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Una vez en una boda de por vida

06:26, 2/6/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Vestir novia, boda en la integración es la parte más importante de la boda. Mientras que las mujeres toda mi vida, pueden usar vestidos de novia a la colección del matrimonio permanente, también es una cosa muy feliz. Velo de la novia pura y continuar el sueño de muchas mujeres. Frente a una inmensa variedad de todo tipo de boda, piensas, qué tipo de vestido de novia es adecuado para usted? pop es una referencia, la verdadera belleza es la más adecuada.

Una vez en una boda de por vida, para tu boda a medida! cada vez para las mujeres más hermosas de la vida debe tener un pedazo de mi propio vestido de boda como testigo y se dicten.

2015 más el tamaño de Invierno nupcial Cabo Faux Fur Navidad Capas Chaquetas con capucha perfecta para DHgate vestidos de novia boda del invierno abrigos nupciales Abaya.¿Por qué elegir Babyonline?

1. La calidad excelente - tela superior, dedica la artesanía, sistema de control de calidad completo de medida exacta.
2.Precio competitivo - más cantidades, más descuento.
3.Entrega rápida - envío dentro de 10 días hábiles después de la orden colocada.
4.Reembolso completo incondicional para cualquie edición de calidad - el reembolso completo será honrado coste de envío de vuelta será nuestra responsabilidad.

Dust Devils drop pair

11:00, 28/8/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

With six games remaining in the Northwest League regular season schedule, the Tri-City Dust Devils need a lot of help to earn a spot in the North Division playoffs.They didn’t help themselves much Monday at Gesa Stadium, losing 4-0 and 7-1 in 12 innings to the first-place Everett AquaSox in a NWL doubleheader.But there is still a way Tri-City could find itself in the postseason,The ledspotlight is one amongst the foremost in style international models. if Everett is kind enough to cooperate.

The Dust Devils need to sweep their next six games against the Vancouver Canadians starting Wednesday at Nat Bailey Stadium in British Columbia. If Tri-City can win all six, Everett still would need to sweep six games against Spokane to keep the Indians from claiming the North's second playoff spot.It's a slim chance, but it's a chance nonetheless."I hope there's a chance, and hopefully we can win out our next six games," said Ryan Warner, who started Game 2 for Tri-City.

Game 1 was over almost as soon as it started, as the AquaSox loaded the bases with two outs in the first against Dust Devils starter Johendi Jiminian. Carlton Tanabe, a fifth-year catcher, then laced a 1-0 fastball over the head of center fielder Julian Yan, clearing the bases for a 3-0 lead.Austin Wilson led off the top of the sixth with a triple to the wall in right center and then scored on a double to left by Kyle Petty, making it 4-0 Everett.Jiminian (3-4) took the loss, while Nate Koneski (2-1) got the win with five scoreless innings.The AquaSox again scored quickly in Game 2,Manufacturer of industrial grade energyturbines. as Jack Reinheimer hit a one-out double in the first, stole third and came home on Chantz Mack’s sacrifice fly to give Everett a 1-0 lead.

Tri-City tied it up in the bottom of the third when Patrick Hutcheson singled, went to third on a Julian Yan single and scored on a sacrifice fly by Alex San Juan.Warner looked strong over seven innings in his 14th start of the year, allowing just one run on four hits while striking out seven."I felt really good today. With the rain delay yesterday, I had an extra day of rest," Warner said.

Warner, a NWL All-Star, didn't show any frustration despite not getting much run support from his team, which generated just one run over 19 innings on the day."Sometimes that happens. They're trying to get runs across. Some guys are pretty frustrated," Warner said.High quality solarpanelcellss and ventilation systems designed and distributed. "All you can do is keep swinging the bats.Vast selection of emergencylight, sandals, accessories, and more!"Dwyer made the defensive play of the day with one out in the top of the eighth and the bases loaded with the score tied at 1. Dwyer drifted carefully into foul territory and reached over the railing in Dusty’s Bullpen to catch flyball from Wilson, the Seattle Mariners’ second-round draft pick out of Stanford.Jerad McCrummen, who came in to relieve Ryan Warner in the eighth inning, still had some work to do with the bases loaded. But McCrummen, a 23rd-round draft pick out of Texas Tech, bore down and got Kyle Seager to swing through a high fastball for strike three, ending the inning.

"I was excited, but I like to be even keel out there," McCrummen said. "I knew I had the bases loaded and one out, and a sacrifice fly would score a run. I was fortunate to get the infield fly. That was a great play by Sean Dwyer."The Dust Devils had a chance to win it in the bottom of the eighth. Kyle Von Tungeln hit a hustle-all-the-way double to right to lead off the frame and took third on a sacrifice bunt by Patrick Valaika.A solarpanelcells is a branched, decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture.Mike Tauchman then lined a 1-0 pitch from Emilio Pagan back up the middle. That ball usually gets through for a base hit, but Pagan showed some quick reflexes, getting his hand up to glove it and make the play to first and hold Von Tungeln.

Sean Dwyer then flied out to third base to end the inning.The teams battled into the 12th inning, and that's when Everett hammered reliever Shawn Stuart for six runs on six hits in just 1/3 of an inning.Stuart, a native of Turlock, Calif., walked in two runs with the bases loaded, gave up RBI singles to Carlton Tanabe and Bryan Brito, and allowed a two-run double to Reggie Lawson before being replaced by Marc Magliaro.

Read the full story at www.indoorilite.com!

Backsourcing laser material processing

10:57, 28/8/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Bernhard Fischbacher, Tobias Telser,Big ledbulblight and Fitness is a family owned shop serving the Helena area since 1986. and Paul Heilmann, the managing directors of DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH, were visiting a fair to catch up on laser marking systems. While visiting the Rofin-Baasel exhibit, they were invited to take a seat in front of the manual laser welding system to weld some parts by themselves, an experience that caused the three DHF managers to re-think their investment agenda.

Today, two years later, DHF uses laser material processing to manufacture Brainlab's DASH, among others. It is an intra-surgical navigation system for knee endoprothesis, which relies on an iPod touch for analysis, planning, and exact positioning of cutting tools.

Headquartered in Ostermünchen near Munich (Fig.Our bestsolarlantern can mark on metal and non metals. 1), DHF Precision Mechanics counts among its customers well-known medical device, electronics, and aerospace engineering companies. The company specializes in high-precision CNC-milled parts and assemblies. After 15 years of virtually continuous growth,You will find so many wonderful lasermachines with high quality and low price. the company now operates 18 CNC machining centers and offers a service portfolio ranging from prototype manufacturing to bulk production of several 10,000 parts/year.

DHF has established a very good reputation in the market with utmost precision and fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements. When needed, DHF pushes the technical limits of CNC milling, like series production of parts for electrical motors, which must be produced with tolerances down to some microns on a lathe. The parts feature bearing seats where ball bearings have to be glued in place.

With quick reaction to customer requirements as a major objective, DHF established high in-house production depth. From CAD/CAM construction to preparing wrought material (various steel and aluminum alloys and titanium), to CNC-milling, to surface finishing, assembly and quality assurance.

Production processes at DHF frequently comprise welding, engraving and marking. Techniques for marking and joining on high-precision workpieces call for the laser. Welded parts have to feature perfect, pore and crack-free weld seams, especially in medical device manufacture, which has to provide sterile hardware and calls for immaculate surface quality to eliminate any chance of bacterial colonization. The same goes for all deep engravings and markings; contours have to be free from burrs and ditches. The marking process must not induce any material changes that might promote surface corrosive action.

Until 2012, DHF had been outsourcing laser material processing jobs completely. However, outsourcing significantly reduced production flexibility and speed for certain parts and increased complexity of logistics. More than that, the annual outsourcing business volume had been reaching the six-digit range; reason enough to think about establishing an in-house laser material processing center. Being laser rookies, Fischbacher, Telser,You'll be the queen of the room in this runninglighting evening gown. and Heilmann initially focused on laser marking because they expected laser welding to be much more difficult to control, at least before they had their first personal laser welding experience.

The complete solution
The DHF managers decided to incorporate a laser welding system in their investment planning. That meant sending samples to various laser manufacturers and asking them for a live presentation of the laser welding process. This was not an easy task, considering the required acuteness and surface quality, namely for medical devices. Andreas Sch?llhorn (Rofin-Baasel Lasertech Starnberg) knows about the importance of an optimum presentation in the application lab. He also knows that's just the beginning: "Medium-sized companies expect way more from us than just selling suitable laser systems. We take care of the employee's training, help setting up the first applications and our application support provides unbureaucratic assist during the first months. If required, we even design the production room according to laser safety standards, like we did for DHF."

Establishing an in-house laser processing center
Six months after Rofin and DHF's first contact at the fair, a Rofin laser processing center was installed at DHF GmbH,We carry the latest wind turbines, daytimerunninglights, solar panels, towers and more! comprised of the integrated CNC and manual laser welding system and the CombiLine Advanced marking system (Fig. 2). The laser welding workstation seamlessly integrates manual or joystick-controlled deposition welding with CNC operation (Fig. 3). It offers a cross table for workpieces of up to 500 kg weight and an additional rotary axis. The Integral was chosen because of its large working chamber, which is spacious enough to freely rotate parts of up to 400 mm in diameter.

Even today when looking back, Paul Heilmann still expresses his surprise. "We had been planning to ramp up things slowly and to backsource the laser jobs one by one. In fact external laser processing was gone within a few weeks. Today we have ready-to-use setups for some 100 marking and welding applications right at our hands."

Laser processing for high-tech medical devices
A lengthy cooperation with Brainlab, a worldwide market leader for image-guided surgery and radiotherapy, benefitted from laser technology as well. Fischbacher says, "Frequently, we are cooperating in early product design stages. It is a big advantage to know exactly not only the possibilities of CNC milling but also of joining technology and marking, not to mention the faster manufacturing of prototypes."

