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Indispensable Paper Cutting Machine

Posted on 24/10/2017 at 01:58

Paper Cutting Machine

Now the use of all walks of life in the paper cutting machine is very common, the paper cutting machine in the paper, cigarettes, tape, paper products in the field of deep processing, with the existence of paper cutting machine, So that the daily necessities of our daily necessities are readily available. However,What is the prospect of this paper machine?I believe many people want to know?


The development of high-grade paper cutting machine has become a paper machine manufacturers consensus.To stand firm in the market,And then squeeze market share, relying solely on the price advantage is not enough,We must also continue to study new technical solutionsIn the function and performance to expand the strength, improve stability and reliability,In the after-sales service efforts.It is particularly important to pay attention to the paper machinery production line direction,Can study the production of complete supporting machinery.

At present, the international market,Program-controlled paper Slitter market share is gradually increased,But the total size of the general cutters far more than programmable cutter,take up larger market space,In particular, paper mechanical paper cutting machine there is a certain export space.So To further improve the performance of such products, quality, stability and after-sales,Is the development of today's market can not be ignored.

Automatic Blasting Rust Removal Machine for Steel Profile

Posted on 12/10/2017 at 03:53

Rust removal Machine for steel profile also known as steel profile shot blasting machine or roller conveyor shot blasting machine is with better rust removal effect, energy saving, environmental protection as well as reducing the labor intensity of workers. Generally speaking, the steel profile rust removal machine could be used for H beam, screw steel, round steel, square steel and steel pipe as surface cleaning.

Here the professional steel profile shot blasting machine manufacturer-Jiangsu Longcheng Casting Machinery will explain the work principle of automatic rust removal machine to you. If you have any question or need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (kelly@abratorcn.com), and we will provide the shot blasting or sand blasting technical parameters to you for free.

The work piece like the steel plate or the steel profile is put on the roller. The feeding roller will transport the work piece forward, and when the work piece is transported into the cleaning chamber of the steel profile shot blasting machine, the machine will begin to work. After shot blasting, the surface oxide, dirt and other attachments on the surface of the work piece will be cleaned up, and the treated surface can be up to Sa20-2.5. The working mode of steel profile shot blasting machine is continuous, and when the shot blasting time meets the requirement that is set before, the shot blasting machine will stop work automatically.

The pellet of the shot blasting device is collected and processed through the circulation processing system, and is continued to be used for the shot blasting machine. The working mode of the circulatory system is that the scattered projectile is transmitted to the bucket elevator through the lower longitudinal screw conveyor and the slope. The bucket elevator is used to lift the pellet material and the sundries to the upper part of the cleaning chamber, and is conveyed to the high efficiency BE separator by the upper transverse spiral conveyer. After BE separator treatment, the dust and sundries are separated from the good material, and the good material is stored in the storage hopper for the use of the shot blasting machine.

In order to deal with the large amount of dust produced by shot blasting rust removal, the machine is equipped with a new type of high efficiency pulse cleaning cartridge filter. The cartridge filter has the advantages of small volume, high dust removal efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, and the air after purification is much lower than that of the same industry.

If your steel profile shot blasting machine is broken, and do not know where to buy the spare parts, you can consult us;

If your product needs to be dealt with, and do not know which shot blasting machine is suitable, you can consult us;

If the Shot Blasting Machine is out of order and cannot be processed, then you can consult us.

Any problem could contact us. Our email is kelly@abratorcn.com. Looking forward to your contacting.

Discussion on high speed cutting technology in non-standard parts processing

Posted on 10/10/2017 at 11:16

Discussion on high speed cutting technology in non-standard parts processing


In non-standard parts processing, high-speed cnc machining not only can greatly shorten the processing time, improve processing efficiency, reduce processing costs, and can make parts with better looking and more accuracy. High-speed cnc machining has the following main features:

(1) Reduced thermal deformation of the parts. In High-Speed CNC Machining, since the material are cut off in a very short time, most of the cutting heat is taken away by the scraps, so the temperature of the part is not high, not only reduced the possibility of heat deformation, but also avoided stress crack, thermal crack and other surface defects.


(2) Be beneficial to ensure the size, shape and position accuracy of the OEM Milling parts. In the high-speed cnc machining, due to the softening of the cutting layer of the material, the unit cutting force reduced, it’s much benefit to process the deformation for thin wall and poor rigidity parts.


