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aion news

26/1/2010 - Knight: revealed inside story of making money


It is hard to play down without enough Knight online Noah in a game. Would you make Knight Noah means that there is no good equipment and precious? So Knight Gold is very important in the game. I republished some articles about that the bow wave can earn 3000 Knight online Gold for a day a few days ago. So many players do not believe my opinion. Now I begin to explain my reasons. I beat the precious by myself and go to dungeon on the 14 floor, which is burning skull of that layer. You can stay there for a long time to fight monsters, and it is easy to defeat. You are afraid to spend the time. I can say that you can earn much Knight online Noah at there, as long as you take time to fight monsters. I fight the monsters for 7 days, and I get 250 billion Knight online Noah. It is really fast to gain Knight online Noah. It is faster than playing BOSS and command. The thing is the bow wave. You do not fight snake, because you only can gain little. Maybe rich man does not believe the point, but upgrading of equipment is really a good idea. I gain a lot of + 9 precious in the 7 days. I sell all by the low price (to sell fast, or you have no good price). There is a bad businessman called SS in the new player village. He sells the 9 agility earrings by about 20 million Knights online Noah, but I sell it only by 15 million Knight online Noah. The fastest time has just been put on the 8 agility precious sold less than five minutes. This way you can save the time to play the game, better than the businessman sell them for a whole day. You need patience, sometime you can not get any for two hours, and sometimes you can get much once.

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26/1/2010 - Tips how to gain more redcliff online Gold



If you are a new player, you need read many others’ articles to gain enough redcliff money. I play the game for a year, so now share my opinion in the game. Then you can buy redcliff Gold.

If you have many computers, you can play the game for a whole day to play the BOSS. A group number is six numbers, this way can upgrade fast. As a new players, the most exciting thing is to get redcliff online Gold first. I think the aim is very easy. The most assurance way is to sit chairs. Every large scale online game players need lots of Redcliff Gold, so money in the game is important, too. In general, players play the national game to upgrade fast and playing foreign games is harder, because foreign games is usually in English, not every players can clear the game task, unless some easy task. A task to sit down with the class to get the experience that is out of the experience of about 10 just blame the value, so the running back and forth is not the time to do the task, such as a local fixed fight monsters again. This time the experience gain should be better than do a task. If you have a good luck, you can get better equipment. Some task with abundant story would spend you several hours to finish. And monsters area and grade of difficulty is higher and trouble. So you need choose right monsters area to fight to help you upgrading fast. You would like to concentrate on upgrading and not worth wasting time engage in, but you should not ask to concentrate on fighting monsters together with your teammates such wasting time. So you need choose right method to fight monster to earn redcliff online Gold.

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26/1/2010 - How to make a successful businessman?



In order to get much champions online gold in the game, so you need learn how to make a successful businessman to gain champions gold. Of course, you can buy champions gold.

1.       Ready work. You want to do a businessman first to buy a businessman brand for 1w champions money. Put it on the bottom right of the frame. Behind you will find yourself out of a flag, you became a real businessman. Then you use your cheap champions gold to buy traffic tool in the horses sold entry. With this, right click inside the burden of transport, there will be horses or camels.

2.       Other important ting. Red medicine, above 50 at least, as a precautionary measure. 50 baskets, the key is the effective medicine, and the small one is OK, only need 20. You take some spare wheel transports, because the monsters are harder to fight after through the river. If you meet robber to use ice skill and monsters run after you, your horses may be lose. This time, you only can escape, because the monster is very formidable.

3.       Your skills. First, the drug quickly set up, and then the attack skills. If you make team, you need have one to two relive in your team. If your teammate dies, you do not rush to give him the first resurrection, and so to say, after defeating monsters. When you make team, monsters may be fighting you once. So, whoever approached, they will be all the attacks on him alone. So, every teammate need look out and stands ready to take medicine.

4.       Goods purchase. You had better buy them in the third. When you purchase them, you need notice how the stars shown below. The new players do not overrun 1.3w champions online gold. You can earn 30 thousand champions online gold once time and you can go to two stars. You go out to fight two thieves, but it may be robbed by the robbers.

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26/1/2010 - I would like to share my experience with players


I play the call of duty for a long time. It gives players much happiness and joy. It is a very good game. You value to play it very much. Now I would like to share my experience with players about getting cod gold following. Then you can buy cod gold.

