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My work SUCKS

9 1/2 days

Posted in Unspecified

Another day, so new chances.

I had to go to the dokter this morning so I had half a day to go to my 'work', How nice:)!
When I came at the office, all the people were so curious for what I did that morning.
The people here are allways so noosy and interfere with things, nothing in this building is safe.
Everybody knows everything about each other at this work.
They know a piece of me, Thank god they don`t know everything. Just be very selective with what you tell.
Esspecially to who

I discoverd that Surf chick, doesn`t look me in the eyes.
She ignores me, doesn`t speak to me, talks around me you could say.
What is that.. that kind of behavior? A sine of weakness?

I`m learning to deal with this behavoir, most of the time I don`t realize that people behave to my like that.
So I`ll try to be allert and don`t give any attention to such people.
Why pay attention while they ignore you? Just a waste of your energy...

The Working progress continued and there where some problems about a certain order.
Some stuff wheren`t ordered at the factory at all, so who to blame?
It began to be like Tennis, a back and forth game. Or like we call it (literally translated) 'send from the cabinet to the wall'.
The calls were made and the progress was started, but o dear.. The goods must be delivered within 2 weeks, CRISIS!!

I`d called with a man of the installer companie, a man I`m a bit shivery about.
In general he`s very nice but he still has a certain undertone where he carries out pressure.
I survived it, I promised that we`d stay in touch.

The day went surprisingly quick:).

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Dear folks,


Here another weblog from " the"  friend. I am happy to announce that miss sunshine is finally finishing her days at the light company.


Soon, this weblog will be nothing more than a grey memory, of days that were less shiney than they could have been.


And that is exact;y what I want to disucss today. The power of positivity.  I had several converstions with interesting people telling me that what you think about is excatly what you will attract. NOTE! It doesn't matter if your thoughts are positive or negative, you will attract whatever you think about.


Example: if you think all day long about your ilness, you will become more and more ill and never get better.  If you think you are poor, you will attract this kind of energy and never be able to pay ur bills.


U can see the trippeling effect of this kind of behavior?

Can you also see the great advantage it could offer when your toughts would be positive??


UREKA! People..  Try this at home!  Try to be very very postive for a day!  Cause every event actually has some positive side!  If you can manage to do so, and eliminate your negative thought.. you will see your world would become more bright and happy!

Hence, you will be creating your own happiness, ur own little world full of sunshine


That is my comment for the day :)  

Hope it helps!

Lots of love..



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11 days till freedom

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Head subject…: Mister Budha had a day off, he wasn`t coming to work today.. He sad.

I was still on my guard, before you know it he was standing in front of you, knowing every dark, private secret and dirty mind of you.



I walked in the morning to the meeting point for the usual carpool session.

I`m carpooling with a man, he is a year of 50 ore so… We don`t talk every carpool session, we listen always to the radio with the same frequency everyday. Same old same old, like I sad.


After good 15minutes we arrived at the company, I didn`t see it… Was it true? Did I take my magazines with me for nothing or…?

Yes.. Mister Budha wasn`t there, EURECA!!!


The usual persons arrived at the company and we went to our places.

Starting computer.. And before I had fulfill the whole starting progress of the computer the phone rang à a client. Damn and that on the early morning!


The day went on, I made a costumer very very happy, that`s nice to hear for a change you know, made me happier as well!! Instead of negative and depressing talk...


The whole atmosphere was more relaxing than otherwise and the discussions were getting more and more sexistic. It was rader funny, because now the double undertone in the conversation was relaxed and fine.


Moral of the story: a very relaxing day

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12 days left to Christmas, euhh ‘til last day current job is over

Posted in Unspecified

This morning I had to go with the bus to my job, normally I carpool with a college but he had to go with the big boss to an appointment in the country. Ok so I went with the bus, the bus time for hopping on was 7.55 am. The bus however is never on time, ok less time at work you can say haha..

Mister Budha sad last week that he`d be free this day, but I was in total shock when I saw him standing at the entrance of the building.

After some moments etc. I found out that he decided to take a day off the next day... Tomorrow so it seems... Blegh, stupid fat, dominant man....


At my work, I concluded that Surf Chick wasn`t happy and was crying in miss drama her arms. Ok something was wrong I saw, but I didn`t want to be curious, so I didn`t ask anything and just ignored it.

The whole day she was quiet, sad and had the recognizable red eyes. She didn`t sit with us in the lunchbreak. Ok her problem, maybe it`s for the best you know!!

Without her, we had some level to talk about whahahahaha….

Or am I to hard now?



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13 Working days left

Posted in Unspecified

Allright, my first update from me and my work..

I`m at my work right now, mister Budha is smoking any time he wants but when I am a way for a few minutes it`s drama drama drama... He makes comment with double mening, you know... When a persone says certain words but means it other wise, with a not very nice undertone.


Enyway, my routine here in the morning:
Entering her as one of the first. Turning on the Computer and get koffie so I won`t fall a sleep again.
Mister Budha is allready at the office, he opens the place most of the time and mumbles good morning to everybody.
At my desk I`d check my mail, open certain programs to work with and look at my 'Things to do list'.


When there questions from custumors of companies, I can answer them when there transfered to me through miss Drama. 

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Dear People,

Here finally an overview of the lovely people working in my company.

Ironically the company is called something with light..  Makes me grab in the dark.. who ever invented that.

Well, here we go




Little miss Sunshine/ the misterious type
This girl just started to work at a company where she realy got to find out WHO she can trust and who not!
The job for itself sucks a lot, because the jobfunctions aren`t soutable for her. On paper she is a teacher and wants to work with children/social with people.



Miss positivity, friend in need, to good for the humanity - Friend of me
This girl has a very warm personality! She is always wanting to help. A funny nature! Caring about other people and sweet! She has been an angel for me when I had some problems at home. We are very close friends and have been in many stories. I can see why see is the main character of this story :)  TO be continued..



Mister Potential Lover (doesn`t work at the company thank god)
No further details available, who knows what the future will bring and give... 


 Mister Budha

This persone is the supervisor/mentor of the headcaracter of the story.
He insults her, ignores her, and can`t say a positive word about/to/for her



Mrs Drama Queen

Even in most boring hours, this person is likely not to enhance ur mood. Talking about herself..
Relating to herself, but hea.. cheer up.. things can always be worse. OF COURSE she knows a story about everything and always had it wurse then you!



MIss Surf Chick (Alias Miss anti Language of that place and I will not adjust to it)

This persone can be related by a toddler, because toddlers can like everyone, everyday somebody else. This persone is exactly like that, when you have the best toys that day, she likes you... When you do something rong in her eyes, she`s the mean she-devil!! She will say things with a double meaning, if you know what I mean.

Also she wants to have the last word in a confersasion.



Mr. Knijper / The Sneaky One

He is very kind at first site but when you slowly get to know you, he wants to pinch(knijpen) you.. Even when you told him that you don`t want that and you wil hit him, he doesn`t stop. You have to continou with saying that you don`t want is, it`s killing...







How wil it begin... how will it end...? Stay tuned!


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My life at work

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Dear People...

We are two funny grils who have (unfortunately) very unlucky working experience, that is: we work in an environment that is not open to people with a friendly nature

Because we want to keep people anynomous (so far) in this company, we started a cover weblog.. indicating the personality of those people from work (including their weird natures).


Hope u will enjoy!


Keep u posted,

The two crazy girls

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My work.....

Posted in Unspecified

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Jeah.. read more about crazy people
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