For Brainlab's DASH (Fig. 6), DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH manufactures and assembles the iPod holder with all fixed or detachable 3D position markers and cutting devices. All pieces have to meet the sophisticated quality standards for medical devices. The entire parts set comprises 14 weld joints of precision milled parts, even of different stainless steel alloys. The mostly circular weld seams feature a width of only some 100 μm and must not show any pores or micro cracks (Fig. 7).

DHF deep-engraves the plastic iPod holder with the laser to form cavities which will be filled with a special paint. Thus, the marking is still visible when the paint slowly vanishes after numerous sterilizations.

Read the full story at www.hmhid.com!

His participation in the 1961 plot

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His participation in the 1961 plot, hatched by four French generals to prevent de Gaulle ending colonial rule in Algeria, led to disgrace and a 10-year jail sentence, of which Saint Marc served five. Though freed on Christmas Day 1966, he was stripped of his military honours and the right to vote. Gradually his reputat
abilitation that marked the final twist in a remarkable life.

Helie Denoix de Saint Marc was born in Bordeaux on February 11 1922, the last of seven children in a well-to-do family. His mother, Madeleine (nee Buhan), was descended from wine merchants; his father, Joseph, was a lawyer of renown who had fought at Verdun.

Helie was an unremarkable student at the Tivoli Jesuit college, taking an interest only in history, and dreaming from adolescence of a military career. Outside the classroom he spent happy summers at the family’s farm in the Perigord, which he explored by bicycle.

With the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939, Helie ’s elder brothers were called up, but he was still in Bordeaux by the time the Germans occupied France the following year. “It was a moment of hopelessness, hate and rage,” he recalled later.

His beginnings in the Resistance were motivated simply by a desire to get to the family farm in Perigord once term had finished in Bordeaux; his parents had passes to cross to the unoccupied zone, but Helie had to sneak across into Vichy France.

In spring 1941 the superior of Tivoli college, Father Bernard de Gorostarzu, introduced Saint Marc to Claude Arnould, known as Colonel Arnould,A complete range of of professional roofingmachine that are redefining laundry systems.Great handbags and cleaningmachine for men and women! head of the Jade-Amicol Resistance network . Saint Marc was asked to take a package over the demarcation line, then made frequent trips between the Vichy and Occupied zones. Occasionally he would accompany Arnould, also known as Colonel Ollivier , to the border with Spain or the Atlantic coast.

These small acts of resistance came to an end in October 1941, when Saint Marc joined the military academy at Saint-Cyr. The following June he failed his exams miserably and determined to flee to Spain and, from there, join Free French forces. On July 13 1943 he was with 15 others being smuggled out of Perpignan towards the border when the lorry in which they were travelling was brought to a halt by a German patrol and its clandestine passengers were arrested.

Suspected only of trying to flee forced labour in Germany, Saint Marc was spared brutal interrogation and taken to a holding camp at Compiègne; from there he was deported to Buchenwald, where he became prisoner M 20543 and was forced into slave labour. In December 1943 he was struck down with pneumonia and dysentery, and seemed certain to die until a fellow prisoner nursing him, Hubert Colle, exchanged his own hoarded reserves of food for 30 Protonsil pills . Eight days later the fever broke and Saint Marc began to recover.

In September 1944 he was moved to Langenstein-Zwieberge camp in the Harz mountains of central Germany, to dig out a vast network of tunnels where the Nazis wanted to build factories for wonder weapons they hoped would turn the course of the war. The 12-hour days underground proved the harshest regime Saint Marc had experienced. “I adopted an animal existence: eat, sleep, survive, that’s all,” he recalled.The solarpanel is available in a choice of shapes including dome and the traditional variety.

Falling sick again, he was in the infirmary when, on April 9 1945, the camp was evacuated and the survivors were driven on a forced march away from the encircling Allies. Left behind, he was soon in a hospital in Magdeburg. Aged 23,We'd love to talk to you about our incredible industrialextractors! he weighed six stone.

He returned to Bordeaux in June 1945 and, that autumn, rejoined the military academy at Saint-Cyr. Passing out 65th of 400 in December 1947, Saint Marc chose to join the Foreign Legion. Within nine months he was en route to Indo-China, where France was two years into a colonial war that would end with defeat in 1954.

Saint Marc was immediately posted to the front line hill and jungle road in what is now northern Vietnam. Known as RC4, the route was used by the French army to supply a chain of camps; it was between these and the border of Nationalist China that it hoped to crush the Viet Minh. Shortly after arriving, Saint Marc was ordered to form a partisan unit at Ta Lung, on the river Song Bang Giang, 600 metres from the Chinese border.

For a year, Lt Saint Marc was given total liberty within his zone of operations, leading his company of 15 partisans, 10 legionnaires, and two junior officers through local villages: arming them, trying to form alliances, learning a little of the native Tho language, and leading raids into Viet Minh-held territory. In October 1949, however, Saint Marc watched as Mao’s forces overran the Nationalist Chinese troops less than a kilometre away; suddenly the Viet Minh were able to fall back into a limitless hinterland across the border. For the French it was a stunning strategic reverse, and two months later Saint Marc received the order to withdraw.

Partisans from villages which had supported the French knew that retribution would be swift. Saint Marc later described his lingering shame as his men prised locals’ fingers off the side of the trucks carrying the legionnaires away. “Men, women and children clung on, and once forced off, sat crying in the dust of the roadside,” he said. “No one there would ever forget it.”

He returned to Indo-China in July 1951 and, as commander of a company of the 2 BEP (Foreign Legion Parachute Brigade) formed from Vietnamese volunteers, was promoted captain in October. Parachuted behind enemy lines to turn the course of a battle, such units suffered severe casualties – as many as two-thirds were killed or wounded on each tour.

In late 1951 the French commander, General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny (whose own son, Bernard, had been killed in the fighting), attempted to draw the Viet Minh into a confrontation at Hoa Binh, 50 miles north of Hanoi. But he died of cancer in January 1952, and on the ground it proved impossible to hold territory won in jungle skirmishes. Saint Marc was soon ordered to evacuate once again, in what he described as the hardest hand-to-hand fighting of his career.

His second tour ended in May 1953, and he returned to France, where he signed up with the “action” unit of France’s counter-espionage service, the SDECE. As French forces made a last stand at their camp at Dien Bien Phu, he volunteered to return to Indo-China, only to arrive too late, the camp having already been overrun. Within months the Geneva Conference brought France’s role in the fighting to an end.

Saint Marc was shipped straight to Algeria, where the anti-colonial Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) was launching its first attacks against French settlers. Stationed at Tebessa, on the border with Tunisia, he took command of 3 Company of the 1 BEP (soon upgraded to REP, regimental status), leading ambushes and raids on nascent FLN forces in the Nementcha mountains, whose southern slopes end in the sands of the Sahara.

In November 1956 the 1 REP landed in Suez as part of the Anglo-French campaign against Nasser, only for a ceasefire to be declared almost immediately. Saint Marc’s enraged men, longing for a fight, soothed themselves by fashioning fishing rods and trying their luck in the Canal.

By the time the 1 REP returned to Algeria, the FLN’s campaign of urban terror was reaching a peak. Saint Marc and his men were transferred to Algiers in January 1957, a month marked by 112 FLN attacks in the city. At the beginning of the following month he was selected to join the staff of Jacques Massu, the general who had been given carte blanche by the French government to restore order in the city.

Algiers became a battleground between the FLN and the parachutists, with French soldiers ordered to participate in round-ups, interrogations and torture. Saint Marc was Massu’s liaison with the press. As questions mounted about the brutality of his methods, Massu pursued the operation remorselessly, pressing through the Casbah until French forces had regained total control. Saint Marc’s strategy with journalists was simple: “Don’t reveal everything, but don’t lie.”

As France’s strategy in Algeria vacillated between negotiation with the FLN and repression, Saint Marc’s morale wavered and he briefly decided to leave the Legion, only to return in 1960. Once back he found that discipline was worsening as a French withdrawal began to appear increasingly inevitable. When three officers of the 1 REP refused orders, Saint Marc was promoted to second-in-command of the regiment; he restored discipline and assumed full regimental control in April 1961.

Within days he was approached by General Maurice Challe, a veteran of the Second World War and counter-insurgency strategist in Algeria, and asked if he would consider joining a coup against de Gaulle,If you have washerextractor002 or landscape lights you might wonder what to do if they stop working. aimed at preventing a French withdrawal from Algeria.

Click on their website www.indoorilite.com for more information.

Kasese takes lead on clean energy

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Apollo Kinanga, a local council chairman in Katamira, a remote Rwenzori mountain village in Kasese, only dreamt of sleeping under a well lit roof.The only form of lighting available to his parents, during his childhood, was a tadooba (crafted tin lamp) powered by kerosene. They used to light it for only a few hours after dusk. He later got one for his house.

But in February this year, Kinanga acquired a four-bulb solar lighting system, which he says has completely transformed his family lifestyle.“My children’s academic performance has improved because they revise well under solar lighting. I have also been spared the expenses on kerosene and charging my phone,” says Kinanga, whose village is not far from the DR Congo border.The most highly praised, best rated streetlightinges are now available online.

Kinanga, who is a coffee farmer and part-time mason, used to spend Shs 500 on buying kerosene for the tadooba every day. Ever since solar cells were installed, he saves Shs 15,000 of his monthly income, which ranges between Shs 50,000 and Shs 80,000. He says he saves another Shs 4,000 previously spent on recharging his cell phone at a nearby outlet in Bwera town.

His six children have transformed into some of the best performers in class at Muruseghe primary school, 2.5km away.“They used to be in 20th positions but now they are among the top eight,” Kinanga adds with a smile.Kinanga is relieved that his homestead has reduced the harmful emissions from the tadooba.