1. You have enough patients in the game to gain call of duty gold.

2. Do not stand at the windows for too long time, and you want to see the scenery to go your home. Or you only can die.

3. Reloading will not be too ground, and you can buy call of duty gold.

4. When a gun on the ground picking up, though you have enough bullets, but does not rule out picking up when you want to or no to see an empty gun.

5. Roof or other high places do not wandering, unless you want to see or fall by their enemies to fall to their deaths.

6. Do not bank on your teammates to help you attacking and defending, no matter the frontage or backside, because there are the same with you.

7. You do not bank on your teammates can know your command, because many people do not explain your words.

8. If the enemy has snipers control channel, smoke is a good weapon. A master said that smoke can effectively hinder the sight of enemy, but is a low profile of the killer machine.

9. If someone suddenly appeared in front of you, do not hug him, and you need shoot him first, until you confirmed his identity.

10. Please keep their distance with your teammates, or else a mine hanging four planes came. And do not far from your teammates. In front of brother die you can pick a cheaper.


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19/1/2010 - Did you play the call of duty before?


I play the call of duty for a long time. I do not know that do you play the game. If not, that is a little regret. If you just are a new play, I will give some tips to finish the task and get much cod gold.

1. For firearms, no matter what kind of guns can be get you died, the key is to use people.

2. There is no official document describes the close attack daggers would be weaker than the gun, or at least people do not die from the sword to think so. You can buy cod gold.

3. Should be used to have close combat shooting holding a gun steady to run.

4. All guns in their range are not within the power of the weak, but do not hold down the mouse and hold. Unless you make sense of what the enemy bullets flying over from scratch when the feeling is really a hail of bullets, but I can not guarantee that the enemy has always felt like to go on. Then you can get some call of duty gold.

5. If the close encounter with the enemy, press and hold the mouse may not be bad, but there are exceptions.

6. Gun accessories are the gains or lose and how you feel that.

7. No matter what kind of weapons you use, bursts of fire will cause the gun up, so having your own rhythm.

8. If you have no enough blood, you had better have a rest and you would buy call of duty gold.

9. If you like to use shot, the rooms and passageways are your good place. If you shoot enemy out of 50 miles, you will die soon.

10. You had better skill the switch input methods, or else no one feels pity for your death.

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19/1/2010 - Some upgrade directory to the new players


As a new player, you must have much trouble in the dofus. Now I have some upgrade directory to new players to earn achat dofus. Of course, you have enough patience to play the game.

At first, you need register a new account number. It is easy, and I believe everybody know that. After owning a new account number, you had better play the plant master, in order to earn more achat kamas. You will in a place called sky city, and you go to next map to dialog with NPC. Then you go to beat a man of straw and get 25 dofus kamas. Then you go to next map, click NPC, to get Acheter des Kamas. This way, you need choose the second all the time to get kamas, to fight white goat and then you hand in the task to the old man on the left.

You can only add Bramble about skill, to beat monsters to get Acheter des Kamas. How to upgrade two levels with using it? These are two ways. First: if you have enough Acheter des Kamas, you can only receive Acheter des Kamas. You buy a set of adventure coat to kill skeleton. Skeleton is on the lower right corner of the map that several map. If you have two account numbers, you can fight two. I upgraded 10 levels for half an hour. Second: if you have no enough Acheter des Kamas, you first go to the photograph of the east of the innermost map, to click NPC, to go to new player city. Then you go to kill chick. You only need kill the kind of monster, and do not kill the worm. You also can go to 10 levels for 2 to 3 hours.

Now if you are a leaguer, you can go to kill goats to upgrade. Do not kill too high levels monsters, which are around 20-40 levels.

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19/1/2010 - I give three ways to earn Redcliff Gold


I introduce three ways to players to get Redcliff Gold. First: redcliff online Gold way: the way is very easy. At first, you go to buy dragon fur or blue dragon fur in the second line word. Then you go to desert store to make dragon fur and sell it in the second line. This way, you can earn 500k redcliff online Gold, but you can not earn any experience use the way to redcliff money. Second way: pick mushroom to buy redcliff Gold. You mush finish desert treasure task and you must be 50 levels. Your purpose is to pick mushroom. You carry Silver Sickle and magic charm which can take you home. From the bar to go out west, where there is an entry. There are three rotten woods in the entrance. You can stand there, waving your sickle, and then pick on a wood mushrooms. You pick the mushrooms all the time, until you run out of prayer, or you have no room. Then you take the mushrooms to your home, and you deposit the mushroom in the bank. You go on picking mushroom. The third way: steel. You carry rune pickaxe to vanilla, which is a mine area in the northeast. There are nine mine areas. Sometimes few people dig, and you can dig mine at there, and you deposit the mine in the bank again. You repeat to do above and you own enough steel. Next you need buy coal. Then you find a convenient iron furnace to make steel block. Then you can go to sell the steel block. The price of steel block is about 600 redcliff money. To use this way, another advantage is to get much mining experience. You should be able to profit for each block 140-240, and every hour would be able to refining 700k, so an average of one hour should be able to earn around 170k redcliff money.

