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Kenneth's blog

Introducing a remarkable advancement in convenience and quality for electronic smokers everywhere ? the very best personal E-Cigarette Charging Case (called the No.7 SQUARE) is available on the market today. One of the most globally respected Premium bran

Posted at 00:51, 19/7/2013

V2 Cigs Coupon Code I have tested the v2 cig coupon No.7 Cigarette Starter kit and am blown away by its beautiful design. Never have a I seen a portable charging kit of such magnitude. Observe the features and benefits yourself and see why the No. 7 Square Cigarette Starter Kit is the top choice for consumers. v2 cigs coupon No. 7 has managed to make the highest capacity charging case currently available, allowing you to carry as many as six cartridges, two batteries and two atomizers. They fit in a single compartment that is roughly the same size and shape as a normal pack of cigarettes. The attractive carry-case charges batteries eight times and will last about a week for someone who normally smokes a pack per day. With unmatched ?Ease of Access?, this case offers a 180 degree flip-up lid, which is a seemingly small upgrade that greatly increases functionality. It makes accessing your batteries and replacement cartridges as simple as opening your pack and reaching for a standard cigarette. This feature helps first time users make an easier transition. The case also comes equipped with a blue back-lit LCD screen that lets you know the charging status of your case. It displays, at the touch of a button, the time remaining until the unit is completely charged, as well as the remaining charge. This is just one more feature that sets v2 cig coupon the No. 7 PCC apart from the rest. Perhaps most remarkably the case itself features its own user replaceable battery. It is a first in the industry, the internal user replaceable battery enables you to purchase an additional battery for extra long trips without the necessity of carrying a second case or charger with you. I found the battery to be amazingly small and well built to pack such a powerful charge and a fantastic feature for road warrior types and those who travel a lot ? or simply those annoyed by the common annoyance with so many electronic cigarettes needing to be constantly recharged with wall plug or usb chargers. The case has a sleek, modern interior and offers great protection. The no-slip molded silicone grip ensures that your batteries, cartridges and atomizers are well-protected and stay in place. You won?t have to worry about the contents getting damaged if you happen to drop the case. This also means that the contents are protected from falling out if you accidentally open the case. This is a very solid and well-built product. The No. 7 Square PCC comes in black or white and has a sleek UV gloss coating that is scratch-resistant, so you don?t have to worry too much about the occasional drop. This is just one more special little touch that sets the No. 7 apart from its competitors.
Visit here for info and content source: http://www.ecigchic.com/introducing-a-remarkable-advancement-in-convenience-and-quality-for-electronic-smokers-everywhere-the-very-best-personal-e-cigarette-charging-case-called-the-no-7-square-is-available-on-the-market/

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