 5000 runes of magic gold. Second step kill the person the level whom is higher than you. Commonly, kill the write and the orange people. Third step, killing in the morning, more early you get up, more rom gold you will get. Personal experience, you can kill countless of enemy in two hours, and you may get more goods.

Here is another way to make runes of magic gold. (It fit PE)

First, build a character, and throw the heal potion and the new players’ weapons into the store, and store the rom gold into the storehouse. Second, build another new character, and also throw the heal potion and the new players’ weapons into the store, and store the rom gold into the storehouse. Third, build the third character; take out the rom gold from the storehouse. Forth, delete the two characters before, and run through the step one and the step two. If you do like this, you will get lots of runes of magic gold. Or you can build a character first, and then upgrade it to level 10 to do to de quest of killing the wolf; you may get a bottle of benediction oil, sell it out by five runes of magic gold, and throw the goods that on you into the store, store the rom gold into the storehouse. Run through the first step, is the second step. The last step, takes the rom gold out from the storehouse, and delete the first and the second character, and then run though the first and the second step. If you have more patient, more money you will get.

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My own way of make last chao gold

Posted at 02:49 on 27/1/2010


Maybe my way is not the fastest to make lastchaos gold, but in my feel is quite fast, and not need any prime cost. I always fishing the fish called stone scale eels, if you are lucky; it is no problem to get a group and a half in one hour. The fish nowadays, is very rare in the market, so it is very expensive. It is about one last chao gold you just can buy one fish. If you have lots of time, you can sell them in the auctioneer with the price of 25 lc gold a group. If you have more patients, you will get one group at least in an hour.

Or you can make money with your little account number. Notice, as the experience of level 1 to level 10 is quite little, so the time of you upgrade and kill the monster will be tail off. The good stuff will not easily to come out. Have a psychological warfare with other players, also when the players reach the level 11 and level 15, they will always exchange the equipment, so how can they do with the old equipment? Sell to the NPC? It is not possible. Put them into the auctioneer certainly. And wait for the next players.

If you not want to waste lots of time, you can also buy them in the web, it is fast and safe. It is very cheap. It just spent you a little of money.

Have you know much than before? You will have a great time in the game with your friends and at last I hope you will make more last chaos gold.

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My own experience of making money

Posted at 02:48 on 27/1/2010


Hello everybody, I am the old player in the game. I usually played the sword. And please let me say something about the ways of make metin2 yang by my profession.

Lots of people all choose the valiant general, especially the sword valiant. There are maybe two reasons. The one is very sample to play, and another is the attack strengths is quite fearfulness. If the profession want to be stronger, it is very easy to add the count of the attribute.

Let me say something about how to make metin2 gold. I think most of the players are all worried about the money. The books are very expensive, especially for the new players. In fact the game is offer us a lot of ways to make money, but the point is lots of people have not known well and keep them up.

First, the small account number to beat the stone, you must prepare the equipment under the level 10. You can coordination with use your big account number.

Second, you can visit the market if you have a little of accumulation of funds, and to know the price of the market. Such as, I have bought RedRiver+4 by four million metion2 yang, but the price of the market is fourteen million metin2 yang, it is easy to make money.

Third, the last way is the easiest way to make money, crafting. It is needless to say.

The views above is not very overall, but I always no lack of money, the equipment if I want I will buy. If you are trust me, you can have a try. And I hope you will have a great time in the game, to make lots of money with your friends.

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The DP in aion is very useful

Posted at 02:47 on 27/1/2010


If you read the note patiently, you will have a great harvest.

As we know, aion gold is the most important for every player in the aion game. So how to make aion gold more and in a short time, is the most topic of taking about by aion players.

There must have lots of people teach you how to make aion kinah, today I will say something different.

