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Runway 27 in use today...!!

Posted at 18:14 on 7/2/2006

Always nice to see runway 27 in use @ Schiphol Airport, I can watch the planes coming in out of my window at home and also at work I have a nice view on the runway    Lucky me!


You have a scanner available? Just listen out 119.050 MHz / 121.200 MHz (Schiphol Departure, Arrival) to check the active runways.



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Flightdetails Copenhagen trip

Posted at 17:43 on 6/2/2006

Friday March 10th 2006 I will be aboard the below stated flights for a daytrip to the Danish Capital of Copenhagen.

Both flights are operated by Sterling Airways of Denmark.


It will be my second Sterling experience, the first time I really enjoyed the flights with them.


Sterling    NB 572     Departure  08:55am    Arrival   10:10am

Sterling    NB 573     Departure  19:25pm    Arrival   20:40pm

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Upcoming flights...

Posted at 17:18 on 6/2/2006

Next week I'm booked on the following flights, it will be a daytrip to Berlin, but most of all my first experience with Air Berlin out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Check my itinerary below:


Air Berlin  AB 8023   Departure 08:25am   Arrival 09:40am

Air Berlin  AB 8148   Departure 15:35pm   Arrival 16:55pm


I will publish my complete flightlog a.s.a.p.



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