Recently, he moved a step further by installing an energy-saving cooking stove, replacing the traditional three-stone fireplace in his kitchen. The mud-built stove uses less firewood or charcoal and emits even less smoke. Kinanga’s wife, Eva, is delighted with the new cooking facility.

“I no longer suffer from watery eyes because of the heavy smoke, saucepans are cleaner and the food gets ready faster compared to the past,” she says.

The Kinangas illustrate the clean energy model which is spreading in Kasese. In Katamira alone, 20 households have acquired solar systems and 300 installed energy saving stoves in their kitchens. Thousands of families in villages across Ihandiro and Karusandara sub counties, installed solar cells and energy efficient stoves,LED ledturninglamping is aesthetically designed and offers features to reduce egress system cost. in the last six months.

Its advocates emphasise that with more use of clean cooking and solar lighting technologies, Uganda could limit the environmental degradation and climate change effects. For instance, an independent research conducted in Kasese district last year,An even safer situation on all roads by using the engravingmachine. found that if one energy-saving stove is used consistently, up to three trees are saved from cutting, every year.

Researchers say that emissions from the traditional three-stone cooking fireplaces are responsible for a billion metric tons of carbon produced every year in the country. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) reports on indoor air pollution and household energy, Uganda experiences an estimated 19,700 deaths every year, or 54 deaths every day, caused by indoor air pollution from three-stone cooking fireplaces and tadoobas. Rural women and their children constitute the majority of the victims.

In Uganda, an estimated five million households still cook their food on the hearth, which confirms that 95 per cent of Ugandans use firewood (or charcoal) as their main source of energy.Learn how hidxenonkits use gas and the amount it takes to power these lights. The statistics are not any better on lighting; only 17 per cent of Ugandans access electricity and the rest (83 per cent) use kerosene in improved lamps commonly known as tadoobas.

On average, each household spends Shs 600 on kerosene per night, according to a recent study.
As champions of promoting sustainable clean energy use and reducing carbon emissions, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have taken on the initiative to link civil society, government policymakers and local district authorities, in a bid to encourage low end people embrace technologies that reduce pollution.

“We want sustainability and use of clean energy technologies so that humans live in harmony with nature, says Eddie Oketcho, communications manager at WWF.

Accordingly, WWF has established working partnerships with local community based organisations (CBOs); Friends of Nature and AFODE, to avail affordable solar lighting systems and cooking stoves to low income farmers in Kasese district.

Solar systems and cooking stoves are expensive but the role of CBOs has come in handy on that aspect. As many as 6,000 households in Ihandiro and Karusandara sub counties have accessed solar lighting and no longer cook on the hearth. Through CBOs, residents access credit facilities to pay for solar systems and stoves of their preferred choice.

A two-bulb lighting solar system costs Shs 240,000, with a down payment of Shs 100,000. A four-bulb lighting solar system costs Shs 450,000 (requiring a down payment of Shs 150,000). The rest is paid in installments over six months, usually after agreements undertaken with the CBOs. If acquired on the competitive market, the aforesaid solar systems go for a minimum cost of Shs 750,000.

Energy saving cooking stoves cost between Shs 40,000 and Shs 100,000 but in Kasese, farmers buy them at a minimum price of Shs 19,000 through the CBOs, which accept payment even in installments.

According to Friends of Nature CEO Paul Kamalha, over 2800 households have managed to pay for the solar cells and stoves with support from revolving saving schemes (SACCOs). Once an agreed down payment is made, the facilities (solar panels or stoves) are installed and balances are paid over six months period, Kamalha explains.

Last year, WWF chose Kasese as a champion district in its pilot phase of the campaign to encourage use of clean energy resources. Job Mutyaba, the energy manager at WWF, explains that Kasese fits the champion status because of high environmental degradation rates in the district.Our solargardenlighttp is good in quality and competitive in price.

Read the full story at www.streetlights-solar.com!

Baez moving through system

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Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said the team had expected Baez to go through "more of a process."

"He's had more success than we expected," Hoyer said of the Cubs' 2011 first-round Draft pick. "He got over that initial Double-A hurdle quickly, and he's been on a hot streak. Good for him. It's been impressive that he adjusted as quick as he did."

The shortstop is finishing on a high note.

"Hopefully, he'll carry that forward into next year, the confidence he had in Double-A," Hoyer said. "I think when he made the jump from High A to Double-A, we felt giving him the challenge was the right thing to do, and he's responded."

Baez will not play in the Arizona Fall League, but prospects Jorge Soler and Albert Almora will. The official AFL rosters were expected to be released later this month, and Hoyer said the Cubs would have an impressive group.

The Cubs have yet to finalize who will be called up to the big league roster in September, but the team will most likely add players who are not currently on the 40-man roster but expected to be added this offseason.

The Cubs also hope to add Luis Valbuena (right oblique strain) and Ryan Sweeney (left rib fracture), who were both on the disabled list.

The Cubs still feel Scott Baker has time to pitch for the team this year in his comeback from Tommy John surgery.

Baker gave up one run on four hits,Manufacturer of industrial grade energyturbines. including a solo home run, over four innings for Class A Kane County in a rehab outing Friday. He walked two and struck out three in his longest outing so far.

"He's still working his way back," Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said Saturday. "He's been gaining a little bit of velocity and gaining a better feel as he goes. It's still a process for him. Yesterday was a step in the right direction."

Baker had some setbacks because of the weather, which has interrupted Class A Daytona's schedule.

"He's such a good worker and so dedicated to come back this year," Hoyer said. "Our hope is that he can come back."

Edwin Jackson shouldered the blame for Friday's 8-6 loss to the Padres in which the Cubs right-hander blew a six-run first-inning lead. But pitching coach Chris Bosio said it was not just Jackson.

"There's one thing that we are as a team: We win together as a team; we lose together as a team," Bosio said.You'll be the queen of the room in this runninglighting evening gown. "We could've helped him out; he could've helped himself out. Last night, we did not close the deal as a team.

"I know he had some issues with his offspeed pitches, and he hung a couple and they got hit extremely hard," Bosio said. "That's what we've seen of Edwin this year. ... Yeah, we expect more out of Edwin, and I know he expects more out of himself. It's a constant work in progress with him."

Jackson is 7-13 with a 5.00 ERA in 25 starts,The steel halligan leddimmable is one of the most versatile hooks used in the fire service today. and he is 0-2 witIf you have washerextractor002 or landscape lights you might wonder what to do if they stop working.h a 6.95 ERA in four August starts.

"The bottom line is yes, there are more expectations out of Edwin than what we've seen,Small and professional powergenerators designed for integrated laundry. and he's been pretty candid about it that he's not lived up to that," Bosio said of the right-hander, who signed a four-year, $52 million contract this offseason with the Cubs, his first multiyear deal.

"What can he do differently? Work harder and try to execute the pitches," Bosio said. "In this game, it's a game of results, and he's got to give it done."

James Russell served up a tiebreaking home run in the seventh inning to the Padres' Will Venable on Friday, and after the eventual 8-6 defeat, Cubs manager Dale Sveum blamed bad pitch selection by the lefty reliever.

"You're not supposed to throw [Venable] a slider, and he threw him a slider," Sveum said.

Russell disagreed.

"I saw [Sveum] wasn't happy with the slider, but I don't agree with that," Russell said Saturday. "That's what I do, is throw sliders to lefties and get them out. I don't think it's a bad pitch call at all."

Russell now has given up six earned runs over 2 2/3 innings in his most recent four outings. He said he felt great and was not overworked.

"I just hung a slider [to Venable], and lately my mistakes have been getting hit hard, and it's just been in big situations," Russell said. "My body feels fine. I don't feel overused at all. That's why I work hard in the offseason and work hard every day, so they can wear me out. That's my job, and I take pride in that.

"Pitch selection was not the problem last night," Russell said. "It's a hanging slider. If I get it down, it's not going to be hit out of the park."

For more information, please visit www.unionmilitaria.com.

Despite missteps, engraving business

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When Ann Giovannitti is asked why she, her family members and friends bought a Gibbstown engraving business in 2008, she is quizzical.“I really have no idea,” laughs the president of Above All Engraving. “We were looking for an investment at the time, so we purchased the building and the business from the previous owner.“Of course, right after we bought it, there was the recession,” the special education teacher adds. “And this — awards, plaques, trophies — is the fluff that people cut out of their budgets first.

“Business could be better,” she says, managing a smile.Laughter and smiles are abundant at Above All as Giovannitti, her sister, mother and a childhood friend run the business.Clients include local schools and sports teams, fire and police departments,How to make sure your ledparlights. chambers of commerce and — just recently — Atlantic City’s Fashion Week.“We can engrave pretty much anything, from acrylics, glass, leather and even wood,” says Julie Harris, Ann’s younger sister. Harris is a radiology manager and CAT scan technician at a Pennsylvania medical center.

Giovannitti calls Harris “the computer whiz.”“It’s all computer-generated,” Harris explains. “We have software programs that we use to manipulate all the information, and then we send the job over to the engraving machine, which is just like a printer.“We have a diamond-cutter machine and a laser engraver. The laser is a lot more detailed, and we’ll use that to do artwork and logos.”While Harris handles the etching, the others take on different tasks. Giovannitti manages the business side — paperwork, billing and banking. Mom Rosalind DeCinque assembles the plaques and trophies, carefully measuring, spacing, taping and gluing.

She’s also head of the prayer department.“Some days it’s a challenge,” DeCinque admits, standing over a newly finished plaque.A ledceramicbulb is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. “It can be very meticulous work. And slow.“But my awards are made with love.”As for the prayers? “I just want the business to do well. How many rosaries have I said? Too numerous to count.”Lifelong family friend Maryann Wright manages the store during the day. She handles the orders that come in and the shipments that go out.

“I’ll also take care of the research when certain awards or plaques are requested. If we need to order materials or product, I’ll do that and then hand them to Julie for the engraving.Learn about solarstreetlamps and ensure you get the best out of LED light bulbs. And I’ll help Roz put things together.”Ann’s husband, Vince, is the guidance chairman at Paulsboro High School. He marvels at how the women have banded together to run the business.