The masterwork in aion, just you have been put it on, and the price is suitable, somebody will buy it. And the property of the stuff is quite good. If the cost of your stuff is twenty thousands aion online gold, and the price you can set it between two hundred thousand aion gold. If you are lucky enough, then after you have made the stuff, and turn up the stripe. Congratulate to you, you have get a big commend. You will have great probability to make the blue equipment, and need not the stuff. It means that, the blue equipment is sent to you by the system. But you must have the DP. Somebody will ask me, what is the DP mean? It is as same as the threat bar. It will grow after you have killed the monster. The full DP is 4000 count. The skill of the Skyclan is as same as the Asmodians. The different between them is DP, please do not downgrade the DP, it is so stronger will let you have been. Such as the damage of the Asmodians DP skill can be reach 5000. The different of the DP is based on the different character. So the skill of DP can help your live. The economy system of the aion is quite well. And the price of the goods is quite stable.

Thank you for reading and have a good time in the game.

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If you are the new body in rappelz

Posted at 03:00 on 20/1/2010


When I was search the internet, and type the key word rappelz that my friend gave me. That is my first time to enter it, I have not read the background story and the introduction before, and think that is not very difficult to make Rappelz Rupees, just talking with the NPC. But we can not careless, and miss any key word of what the NPC say. Or you will not accomplish the quest to get Rappelz gold.

The rappelz is not as any other games, it has its own story. Make people not to do any boring things to get the Rupees. Cents, enchanting, and the people in the world, all do their best to against the demon. From strange to familiar, from misunderstand to understand.

Several days ago, I have read a note said that silence can earn much rappelz gold, think about that time when I pick up the rappelz gold. This is my own opinion, I have picked up before. One day, someone at the warehouse where throwing things, the result was even picked up accidentally, and one look precious stones are formulas, then that is worthless as a result. One found at the auction house. Was true for me are a windfall, I believe we all have this mind after my mission to do earn rappelz gold, the Snowy Mountains go to fight the snow-covered stone demon, has just hit another two strange storms a just picking at the warehouse where the formula, bad of me! Later I found the recipe here is really high rate of violence, but also the percentage of equipment!

Last but not least, you can try to a usual way-trading. Buying low and selling high is always the secrets. You can make something useful and necessary in stock. When it is rare in the market, you can sell them at a good but reasonable price; it is easy for you to gain some rapple rupees form the price difference.

Have a good time with your friends in the game.

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My own experience in eve

Posted at 02:59 on 20/1/2010


After you sale out the first thing, you have already bought several books. If you are so boring, you can do the quest by your new ship, or you can buy a small boat, just cost you several thousand eve online isk. But it is enough for you to make the first quest.

You now should to observe the grail unceasing, and observe your own moneymaker unceasing, and then you can buy limit and sell goods. That is so easy. At this moment, you can get more than two million eve isk easily; you can also extend your base. To use five hundred thousand to change several million eve gold, is not a dream. If you are so lazy, you can also earn several million one day. The secret is you must have flair and patients; you should look over the goods of every category carefully. Do not make little of the goods that just cost several thousand, and please do not mention the ammunition are all need big capital that can get profit. The only thing you can do is promise the scale of investment and the income. It is means that, if you invest ten thousand, you can get one million eve gold. At here I introduce you the engineering product and electronic product. They have small size, and light, a large volume of business. The place of produce is the new player area. This is the first step. If you just settle for killing the monsters and do the quests, then you can stop. If you wander to be a sharpshooter who likes me, you can keep on.

After several days later, you cash in; you can get more than fifty million.

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How to get money in atlantica online

Posted at 02:55 on 20/1/2010


How to make money in atlantica online? As an atlantica online fan, have you ever come across this problem? Of course, many people will resort to an online store to buy atlantica gold. If you are just pursuing the pleasure of fighting and rich enough, you can buy some atlantica online gold form these stores. But this is not always the case. Some players with a low level do not have enough atlantica online gold to play. Here I will introduce some ways for your reference. First, you should start faming and crafting. By these ways, you can get common items, weapons. They are a lot in the market. So for fast money sake, you should set reasonable prices for them. Sometimes, you will get something valuable. Then you can sell it and get a good reward a large amount of atlantica gold. Second, being a merchant. You can buy things cheaply and sell them high. This is the most normal way. Surely, you should know do a good market research and know the demand and supply well. Third, you can do quests and kill monsters. After completed the quests, you can get items or cash atlantica. By killing monsters, you can get large amount money. This is a good to make atlantica gold. But your character must be strong enough to kill the monsters. When you killed them, you can pick up every drop, the money on the ground. Of course, you can pick up atlantica online money when other people are killing monsters. This maybe needs a chance. Last, you can play as a good collector who can collect stones, skill books, curse books, all amours, alchemy ingredients and potions. All these things can be sold for atlantica online gold.