(3) Achieved better processing surface quality. High-speed cnc machining can reduce the depth of the surface hardening layer, reduce the residual stress and microstructure’s thermal damage of the surface layer, thereby reducing possibility changes of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the surface layer, ensuring the inherent quality of the finished surface and the usability of parts.

(4) Reduced vibration of process system. In ultra-high-speed machining, the spindle speed is very high, the excitation frequency away from the natural frequency of the machine, thus reducing the process system vibration, improve the processing quality.

(5) Significantly improve the material removal rate. While increasing the cutting speed can increase the feed rate, thereby significantly improving the material removal rate. For example, ultra-high-speed milling, when maintaining the same cutting thickness (feed engagement and cutting depth of the same), the feed rate than conventional milling can be increased 5 to 10 times, so as to achieve a high material removal rate.

High-speed milling has been widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry and mold manufacturing industry, processing aluminum, magnesium and other light metal alloys, steel and cast iron. Such as automobile engine cylinder, cylinder head, reducer shell, the aircraft's overall aluminum thin-walled parts, hardened die steel and nickel-based alloys, titanium and other difficult processing materials. The strategy to improve the material removal rate has been shifted from strong with slow to light with fast, the machine changed from the strong type (to improve the mechanical characteristics of parameters) to high-speed type (to improve the speed characteristics of parameters).

cnc machining part with assembly

BMS Attend The Philconstruct 2017 Exhibition In Manila

Posted on 10/10/2017 at 04:17

BMS Attend The Philconstruct 2017 Exhibition In Manila

As one of the leading Roll Forming Machine manufacturer in china, we were invited to take part in the biggest and grand influence exhibition in Philippines-- Philconstruct 2017. (SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines)

It is an international exhibition for Construction Equipment, Building Materials, Interior & Exterior Products Exhibition and Technology. The show will attract more and more visitors as well as exhibitors to participate and direct connect and interact with each other on the most recent market innovations and lucrative business opportunities in the respective sectors.

My booth number is SMX291.

The detail address: SMX Convention Center Seashell Ln Pasay 1300 Metro Manila.

Times: 15-16-17-18-19 March 2017

Take advantages of the following products to help to earn a more grand future:

▲ Automatic C&C/Z purlin machine.

▲Trapezoidal & Corrugated roofing & Wall Panel RollForming Machine.

▲Floor decking machine.

▲And other all kinds of roll forming machine.

Visit us at our booth SMX291 and be one of our satisfied customers and a special gift waiting for you.

See you there!

Dino (Sales Manager)








What is the datum for cnc machining parts?

Posted on 11/9/2017 at 09:59

What is the datum for cnc machining parts?

CNC Machining Parts are used to determine the location of  others points, lines and planes, base on the point, line and plane is called the datum. So how to determine the datum for cnc machining?

Below drawing shows the example of confirmed datum of cnc part for your reference :


1, design datum of cnc machining parts

In the drawing of cnc machining parts, the datum used to determine the position of the other points, lines and planes, known as the design datum.

2, technology datum of cnc machining parts

The datum used in the processing, inspection and assembly of machined parts are technology datum. The technology datum is divided into datum reference, measuring datum and assembly datum.

(1) datum reference

The datum used to determine the correct position of the parts relative to the machine tool is called the datum reference.

(2) measuring datum

The datum for verifying the machined surface size and position is called measuring datum.

(3) assembly datum

The datum used to assure the position of parts in machine when assembling. For example, axle journal of shaft, inner hole of gear and bottom of box and so on often used as assembly datum.

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The 6 features of rapid prototyping technology

Posted on 7/9/2017 at 11:23

The Rapid Prototyping technology mainly includes CAD, CAM, laser technology, CNC technology, chemical industry, material engineering and many other technologies. To a certain extent, it solves a series manufacturing problems of traditional processing. The basic working principle of rapid prototyping technology: With the existing mainstream 3D design software to establish a 3D model and then through CAD to export a corresponding file format into the machine, from point to point, cover to cover to build three-dimensional accumulation. When the parts are completed, it will meet the corresponding standards in performance, appearance, size after the necessary treatment.


The main features of rapid prototyping technology:

1.The fast speed:

The rapid prototyping technology is an effective way of solving complex prototypes or parts manufacturing. The company can design the product and make the Injection Molding at the same time, it helps to improve the R&D efficiency, shorten the product design cycle and greatly reduce the cost of risk for new product development.


