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16/3/2012 - R4 and R4i Card Tips for your Nintendo console

R4 Card Tips

Back when the first gameboy was released by Nintendo games were limited to those published by Nintendo, of which they were limited. Many expected this to be the same when the Nintendo DS console was released in 2004. However, the software and hardware that came with the DS allowed modification and opened up a huge range of options to console users. The flashcard played a large part in this allowing you to view pictures, listen to music and even watch movies, all on the go of course.
R4i SDHC 3DS card
Depending on which console you are using you will need a different version of the R4 Card DS. The Nintendo Ds and DS lite console users need to use the R4 Card DS or R4 Card SDHC which was the first flashcard released for the DS. The R4i is designed for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL console users and was released after the R4 Card DS, building on the huge success of that card and offering some new advances in technology. It is also fully backwards compatible should you want to use this with the DS or DS lite console. With the R4 Card or R4i you can access a whole library of media files or play homebrew games, which can be found across the net for download. With the R4 Card cards you can open up a whole new world of possibilities on your DS or DSi console and experience the true power of your console, this is the reason why the R4 Card is the number one selling accessory for the Nintendo DS console.

R4i Card

The R4i Card is the second release of the r4 card, aimed at Nintendo dsi and dsi xl console users. It features all the great traits that made the R4 the success it is with many more improvements in user interface and speed. A great feature of the R4i Card is that it is completely backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and Ds lite console, meaning there is no need to purchase two cards if you have more than one console, you can simply use the R4i card with both. What the R4i is so popular for is its support for the latest firmware updates from Nintendo, this is thanks to the constant development from the R4i team and bringing us new and improved features that vastly enhance the gaming experience on the R4i card.
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16/3/2012 - What is a R4 card?

The R4 Card is simply a device that works with your DS console and now thanks to new improvements also works with the Nintendo DS, DSi , DSi XL and 3DS consoles depending on which version of the card you purchase. The huge success of the R4 Card is mainly down to its ability in allowing you store extra files on your console thanks to its Micro SD memory card support. This allows the DS user to store a whole host of new file types, browse through photos, watch movies, and even listen to music on the go. Also with the advent of the eBook the R4 Team introduced the ability to read your favourite bestsellers on your DS console. So now you can your DS console not only for gaming but also for playing your favourite file types.

To store files on the R4 Card you use a Micro SD or SDHC memory card which can be easily synced with your PC using the included memory card reader which you can insert into the USB port on your PC and you are ready to go. Then it is simply a case of clicking and dragging the files you wish to view on your Nintendo DS , DSi or DSi Xl console later.

The R4 Card also supports a wide range of homebrew games which can be easily found online and also of course supports the current Nintendo DS games. Depending on what you want to use your R4i for you can investigate this more.

The R4/R4i card is a microslot-1 flash card device designed, for the Nintendo DS, DS lite and DSi lite respectively. This device will convert your DS into a multi-media player as well as the great gaming machine it already is, and also provide you with an all important back-up of your valuable file collection.
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