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19/1/2010 - The methods to gain more Mesos


I played the purple ghost for a night again, without seeing equipment. I feel a little sad. My friend said that he spent 7 million Maple Story Mesos to go to three roll, so I am a poor. I want to borrow 20 million Mesos to upgrade. I think the speed of the pursuit of upgrading more and more people are getting poorer. My several friends spent 10-20 million Maple Mesos to upgrade 70 levels for a month. Now I want to talk some to give players who want to earn much Maple Mesos some inspiration.

1. 1-10 levels, you can beat by yourself.

2. 10-17 levels, you can beat mushrooms after 14 levels.

3. 18-25 levels, you choose forest labyrinth better. It upgrades fast.

4. 35-30 levels, the area of warrior, much experience, to upgrade fast, you go to bright pearl to take up pig and mushroom task. This task is that you are basic to upgrade. You finish the task for about 3-4 hours. You can get about 2 million Maple Story Mesos to sell 60% long staff books. You can be easy to upgrade with these money.

5. 30-40 levels, this period is long. You go to sky city right now after transferring to fight small yellow lions in the yellow yard. These are advantages to do that, such as getting much experience, gaining much Maple Story Mesos and wise mine. You can get almost 2 million Maple Story Mesos for a night.

6. 40-45 levels, if ice is full, you can beat stars in the sky, or beat fire pig on the earth.

7. 45-50 levels, this time you will find that upgrade is so slow and hard. Now you can go to fight earth dragon, to beat monkey. Although it is hard, to fight earth dragon can get dragon fur, and to beat monkey can get monkey doll.

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13/1/2010 - Redcliff: the experience about two hand sword



I play the game for several months, but my two hand sword warrior is 24 levels. Now I share my experience with other players. Of course you can buy redcliff Gold to get stronger equipment to fight monsters.

In the early day, you just play the game following the task. You can upgrade fast. You only need fight the same grade monsters, and play Redcliff Gold hardly, because you need eat medicine water for 15 minutes, if the equipment can play very well, or hit a few that do not increase the blood run. Defeat down upon ourselves1-2 levels monsters is definitely no problem. During the upgrade, I try to make team and play single. I find that you can learn more experience from making team, but I always do not get the equipment from others, so rich men use redcliff online Gold to buy good equipment. I fight up upon myself 2-3 levels the monster easily with 24 levels weapons, more than 1800 points blood, but there is no increase, so I do need use redcliff money to buy weapons. I play the monsters to get redcliff money. Of course, monsters turn stronger than us after 40 levels, and this time making team became more important. You have a team that you familiar.

Making team is a characteristic in the game. There are teams when the team will be automatically appear monster, as if is to have eight times the normal experience. I am in the two hand sword area. The number of people with single hand sword is small. That is no problem to play the monsters with two hand sword, mainly depends on increases in blood is not to concentrate on. As a soldier is to get team add blood and magic attacks people not to be a monster attack.

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13/1/2010 - Some experience about play the champions online



I play the champions online for twelve months. In my opinion, the function of the game with more comprehensive, I feel that the back ground story is very abundant, but I am most interested in playing games on the champions money skills. As long as you effort, you can get much experience and much champions gold. Of course, you can buy champions gold to get stronger equipment.

Each occupational skill level will be upgraded, and according to the player can learn new skills to play champions online gold, the most importantly, what kind of skills does not need to buy books to learn enough of their own grades directly to the NPC can be learned.

Basically every occupation is more balanceable, and just look you how to play cheap champions gold. However, the champions online players play a little attention, in PK in the first, if used by monsters sword, even before people attack you. Under you are attacked and do not miss champions online gold circumstances, you should fight monsters.

I think the effect and role of professional skills is quite match fit, and what kind of job given what kind of form, color of the playing champions online gold skills. The more to the back of the skills will be more fresh and gorgeous. Because monsters as long as it is in magic attacks and long-range attack to attack the enemy, so the effects and production skills will certainly be more rich and colorful than other professions. If the monsters are out of batter area, they will go back play champions online gold original location, blood also automatically fill full, so all your efforts are in vain. In fact, this is also the exercise and to promote players know better fighting conditions of the binding, and strategic thinking, to see your reactions fast enough.