2. Integration of CAD / CAM technology

The design and manufacturing integration has been difficult in mold processing. Because computer-aided technology (CAPP) can’t  seamlessly integrate into CAD/CAM at  this stage, that is also one of the difficulties in restricting of manufacturing information. However, the rapid prototoyping technology integrate CAD, CAM, laser technology,numberical control technology, chemical, material engineer and many other technologies to make the product processing more perfect.


3. Completely rebuild three-dimensional data

It can be real rebuilding of 3D modeling through rapid prototyping technology. Whether the appearance of irregular surfaces or shaped hole in internal cavity, It can be accurated to complete the shape and basically do not need to use other equipment to repair.


4. Many kinds of materials

So far, there are so many kinds of materials used in rapid prototyping and basically meet the mechanical performance requirements of majority of products.


5. Creates significant economic benefits

Compared with traditional machining methods, the rapid prototyping technology shortens the development cycle, avoids the repeatedly modified problem and solve the problem of mold modification to creat more economice benefits.


6.Widely used in different industries

With the development of rapid prototyping technology,it has basically formed a set of technical system. At the same time, its applicable industry also gradually expanded, from product design to Mold Design And Manufacturing, material engineering, medical research, culture and art, construction, and so on are gradually used the rapid prototyping technology.


All of these factors makes the Rapid Prototyping technology a good prospect.

A brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of SLA rapid prototyping

Posted on 9/8/2017 at 02:21

In the field of CNC Aluminum Rapid Prototype, the SLA technology is always in the leading position. Now, let’s learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the SLA rapid prototyping technology.


The disadvantages of the SLA Metal Rapid Prototyping technology :


1, It requires a special laboratory environment and finishing treatment for molded parts, such as secondary curing, moisture proof, etc.

2, Poor dimensional stability. The resin will absorb the moisture in the air over time that resulting deformation of thin part, which will greatly affect the size accuracy.

3, High cost. The helium-cadminum laser tube life is only 3000 hours and the price is really expensive. Because it will take long time to scan curing the entire cross-section, so the production cost is relatively high.

4, Limitation for material choice. It only can use photosensitive resin, but this kind of material can’t be tested for durability and thermal performance in most situation. Furthermore, the photosensitive resin will pollute the environment and make the skin allergy.

5, It’s necessary to design the support structure for the product to ensure that each structural part can be reliably positioned during molding process. However, the support structure needs to be removed when not fully cured and it’s easy to damage the molded parts.


The advantage of the SLA rapid prototyping technology:


1, The surface quality is better.

2, It has a high precision with the tolerance about 0.1mm

3, It has a higher resolution system that can build complex artifacts.

4,The system is stable. Once the system begins to work, the whole process of building parts is fully automated and doesn’t require any special care until the entire process is completed.

Brief information about injection mold

Posted on 1/8/2017 at 11:20

1, The definition of injection mold

Injection mold is a tool for the production of plastic products; It’s also a tool that give the plastic product the full structure and precise size. The plastic products with complex shape, high precision size or insert part can be molded. For Plastic Injection Molding, the steel molds and injection molding machines have a great impact on the quality of the molding. It can even be said that the steel mold play an important role than injection molding machines. It’s difficult to get an excellent molded parts if not fully understand mold during injection.


2.The structure of injection mold

The structure of the LED Cover Injection Mold is determined by the type of the injection molding machine and the structural characteristics of the injection molded parts.


Each mold are made up of core and cavity. The Consumer Electronics Injection Mold is composed of two parts: cavity and core. The core is installed on the moving plate of the injection molding machine and the cavity is installed on the fixed plate of the injection molding machine. During injection molding, the core and cavity are closed to form the pouring system and we can get the plastic product after the core and cavity separated.


We can divide the mold into the following parts according to the role of different parts:

Forming parts

Gating system

Guide fitting

Demoulding mechanism

Mold temperature adjustment system

Exhaust system

Other structural parts


In a word, it is very important to fully understand the mold structure and its working principle. And Rex has a specialized team that with more 20 experienced tooling technician and mold designer, we can provide you the best Design Optimization before production to save your cost. So contact Rex now to let your product to occupy the market soon.

3D Printing is difficult to popularize? Analyzing the 4 factors that hinder its development

Posted on 27/7/2017 at 10:56

Rely on today's developed network of propaganda, 3D Printing Technology become more and more famous in recent years.  Although there are a lot of online branded stores of 3D printers selling and 3D printing experience shops, most of them looks bleak. There is still a great distance from the widely used of 3D printer. Analysis from the market, there may be the following 4 factors that hinder its development.