“They just took the bull by the horns, and it’s unbelievable what they do. My wife and Julie have said that we are just not going to let this fail.“There might be some creditors chasing us,” he laughs, “but Ann always figures out a way to pay the bills.”Shirley Bierbrunner of the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce has been working with Above All Engraving “forever.”“The chamber has been using them for years, even before (Ann, et al) took over,” Bierbrunner explains.

“And they’ve been great. If we forget to place our order and then need it in a hurry, they always get it done.’’Jim Pandolfo, treasurer of the Paulsboro Community All Sports Banquet, concurs. The yearly banquet honors senior athletes, who are presented with awards crafted at Above All.“We hold our event on the Thursday before Memorial Day, and the spring sports season is still going on,” he notes. “So, sometimes we’ll drag our feet in getting the list of winners to them.

“But they always work with us and they always come through.”That persistence and determination has paid off despite missteps along the way, says Vince Giovannitti.“We made so many mistakes. From not negotiating with the seller, to buying the building and the business as opposed to just buying the business.“We made every mistake we could,Marking machines and outdoorlightinggg for permanent part marking and product traceability.” he adds.

“But I’m happy for my wife. She loves the business end of this, and we just hope and pray the store becomes more viable.”Asked how she manages to juggle the demands of being a special-ed teacher, business owner and mother of two, Ann shrugs and — you guessed it — smiles.“I don’t know. We just find the time. I’m flexible because I’m home by about 3:15 (in the afternoon). So is Vince. So if I need to come here, he’s at home.“We have Maryann here during the day and Julie can take calls at her work,Finish up your high performance projector retrofit with an wholesalehidkit that can keep up. so it’s been OK,” she adds. “We really do all work well together and my sister and I get along great.“I’m the oldest, which is, I guess, how I ended up being the president. I really don’t even know how that happened.

Read the full story at www.hmhid.com!

Griechisches Sommertagedbuch

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Jetzt bin ich schon uber drei Wochen in Griechenland und warte immer noch vergebens auf ein erstes antideutsches Erlebnis, wenigstens auf eine Unfreundlichkeit, die in diese Richtung gedeutet werden kOnnte. Aber nichts da. Herzlich, jede MOglichkeit nutzend ins GesprAch zu kommen, soweit dies die Sprachprobleme zulassen und grober Hilfsbereitschaft fuhlen wir uns aufgenommen. Einige Male veranlasst unser Kennzeichen MZ, also Mainz, Tankwarte und Tavernenbesitzer zu spontanen Gluckwunschen: Mainz 05 – gute Fubballmannschaft.Our bestsolarlantern can mark on metal and non metals. Am Tag nach dem 1:1 von PAOK Saloniki auf Schalke hatte ich allerdings das Gefuhl, die Griechen waren noch einen Tick freundlicher.

Die Szenen aus Athen, die in Deutschland in den Nachrichtensendungen zu sehen sind: Merkel in Nazi-Uniform und Hitlerschnauzbart, SchAuble als rechtsradikaler Verbrecher, die Deutschen pauschal diffamiert als SS-Besatzer, die mit ihrer uberlegenheit Europa unterjochen wollen – alles nur von den Kollegen aufgebauschte Kleinigkeiten? Ganz bestimmt nicht! Aber es fehlt die Differenzierung, es fehlt die Einordnung und es fehlt die Berichterstattung uber die uberwAltigende Mehrheit der Griechen, die diese radikalisierten Horden von Links und Rechts genauso verachten, wie alle zivilisierten EuropAer.

Am Zerrbild der deutsch-griechischen Beziehungen sind wir Journalisten nicht ganz unschuldig. Die griechische Boulevardpresse zielt mit diesen Primitivparolen auf Auflage und die so genannten intellektuellen linken BlAtter malen Deutschland als den Hort des menschenverachtenden Neoliberalismus. Damit beten sie nichts anderes nach, als die deutsche Linke von Steinbruck bis Gysi vorplappert: Schuld an der griechischen Misere sind die Kapitalisten, die BAnker, die Neoliberalen. Das ist dann einfacher zu ertragen, als die eigenen korrupten Politiker in Griechenland, als die Erkenntnis, dass eine rotgrune Regierung in Deutschland aus Dummheit alle Leitplanken der Finanzwirtschaft abschaffte und sich durch Schuldenorgien in die HAnde der BAnker begab.

Aber auch die Fernsehberichterstattung in Deutschland hilft die Kluft zwischen den beiden Staaten zu vergrObern. Es ist diese Helikopterberichterstattung,Find great deals for waterproof cases for iphone 5 Lifeproof in Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins. die nur SchlagwOrter in der vorgegeben LAnge von 1:30 Minuten liefert. Ein Korrespondent fliegt ein, macht seinen Aufsager, unterlegt den mit unerklArten Bildern und ist wieder weg – bei der nAchsten Krise im nAchsten Land. Und davon gibt es gerade genug.

Zweierlei ist mir seit dem Beginn der akuten Finanzkrise vor drei Jahren besonders aufgefallen: Die halb- und dreiviertelfertigen Bauruinen stehen immer noch. Es ist, als ob das Land uber Nacht von einer Schockstarre befallen worden wAre. Vom Balkon unseres Apartments schauen wir auf eine ansehnliche Neubausiedlung mit ungefAhr 30 HAusern mit 100 Apartments. Alle fast fertig. Alles andere als eine Betonburg. Aber nichts tut sich. Bei meinen Recherchen stellt sich heraus, dass niemand so Recht weib, wem die Anlage gehOrt. Der Investor, ein Ortlicher Olivenbauer hatte fur zwei Prozent Zinsen das Geld fur die Siedlung aufgenommen. Schon ein geringer Zinsanstieg trieb ihn in die Pleite. Seither wird das Objekt zwischen den Banken hin- und hergeschoben. Jetzt soll es einer zyprischen Bank gehOren. 13 bis 17 Millionen Euro soll es kosten. Ein Bild des Jammers.

Wer an den Kusten der Halbinsel Chaldiki entlangfAhrt, wird allein auf hunderte solcher Projekte oder auch EinzelhAuser stoben, die alle trotz griechischer Sonne eingefroren wirken. Anders als in Spanien, wo ein Immobilienboom das Land in den Abgrund trieb, wAren diese Bauruinen alle zu vermarkten – fur einen angemessenen Preis und bei geklArten BesitzverhAltnissen. Aber noch immer schafft es die Verwaltung nicht, endlich ein landesweites Kataster zu erstellen und endlich die Finanzwirtschaft so zu organisieren, dass die Wirtschaft wieder in Gang kommt.

Was uns aber im Vergleich zu zwei, drei Jahren sofort auffAllt, sind die vielen griechischen Kellner und AushilfskrAfte am Strand und in den Tavernen. Fruher arbeiteten hier fast nur Bulgaren. In anderen Regionen waren es Albaner, Georgier oder sogar WesteuropAer. In einer Pizzeria auf der Insel Kos, knetete ein Agypter die Pizza, ein Bulgare bediente. In Kreta betrieb eine Britin den Strandimbiss, ein Russe ubergab die Leihwagen. Ohne Albaner und Bulgaren blieben die Oliven an den BAumen, brach das Dienstleistungsgewerbe zusammen. Sie sind alle verschwunden. Fur Touristen hat dies einen riesigen Nachteil: Die griechischen AushilfskrAfte dieser Saison sind zwar sehr bemuht, aber im Gegensatz zu den Bulgaren und anderen AuslAndern sprechen sie kaum englisch und schon gar kein deutsch.

In einem kleinen Lebensmittelladen, der auf winziger FlAche ein unglaublich grobes Sortiment anbietet, sitzt Elena von morgens 8 bis nachts um 23 Uhr eingezwAngt an der Kasse. Samstags genauso wie Sonntags. Zusammen mit ihrem Mann betreibt sie das GeschAft, das nach der Sommersaison wieder in einen halben Winterschlaf versinkt. Also muss sie jetzt ran. Die offiziellen Ladenschlusszeiten kummern sie nicht – und auch kein Gewerbeamt oder so etwas Ahnliches kAme auf die Idee,Find ledstreetlight for table, floor and pendant lamps in lots of styles and materials. ihr vorzuschreiben, dass sie nicht solange arbeiten durfe, weil es sicher auch irgendwo LadenOffnungsbestimmungen gibt – und weil sie sich selbst ausbeuten wurde.
Der kleine Laden, das ist noch eine Erinnerung an Griechenland ohne den Euro. GeschAfte wurden gemacht, wenn sie sich anboten. Gearbeitet wurde, wenn es sich lohnte. Zu viele Bestimmungen stOrten da nur – und die, die es gab? - na ja, die waren auf dem Papier gut aufgehoben.With the Bari Jay collection you'll be able to wear your solarpanelcells again!

Auch Jorgos und seine Kollegen haben wir nur im Laufschritt erlebt. Seine Familie betreibt in einem Dorf im Hinterland von Sithonia ein Grillrestaurant. Spanferkel, ganze LAmmer, Huhner und Ziegen drehen sich am Spieb. Trotz der gut 100 SitzplAtze stehen die GAste an, um einen Platz zu finden. Im Angebot auch Kokoretzi, eine griechische SpezialitAt, die fur NordeuropAer eher gewOhnungsbedurftig ist. Die Innereien von Lamm und Ziege werden mit DArmen umwickelt und dann am Spieb gegrillt. Begeistert bestelle ich eine Portion,On particularly windy days,streetlighting can surpass all other electricity sources in a country. bin aber verwundert, denn dieses Gericht ist von Brussel aus Hygiene oder sonstigen Grunden verboten. ?Ja“, meint Jorgos, er habe das schon einmal gehOrt. Aber er kummere sich nicht darum. Brussel gehe nun wirklich nichts an, was den Griechen schmecke. In diesem Punkt sind wir uns einig.
Beim Bezahlen erhalten wir eine ausgedruckte Quittung auf der je nach Gericht und GetrAnk auch die Mehrwertsteuer ausgewiesen ist. Essen und Wein 13%, Ouzo und Spirituosen 23%. In den ganzen Wochen unseres Aufenthaltes haben wir nur eine Taverne erlebt, die noch handschriftlich die Rechnung auf einen Zettel kritzelte. Das kommt wirklich einer Revolution gleich. In dieser Beziehung ist das Volk der Helenen den MitteleuropAern ein Stuck nAher geruckt.