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13/1/2010 - Ro: Barkley of the special ways



Do you want to play the RO skip a step? Do you want to earn more ro zeny? You can play the Barkley team. Or, if have a blacksmith, you can knock him muddled.

Explain the necessary conditions:

1.       You must have a master first and the discipline of the church glorious above five levels, 10 levels the best.

2.       Are not afraid of death and the first who speak good to die, lying three or four times the same person is also possible.

3.       Do not fuss about who should get MVP props, that less the value of zeny, the goal is simply to kill Barkley. Be sure to discard selfishness and make Ragnarok Zeny belong everybody.

4.       Everybody needs defeat black snake and fly, or you are hard to won finally.

At the beginning, you can direct wash northern forest, and totally do not need to cautiously pathfinder. The big and small Barkley is in the 25th check in the map, and all death is no matter. Simply to say, you can use dead man to possess the most advantage place, to respond the whereabouts of big and small Barkley. Target is a death in the left point when the spy, playing signals to teammates in a secure grasp the time came. Of course, the best is one on each side of lying, because there happen to black snake or flies impede the map. Small Barkley can get 600 points blood for one time, and big Barkley can get about 2000 for one time to attack the same people. 10000 points blood only can persist for a short time, other occupations are the same, unless you have more Ragnarok Online Zeny to buy stronger weapons. Next, you go back and wait the signals out side the entrance to the right. Big Barkley moves to find enemy from the left for three seconds at least, 10 levels for 1.5 seconds. 777 of the blood hit the big Barkley at about 500, and small one is about above 600, but big Barkley will insist forcing their way in the past, so put one on one or two are found to immediately back out.

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13/1/2010 - Knight: upgrading the route and experience show


Are you just a new player? Now I will talk about some tips to you about upgrading the route and earning much Knight Noah.

As a new player, upgrading is easy. You can just kill some monsters to skip one or two levels. When you are five levels, you go to buy books in the middle country, and do not run. You can fight monsters by plane. There are six levels firebug outside. You can only fight it, and you can get some experience and some Knight online Noah. You fight monsters to do the transfer task around the village before nine levels. Everything is easy in the 1-9 levels, only need kill several some monsters to upgrade. After nine levels, you have the essential task. Then you go to city and fight wolf out of city. After 12 levels, you can go to fight 13 levels small dragons, to 13-14 levels, to fight big dragons, to fight big dragons and birds together. Then you can fly to city after 18 levels and fight the water monsters in the pools. Next, you go to beat rock or birds, when you are 20-21 levels. This time, you need more patience and time in order to get Knight online Gold and experience points. You can play the abysm finally in the 25 levels. Now you need take care. Until 40 levels, abysm points can buy 30 Knight Gold shoes. Now, if someone on the team, then you can make team a magic to fight essence monsters. Of course, you can get high experience and much Knight online Noah. If you think that you can defeat monsters, you can make another close batter. There are many monsters, but small people. My magic ball bursts at there. You only stay the small island to fight monster after 45 levels.

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6/1/2010 - I have some ways to gain Maple Story Mesos


You have a good time with earning Maple Story Mesos and upgrading in the games, so I recommend some ways to get Mesos following.

The first way to earn Maple Mesos is fishing. I often use the way to earn money, because I can play the big number while I use the small number to fish. If you are a new play, you can see some fish skill in some game site about how to pull the pole. When you skilled to fish, you can do that by yourself. You are happy that come across bears or sea rover, when you are fishing. I advise you buying small yellow croaker and river crab, when you meet chamberlain. The big fish still retain a special case of when such a fortune, and I save hundreds of yellow croakers and crabs. When each brush special offer or see players practicing medicine, I sell them.

Second, assistant skills, such as practicing medicine, cooking, sewing, and furniture, all of those can earn money. This does not waste physical strength and energy. You can choose your favor way to earn money.

Third, to dig map, in general, if I have enough time, I dig map by myself. Digging maps can earn more Maple Story Mesos, but waste time. You can directly go to the hotel entrance to buy in the spare time, to buy 10 sheets once. After digging twice the cost, you can go back. If you have enough luck, you can really earn much money. Do not recommend digging five precious, unless you have much experience or luck. A set of five precious values 180w Maple Story Mesos in our field. I dig five times, but I get nothing. So I feel that is not good way to earn Maple Story Mesos, especially you have no enough time.