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Making in cabal-eu

Posted at 02:54 on 20/1/2010


Does it make money difficult in cabal? In my opinion, the world who said like that, he must a new play. I have not played PE, and the OL just played for twelve hours. But now I have two hundred thousands fifty hundred cabal alz, maybe there has little lucky.

If you want to make money in general web game, you should kill the monsters with your partners. Or you can make something at somewhere. So did cabal-eu.

Commonly, the player all like to kill the monsters as their own level. You are in the new server, or you have no good equipment. That such like you will cost eight hundred if you want to kill one thousand monsters. It is will happen two situations, the first is to give up, and the other is to keep constrain. The profession in cabal, I really do not know, but as the KZ, to make money will not difficult.

If you want to make cabal online alz, you should pay attention to the recovery yourself, and decrease the energy of your MP. The second you should notice is to control the number of monsters and the players. If you want to make more cabal gold alz, the third you should know is you need to kill the monsters that the level should low than yours.

I usually kill the light yellow monsters. If you really like the game, you should to suit it, and find its advantage and the doohickey. I believe you will have a good time. But it is also very important that you should have a good mood. you will find you have a good lifetime, if you have a normal heart.

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My experience of playing rom

Posted at 02:53 on 13/1/2010


In the rom as every player knows, rom gold is very important. Rom is developed by Korea Company. With the opening of the item ship, it has gone live with the commercial release of its fantast title in the motherland of online game. Dynamic dungeons: certain dungeons in runes of magic will be dynamically generated, meaning that you will go inside and gain some cheap runes of magic gold and treasured have completely changed. Guild wars: guild will be able to declare war on other guilds in runes of magic, allowing for conflict ranging from one-one-one fights in the city streets all the way up to massive instanced wars, where the rival guilds battles against each for rank points and the treasures of each other guild castles. Server wars: the developers are actively working on incorporating server PVP, where multiple servers fight over a neutral territory for the honor of their particular group of people who randomly chose that particular game world of war craft, but it also steals ideas from everyone else Dark Age of Camelot, Final Fantasy online, ever quest, guild war, etc. it is the product of a couple of guys who just wanted to put runes of magic gold to loved into one package. The strategy does not always work, but sometimes throwing everything you think tastes good into one pot can result in something that tastes even better.

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The upgrade and making money in lastchaos

Posted at 02:53 on 13/1/2010


Lastchaos is a quite good 3D game. I am the master of level 60. Today, I say something about my own feeling. And tell you the experience before level 60.

1-20 level

At this stage you can only do the quests to make last chaos gold. It is quite enough for you to spending from the mission. And you are not need to buy something.

21-44 level

When you are get 20 level, you can go to learn the skill of crafting, at this time, you can go to craft some medicine, and then sell them out to other. The map will show you the place of crafting. When you are reach 25 level, you can learn the skill of produce. So you can make something primary equipment.

45-60 level

When you are reach 45 level, you can accept the mission in town from 8:30 to 10:30 pm every day. After you have finished it, you will get a great reward. At this stage, you will find many ways to make lastchaos gold. As you upgrade, your skill will become more proficiently. And you will get better equipment, stuff, books, and so on. Or you can sell them out to others.

If the ways above that you feel it is too trouble, you can buy some lc gold online. It just spend a little of money buy it is very convenience, and it can also save you lots of time.

At last, I hope you will enjoy your game. And make more money.

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Useful information in the metin2

Posted at 02:52 on 13/1/2010


I have played the metin2 when it is OL. I like to do the business before, and I have earned two million metin2 yang when I was level 18. And also can get the equipment worth five hundred thousand. Now I tell you something about my business experiences.