Firstly: Money.

3D printing materials are still relatively expensive, so the price of 3D Printing Plastic Parts is still high. Now 3D printer mainly use FDM technology as principle and use ABS or PLA as material, which is known as engineering plastics. For most consumers, the price of started 3D printer equipment will be a bit high. Even if they are interesting in 3D printer, they will not buy it. And for more mature 3D printer, the price will be ridiculously high for ordinary consumers, generally be 20000-40000RMB.


Secondly: Low printing speed.

Now the 3D printing has the problems of low speed and time consuming. But people lack of patience, they can’t wait for a long time to print out a model, so it is easy to make the customers losing their patience and give up the desire to buy it.


Thirdly: The limitation of print material.

At present, based on hot melt technology of Plastic 3D Printing Prototyping, that is, FDM technology, supplies with ABS and PLA material, although there have been printed chocolate, printed cake and even launched printed "fruit" machine, the technology is not yet mature and can’t get the trust of the users.

Fourthly: Desktop mini 3D printer.

While large 3D printer looks particularly upscale, but it’s only suitable for industrial areas. It can’t apply to home users. The current 3D printing equipment is too large, coupled with the desktop 3D printer technology is not yet mature, it can’t meet the basic needs of customers. Only introducing the matured desktop 3D printer can gradually open the 3D printer market and lead people into the 3D printing era.


But in recent years, with the development of 3D printing, Rex with the capacity of quick print speed, top quality become the best choice for customers.

How To Buy Sanitary Napkins

Posted on 29/6/2017 at 08:28

1, choose a quality assurance of Sanitary Napkins. Substandard products will have quality problems, the most common is the excessive micro-organisms, additives exceeded, the absorption of less than, hot and airtight. Micro-organisms will increase the incidence of gynecological inflammation; excessive additives will lead to skin allergies, increased inflammation; absorption can not reach, will increase the proliferation of bacteria, increased genital eczema, swelling and so on.
2, what things have shelf life, Sanitary Napkins are no exception. So this is also the need to pay attention to the point of purchase.
3, choose a small package or a separate packaging of sanitary napkins. So go out shopping, to choose with that is convenient and safe.
4, we all know that in the wet, hot environment is not only uncomfortable, but also easy to breed bacteria, causing gynecological inflammation. So we have to choose: good permeability and good absorption of sanitary napkins.

5, rough surface will make the skin uncomfortable, often walking will cause skin damage, so to choose delicate, soft surface sanitary napkins.

Sanitary Napkins Machine

Diaper Development History

Posted on 19/6/2017 at 08:55

Diaper Development History

At the beginning of the birth of mankind, there is the use of "diaper" concept. At that time the baby is "pure natural material" made of "diaper", such as with a plant leaves, animal skin or stacked good weeds and moss. In cold places, in order to keep warm, babies are often wrapped in blankets, and these blankets are the original "diaper". In some tropical areas, people rarely use "diaper". Mothers will predict the baby's excretion time, and then hold the baby to the outside to facilitate, to avoid dirty residence.

It was until the middle of the nineteenth century that the original diaper was born with the mass production of inexpensive cotton fabrics. Rectangular or square of the diaper is folded or tied to the baby's underwear or underwear, used to pocket the toilet. And smart mothers in order to better protect the baby, inside the diaper and added a lot of interesting elements. Such as natural water-absorbing moss and peat! Or put two or more diaper together to prevent leakage of urine

Now we see the prototype of disposable diapers, appeared in 1930-1950 in Europe and North America, dating back five or six years time. And many of the world's major improvements in people's lives, like the famous invention, the birth of diapers and the Second World War is closely related. In order to solve the problem of cotton shortage during World War II, the Germans invented a use of wood pulp made of tissue paper, this paper is very soft texture, and a strong water absorption. Later, a Swedish company continued to develop, cut the paper into a special shape, one by one folded in the gauze or mesh knitted fabric, and then placed in the baby's underwear. Soon, this new type of disposable diapers in the major hospitals, shops began to sell, but the cost is high, then the price is very expensive!

Later, a mother in the United States that although this disposable diaper is very easy to use, but can not solve the problem of urine penetration, so she thought in the diaper or disposable diaper below can be added a waterproof layer, and applied for a patent, The achievements of another revolutionary great progress.

