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With so many instructors out there, it might certainly seem like the options are overwhelming and this can indeed be the case.

Choosing Instructors for English Lessons Online26/5/2014

With so many instructors out there, it might certainly seem like the options are overwhelming and this can indeed be the case. With that being said, though, students shouldn't just jump into lessons with the very first instructor they see and hope for the best. Because there are so many options in known existence, students need to be particularly careful to choose an instructor who meets their needs properly. This isn't just choosing the first available option. It requires a bit of research.

Ask for Qualifications

Acquiring ESL teaching credentials, even those that are widely recognized as entry-level qualifications and have international standards applied to them, aren't all that hard to get. Some courses are even as short as four weeks, so teachers needn't necessarily be without any sort of qualification to back them if they're serious about making a career for themselves in ESL. This is why it's so important for students to choose teachers based on their credentials. Students shouldn't just choose whatever teacher comes their way just because they're a native speaker. A proper ESL teacher should be backed by a recognized qualification, like CELTA or Trinity.

Ask for References

It's not unusual for ESL teachers to have a portfolio of former students at their disposal, which would allow prospective students to get in touch for some actual feedback regarding their learning experience. This ensures that any investment made is one that'll be worthwhile: especially if the teacher is particularly effective at what they're teaching. However, experience tends to trump references so to speak, so students should err on the side of having a more experienced teacher than a newer one with a considerable wealth of former students.

Ask for Hardware Information

Since ESL lessons are delivered over the Internet, students need to make sure that their instructor has a well-equipped computer in place to handle the job. An excellent Internet connection is of equal importance, so students shouldn't go into the experience with teachers who don't have at least 8 Mbps available to them, which is common for teachers in the western world. Similarly, students should go into the experience having relatively modern systems with high speed Internet connections. As a general rule of thumb, a connection should never be less than 2 Mbps. This sort of speed is considered the bare minimum to have webcam conversations through instant messaging platforms, which is how online ESL is often delivered.

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