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WoW - Zerg icon appeared

Posted on 21/4/2011 at 03:46

On the official site of Starcraft2 a new icon has appeared on the zerg. This makes the great hopes that wow will soon be presented to the zerg. But what happened to sound just a bit strange that, in contrast wow gold to the other nations at the features of the Zerg have shown no hero. It is also interesting that for the first time Hereafter artwork also see another Hydralisk.

As always you can about wow in our forum and discuss the discovered. Thanks to Lord of the Weed of these remarks has become the first.

Hura Hura, the Zerg are dofus kamas here. I hope wow stays that way otherwise I Modde the games and uses this crest. Blizzard I hope you have against the skin mots that are funny and no harm was.Ich think wow is safe ... but later switched to the new Zerg Kerrigan coat of arms looks really cool.

WoW - cooldowns on Hunter and rogue

Posted on 21/4/2011 at 03:46

For a long time to do a lot of World of Warcraft players to shorten the global cooldown and put their hopes that this could be a part of the many changes that will come with the upcoming WoW AddOn Cataclysm. According to a forum post from Ghostcrawler, wow gold this is not the case. Ensure that they remain in a period of 1.5 seconds and can be squeezed to a second through haste.

"Reducing the global cooldown is never on our list. However, we can imagine that we shorten the GCD of some hunters, just as we did with the villain. Because the new resource system, the hunter is like the rogue designed so that you can not spam multiple skills simultaneously. "

Ghostcrawler wrote, among other things in his post. He also points out that the Global Cool Down (GCD) is firstly important to the game balance and the other is a technical necessity in order for the rift gold exchange of data between server and game client can proceed smoothly.



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