two princess to detention Cining

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"Buddha, you finally witnessed! There is nothing sinister, if not, why 'letter' not to show us? Even anxious it 'Huishimieji'! This is the number of inside secrets, I'm afraid they are few in the stomach Lane did not learn! "

Queen Mother turned to Yongqi and Erkang, stern voice asked:

"Are you in the end the Gaoshimegui?"

Erkang know that "Letter", which would lead to more suspicion, it looked fast in a Crape Myrtle, delivered a message in the eyes, hearts turn the idea, replied:

"Back to the Buddha! Goes on stationery is not Voltaire's 'Letters' is a song Wu Age poems written swallow, swallow for fear of Fayette will be angry seeing, so it ruined!"

Yong-Qi hastily echo:

"Buddha, please forgive Yongqi the 'can not help'!"

Queen Mother look Erkang, but also take a look at Yong-Qi, see the two men looked flashing, the replies also to talk incoherently, for both of them completely not believe it. The external shouted:

"Messenger—Ĺ! Gave me these two princess to detention Cining Gong go!" ugg 1760 boots

Lagerstroemia indica, and Flying Swallow's face became pale. Er-Kang and Yong-Qi also stunned and speechless.

Lagerstroemia indica and the Flying Swallow, was taken to Cining officer "darkroom."

"Darkroom" the name suggests, is the "black room." In the palace, the palace in order to punish, or eunuchs, almost every temple, there chamber, torture rooms, or cells. In Cining Gong, there is "darkroom."

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