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6/1/2010 - On train an apprentice experience to upgrade


Now I will talk about how to train an apprentice to upgrade and earn Knight Noah.

First you open a new small number to finish the novice task by yourself, and you can go to 10-11 levels for about a day. Then let small number as apprentice and allow the small number and big number to team up. Small number does not wear any coat and hold any weapons. If the small number is killed for shout time, it does not matter. If that, I only play the big number. During the big number help small number, picking up all the equipment and materials to big number to sell Knight online Gold, because the small number does not need Knight online Noah. When the small number upgrade, you can buy equipment for small number by using the big number Knight Gold. Of course, if small number is above 40 levels, the equipment does not sell to give small number. You can receive the fire woman task in the 13 levels, and then big number fights the fire woman. After 16 levels, big number fights corpses to earn more experience. Then you can do the sky task. If small number do not play the abysm, you can use big number to play king map, otherwise, first warrior play the king to facilitate the small number to play the abysm. The task of all the main line of the sky is finished, and the lateral task can be also finished. When the sky task is all finished, you can play the 25-26 levels small number. The sky place is easy to grow the bamboo, so you take care at there. You can finish the small number abysm pass task in the sky. To play the monster invite, let big number pick up. This way, big number can get more money and encouragement.

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6/1/2010 - Four years of experience dofus kamas


Now I teach you how to make a businessman. My tenet is not to earn the system dofus kamas, and only to earn players achat dofus. I do not fight red point to get achat kamas, because I think that waste time. If you have enough time, you can get much Acheter des Kamas.

Now I began to talk about how to earn players kamas. First you need open two account numbers. If the new area, you have received materials on the banking house. The premise is that you need sell four books, and capital 100w is enough. You can price the price of the new area material. If you purchase 2000w, you can sell it by 6000w. This time you can open another account number to put on the stall. 6000w is cheap, so it can be sold easily. You can improve the price of good materials. The sword is now basically an old player, so they have enough Acheter des Kamas to buy good materials. Their problem is not to play some books, which are to go to 10 levels. They will not sacrifice at all costs to buy good materials, which can help them to insist on 2-3 weeks. If there no many players buy things, you can change another place.

You can purchase the materials everyday for two hours, and collect almost to put on stalls to sell. Sold and then purchased. I can earn achat kamas at least.

If you have some ways, you can get the export of the first four stalls. Then you open four small numbers, one number is in one stalls. You open a new account number, and give some money to the number. Then use the money to buy F in the temple. For this way, you can have enough things to put on your four stalls. This time you can sell they buy high price.

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6/1/2010 - Do you have some trouble in the KAL within 30 levels?


I play the KAL for 3 months. My three accounts all are above 60 levels. I know that many new players have some trouble in the KAL, so I introduce to play Kal online Gold on the type of thieves upgrade line and playing Kal Geons location.

1-5 levels, you cruise around in the place of birth, there are some small tasks are completed to fight monsters, very fast. You can go to five levels to beat snail for two hours. After five levels, you can mine hold to find the gold (superjacent your birth place). 10 levels, go right, to fight a man of straw at the western moor. Around the 13 levels, you go to seaside to fight crab. Time way, you can go to 21 levels fast. To fight crabs is easy to finish, but you need enough patience. At 21 levels, you go to dusk forest, and you fight corpses in the tomb blow the dusk forest. The attribute points to soldiers plus points: I do not support the full fighter, because soldiers are close attacks. Kal Gold is very important, a direct bearing on the cost of soldiers upgrade, so you need add some strengths. I began to add some strength after 22 levels, and feel which is good. The fundamental reason is the characteristics of systems in the KAL (that is, beheaded) plus the blood and blue by the total impact, assuming that blood volume is 700, and then the salvation once in the blood is 70.

You can wear the equipment skip a grade, so the Kal online Geons is very important. I talk about my experience to beat monster to earn Kal online Gold. First equipment is important, because property point is three points add 1 after 90 levels, and a piece of good equipment equal to upgrade two levels.

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30/12/2009 - Kal online: personal experience to make money


Kal online Geons, I have already got much in the game, and I have a good time with enough Kal Geons together with my friends. Now I will talk about some tips to the new players to earn more Kal Gold like us.

Wind path: I would introduce wind path following. There my bothers and I get much Kal online Gold, so we continue to earn Kal online Gold for last 10 days. There is a fat monster for overweight 55-58 wind down, and a thief is also quite an easy fight. You can just beat two thieves. In general, there are me or one of my brothers to a single brush Kal online Gold. The fat monster is too sick to beat. Above three ways to earn Kal online Gold, we often do. The average 8-hour day, two thieves could have played around 350G, is not high-priced equipment. Furthermore, we can play around 80-150 suits things.