After years of painstaking research and development, the second half of the 20th century, more and more manufacturers joined the diaper R & D tide, launched a triangular design, a good fit baby's body, new absorbent material and sticky Type of buckle, with tailoring and easy to fix the advantages of fixed. However, this is still not perfect product, manufacturers are still trying to make diaper with more and more features.

To the 21st century, the function of diaper into explosive growth, dazzling, such as baby diaper, Adult Diaper, medical diaper and so on.

This article from HI-CREATE Machine Co., Ltd. official website blog, for reprint please specify


Zhejiang TIANTAI Foot Baths fire, lijiang Citys boy(Yonglao Mao) with his bare hands to save 6 life

Posted on 13/6/2017 at 08:52


On the evening of February 5, Zhejiang TIANTAI Foot Bath has had fire, killed 18 people, 18 people were injured, including one serious injury. In the fire, there was a Lijiang’s boy in a crisis, rescued six fresh life in danger, or may be even more serious consequences. The thing back to lijiang,netizens to forward in weibo friends circle, all for the small thumb up.

Incredible Experience life and death,work in less than 10 days

Yonglao Mao, The after 90’s foot bath division from Lijiang,on 27 January day, the recommendation of the person of hometown just came to jasmine hall work in NEW YEAR’S EVE, his wife and younger sister also work here, there are a lot of Lijiang's hometown.

This is the first time Mr.Mao celebrate the Spring Festival in zhejiang. Let he didn't expect that to work is less than 10 days, have the more profound experience. When the fire broke out, Mr.Mao in the foot bath lounge, is not on duty.

At that time, Mr.Mao’s sister first discovered the fire when she heard a noise outside, and called the people to rest up and call everyone run.

"I heard someone shouting on fire, and the corridor is all messed up!"Is on the second floor Yonglao Mao to relax and open the door of that a moment, and even despair, smoke billowed from the stairs to the downstairs; In the hallway, surrounding the panic of the crowd.

Although nothing to think of time, that moment, survival instinct make once learned knowledge of fire in Yonglao Mao’s mind: in order to avoid the smoke harm, he picked up his wife's comfortable sweater, throwing into wet wash feet of the water barrel, do cover nose and mouth, looking for the way of escape.

Calm rescue Breaking Windows Let everyone went to the window"

It is not possible by go down stairs, only jump." Yonglao Mao has determined. The kitchen not far from the lounge, has quite a few people choose jump out of the window to escape. Yonglao Mao see window still escape of people crowded waiting for jumping, immediately stepped forward and smashed the window with his bare hands to the glass.

Then he drew back from the window and continues to look for his wife. At this point, the room, corridor has been shrouded in smoke, and panic in fundamental can't tell who is who. Smoke, within view of the kitchen and lounge let groping forward Mao walk very difficult. Despite have the protection of the wet sweater, but also more and more difficult to breathe.

"I was also afraid to run out, thinking about is how to pull the people out."Mao memories, the people he met was put in the hallway to the next to the window of the kitchen, let them jumping to escape. He did not know that he is who.

After out off six people, he then toward the house shouting a few times: "anymore?"Did not get a response, and then he did jump off to escape. After escape, he knew that his out of six people, with his wife and young sister. Mao’s sister is afterwards just know, is a brother-in-law back yourself.

"I just want to save more, far from what brave." Recalled the emergency situation, when the surrounding is mostly women, he is a man, stand up for granted, Mao said.


The end, hope everybody many study fire control knowledge

Recommend a fire-fighting equipment company:

Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.


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What are the Difference of Single and Double Jacket Fire Hose

Posted on 9/6/2017 at 07:57

About single and Double Jacket Fire Hose, there are a lot of differences, let us introduce for your guys.

As we known, the basic difference is its number of polyester jackets, so what’s the difference between them? Knowing the distinction is essential to determining what is best for your project and application.

If you have no idea about how to buy hoses, it may surprise you to learn that although there are attributes that set these hoses apart, their construction is quite similar. The best place to start is with the basics!


What are materials of single and double jacket hoses?

Both single and double jacket hoses are made up of two components: the inner lining and the outer jacket(s). The lining in a modern Fire Hose is a single ply of EPDM rubber. The characteristics of EPDM rubber are its durability and resistance to chemicals. The rubber lining itself, although designed with a tensile strength of 1800 PSI, will not hold fluid pressure. Without a jacket, the tube itself would essentially blow up like a balloon and burst!