First, you should know the price of market; you need to know what is popular and what is out of date. If you are the new of do the business, I suggest you that to look around the price. Because of there have many new players, whom do not the price, you can buy them with a low price.

Second, for something, although the attribute is quite good, but is id +0. And it can not sell out in a high price, now you can use eternity. If you tamped with the eternity, I suggest you can tamped to 3.

Third, promote the production. You need promote the production in the public place, and can know by many people.

Forth, to be a successful merchant, you should build your own brand. So the name of the store is very important. Usually you can name it buy your own name. It will bring you lots of business and make more metin2 gold.

Firth, control the price in the market. You can buy the cheap equipment from the players and sell them out by a high price to the other players. Such as an agate bangle, you put the price for two hundred and fifty thousand, but the price in the market is one hundred and fifty thousand, nobody will buy them from you. But after several days, you put the price down with two hundred thousand; someone will buy the bangle quickly from you.

At here I hope you will have a good time in the game.

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Aion gold let you become stronger

Posted at 02:52 on 13/1/2010


I have played the game for a long time, before the game, I have not played the game ever. One day, my friend told to me he was played a game called aion, and that is so interesting. So I have a try. I use to hate the game is the game that is not a good thing that it would deteriorate the people. I know that not all people will be obsessed with the game; the game has its own fun. In the game you may make a lots of friends, and can earn many aion gold.

I like to make aion kinah in the game, so my experience will also increase. As long as my experience multiple changes, I will be able to buy their own equipment has become so powerful, but sometimes I can not get a lot of experience and you will help me to accompany me to work hard to get enough money. You say that you will always accompany me to play the game together; you will go to upgrade and kill the monsters together with me. I have become more powerful. I would have to brush the aion online gold. I will like the game and now I am strong enough. I hope you can play games with me. I would also like to be with you every time.

You have a unique quality to attract me, I think that is precious. I think that more should go to treasure it, miss a lot of emotion and can not be used to express the words. I go to buy aion gold to play with you. In order to you, I will work hard and let you feel happy. So I always want to play the game with you together, because as long as I play with you I feel very happy.

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The introduction of rappelz

Posted at 02:07 on 6/1/2010


Rappelz is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is developed by the Korean company NFLAVOR, and published by the Californian Company Gala-Net Inc. the name of the game called rappelz is means summon in the French. In the game, everyone want themselves have high level and have more rappelz rupees. How to making money? Today I will introduce you some ways of making money of mine.

At the beginning, I also do not know how to make money, so I save the money day by day. One day, there is someone throw goods in the warehouse, fortunately, I have picked it up. That is a recipe of stone. At first, I thought that is will not be valuable. But I am wrong. I am so lucky. Then I am beginning to doing quests to make rappelz gold. When I kill the monster in the snow mountain, I get another recipe of stone from the monster. That is a lucky day for me. I have account it, by a day, I can get 10 more Triones, and 10 more plenilun, and any other recipe of stone, they are about cost 400+J, and the equipment, I can get several necklaces.

And here have another way to make rupees. That is to fighting with the monsters.

There are many good advantages to kill the monsters, the primary is upgrade, and also you can make many friends. You will get lot of rappelz gold and lots of experiences. In my view, kill the monster is the most important way to make friends. You will find you can get more advantages of making friends.

At last, I hope you will have a good time in the game, and make more money.

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The missions in eve online

Posted at 02:06 on 6/1/2010


There is a comprehensive mission system in eve online. Generally speaking, player’s main incomes are out of missions. Missions are given by agents, who can be found on most stations. To get access to missions, you should meet some requirements of agent, such as players’ skill, loyalty. Then you can find an agent and complete a series of missions under his guide. The agent will send an email to the beginner during the training. When you stopped in their stations, you can select the icon of “agent”. You can click the right mouse key to talk with agents. Normally, the agents will give you some missions when your reputation value meets their requirements. And the research NPC will offer you missions according to your project. For some NPC, they need to charge some eve online isk for a planet positioning service. The game also provides players with a diary to record the related things about the mission. When you interact with the agent NPC, he will introduce and offer the mission. What is more, the related information will appear in your diary in the form of mission name, so you can check the details of mission at any time. Double click your diary; you can look clearly the information of the mission, such as awards, additional award and the designated time. By the way, all the missions and proposals will be due in 24h. if the mission is expired or a player refuses the mission, he will lose part of his reputation value. There are six types of mission: transpiration, assassination, mining, trade, plot and important task. For the completion of a mission, your agent will give you some awards, such as eve isk, items reputation and loyalty. The content of award is random, but the quantity and quality is up to the level of mission. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the agent.

