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Spread The Positivity

25/6/2011 - Visit our updated site!

You can now visit our new and improved site:


We're still working on it by adding articles, writing, taking
pictures, making short movies and much more. We also started an action
called STPCards. Starting this summer holiday, we'll be spreading
cards with positive sentences like YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU ARE AWESOME
and YOU ARE WONDERFUL, around the world. We will do this by ourself,
and a little help from some friends. We would love it if you'd let us know
if you found one. Right now we made at least 90 of them, all by hand.

On this blog, we'll keep writing challenges. But it won't be on daily base,
maybe not even on weekly base. It's hard to think of new challenges every
day or week and we're very busy. But we'll try! In the main time, if you have an
idea for a challenge, a tip or something else you'd like to share, please contact
us on stpositivity@gmail.com or if that doesn't work, dekaartjesverspreider@gmail.com

We are also thinking of making our own magazine. This will be entirely in dutch, so
only for our dutch followers, I'm sorry. But who knows how far we will go if it's a

We would really appreciate it if you would let us know what you think of this blog,
our website, our ideas, your tips, remarks, experiences or just a story you want
to share. You could also ask for some advice or tips if you would like some.

Have a wonderful day.
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9/6/2011 - General information

We made some advertising films and we want to hear your view on them:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V-EKRi-k5E and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_U5W21Jnp8

Spread The Positivity!
in about two weeks, we will change this site from a daily to a weekly forum. The challenges are only part of our plan to spread the positivity. This blog will be part of a bigger website called Spread the Positivity. Here you'll find tips and information about creating a positive lifestyle, health, happiness, well-being, and more. We're still busy creating this site, so excuses for being not so up-to-date,  but it'll be worth it, we promise!

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9/6/2011 - Challenge #114 - Do something you haven't done for a while

Our examples: take a bath or read a book in bed but it we're sure you can think of something else. After you've done something you haven't done for a while, you'll feel very relieved and glad that you did it. This challenge might have a small explanation but you have to know that you have to do this challenge by your own and then you'll see that things can be very different.

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8/6/2011 - Challenge #113 - Look back at your day tonight

But watch out: only look for the positive things. Things like saying 'Hey' to that handsome boy or pretty girl or maybe things like getting a compliment for something you did. Little things can make your entire day, so why not writing them down, so you can look back at them sometimes? Maybe you've got a good grade. The weather was great. You laughed with your friends. Anything that made you happy or feel good. Write it down!
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7/6/2011 - Challenge #112 - Solve a problem

Solving your, or a, problem will make you feel great. It could be one of your own problems, but it could also be a problem from a friend of yours. So, stand up and solve the problem! It doesn't matter how or what but do it as quickly as you can. We wish you good luck and we hope to hear about your feeling after solving a problem.
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6/6/2011 - Challenge #111 - Find something positive in everything

It doesn't matter what it is but try to see it. In everything is something beautiful and positive. We can't give you any examples because then you look only for them and that's not what we want. We want you to see positive things in everything by yourself. So, good luck and just try it! We hope to hear your experiences, please?
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5/6/2011 - Challenge #110 - Go early to bed

Begin today and not tomorrow. It's good for your health and the most important: YOURSELF because if you go early to bed, you are awake the next day. You get more energy and you can concentrate more in the class, at work or anywhere else. So, look at the clock on time and go early to bed!!!

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4/6/2011 - Challenge #109 - Look up for a positive poem

Did you know that little or big poems can make you happy? Just look for the right one. The most beautiful things can't be expressed by words but you just have to look for them and you'll find some beautiful words (maybe about you?!). An other option is to write your own poem. If you have done that, we like to hear it from you. We've written our own poem for you:

The sun is up
The sky is blue
It's beautiful
And so are you!


Well, good luck, be creative and don't forget to SPREAD THE POSITIVITY!!!

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3/6/2011 - Challenge #108 - Be helpful

Be helpful today is the challenge. To be helpful in the house, work, school or anywhere else you can make someone very happy. If the person you helped is very happy then you will have a good feeling inside. So, go HELP HELP HELP!!! 


Oh, you can also help us by giving some of your ideas???