Fire Hose


The woven jacket consists of ring spun polyester yarns that are engineered to resist abrasion, mold, and mildew. The jackets are woven on large circular looms specific to the size of the fire hose they will ultimately become. The jacket gives the hose its strength and pressure rating. While the majority of jacketed hose is white, there are a variety of colors available. To achieve coloration, the jacket is impregnated with a dye, also known as hypalon coating.


How to make two pipes together ?

The linings are inserted and pulled through the jackets and subjected to a steam vulcanizing process that bond the jacket to the lining. Single jacket fire hose is burst tested to 900 PSI. In order to meet NFPA requirements, single jacket hose must be service tested annually to 300 PSI.

Double jacket hose has an extra layer of woven fabric that boasts a higher wear ability in comparison to the single jacket hose. It has an impressive burst test of 1,200 PSI and a 400 PSI service test. Although the double jacket hose is more costly than the single jacket, it posses a service life that is double that of its single jacket counterpart, living up to its name in more than one way!


What are usage for single jacket hoses as well as double jacket?

usage for single and double jacket hoses

A rack assembly. This hose has a single jacket construction.

Rack and Reel fire hose is technically a single jacket hose and is manufactured to meet a specific application. Hospitals, airports, hotels, and other municipal or public buildings typically have these hoses prefolded in a pin rack or cabinet for fire emergencies. After use, a fire hose is usually hung to dry, because standing water that remains in a hose for a long time can deteriorate the material and render it unreliable or unusable. Therefore, the typical fire station often has a high structure to accommodate the length of a hose for such preventative maintenance.

There are several types of hose designed specifically for the fire service. Those designed to operate under positive pressure are called discharge hoses. They include attack hose, supply hose, relay hose, forestry hose, and booster hose. Those designed to operate under negative pressure are called suction hoses.

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The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Parking Inside the scrapped car get fire

Posted on 7/6/2017 at 01:43

The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Haiyu midline Hainan Industrial Recycling Vehicle Recycling Co., Ltd. Parking Inside the scrapped car get fire.



At 20:35pm on February 28,2017, Haikou city Public Security Fire Brigade 119 command center received a mass alarm:The location in Haikou City Xiuying District Haiyu midline Hainan Industrial Recycling Vehicle Recycling Co., Ltd. Parking Inside the scrapped car get fire. After receiving the alarm, Haikou fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene quickly to fight a fire, the relevant functional departments also rushed to the scene, they evacuated the surrounding people immediately and to assist the fire officers and soldiers to attack a fire together.





It is understood that the scene is Hainan Societe Generale renewable resources car recycling Co., Ltd. parking lot in the open field car parking got fire,the fire area is about 1,000 square meters, no casualties. After two hours of fighting, the fire has been effectively controlled. The cause of the fire is investigating.




So when on fire,how we can do ?First,we must have some tools.Fire hose,fire nozzle to transport water.Yes,you need us.We are the largest fire hose manufacturer in China.We have good quality with competitive price.Welcome to contact me ,I am Jenny from Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd.Our company set up in 1993,so we had specialized in producing fire hose more than 20years.Our main products are fire hose,fire coupling,fire nozzle,fire hydrant and so on. My email is sanxingfirefight@hotmail.com. Welcome to contact me if you need fire equipment. Thanks.



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The importance of the mold trial in injection mold making

Posted on 2/6/2017 at 10:33

Kitchen sink grinder shell

Usually, when the Injection Mold finished, it requires a mold trial to test its design. But what’s for of the trial? The trial targets are showing in below:


1. Verify the tooling structure is reasonable or scientific, the manufacturing quality in the making processing and the feasibility of the Injection Molding.

2. Find out the potential issues of the mold structure and mold manufacturing, such as injection balance, plastic part released status, cooling efficiency, venting efficiency, complexity in molding, quality situation and labors required etc., and propose some solutions for it.

3. Confirm a reasonable molding parameters and the quality samples that customer can accept. Ensure to product smoothly in the mass production.

4. Reducing the consumable and defective product in the ABS Injection Molding Parts, enhance the product efficiency and reduce the labors in the molding position.

In a word, the purpose of the mold trial is to find out the optimal process parameters and mold design. In this way, even things such as material, machine settings or environmental changes can still ensure a stable and continuous mass production environment. It is not just to get a good sample but to achieve a multiplier effect to meet the top quality requirement of Plastic Housing Injection Molding mass production.