At last, I hope you will have a great time, and make more eve gold.

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Ashen crystal in Atlantica online

Posted at 02:04 on 6/1/2010


Do you know this kind of crystal? It is a great demand in the market. It is mainly used to change occupations for mercenaries. For a player of level 20, you should have 20 ashen crystals. And you need 50 ones for a player of level 50. Considering that you will lead 8 or more mercenaries, so our poor players should kill monsters to get this kind of crystals. By the way, there are a lot of mercenaries. Some mercenaries travel all round the world. If you want to employ them, you should give them some atlantica gold as a gift. The price of one ashen srystal is 6000 atlantica online gold in the European market. If your update only relies on buying crystals, this means that you are a zillionaire. In my opinion, the sea king’s palace is the right place for you to go. You need to kill monsters here for some ashen crystals. If you reach a level of 30, you can kill the dancer. With a level of 35, you can kill the dragon. For the solo fighting, with a level high enough and a fast attack speed, you can gain all the things in the fighting. You would better finish the battle in 2 rounds. Do not give monsters the opportunity to attack collectively. I have killed the dragon with a character of level 40, with full stamina in about one hour, I got 400 crystals. This is a great achievement. And there are some by-product such as level-15 equipment boxes and pearls. All these things are sold well. It is not a small sum of buy atlantica gold. I sold them in the auction house. Then I easily got quite a fortune. Last but not least, you should add your stamina before it only has 50 points.

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Runes of magic crafting

Posted at 04:40 on 30/12/2009


Crafting is the art of making your own gear using recipes that you bought, found or earned with rom gold. With the right amount of crafting skill you can make some of the best gear in the game. Of course, crafting may not be for everyone and we recommend taking a break from long periods of crafting due to frustration or eye strain.

Crafting: to be crafting successfully, you must learn how to gather your materials. There are resource nodes all over the world of taborea in the foam of herbs, wood and ore, depending on your gathering skill you are limited to different tiers of the above 3, tier 1 starts at 0, tier 2=8, tier 3=16, and so on. If you have enough runes of magic money, you should learn how to gather as part of a chain quest in the starting zone around level 3.

Once you gathered enough material, you have to buy rom gold to refine them first before applying it to your creations. Pick up a refining recipe from each crafting NPC. It takes 2 materials to create a green refined item and 6 to make a blue refined item. You gain experience in each gathering skill you have for refining them. Though they only amount to a small increase unlike gathering which nets a huge amount.

Recipe: you can learn different recipes from your respective crafting NPC. There are also special recipes from different NPC and ones that are dropped by mobs. To learn a recipe that dropped for you, you just right click the recipe scroll.

You will get runes of magic gold which requires a special item besides materials that you gathered.

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The latest way to make cabal alz

Posted at 04:40 on 30/12/2009


As every cabal-eu player know, cabal alz is very important in the game. If you are a member of cabal, you should know something. I have played the game for a long time, so I have many experiences that I have collected.

The first way make you rich is farming. You can pick up the drops from the monsters and then you can sell them to the shops and other players by personal shop. Some of the drops are very expensive. The second way is crafting. The way I told you can make you earn lots of cabal alz. If you have reached level 50, you will get the map code to port .If you are there, you will get a quest from the core Alchemist. And then you will get the reward for the quest. You will have a choice, armourset, martialset, battleset, artifact etc. You can start breaking down amour, jewelry and weapons into their crafting materials.

After you make your items, you can sell them at any price you want. But please make them as cheap as possible, so that you can make some cabal alz.

