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Portfolio Lodewijk Bosman Social Systems

Week 1

Posted in Unspecified
What are your first impressions with the social science perspective on industrial ecology, and how do they relate to earlier experiences with the social sciences? This is my second semester of the Industrial Ecology (IE) programm, so last semester I participated in the course "Sustainable innovations and social change". Before I didn't had much experience with social sciences, except of reading the book "Allemaal anders denkenden" of Hofstede. I think it is very important to have a social aspect in the IE programm, because it is often overlooked by technicians (like myself) how important this social science is to trigger change. In my opinion IE is really focussed on the environmental aspects of sustainability, while the social and economical aspects are secondary. But having an answer or insight in why people act/produce the way they do, is the first step in the learning process of influencing people (aiming at a sustainable future) . Choose your own industrial ecology-inspired puzzle and think up three alternative explanations for it. My IE-inspired puzzle is "decoupling". Decoupling can be defined as: “breaking the link between economic growth and the concomitant growth of environmental degradation and/or use of recourses” (Greadal, Allenby, 2009). In other words, economic decoupling refers to the ability of an economy to grow without corresponding increases in environmental pressure. I think decoupling can be done in two ways: Decoupling the resource use from the economic growth or decoupling the environmental impact from the resource use. There can be several explanations for this puzzle; 1. Waste and inefficiency become expencive. 2. People have more to lose 3. Product- to service based economy. Technology.

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On this blog answers related to the course Social Systems of the master program Industrial Ecology will be posted by Lodewijk Bosman.
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