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15mm XCOM Scenery


I've finished the first terrain items for my 15mm XCOM... building it up wasn't that hard, but painting took about 5 full days for this set...

next on the painting table is another set with a different floortile.. . i hope to finish that this week..

just take a look at the pictures:

The first mold for XCOM Apocalypse


So, finally its ready, my first mold for the my onw 15mm miniature game XCOM Apocalypse...

Its the Megaspawn creature for the Aliens.. i did a little downsizing because this creature was very tall in the computergame back in the days, but now its about 28mm....very big next to the other 15mm miniatures i have at this point...

The sculptor did and still does a fantastic job with this range, i already have all the aliens and the XCOM members at home... hope i have another mold ready next week...

Next to the moldmaking, testing and metalpouring i am working on a 15mm Sci-Fi dungeon, like SpaceHulk, only a little smaller... the casting for that is all done (watch the online shop next week), now i am in the progress of painting it, it already took a full 4 days of painting, but still its not ready... next week i will show you some of pictures...

ok... enough for today's blog..  thanks and have a nice weekend




Mini's for the upcoming releases


so, it has been almost a week that i wrote something... but here's a new item for you...

For some deserthouses that will soon be released i want to paint some miniatures...

here is the picture:

Hope to have them prepped today so i can start painting them...


A start with a blog


Welcome to my own blog!!!

i know, not much, but its a start!!!!

best regards and a nice weekend!!!
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