At last, you can be a merchant. To be a good trader, you must know the market very much. It can help you to store some sellable things. You may get a lot of cabal gold alz from the price difference. When something is rare and in great need, you can get a high price and make a big fortune. More ways left for players to discover. I hope you will enjoy yourself, and make more cabal online alz.

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The upgrade of lastchaos

Posted at 02:30 on 24/12/2009


I have played lastchaos for a long time, now I can tell you something of my experiences, how to upgrade quickly and how to make money.

In fact, the way that I tell you is so easy. Just need both of you coordinate with well each other. That will be easy from zero level to eighteen level and then to twenty-three level in one night.

Cavalier and the enchanter, in my view, is the best partner in the game.

As we all know, player of any game can get some reward for killing monsters. So the first way I introduce is to kill monsters and pick up the monsters drops, including useful equipment, items, and cash in the game-lastchaos gold. Then you can sell them to traders or other players. Some drops will be expensive. By this way you can earn a large amount of last chaos gold, which is more than that in NPC shops.

The second way is crafting. This way can help you to make a lot of lc gold. You can go to some NPC there to learn skills. Such as, how to make items, weapons, and jewelry. Once you have picked your type, you can start breaking down amour, jewelry and weapons into their crafting materials. After you make your items, you can sell them at reasonable price you want. But for a safe and fast sale, please make them as cheap as possible, so that you can make some last chaos gold.

Last, be a wise merchant. To be a good trader, you should know the market well. It will help you to store some sellable things. You can gain a lot of last chaos gold, from the price difference. An old saying goes like this: hoard as a rare commodity. When something is rare and in great need, you can get a high price and make a big fortune.

I hope you will enjoy yourself in the game.

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The different way to earn money in aion

Posted at 02:42 on 16/12/2009


Do you know aion? Last weekend my brother tells me there is an interesting game. Called aion.. And tell me a lot of experiences. After I played, I really feel that’s a good game. So I decided to nominate to you. Now I tell to you all something about aion.

To play the aion, the first you can get a lot of fun, and you make a lot of friends also. But in the game, you need a lot of aion gold. You need money to upgrade, and need money to buy equipments, and also need money to make friends. you should have a lot of aion kinach. How to earn it? Have you ever think about it?

Let me tell you some ways to make aion kinach in a short time.

At first, you can buy some aion online gold at the store on line. It just spends you little money but it can save you a lot of time. You can get much money in a short time.

If you have much time, and you do not want cost too much money. You can earn the aion gold by yourself.

You can kill the moster. Take the equipments to kill the moster everyday. You will pick up some equipment and all kinds of stone from the moster. It will sell out by a good price.

Another way is you can be a prospector, to contract with a mine field. You’d better to dig the ore in the map of the oppose race. Then you have robbed by somebody. You can kill him. But the precondition is you need strong enough.

Or you can kill the boss. But you need a group of team. Because of you have no ability to kill the boss by you oneself.

Alchemy, is one of the good ways to earn aion online gold quickly. Or you can learn any skill of life.

There is lot of ways to earn money you should know. But which is suiting you? You need have a try.

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Are you now playing runes of magic?

Posted at 01:36 on 10/12/2009


As a Runes of Magic player, everybody all know, rom gold is very important for us. It can buy a lot of equipments and weapons. How can we get rom gold? Have you ever think about it?

The first way is to buy some at the store on the line. This way is the fastest way to get more runes of magic gold. It just spend you a little of money. And need not cost you any time.

The second way is to do some quests. You will get a little of money and experience. If you are a lucky dog, you will get additional gold. But this way will cost you a lot of time.

How about the third way? It maybe suits you. You can kill the monsters with your partners. You will get a lot of rom golf and a lot of experiences. And can also grow on the friendship between your friends. But it is so boring. And your character needs stronger enough to kill the monsters. You can get a decent reward-lot of runes of magic gold. Another way to get runes of magic money is to mine 250 Brass. You can make about 50-80k runes of magic gold plus quest gold as you are selling them. Nobody is goanna buy 10 Brass Nuggets at 100k runes of magic slap you for being retarded. There is an old saying goes like this: every profession produces its own best. If you can do it well, you can get a lot of runes of magic gold.

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