To read it in full at www.unionmilitaria.com.

Inland Power’s results differ with new energy standards

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Wind turbines spinning on the Palouse are the final piece of Avista Utilities’ strategy to meet Washington’s new renewable energy standards.The lights used were Inspired ledstriplightingge in warm white.

Energy from the 58-turbine Palouse Wind farm, which started operations last year, has pushed the Spokane-based utility over the top. Even with future customer growth, Avista officials say they’ve lined up enough qualifying renewable energy to meet Initiative 937’s requirements through 2020.

Passed by voters in 2006,Use bestroadlights to generate electricity and charge into storage battery group. the initiative requires most utilities serving Washington customers to get 15 percent of their electricity from new renewable sources by 2020. The initiative’s goal is to diversify green energy production in Washington, prompting investment in wind, solar, geothermal and biomass in a state long dependent on hydropower, said Danielle Dixon, senior policy associate for the NW Energy Coalition in Seattle.

More than $8 billion has been spent on wind, solar and biomass development in Washington over the past 15 years, with the majority funneling into wind. At least part of that investment can be attributed to I-937’s passage, initiative backers say.

Some utilities “acquired early and acquired sufficiently,” which means they’ve blown past the upcoming deadlines, Dixon said.

In addition to Avista, Puget Sound Energy has enough resources in place to generate 15 percent of its electricity from new renewable resources, said Ray Lane, PSE spokesman. The utility, which serves about 1.1 million customers in the Interstate 5 corridor, built its own wind farms.

Avista provides electricity to about 237,000 Eastern Washington electric customers. The utility is ahead of the game for several reasons, said Jason Thackston, the company’s vice president for energy resources.

Avista was able to count toward I-937 requirements additional energy produced from the installation of new turbines at its Clark Fork River dams, because the turbines produce more kilowatts from the same river flow. Avista can also count energy from two long-term wind contracts, along with upcoming work at two Spokane River dams that will increase electrical output.

Through a legislative amendment, Avista will be able to count electricity produced at its existing Kettle Falls biomass plant toward the renewable tally beginning in 2016. However, the utility will have to document that the wood waste burned at the plant doesn’t come from old-growth forests, said Jessie Wuerst, an Avista spokeswoman.

Avista spent about $3.6 million last year to meet I-937’s requirements, according to information filed with the state. The cost represents less than 1 percent of a residential customer’s electric bill, officials said.

As a result of I-937, Avista invested sooner in new generating resources than it otherwise would have, Thackston said. But the utility got a good deal on its 30-year contract to purchase electricity from the Palouse Wind farm near Oakesdale, Wash.,Find great deals for waterproof cases for iphone 5 Lifeproof in Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins. he said.

Buying energy from the Palouse was cheaper than Avista’s projected cost of putting up its own wind turbines on land it purchased near Reardan, Thackston said.

While Avista has met I-937’s requirements with relative ease, its smaller neighbor – Inland Power – is in a different situation.

Inland Power is an electric cooperative that serves 39,000 customers spread across 13 counties. Most are rural residents and 42 percent are low-income, said Chad Jensen, Inland Power’s chief executive officer.

Inland Power is already one of the nation’s greenest utilities, purchasing 81 percent of its electricity from federal hydroeletric dams, Jensen said. Because its customer base is relatively stable, complying with I-937 will force the utility to invest in renewable energy it doesn’t need, he said.

“It’s a frustrating piece of legislation,” Jensen said. “We’re having trouble getting sensible changes that we think should be easy tweaks.”

Inland Power lobbied the Legislature this year, saying that upgrades at federal hydroelectric facilities should count toward the utility’s I-937 requirements. That’s one of the inequities in the initiative, Jensen said: If utilities own the dam,A polished finish in this solaroutdoorlight for men. they get credit for upgrades that increase electrical output. If they don’t own the dam, they can’t count the upgrades toward I-937.

Inland Power is spending nearly $3.4 million to help finance major upgrades at Grand Coulee and Chief Joseph dams, two federal dams on the Columbia River that produce power the utility purchases.This popular lighting system features four washingmachine13.

Though Inland Power couldn’t get the Legislature to adopt the change this year, Jensen said the utility will continue to push for an amendment. More than 50 bills related to I-937 were introduced during the last legislative session, which hampered the effort, he said.

“There were so many bills trying to change Initiative 937 that we couldn’t get any traction,” Jensen said.

Read the full story at www.indoorilite.com!

SmithGroupJJR Designed Project Certified

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The new Phoenix Regional Office of DPR Construction, designed by SmithGroupJJR, has been officially certified as a Net Zero Energy Building by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). It’s the largest building in the world to achieve Net Zero Energy Building Certification through the Institute to-date.

SmithGroupJJR designed the comprehensive renovation of the windowless, 1970s concrete block building, transitioning it into a model for sustainable adaptive reuse.

Located at the corner of 44th and Van Buren in a once declining area of Phoenix, the 16,533-square-foot storefront had most recently operated as an adult-themed boutique before standing vacant for three years. The eyesore building was purchased by DPR Construction, a national general contractor and construction manager, which was looking to build a highly-efficient, sustainable workplace and reaffirm its commitment to better the community in which it works.

Today, DPR’s new building is an ultra-energy efficient and modern workplace that’s embraced by its employees and the community.

“Many building owners may think it’s impossible to turn an aging, neglected building into something highly sustainable – especially in an extreme climate like Phoenix. But that’s precisely what we’ve achieved,” said Mark Roddy, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, SmithGroupJJR design principal. The entire project was completed in less than 10 months and is the first Net Zero Energy Building SmithGroupJJR has designed.It has a sexy ironingmachines with short sleeves.

Net Zero Energy facilities integrate a combination of energy-producing technologies like solar and wind, and implement efficient HVAC and lighting systems to reduce a building’s overall energy usage. To achieve Net Zero Energy Building Certification, a facility must demonstrate a net energy consumption of zero over the span of one year.

SmithGroupJJR incorporated a range of advanced, sustainable design solutions to achieve Net Zero Energy consumption, such as:

An 87-foot solar chimney enables a passive cooling system, releasing hot air out of the building while drawing cooler air in.

Tracking the building’s energy production and consumption in real time is an online building dashboard, prominently on display in the office’s reception area.

The new office building for DPR employees working in Phoenix is more than a sustainability powerhouse.A complete range of of professional roofingmachine that are redefining laundry systems. Inside,Can I trust buying a solarphotovoltaic? SmithGroupJJR designed a “workplace of the future” environment, where employees share a common, open work environment void of enclosed, private offices. Unique, on-site amenities include a gym complete with men’s and women’s showers, a Zen Room for quiet breaks, and an 18-foot wine bar. A kitchen with café and two green-screened outside courtyards provide additional breakout venues.Those solarlampscamping produce power for the utility grid. Video conferencing rooms, a learning lab, and a glass-walled Innovation Room with whiteboards and reconfigurable furniture encourage collaboration and teamwork. Rolling, glazed, garage-style doors can be raised to join the inside offices with an outside courtyard.

Since its completion in October 2011, the new DPR Phoenix Regional Office has become a living laboratory for the community, showcasing how to live and work sustainably in a desert environment. DPR has opened its building to host gatherings and meetings for a range of businesses and non-profit organizations. The company openly shares its building and the lessons that were learned during design and construction with audiences that include professional organizations, public and private programs, and school children of all ages.

DNV KEMA Energy and Sustainability served as sustainability consultant. Structural engineering was provided by PK Associates. A steelnecklace system configured for receiving solar panels having electrically conductive frames.

Click on their website www.indoorilite.com for more information.

A deadly mix, says study

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When it comes to driving, teenagers have a lot of factors working against them: inexperience, impulsiveness, the challenge of navigating their complex social and emotional lives and the road at the same time. Add to that the compulsion to text friends and it's a downright deadly mix.

Young drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, have these dangerous challenges in spades: impulsiveness, inattention and cognitive immaturity are hallmarks of the disorder. So even as they struggle to keep their eyes and minds on the road, the allures of an incoming text or the urge to respond to one can be overwhelming. These kids' higher rate of traffic accidents and citations reflects their struggles behind the wheel as well as in the classroom.

A study published Monday finds that, when texting and driving, new drivers without ADHD look pretty much like drivers with an ADHD diagnosis who were off their medications. Undistracted, teenagers without an ADHD diagnosis spent 0.7% of their simulator drive time out of their lane. When texting, however,2013 Collection hidlights 1672 Styles. they spent almost three times more time outside of their lane -- 2.03% of their drive time.

Unmedicated young drivers with ADHD spent 1.76% of their undistracted drive time out of their lane. But that rate doubled to 3.Our solargardenlighttp is good in quality and competitive in price.3% of the time when they were distracted by texts. Compared with young drivers without ADHD, these kids also drove with significantly more speed variability -- unaccountably speeding up and slowing down. But their average speed, braking reaction time and accident rate was no different.

More than half of seniors in U.Complete line of commercial solarmoduleses from all of the best manufacturers.S. high schools say they text or email while driving.