Fire Fighting - Who is Responsible?

Posted on 2/6/2017 at 09:53

Fighting a Fire – Where does the responsibility fall?

The requirement to provide adequate firefighting equipment in buildings is a long standing obligation under fire safety legislation. where necessary:

a) The premises are, to the extent that is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire- fighting equipment;

b) Any non- automatic fire- fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple to use and their location indicated by signs.



The use of this equipment has not been very clear, the person responsible for sure more controversial. Usually, many firefighters advice, if there is a fire, residents should evacuate premises and leave the fire fighting to the professionals. So obvious contradiction, if the building is not expected to put out the fire, why there are requirements for building a fire extinguisher, hose and other combat gear.

To find high quality fire extinguishers, hose reels and more, please visit: www.sxfire.com

Fire Accessories,Fire Coupling,Fire Nozzle



Certainly the equipment is not provided for use by the fire and rescue service as they do not use firefighting equipment other than their own. Government guidance on the issue has always been ambivalent. For example, guidance in support of the Fire Precautions Act concentrated on the provision of equipment, rather than arrangements for its use, although it was recommended that staff required training in location and use of fire extinguishers.


Much of the uncertainty has now been eliminated since, within the new fire safety order, there is the requirement to, where necessary, “take measures for firefighting and nominate competent persons to implement those measures”, ensuring the number of such persons, their training and the equipment available to them are adequate “, taking into account the size of the specific hazards involved in the premises concerned -determined by means of a fire risk assessment.


Although this requirement is imposed “where necessary”, in practice there is an expectation that at least a proportion of staff should be trained in the use of fire extinguishers so they are able to tackle a small fire. Government guidance on the fire safety order reinforces this. For example, the guides advise that fire- fighting equipment can reduce the risk of a small fire developing into a large one; they advise that the safe use of an appropriate extinguisher to control a fire its early stages can also significantly reduce the risk to other people on the premises by allowing people additional time to assist others who are at risk.


Employers are advised that all staff should be familiar with the location and basic operating procedures for the equipment provided.


This is sensible, as it is unrealistic to expect all occupants to leave a small fire to grow whilst waiting for attendance of the fire and rescue service. Moreover, the benefits of fire extinguisher appliances are not necessarily reflected in the published statistic’s regarding fires to which the fire and rescue service were summoned. Trade surveys have indicated that 75%-80% of fires on which extinguishers and/or fire blankets were used were not even reported to the fire and rescue service, but were extinguished by occupants. A number of those reported to the fire and rescue service were also extinguisher before the arrival of the fire and rescue service.


Nomination of staff to use fire extinguishers should be considered in every fire risk assessment. While not all staff need be nominated it is unlikely that, other than in the case of very small, low risk premises, a fire risk assessment will validly conclude that no staff should ever use a fire extinguisher. Equally an instruction that anyone discovering a fire should tackle the fire with a fire extinguisher appliance if safe to do so, satisfies the legal requirement, provided staff are suitably instructed in the use of the appliances. All staff are effectively then “nominated” as the persons to use the fire extinguishing appliances.



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Fire No Accident

Posted on 27/5/2017 at 10:42


We all should know large construction site fires have been gaining attention in the media,Fires can lead to huge losses of property,With great risk,it’s essential that fire safety policies and procedures be in place at all construction sites.


In cooperation with FireforceOne, the American Wood Council (AWC) has developed three manuals and a website designed to inform developers, local building departments and fire departments on how to prevent and mitigate fire losses in buildings under construction.

Fire hose,Fire sprinkler,Fire hydrant


Fire coupling,Fire hose reel


The scene of the fire,Fire hose,Fire equipment


The manuals are developed with each of the three audiences in mind:

• Basic Fire Precautions during Construction of Large Buildings – applies to the design and planning stages, as well as the actual construction of buildings.

• Hot Work during Construction of Large Buildings – describes best management practices of hot work, which is likely to mitigate the occurrence of large loss fires more than any other specific topic with buildings under construction.