I fell two thieves to play the Kal Geons is faster and steadier. My friends and I play the Kal Geons to run when we see too many monsters.

Element: when I say to beat the eastern monster, I have to mention to water element. There three lakes all have water element. But to play the water element is hard, you need spend more energy. If you want to play the element to earn money, I advise you beating the water and fire element. I do not mention the air, and can not earn anything for two to three hours. I only get one for five hours to play the air. It is so hard to play. I do not play the life, so I do not say something about it.


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30/12/2009 - Give some experience to the new players



After build the person, you dialog with DABA. Then you go to the pool, to dialog with DABA again. This way you can get the new player equipment. After that, you wear the small imperial crown, butterfly coats, the monkey tail. Then you go to kill a Polly. The ultimate goal is still to earn Ragnarok Online Zeny to the new players. When you are going to 20 levels, you go back to welfare house. The welfare people are under the loudspeaker about half-screen distance. The award is golden cattle coat before 10 to 20 levels.

You go to labyrinth to upgrade. Above 90 levels, you can get 100w ro zeny. To a new play, to gain so much zeny once is good. You can use the Ragnarok Zeny buy more useful equipment. This time, you have many ways to go. First, when you are 99 levels about 50 JOB, you can go to stairs NPC around the pool. Second, because you just get the award, about 200w Ragnarok Online Zeny, you go to the pool about half-screen distance. There is a girl in the wedding veil. She will ask you to go to monster graduate school. You can hit small BOSS such as Polly and locust. You kill one to get a doll, ten dolls you can get 100w zeny. Doll NPC to change their money is in right crossing of Capra. Because new players are lace of ro zeny, you take attention to do that to upgrades. Last, when you have enough ro zeny, you can go to graduate school to choose small BOSS to beat. This way you can gain more money to use.


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30/12/2009 - Call of duty: upgrade to share the successful experience



I upgrade successfully, now I share my successful experience to players. You can earn more call of duty gold in the game by yourselves. Of course, you can buy call of duty gold.

1. With regard to mechanical targeting, many players complain that holding AK47 to goal shoot for long time, and found them alive. I have also encountered this problem and until two weeks ago I got the solution. You need enough patience to get much cod gold. The characteristic of AK can find goal for a short time, and the shortcoming is easy to shoot high when enemy comes, of course you do not note shooting high. So that you shoot half a day, the goal sill is alive. The way of solving the problem is to shoot legs. AK hit upper and lower body injuries are here to stay and kick, then jumped on the gun is not so easy to hit high. The better to see the shoulder of enemy clearly, it is turned back line of sight by firing fog. Of course, you need spend more time for though the all shuts and buy cod gold.

2. How to evadable exploder, first of all maps to be very familiar with to avoid the danger zone, this is a question of experience to play more, we know that where will be a grenade crushed to death, where is the security. Secondly, we should always move the state, is to keep running non-stop exchange of position. The final step is to perform the big jump. That is, at the pickup of the state jump at the same time space + C, then you bend over. You will find that you can jump very far, and he floor trustworthy can immediately shoot turns, this was a good move.

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30/12/2009 - The experience of upgrade and make money



I play the game for a long time, and I find much joy from it. I gain much Redcliff Gold from the game certainly, and the redcliff online Gold can help me to buy better equipment. Of course, you can buy redcliff Gold to increase the combat capability.

The main way of this game is very simple, so you can get the redcliff money at the early period. Your lawn is divided into many squares, each squares, and each square can hold a plant. There are rows of zombies in front of your house gate. If the zombies go to your house, you will be game over.

Starting at game in the first few minutes, you have to pay attention while also planning sunflower plants grown defensive and began to resist a zombie. Your basic attack unit will be launched along the line of its beans, so this unit is to be planted as soon as possible. As the number of zombies become more, your plant team will appear in other unit, include shoot species, defense explode species, and attack species. After a successful attack against an eventual wave of zombies, you may be a small reward of a new game, a new type of plant or just flying across the screen prompts on the new enemy.

You just confirm your defense policy at the daytime but the zombies decide to attack at the night. So you need reorder your plant team to fight. When you just solve the night of the evil, dawn, some of the lattice will be occupied by your backyard pool. The new combat units under the new environment, the emergence of such a natural setting so that the difficulty increased.

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