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2/6/2011 - Challenge #107 - Have some fun

It's important to have some fun time by time. So, call your friends or family or just do it alone. Yes, you can have some fun by yourself. Didn't you know that already? You just can put on some music and sing or you can go painting. It's not important with who you have some fun, the most important thing is to have some FUN! We wish you a very nice day.
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1/6/2011 - Challenge #106 - Don't eat after eight

Did you know that it'is bad to eat heavy things after eight o'clock in the evening? Well, it's true. Your body can't digest your food anymore because he hasn't got enough time to do that; you fall asleep and your body takes some rest. So, it's good for your own healthy (and figure) and good luck!

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31/5/2011 - Challenge #105 - Drink enough

This our challenge for today but don't forget to do your own too! It's important to do your own because than you get the feeling of succeeded in something.


Now our challenge: drink enough. Drinking enough is super important because of your health. Without drinking you get very sick and make sure that you drink at least 1 liter water per day. It's scientifically improved that if you drink at least 1 liter water per day, you will be healthier. So, go drink! Good luck and we hope to see you tomorrow again.

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30/5/2011 - Challenge #104 - Think of a dare for tomorrow

Yes, this is a challenge for tomorrow. But you'll need to prepare yourself for this one. What's bothering you today? What has been bothering you for a long time? Perhaps you don't know how to handle a situation, or you're frustrated because you don't dare something. Tomorrow is your day! No, this isn't one of those storytelling challenges.

Think of dare to yourself. Write it down. Keep it the whole day long. And, most importantly, do it.
Think of how proud you can be of yourself when you did it. Don't make it something way to hard,
but don't let yourself get away with it too easy.

Just do it. It will be worth it. Don't let things slip away because you don't dare something. That would  be a shame, right? Just do it now, before you regret the fact that you didn't do it later.
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29/5/2011 - Challenge #103 - Make a choice

Is there something you're hesitating about? Make a choice. Just think about the pros and cons and follow your heart... but don't lose your mind and keep thinking about the future.

Spread the Positivity's got a youtube channel now:

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28/5/2011 - Challenge #102 - Make yourself a smoothie

Smoothies are absolutely delicious, and they're healthy. Kind of a win-win situation we've got here, right? You can put all kinds of fruits in it, it's your choice! We can also recommend putting some yoghurt in it or something. It's all up to you. If you want to, vegetables are also an option. Smoothies are great for your mood and your health, so run to the kitchen and go make one!
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27/5/2011 - Challenge #101 - Try something new

It might be something stupid or fun but you will only know it if you try it. Without trying something, you can't judge it. So, don't say anything before you tried it, ever again!


Good luck and don't forget:

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26/5/2011 - Challenge #100 - Love yourself

Don't focus on your negative aspects but focus only on your positive aspects. Those aspects could be in or outside, it doesn't matter. The meaning of this all is to love yourself. How? For example, you could make a list of your positive aspects; write  an other one on your list everyday, and what about saying  in the mirror: everyday "I'm beautiful!"? If you are happy with yourself, you can see things more positive. So, just try it and we wish you good luck!


By the way: thank you for following us and today it's very special because this is challenge number hundred! Please let us know which challenges you did? What are your experiences? Or tell us which challenge you liked the most? We hope to hear something of you very soon!!!

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25/5/2011 - Challenge #99 - Dare

Dare to do that one thing you've been scared for, or have been hesitating about. You don't know
what will happen, so you might as well just try it, right? Don't be afraid of wrong consequences. Remember: When you've never asked, the answer will always be "no". There's nothing wrong with just daring.
Dare to smile, dare to be yourself, dare to talk, dare to share your opinion, dare to flirt, dare to be creative, dare to go for the full 100 %. You can get together with your friends and all think of one thing to do and dare. Then help each other. Or make it your own project. Just dare. You can do it.
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24/5/2011 - Challenge #98 - Help someone

If you help someone, you can make someone happy with understanding something or with making something easier. Don't wait till the person ask, just take some initiative. So, go for it and help!

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23/5/2011 - Challenge #97 - Make someone smile

Just make a laugh on that face. It doesn''t matter who... a family member, friend, teacher.... Make a joke or give a compliment to somebody. The smile you get back is worth hundred compliments, so why don''t you do it?
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