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Colleen's blog

Nicola Benedetti: Tiny Desk Concert

{ 01:09, 15/5/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Watch the young violinist spin out music by John Williams and Bach in sweet and soulful tendrils of sound. Wielding a 1717 Gariel Strad worth $10 million, Benedetti performs with warmth and approachable grace that's simply enchanting.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/event/music/180608832/nicola-benedetti-tiny-desk-concert?ft=1&f=10003

Coaxing The Baby To Sleep: A Violinist's Hand-Picked Lullabies

{ 00:22, 6/5/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Rachel Barton Pine says that while recording an album of music designed to help babies sleep, it helped to keep her own infant daughter in mind.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/05/01/180342863/rachel-barton-pine-s-handpicked-lullabies?ft=1&f=10003

Appreciating A Pillar Of The Chicago Sound: Trumpeter Bud Herseth

{ 07:47, 29/4/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

The legendary musician, widely adored by brass players and fans around the globe, spent 53 years as the principal in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He died Saturday at age 91. Watch some of his performances, including an extraordinary Mahler Fifth Symphony.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/15/177335679/appreciating-a-pillar-of-the-chicago-sound-trumpeter-bud-herseth?ft=1&f=10003

Tokyo String Quartet Bids Boston A Bittersweet Farewell

{ 00:32, 21/4/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

After 43 seasons, the revered ensemble, born in Japan, calls it quits. Here, the players serenade Boston at WGBH, with a concert of music by Haydn, Bartok and Ravel.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/event/music/176802156/tokyo-string-quartet-bids-boston-a-bittersweet-farewell?ft=1&f=10003

Mozart's K. 401

{ 23:51, 3/4/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/03/29/175677496/mozarts-k-401?ft=1&f=10003

The Unannounced Symphony

{ 00:52, 31/3/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/03/22/175031008/the-unannounced-symphony?ft=1&f=10003

The Well-Limbered Clavier

{ 01:09, 18/3/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.
Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/03/08/173804402/the-well-limbered-clavier?ft=1&f=10003

Chopin - Famous Piano Compositions

{ 01:13, 10/3/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Frederic Chopin was born in Warsaw in 1810 to a French father and Polish mother. Chopin was extremely talented and he taught himself to play the piano. Later on, he studied with a pianist named Wojciech Zywny, who also introduced youthful Chopin to Viennese Classicism and the pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach. Chopin studied musical composition in the High School of Music In his hometown of Warsaw.

The video contains one of the famous piano pieces. Other popular pieces are Raindrop Prelude and Chopin Etude opus 10 no 3

In his twenties, he had an internal conflict between his distaste of the provincialism of Poland and his love of this country. He had a profession as a pianist which demanded a tour throughout Europe. Inside he didn't like the public pianist-composer life and the enormous attention it came with. While performing the Chopin Barcarolle opus 60 and Nocturne no 1 Nocturne opus post in Vienna, he found out about an uprising in hometown against the Russian rulers. His pure intuition was to return home, but his good friends convinced him not. His return to Poland was made unattainable after the victory of the Russian rulers.

Chopin moved on to Paris, where he felt an overwhelming feeling of returning home. He was really captivated by this city's cultural variety and in addition there were quite a lot Polish émigrés who had to escape from the rivalry in their home country. In his Paris time, he made many good friends, including Franz Liszt and Hector Berlioz.

Advice for Piano Buyers

{ 19:14, 2/3/2013 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Playing the piano is among the most special things an artist could learn how to manipulate. It really is among the easiest instruments one can ever enjoy. It may mix together with each musical instrument or can stand on its own. Pianos can also be marvelous when performed just by its own. A band can never be complete with out a piano.
So you ask, how can you choose the perfect piano? It just takes choosing the best equipment to fit the job. Here are some offers you can ponder upon.
1. Look at your budget
Over anything else, a person always has to consider the amount of money you have to spend for buying one. A well-crafted piano created by popular brands is way too costly. So you have to be really particular of your selection. If you can stroll around town to canvass to get a cheap but tough piano, that would certainly be best.
2. Brand-new or a used piano?
A piano's life worth can last for a long time, particularly 40-50 years if taken care of well. And also you can not deny the fact that pianos are very durable over periods of time and use. And due to the well-known sturdiness, you know a lifetime investment wouldn't be wasted. If your budget is fixed, find the one which suits the money accessible. If you have settled upon purchasing something which is used, check it to see if it's still in very good functioning condition.
3. Look at the area where you can put your piano
Alright, you now must have this section of your home which can support the size of your piano. You have to be very particular within investing in a piano regarding its inches and width. If you have got a big area within your house, you can think about investing in a grand piano. A spinet is popular because of its humble dimensions. Research on the kinds of piano to figure out which one you are going to purchase.
4. Good quality and Style
A long enduring piano can come in various varieties. When looking for an instrument to play piano scores, you must set your mind that high quality is a crucial factor. Check out the type of wood utilized, style of the cabinet, leg style and the all round effect of the whole thing. Also, you can purchase a piano based on how it enhances on your furniture.
5. Receive an expert's opinion
In case you are new at this, find a person who knows the tidbits of selecting a piano. Pull along somebody that can provide you with tips about how to be aware that you're finding a great deal out of an excellent investment. You ask that individual to go with you into that store where you laid eyes on your particular piano.
6. Ask
You are going to regret the moment you never did. Asking a few legitimate questions related to the piano is acceptable enough to understand exactly where all that cash is going. Inquire about the overall performance, the entire construction as well as the different parts so you would not get lost whenever repairs come. This is what defines the whole purchase.
To be able to ask about the maintenance and also warranty is vital to reduce your costs when dealing with a serious problem regarding your piano. If possible, make them explain how it's all likely to be. The tuning. The defects. Or if delivery's out of the list. Components such as this should never be compromised.

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