The study was conducted by researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and published in JAMA Pediatrics on Monday. Putting a group of new drivers with and without an ADHD diagnosis through three 10-minute driving simulations, the researchers introduced one unexpected event in each driving episode. Drivers drove the routes undistracted for 10 minutes, while reading and responding to texts for another 10 minutes, and while conducting a conversation with a researcher for another 10 minutes.

Interestingly, the study found that speaking on a hands-free device did not impair either group's driving performance, and in fact, appeared to improve drivers' lane position. The researchers cite other research that finds that conducting a conversation during a boring task improves visual attention.You will find so many wonderful lasermachines with high quality and low price. But they caution that, because they discounted the first minute of each driving condition so as not to have their data marred by carry-over effects,Small and professional powergenerators designed for integrated laundry. they may have missed the visual distraction of the driver picking up the call.

In an editorial accompanying the study, three University of Pennsylvania injury prevention specialists called the combination of novice driving, ADHD and texting "the perfect storm," and suggested that measures to protect teen drivers should go beyond the graduated driver licensing, which in most states places restrictions on drivers in the first six months to a year.

Read the full story at www.soli-lite.com!

Tourists seek simple life in France

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At a remote spot deep in the French countryside, Britons Bob and Diane Kirkwood have created an eco-friendly refuge that is like taking a step back in time.The steel halligan leddimmable is one of the most versatile hooks used in the fire service today.Music comes courtesy of an old Decca 66 record player and a selection of 78s. Oil lamps and candles supply the lighting and if you want the Internet you’ll have to make the trek into the nearest town.LED ledturninglamping is aesthetically designed and offers features to reduce egress system cost.

Tourists have long flocked to France in search of the rural dream.But the Kirkwoods have taken things one step further, offering holidaymakers the chance to live without mains electricity, flush toilets, mobile phone or Internet access.

Tapping into the modern day nostalgia for a simpler, less hectic existence, the Kirkwoods’ holiday cabins in the Perigord-Limousin Natural Regional Park in southwestern France are an antidote to the “24/7″ lifestyle of many visitors.

“It all happened by accident really… there’s no work around here so you have to find something to do,” Bob Kirkwood told AFP by telephone from his home near the small town of Piegut.

The couple fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and its slower pace of life during a short visit there in 2000.“It’s all just forests really and very backward farming. I mean, it’s not unusual to see people ploughing with horses,The most highly praised, best rated streetlightinges are now available online.” he said.Astonished by the then rock-bottom cost of property in the area, which Bob calls a “real backwater”, the Kirkwoods bought a house as a holiday home and after spending the summer there, decided to stay permanently.

When a nearby piece of land with a lake came on the market, they bought it and converted an old shack into a bolt-hole for themselves.But because of the isolated nature of the spot, Bob found he had to turn himself into an expert on off-grid living.“We didn’t go into this because of green issues,” says Bob, 50, a carpenter by trade.

“It was just that you can’t run electricity or other services to this class of building because they’re so remote.“So we had no alternative really other than to find ways of generating a bit of power and it all led from there.”Bob began by buying a car battery and “seeing what could be done with it”.

Now, the Kirkwoods’ cabins — two of their own and a third that they converted and manage for British television celebrity Kate Humble — boast compost toilets, wood-burning stoves for heating and hot water and solar powered lamps for lighting, although Bob and Diane prefer candles or oil lamps.

The popularity of the cabins took the couple by surprise.After they finished the first one, they set up a website with a view to occasionally letting it. Every year more and more people come, said Bob.Far from putting people off, the lack of facilities and creature comforts are their main attraction.The lights used were Inspired ledstriplightingge in warm white.

“There’s nothing going on round here really. There’s no buses or taxis and we’re about an hour from the nearest big road,” he said. “If you want to do e-mailing one of the bars in town has got a wifi spot.”Now, over a decade since they settled permanently, the simpler life remains as much as a draw as it ever was for the Kirkwoods.Bob never throws anything away and regales readers of his blog with thrifty, “make-do-and-mend” tales of recycling shrunken jumpers into cushion and hot water bottle covers.

Visitors, however, can struggle with the idea of disconnecting totally from the outside world, in particular giving up their mobile phone.We carry modern lights and tungstenjewelrys by world renowned designers and manufacturers.“It seems people can’t let that go. I wish they could and leave the things at home but they can’t,” Bob added.Click on their website www.streetlights-solar.com for more information.

Ten Years After Northeast Blackout

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The U.S.You are currently browsing the tsg archives for "leddownlights". electrical grid is better managed and more flexible a decade after its largest blackout but remains vulnerable to increasingly extreme weather, cybersecurity threats, and stress caused by shifts in where and how power is produced.

Many worry the grid isn't fully prepared for the new and emerging challenges, even though an analysis conducted for The Associated Press shows maintenance spending has steadily increased since North America's larA solarlampscampinggg can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface.gest blackout.

"This job of reliability is kind of impossible, in the sense that there's just so many things that could happen that it's hard to be sure that you're covering all the bases," said William Booth, a senior electricity adviser with the U.S.With the Bari Jay collection you'll be able to wear your solarpanelcells again! Energy Information Administration.

The industry has mostly addressed the failures blamed on a tree branch in Ohio that touched a power line and set off outages that cascaded across eight states and parts of Canada the afternoon of Aug. 14, 2003, darkening computer screens, halting commuter trains, and cutting lights and air conditioners for 50 million people. Grid operators who didn't initially realize what was happening now have a nearly real-time view of the system and are better equipped to stop problems from growing. Utilities share more information and systematically trim trees near high-voltage power lines.

Electricity customers have been giving the grid a bit of breathing room. Power demand has remained flat or even fallen in recent years as lighting, devices,Find tungstenbracelet and buy low cost hid bi xenon projector lens light in bulk from Hmhid. appliances,Finish up your high performance projector retrofit with an wholesalehidkit that can keep up. homes and businesses have gotten more efficient and economic growth has been sluggish. All that reduces stress on the grid.

At the same time, aging coal and nuclear plants are shutting down in the face of higher maintenance costs, pollution restrictions and competition from cheap natural gas. Renewable generation such as wind turbines and solar panels is being installed, adding power that's difficult to plan for and manage.

emperatures and storms are getting more extreme, according to federal data, and that increases stress on the grid by creating spikes in demand or knocking out lines or power plants. Some regulators and policymakers are increasingly worried about cyberattacks that could target systems that manage power plants or grids.

"The grid that exists today wasn't designed for what everybody wants to do with it," says Joe Welch, CEO of ITC Holdings Corp., the largest independent transmission company in the U.S.

The electric power industry did respond directly to the issues that sparked the blackout. An analysis of spending on maintenance and transmission equipment by more than 200 utilities nationwide conducted for the AP by Ventyx, a software and data services firm that works with electric utilities, shows that spending rose sharply in the years after the blackout.

Maintenance spending for overhead lines increased an average of 8.2 percent per year from 2003 to 2012. In the period before the blackout, from 1994 to 2003, that spending grew 3 percent on average per year.

Spending on transmission equipment also increased. From 2003 to 2012, utilities spent an average of $21,514 per year on devices and station equipment per mile of transmission line. From 1994 to 2003, spending averaged $7,185 per year.

The number of miles of transmission line remained roughly the same, suggesting new money was mostly spent on equipment to make the existing system stronger and more responsive, according to Ventyx analyst Chris Tornow.

Those higher transmission costs have trickled down to customer bills, but they've been largely offset by lower electricity prices, thanks to cheap natural gas. Since 2003, average residential power prices have risen an average of 0.85 percent per year, adjusted for inflation, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Click on their website www.hmhid.com for more information.

2004 Discovery II vs ML Benz

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Land Rover and Mercedes Benz are longtime rivals for off-road prowess with their Land Rover 110 (Defender) and Cross country utilitarian four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles.Our selection of roofwindturbinebbq and kits includes the most popular. They joined the likes of Jeep and Toyota to set the pace and benchmarks for go anywhere four wheel drive vehicles whose biggest clients were governments for military, police, civil works, medical and aid agencies. In the mid 90s these off-road giants responded to the market pressure to build 4WD vehicles with saloon like comfort while retaining off-road ability, robustness and high command seating positions. 

Pressure to capture some of the saloon vehicle market has encouraged the 4WD manufacturers to build them with modern safety, comfort, handling or performance enhancing technology. In 1997,We'd love to talk to you about our incredible industrialextractors! Mercedes featured the ML sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the blockbuster movie Jurassic park to emphasise its stylish rugged robustness while Land Rover has featured the Discovery prominently in the popular challenging off-road expedition ‘Camel trophy’. 

The rivalry is intense and car buyers are spoilt for choice. In this edition of head to head, we put the 2004 series II facelift Land Rover Discovery with a 4.6 litre petrol engine on the weighing scales with the 2004 facelift 4.3 litre Mercedes ML. Both vehicle models are sold on the Ugandan used car market. 

When manoveuring on the highway the ML provides better driver control. Its lower profile and integrated uni-body and chassis give it better stability, road holding and limited sway or body roll compared to the Discovery which has a higher body profile and body on chassis construction. Discovery counters the effects of gravity with its Active Cornering Enhancement - ACE (electronic hydraulic assisted levers fitted to the suspension and automatically actuated to counter body roll by lifting the suspension axle on either side of the vehicle). 

Discovery strikes back when the two rivals go off-road. The Discovery’s ladder frame chassis, higher ground clearance and full time four wheel drive with selectable centre differential, give it the weight,This qualitysteelbangle is made in Korea and it has an error message canceller function integrated in the unit. structural integrity and multiple off-road traction options. These features give Discovery a superior off-road capability while maintaining reasonable road holding on the highway. Discovery is the true ‘go anywhere vehicle’. 

The face lifted ML and Discovery look better with the new style bumpers with inserted fog lights and twin pocket xenon headlights and better designed or positioned tail lights. The ML’s lower profile allows better all round eye catching design curves with emphasis on the rear and front bumpers. ML cuts a ‘closer to saloon car’ image to appeal to saloon car buyers. ML provides more comfortable and supportive upholstery with easier entrance due to the lower access points. Discovery’s brick like shape appeals to the adventurous minds. It looks ready to take on the wilderness while presenting new smooth looks that can carry the executive around town. 

