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sodium bicarbonate suppliers & manufacturers wholesale sodium bicarbonate 99% food grade with good price in China!
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Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate - 04:54, 27/3/2012

Properties of Anhydrous Sodium SulfateAnhydrous sodium sulfate is in the form of hygroscopic white powder and has no odor. •Formula of anhydrous sodium sulphate is Na2SO4 •It is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. •Anhydrous sodium sulfate's boiling point is 1100 C, and the melting point is 880-888 C. •Anhydrous sodium sulphate 99% is stable under ordinary conditions, but at high temperature it is reduced to sodium sulfide.98% •Specific gravity of anhydrous sodium sulphate is 2.66-2.75. •Anhydrous sodium sulfate density is 1.464 /g cm3. •Anhydrous sodium sulfate assumes a monoclinic structure at 100ºC and above 250ºC it assumes a hexagonal structure. •It does not react with oxidizing agents at normal temperature. Uses of Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate •Anhydrous sodium sulphate 97% is mainly used in laundry detergents. In fact, in 2001, the use of anhydrous sodium sulphate was 1.6 million, out of which 80% was used for home laundry detergents, in Europe! •Another major use of sodium sulfate in U.S.A, is for manufacturing wood pulp, in the Kraft process. •It is also used for manufacturing textiles. As it helps in reducing negative charges on fibers, helping the dyes to penetrate evenly and thus helping in 'leveling'. •Anhydrous sodium sulphate BP is used in the glass industry. Not for producing glass, but for removing air bubbles from the molten glass. It also prevents scum formation of the glass as it fluxes the glass. •The other uses of anhydrous sodium sulphate bp include starch manufacture, in carpet freshmen, in frosting windows, and also as an additive to cattle feed. Anhydrous sodium sulphate is also used in the laboratory, as an inert drying agent for organic solutions. In addition to all theses uses, sodium sulphate is used in electronic and water treatment industry. •One of the latest usage of anhydrous sodium sulphate has been found. It has been discovered that anhydrous sodium can dissolve fine electroplated micrometer gold, which is found in electronic products such as connectors, switches and pins.

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sodium tripolyphosphate STPP - 04:41, 27/3/2012

Sodium tripolyphosphate is among the substances which are synthesized for a plethora of purposes in the cleaning, food and ceramics industry. In essence, one can say that the sodium tripolyphosphate or STTP for short is basically sodium saline derived from triphosphoric acid. The formula for this amalgam is Na5P3O10 and can be obtained by mixing disodium phosphate with the monosodium phosphate in a stable and restricted setting. Due to its many practical uses, the specialized industry manufactures roughly 2 tons on a year basis. In the form of powder, the sodium tripolyphosphate will require a temperature of over 622 degrees Celsius to melt, but the substance can be easily dissolved in water.

Sodium tripolyphosphate Mainly used as the detergent builder, also used as improving agent for meat, poultry and sea food in food industry and for the use of petroleum, mining, water-treating industries and so on.Sodium tripolyphosphate is produced by heating a stoichiometric mixture of disodium phosphate, Na2HPO4, and monosodium phosphate, NaH2PO4, under carefully controlled conditions.

 We also provide other food grade phosphates: SODIUM ACID PYROPHOSPHATE ,MSP, TETRASODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE ...

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maleic anhydride - 04:21, 27/3/2012

Maleic anhydride  is an organic compound and it is produced from Benzene or n-Butane. It is occupied to manufacture polyesters or used to synthetic tensids, insecticids, herbicides and fungicids. We supply Maleic Anhydrides briquettes andMaleic Anhydrides flakes and as well liquid in tank-trucks.

Name:Maleic Anhydride

Synonyms:2,5-Furandione; cis-Butenedioic anhydride; sodium n-amylxanthate;furan-2,5-dione; MA; Molecular Formula:C4H2O3 CAS:108-31-6

Maleic anhydride used in production of unsaturated polyester resin. Maleic anhydride also is used in coating, pharmaceutics, agricultural, surfactant, additive of plastics, etc. Maleic anhydride is main material of binary acid with four carbons, 1,4-butanediol r-butyrolactone, tetrahydrofuran.

Maleic anhydride is a highly reactive chemical intermediate with present and potential uses in practically every field of industrial chemistry. Maleic anhydride is essential to the production of a multitude of resins and plastics, agricultural and industrial chemicals, petroleum additives, paper sizing, water treatment chemicals, epoxy curing agents, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers, hair sprays, pharmaceuticals and copolymers. Its biggest single use is in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins. LANXESS offers molten maleic anhydride from its production site in Baytown, TX in tank trucks, rail cars, and bulk isocontainers .


Fumaric Acid Glyoxalic Acid Homopolymer Of Maleic Acid

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Sodium bicarbonate - 04:10, 27/3/2012

What is Sodium Bicarbonate? Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid that neutralizes stomach acid. Sodium bicarbonate is used to relieve heartburn and indigestion. Sodium bicarbonate food grade  is also used to make the blood and urine less acidic in certain conditions Sodium bicarbonate may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Sodium bicarbonate, instead, as it is extremely diffusible and without that structural complexity that fungi can easily codify, retains for a long time its ability to penetrate the masses. This is also and especially due to the speed at which it disintegrates them, which makes fungi’s adaptability impossible, thus it cannot defend itself. A therapy with bicarbonate should therefore be set up with strong dosage, continuously, and with pauseless cycles in a destruction work which should proceed from the beginning to the end without interruption for at least 7-8 days for the first cycle, keeping in mind that a mass of 2-3-4 centimetres begins to consistently regress from the third to the fourth day, and collapses from the fourth to the fifth. Generally speaking, the maximum limit of the dosage that can be administered in a session gravitates around 500 cc of sodium bicarbonate 99%  at five per cent solution, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the dosage by 20 per cent in function of the body mass of the individual to be treated and in the presence of multiple localisations upon which to apportion a greater quantity of salts.

Sodium bicarbonate is also used by some people as an antacid. If taken as prescribed, or according to package directions, using sodium bicarbonate in this way is unlikely to cause any problems. If you take excessive amounts or are given too much sodium bicarbonate feed grade intravenously in an attempt to correct metabolic acidosis, you can develop metabolic alkalosis, which means too much alkalinity in the blood.

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