• Fire Department’s Role in Prevention and Suppression of Fires during Construction of Large Buildings


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Fire hose,Fire coupling,Fire nozzle




More than 1,000 evacuated in New Zealand wildfire

Posted on 16/5/2017 at 02:32

        Aluminum Storz Fire Coupling,Fire equipment


This is happening in New Zealand, a major fire,smoke and fire light up around Worsleys Road on February 15, 2017 in Christchurch, New Zealand. A wind change has caused homes near the Port Hills fires to be evacuated, with firefighters saying the situation is highly volatile. One person has died, and buildings, vehicles and forestry have been destroyed from the Port Hills fires, which have been raging since Monday afternoon.


PVC Lined Fire Hose,Fire equipment


More than 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes and a state of emergency was declared in New Zealand's third largest city of Christchurch on Thursday because a wildfire threatens homes.


The fire in the Port Hills district of the city began earlier this week but spread rapidly overnight to cover more than 1,800 hectares (4,447.9 acres), emergency workers said.


Prime Minister Bill English canceled all his engagements to set off for Christchurch to monitor developments.


"The situation remains very serious," said David Adamson, Christchurch Civil Defence Controller. "Police and the Defence Force have had a huge job overnight with evacuations, the setting-up of cordons around key areas and security patrols of areas that have been evacuated."


Fifteen helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, the maximum number that can safely be in the air at any one time, have been despatched amid forecasts for winds that could fan the flames.


A change in the wind direction is predicted for later in the week that will lower temperatures and humidity and could slow the fire's progress, emergency workers said.


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Fire hose,Fire coupling,Fire nozzle





Posted on 12/5/2017 at 11:03

 1, Open fire cabinet the door, remove the hose and nozzle.

2, Check the hose and fire coupling are in good condition, if there is any breakage is strictly prohibited.

3, To stretch in the direction of fire, avoid the kink.

4, The hose is connected to the hydrant, the hose end connection button will connect correctly inserted into the slot, screw clockwise and tighten up the coupling.

5, And connect the other end hose and nozzle (connector and hose connection is the same).

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6, After the connection, there are at least two people hold water gun, aimed at fire (not to the person, to prevent the high pressure water cuts).

7, Slowly open the fire hydrant valve to maximum, aim at the root of the fire extinguishing.

8, Fire hose and connection, a layer of soft pad must be protected, and then tied with galvanized iron wire or hose hoops.

9, Using fire hose, fire hose in high pressure should be closer from the water pump, water filling after the fire hose should prevent reverse or bent abruptly, and should prevent damage of fire hose interface collision.

10, Fire hose laying. Laid fire hose, to avoid sharp objects and various oil, to the high vertical laid fire hose, to take advantage of fire hose, through traffic main artery laid fire hose, fire hose should be fitted to protect the bridge, by rail, fire hose should be here by orbit, avoid fire hose crushed without water

11, To prevent freezing. Winter season, the water on the fire to be suspended, to prevent fire hose is icy, water pump to slow running, keeping low water yield.

12, Washing the fire hose, fire hose after use, wash clean, fire hose for conveying bubble, must be careful washing, protecting the rubber. In order to clear the oil on the fire hose, can use warm water or soap washing, fire hose for freezing, first of all, the service of the melt, and then clean dry, no dry fire hose is not receivable volume store.

Precautions for using HPLC columns

Posted on 24/3/2017 at 04:48

1. The mobile phase must be filtered with an HPLC grade reagent to remove particulate impurities and other substances (using 0.45um or less).

2. After the mobile phase filter with ultrasonic degassing, until the HPLC columns return to normal temperature then can be used.

3. It cannot use pure acetonitrile as the mobile phase, which will make the one-way valve sticky and lead to pump into the liquid.

4. When using the buffer solution, immediately after washing the sample with deionized water rinse the pipe and column for one hour, then rinse with methanol (or methanol solution) for more than 40 minutes to fully wash the ions. For the outside of the plunger rod, after the sample must also be washed with deionized water more than 20ml.

5. Do not use the instrument for a long time, you should remove the HPLC column with a plug sealed, note that you can not use pure water to keep the column, but should use organic phase (such as methanol, etc.), because pure water easy to mold.

6. After each sample finished, the sampler should be cleaned with the solvent that dissolves the sample.

7.C18 column absolutely can not enter the protein samples, blood samples, biological samples.

8. Pay attention to the pH range of the HPLC column. Do not inject samples of strong acid and alkali, especially alkaline samples.

9.Replace the mobile phase should be the first part of the suction filter into the beaker side of the vibration side of the wash, and then inserted into the new mobile phase. Replace the non-miscible mobile phase with isopropyl alcohol to change.

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