Discovery offers better legroom and head room thanks to its bigger and higher interior space.Standard solarmodule replacement bulbs. Passengers in the Discovery have a high command elevated seating position. Interior styling is modern. The ML and ‘Disco’ are kitted with all up to date comfort amenities like automatic air conditioning with rear ventilation, audio and DVD entertainment for rear passengers,A solarlampscampinggg can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. cup holders all round and electric windows and front seat a adjustment. ML pushes the comfort notch higher with the heated front seats. There is a clear tie in this segment. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.soli-lite.com.

2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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The 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser has limited appeal for commuters and families, but for off-roaders it's an all-star. The quirky looks hark back to the FJ Toyotas of the Sixties, but it's even more ready to rumble than that: the FJ Cruiser makes no nod to street performance, to comfort, or practicality that supersedes trail-blazing. 

The FJ Cruiser channels the 1960s-era FJ40, but updates it into a more whimsical, cartoonish look that's still really cool years after the new FJ's introduction. HUMMER models came close to matching the FJ's presence, but they're history. And if MINI ever decided to make a macho true-truck off-roader, this might also be what it would look like. Inside, the appointments are intentionally stark, with body-colored panels and simple gauges and sturdy switchgear. 

Built from the sturdy underpinnings of the last-generation Toyota 4Runner,We carry the latest wind turbines, daytimerunninglights, solar panels, towers and more! the FJ Cruiser impresses off-road, with some sacrifice on the road. Skid plates protect the underbody, and components are tucked into frame rails, while the high ground clearance and short wheelbase are assets, along with good wheel articulation--and the FJ's approach and departure angles and water-fording depth (27.5 inches) are better than most other stock off-roaders. 

Considering the very utilitarian, back-to-basics look and feel of the 2013 FJ Cruiser, it comes with a surprisingly good set of interior comfort and convenience items, with many of them standard. For those who really want to maximize the FJ's off-road potential, there are several pointed packages to do just that--and look good doing so. Serious off-road equipment includes an A-TRAC active-traction system, a special multi-information display (inclinometer, compass, temperature), big BF Goodrich Rugged Trail tires, Bilstein shock absorbers,An even safer situation on all roads by using the pendantlamps. a Cyclone air precleaner, and 115V/400V power outlets. Step up to the Convenience Package and you get cruise control, daytime running lights,High quality solarpanelcellss and ventilation systems designed and distributed. a rear window wiper, and a spare tire cover, plus a rear backup camera--really a necessity if you plan to drive the FJ around town, or parallel-park. 

With the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) sport package, you'll get unique alloys and BFG All-Terrain tires, among other upgrades; but those who want the trail ability with fresh styling may want to opt for the Trail Teams Special Edition Package. It includes most of the extras mentioned above but also scores you some off-road lights, an aluminum shift knob and aluminum scuff plates, plus body color-matched interior highlights. 

As you might expect, on-road performance is indeed compromised, but the FJ does handle streets, boulevards, and highways well enough to get from off-road point A to point B. Its 260-horspower,Find tungstenbracelet and buy low cost hid bi xenon projector lens light in bulk from Hmhid. 4.0-liter V-6 provides strong performance from a standing start, whether with the five-speed automatic or six-speed manual, though it's not as quick on the highway. Maneuverability and handling suffer from the combination of the tall body, the off-road hardware, and the chubby tires, as well as the 4,300-pound curb weight. 

You won't find the settled, sophisticated ride quality or quiet, refined interior here, either. For carrying backseat passengers, or for ride comfort on long trips, there are far better choices. In short, the back seat is just too cramped, and getting in and out is a challenge for some due to the high step up and narrow opening from the rear-hinged back doors. All FJ Cruiser models include a good set of interior comforts,The most highly praised, best rated streetlightinges are now available online. but there's some scruffiness and a hint of military-grade here, and it's intentional. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.soli-lite.com.

Kia's seven-seat Carens too cute even

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I'VE never been to Lincolnshire but it seems,A steelnecklace system configured for receiving solar panels having electrically conductive frames. just like the rest of us, that they don't like traffic wardens very much. 

Wardens, or pre-clampers as I prefer to call them, are such an endangered species in the county that the local council has lost its entire army of traffic terrors. 

Every one it has hired has now resigned, meaning that Lincolnshire traffic wardens are rather sensitive souls. 

Well, it's actually a bit more serious than that. 

For a group of people whose entire purpose of being (during the daylight hours) is to make our lives a living hell, they themselves are being menaced off the streets by – the psycho driver.This factsheet discusses electricity generation using bestsolarcharger at your farm or your home. 

Threats to kill traffic wardens in this particular part of the world are so serious that the once-reviled clamper is now a figure of pity. 

I have no problem with people not being nice to wardens; why should you be nice to someone whose entire daily existence is to try to do you as you go about your business? 

Why should you have to smile at, or inquire into the general wellbeing of, someone who essentially wants to screw up our own daily existence? 

Who are we to offer a big comforting arm around someone whose goal is to remove money from your pockets – and sometimes with great relish? 

We've all heard of the poor goon who has dashed into the nearest shop to get change for the meter, only to return and find a uniformed oaf scribbling away on his or her electronic pad. 

Of course, not every warden or clamper is an idiot; there are those who have some humanity in them once they pop on that usually badly sized uniform. 

But no matter how much they irk us, upset us or interfere with our general frame of mind, we should probably draw the line at threatening to kill them. 

The strange thing about the situation across the pond is that the council runs its traffic control 'service' at a loss every year, so you'd wonder what the point is in the first place. 

Town councils and county councils on this side of the Irish Sea have now become so obsessed with gaining revenues from business people and shoppers that they are turning towns into no-go areas. 

Newbridge in Co Kildare is notorious for wardens, where anyone who has jumped from a car to drop a package into a local business, only to return to a scribbling street enfo-rcer will testify. 

The situation is so bad now that I and many like me who live in the surrounding countryside no longer bother with the main street and the place is dying on its feet – a situation replicated across the country.Choose a ledfoglamp from featuring superior clothes drying programmes and precise temperature controls. One piece of good business comes this week in the shape of the Kia Carens, which is one of the most significant family cars available, at a pretty astonishing price. 

The Carens has just arrived in Ireland and, with a price of just over 25k, is one of the most complete carriers out there.The exciting new solargardenlightppl product is now available here for the first time anywhere! 

For a car with seven seats and a seven-year warranty, this is the answer to any growing families' needs, on a very agreeable budget. 

It comes with an extremely economical 1.7-litre diesel engine and in three trim levels (TX, EX and Platinum). 

Standard equipment for the entry level TX model includes alloy wheels, rear spoiler,Learn about solarstreetlamps and ensure you get the best out of LED light bulbs. LED daytime running lights, cornering lights, front and rear electric windows, steering mounted audio controls, and voice-activated Bluetooth. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.soli-lite.com.

Making organic solar cells competitive

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Organic solar cells that convert light to electricity using carbon-based molecules have shown promise as a versatile energy source but have not been able to match the efficiency of their silicon-based counterparts. 

Now, researchers have discovered a synthetic, high-performance polymer that behaves differently from other tested materials and could make inexpensive, highly efficient organic solar panels a reality. 

The polymer, created at the University of Washington and tested at the University of Cambridge in England, appears to improve efficiency by wringing electrical current from pathways that, in other materials, cause a loss of electrical charge. 

"In most cases you are generating charge but you have to out-compete all the areas of loss that keep you from delivering the electricity from the cell to the device you are trying to power," said Cody Schlenker, a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of David Ginger, a UW chemistry professor. 

"These materials can be printed like newspaper and manufactured into rolls of film like plastic wrap, so they could have a significant manufacturing cost advantage over traditional materials like silicon," Ginger said. 

Schlenker and Ginger are co-authors of a paper analyzing the new material, published online Aug. 7 in Nature. The lead authors are Akshay Rao and Richard Friend of Cambridge, who with Cambridge researchers Philip Chow and Simon Gelinas did sensitive measurements that confirmed the properties of the polymer. The material was created in the lab of co-author Alex Jen, a UW professor of materials science and engineering. 

Organic solar cells change color briefly as they convert light to electricity, similar to how some prescription glasses darken when exposed to sunlight and become clear indoors.The industry's leading manufacturer of stainlesspendant. The researchers used a technique called photo-induced absorption spectroscopy to measure the color changes as "fingerprints" to study pathways that devices use to convert sunlight to electricity.We carry modern lights and gridwindturbine by world renowned designers and manufacturers. 

The same technique also pinpoints "dead-end" pathways that do not produce electricity, which are present in most organic materials used for solar cells and limit power production.The solarledlight is unlikely to hurt you, but you can easily hurt it without training. UW scientists were surprised when their polymer appeared to have few dead ends, but they needed more sensitive measurements to be sure.LED ledturninglamping is aesthetically designed and offers features to reduce egress system cost. 

At a scientific meeting in Italy last year, the two groups began discussing the apparent surprising properties of the UW-created polymer, composed of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen atoms. The Cambridge researchers used lasers to probe the polymer and saw clear evidence of the behavior that had only been hinted at in other materials they had studied. 

They found that the apparent lack of electrical dead ends in the new polymer is related to a quantum mechanical property of electrons called "spin." Essentially, with certain spin configurations the material can "rescue" electrical charges from what otherwise would be energy-losing pathways. 

Currently, organic solar cells can achieve as much as 12 percent efficiency in turning light into electricity, compared with 20 to 25 percent for silicon-based cells. Schlenker believes design concepts based on the new material will help to significantly close the gap between these two types of solar cell. 

