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Requesting Procedure

Posted on 16/11/2013 at 15:06 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Requests the  Purchasing Department, through requisition, material, on the requisition must record the product name and the names of the suppliers to whom he suggests the purchase is made. Being a requisition to purchase import material, the applicant must apply it according to the time standards set by the department Materials, if the requisition is an emergency click here anvelope 4x4, will be able to buy the material to distributors, although the price will always be greater than to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Having the requisition, make sure that the description of the material is clear, complete and correct, in addition to materials imported for the first time by the Company, shall be attached to the requisition and technical product information. If you have the necessary elements, Shopping proceed to register and open file for that requisition, if not, inform in writing the applicant which data are missing and return the requisition. I opened the file, Shopping proceed to ask for quotes to different suppliers, the quote will be requested by phone, for those that do not have representatives in the country or be requested via telex, and those who have representatives in the country will be asked, as noted above, telephone or in person, within the quote, Shopping should ask the supplier material availability and payment terms.

Once collected the different prices, shopping comparison chart prepare quotes and based on these, will be in a position to negotiate with different providers purchase the most convenient conditions for the company. Already on negotiating and being sure of having achieved the best shopping benefits, proceeds to choose a supplier, vendor choose not involves placing a purchase order, as before will have to make the exchange as to whether the acquisition of a material matter or not.
Upon receiving an exchange department, will check that it is complete the information required for correct tariff classification, as is the trade name, official name, nature of the product, rather than where you intend to import, price, specifications, if the exchange does not contain the information specified, it will be returned to the Purchasing Department within 24 hours following it was received, stating clearly in writing the causes of such refusal.

Customs Services shall inform the purchasing department and simultaneously present the import permit application to the corresponding Secretariat, while obtaining the result of the application, shall be the responsibility of the Department of Customs keep the department going forward purchases of taking such a request, the Customs Service to know the resolution to the import permit application, inform this the Purchasing Department immediately.

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