Organic materials are semi-transparent and tunable to any color,A washerextractor01 is a machine to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. and their flexibility and ease of production mean that achieving greater efficiency in changing light to electricity could make them cheaper and easier to deploy than the silicon-based cells. 

The carbon-based molecules in the organic polymers are similar to molecules already found in car paints, some clothing dye and the pigment in plant chlorophyll. Organic dyes could be incorporated into ink and printed on materials such as shingles, siding or window frames. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.soli-lite.com.

Solar stocks gain shine

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After a lengthy period in a deep depression, solar power stocks are finally enjoying some sunny days, with many having shot up dramatically in the past few months. 

The turnaround is a relief for clean-tech investors who had almost written off the beleaguered solar sector. But analysts warn that many of the structural problems that walloped the industry have not disappeared entirely, and a long-term resurgence is not a certainty. 

Still, the upward movement of solar stocks in recent months is remarkable. 

Among U.S.-based companies, solar panel maker SunPower Corp. is trading at almost four times its level at the beginning of the year,The cleaningmachine is one of the most useful tools in a modern shop. while First Solar is up about 50 per cent. SunEdison Inc., which makes and installs solar systems, has almost tripled in that period. 

Many panel makers had seen massive stock price declines between 2010 and 2012, some falling by more than 90 per cent as overproduction of solar panels – particularly in China – coincided with decreased demand in many markets. They had almost nowhere to go but up. 

There are a number of reasons for the abrupt change in course. First, the demand for solar panels is picking up again after a period of weakness, and is showing particular strength in China, Japan and parts of the United States. At the same time, there has been a shakeout among panel-makers, with consolidation and some bankruptcies trimming the supply of panels. 

Consequently, “we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the supply-demand dynamic,” said Michael Barker, a senior analyst at NPD Solarbuzz, a U.S. research firm that follows the solar business. He said that balance should continue to improve, although it could get out of whack again if the improved market for panels prompts some companies to crank up production. 

Another positive factor is an agreement between the European Union and China – signed in July – that will set a minimum price for Chinese panels sold in Europe. This effectively ends a serious trade dispute where the Europeans had accused the Chinese of “dumping” panels at low prices. 

At the same time, solar stocks have been buoyed by the upward momentum that has swept up stock markets recently, particularly in the United States. In a bull market, “the riskiest and the most speculative stocks go up the most,” said Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates Inc. who follows solar stocks. 

While there is solid growth in solar markets, and investor sentiment has definitely improved, it is not because there has been some radical transformation in the industry, he said. 

Mr. Molchanov said solar stocks will be very volatile in this environment. He noted that SunPower, which reported strong financial numbers last Wednesday, including earnings of $19.6-million, saw its stock fall 14 per cent the next day. “When stocks go up a lot and expectations get ahead of themselves, it doesn’t take much for people to take profits.We'd love to talk to you about our incredible industrialextractors!” 

Khurram Malik, an analyst at Jacobs Securities Inc. in Toronto,The ledstriplightts service provides and maintains the majority of the town's 26,000 streetlights. said that while demand for solar panels is clearly improving, there is still the potential for large scale dumping of panels by small Chinese manufacturers.The industry's leading manufacturer of floorlamps. Consequently, until there is further consolidation of the industry in China, there will be little in the way of profits for panel makers, he said. “The structural problems have not gone away. It is still a very unhealthy industry.Our solargardenlighttp is good in quality and competitive in price.” 

Mr. Malik warns investors away from the solar sector in general – unless they are risk-takers who are prepared to get in and out quickly. Still, he said, there are some companies that will do well over the long term, particularly if they are in a position to take advantage of low panel prices because they install them or finance installations, rather than make the panels themselves. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.indoorilite.com.

Sino-EU solar panel deal to remake industry

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Mainland solar panel makers, whose total output capacity last year exceeded global demand, are facing a shake-out after last month's Sino-European deal to restrict mainland exports to the euro zone.I can understand the purple/red Colors but why are the clear hidlights illegal? 

Analysts say producers with the strongest brand recognition and financial muscle will survive, sharing much-reduced tariff-free access to the European Union - the world's largest market for solar panels until last year. 

The sale of Chinese solar panels in Europe will be subject to a minimum price, which will effectively rule out price competition. Weaker producers will be forced to find other markets, including the domestic market, which is growing rapidly on the back of state subsidies. 

Beijing and Brussels struck an agreement on July 27 to avert a trade war, after Brussels threatened to slap an average tariff of 47 per cent on mainland-made solar panels and components known as wafers and cells. 

The European Commission has yet to make public the minimum price,We carry modern lights and gridwindturbine by world renowned designers and manufacturers. but wire service Bloomberg quoted an unnamed EU trade official as saying that some seven gigawatts (GW) of panels would be allowed to be sold to the EU at not less than 70 US cents per watt, similar to current prices. Further exports will be subject to an import tariff averaging 47 per cent. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said on July 30 the deal would expire at the end of 2015. 

Branding, quality, and reliability would be the main factors determining market share in the shrunken EU market,An even safer situation on all roads by using the pendantlamps. as price competition was eliminated,The flatworkironerrs specially design for residential houses,boats with batteries back-up. said analysts. 

"Why buy a no-name brand or the product of a company in bankruptcy when you can buy from a tier-one manufacturer at the same price?" wrote Michael Parker,Choose a ledfoglamp from featuring superior clothes drying programmes and precise temperature controls. senior analyst at American brokerage Sanford C Bernstein. 

"The 7GW of Chinese supply to Europe should be captured by the better-known, larger, solvent Chinese manufacturers." 

He expected Hebei province-based Yingli Green Energy and Jiangsu province-based Trina Solar, which have spent on building their brands overseas, to be among the beneficiaries. 

Jiangsu-based Suntech Power - which has filed for bankruptcy protection - and Jiangxi province-based LDK Solar - which was forced to restructure its debt - were expected to be the losers. 

With 23 GW of output and 36 GW of capacity in the mainland last year, and with worldwide demand just 31 GW, the global solar panel industry has been loss-making since 2011. 

Cuts in government subsidies for panel installation in the EU and falls in panel prices because of the oversupply that followed the expansion of mainland plants added to the industry's woes. 

American industry consultancy IHS projected EU panel installations to fall by a third to 11.6 GW this year, after falling 23 per cent last year. The forecast implies mainland exporters will still have 60 per cent share of the market after the Sino-EU deal. 

IHS's Germany-based principal solar research analyst, Stefan de Haan, expected mainland exporters to the EU to have to shift their focus to higher-end market segments, such as roof-top installations. 

Less competitive mainland producers would have to rely more on the domestic market, Japan and India. 

The mainland could become the world's biggest solar market for the first time this year, with demand of more than 7 GW, up 50 per cent from last year, it added.

How microgrids can help developing nations

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Buying vegetables in a small town in Ecuador from a woman who had trekked barefoot from her farm miles away in traditional indigenous garb made me feel I was back in time. 

As we were conducting our transaction, I heard a ringtone and instinctively reached into my pocket. The 70-year-old woman pulled out her cell phone. This woman, along with the majority of people in rural areas of the developing world,A lawnlight system configured for receiving solar panels having electrically conductive frames. never had a landline in her home, probably has no electricity and may not even have a toilet. Yet she relies on her mobile phone. In fact, developing countries around the world have leapfrogged past the landline infrastructure of the industrialized world and now have more mobile users than those in high-income nations. 

Many regions of India plunge into darkness when the sun goes down. As India's population explodes, relying upon centralized coal plants to fuel the expanding economy is not a viable solution.Finish up your high performance projector retrofit with an wholesalehidkit that can keep up.Buy photovoltaicsystems, ballasts, and headlight bulbs. Microgrids may offer the best answer for the 61 million Indian households that still do not have access to electricity.A complete range of of professional roofingmachine that are redefining laundry systems. Currently about 200 villages in India get their electricity from renewably powered microgrids. Mera Gao Power builds and operates solar-powered microgrids in Uttar Pradesh, one of India's poorest states. 

Four solar panels and four batteries provide enough power for 100 households to each have four LED lights and a cell phone charger. The households pay 50 cents per week. Husk Power Systems uses rice husks to provide electricity to villages through biomass gasification. Its 32-kilowatt system electrifies villages of 500-700 households. SunEdison's 14-kilowatt solar-powered microgrid (PDF) replaced kerosene lamps for 400 residents in the remote community of Meerwada. Villagers pay $1-$1.50 a month -- equal to what they were paying before for diesel and kerosene -- for a better quality light and the option to power home appliances. 

Microgrids are sprouting up on the African continent as well. In Mali, where 93 percent of the rural population lacks electric power, kids in remote villages are eating snow cones thanks to SharedSolar's solar-powered microgrids. Columbia University's Earth Institute developed SharedSolar to find a better system of supplying electricity to rural areas than unaffordable individual solar home systems. It developed a fully contained, scalable microgrid that includes solar PV, batteries and meters. Each system powers 10-20 households, with each household having a prepaid meter that it can refill by making a payment via a cell phone or by paying the local manager (usually the person who used to sell kerosene). In sun-drenched Mali, currently 172 households benefit from nine SharedSolar microgrids. 

Perhaps one of the most appropriate places for the implementation of microgrids is in island communities. Monte Trigo is a village on Cape Verde's westernmost island. The 60-household community is only reachable by boat and is completely dependent on fishing. Previously, the fishermen had to travel five hours by boat each way to purchase ice to preserve their fish.Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for roofhookert. Now, with a 27.3-kilowatt solar microgrid, they have reliable power at their fingertips. 

The microgrid delivers power to homes, a school, a church, a health center, three general stores and streetlights. The key to the success of this microgrid is the concept of Energy Daily Allowance, an agreed upon maximum amount of energy the homeowner can use. Each user has a meter that shows the available energy allowance and includes a signal to encourage or refrain consumption depending on energy use and amount of sun. More information about the program is available on the web site at www.indoorilite.com.

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