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Walk in the style of cowboy with Timberland Custom boots

01:12, 19/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

These Custom boots are also classy and timeless as cowboys and cowgirls. In some places, it has the ultimate fashion statement. The main of this article is that how to order Custom-made Cowboy Boots.


1. Find a custom bootmaker. If you live in ranch country, seek out a local artisan. Go to a rodeo and ask the cowboys for a recommendation. If you live elsewhere, ask a Western-wear shop if it custom-orders boots, or shop online.


2. Choose the leather or skin. Cowhide is common, tough and cheap, but if you're willing to pony up a little more for dress boots and aren't squeamish, choose from the exotics--eel, ostrich, lizard, elk, shark, kangaroo, goat, deer, bison, python or alligator. Get a feel for the texture and ask about a particular material's durability. A range of color options are available.


3. Select a boot style and height. Western boots go all the way up the calf. Stockman, packers and work-style boots are a few inches shorter. Others come up a few inches above or hit right at the ankle.


4. Look at heels and soles. There are riding heels, walking heels and combinations. The standard height is 1 3/4 inches (4 1/2 cm), just right to hook around the bar of a stirrup. Soles are made from leather, thick crepe and rubber. What you plan to be kicking while wearing the stylish boots will determine the type of heel height you need.


5. Specify a toe shape. Western boots have a very pointy toe. Ropers and work boots are more rounded. There are many other options including French toes and square-cut hog noses.


6. Indulge your wildest fantasies with decorative options. Bootmakers pride themselves on exquisite stitching, wingtips, inlay patterns, silver or gold toe and heel plates, and intricate custom designs. For the ultimate gift, have your sweetheart's name inlaid in green lizard.


7. Measure your feet according to the instructions provided by the bootmaker. Unlike shoes or boots that lace, a cowboy boot is held snug to the foot by the instep alone. Proper fit is critical: Make sure you take accurate measurements.


8. Get all design options, costs and the delivery date in writing. Ask what recourse you have if you're unhappy with the finished results. Most artisans proudly guarantee both the work and your satisfaction; many have repeat customers who come back again and again over the years.


9. Pull on your Timberland custom boots, kick up your heels and enjoy. Now, you should know the way to order Custom-made Cowboy Boots. It will be a good try.

Internet reference: http://www.ehow.com/how_108064_order-custom-made.html

Editor: Agile

Teach you to choose shoes online

03:01, 14/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Shoes are currently becoming the top fashion accessory which is made more obvious by the exotic shoe trends. And when it comes to shoes or boots, the firstly come into our minds that are mainly of Timberland boots and Ugg boots these two world-class famous brands.


Every one of us want to catch the cheap things, and so you without exception. If you shop for a pair of cheap shoes, you will certainly find a large number of online sales. Sometimes, however, you may not know what size shoes to order because you did not buy the shoes in person. You can take your chances to guess the size, but it is very likely that you will be 1 / 2 size too small or too large. You can easily avoid this. Just find another shoe in a store near you that sells the same style and judge people. You'll have a much better idea of what size of order.


For example, if you find a pair of shoes online Sketcher that you really like a good price just to go to a store that Sketchers and try them. This will give you a good idea of what size of order. If you've read some comments of shoes online, many people will talk if they believe that the shoes run small or large. Of course, everybody has feet, it really is better to try them in person if you can afford the time to make a stop during your shopping.


Make sure that when you get on the shoes you are going later in the afternoon or evening. That's because your feet are slightly larger and wider than the day before. If you try the shoes in the early hours of the morning, you could end up buying a pair that is too small. It is also important that you use the good while trying to socks over shoes. You do not want to try and sneakers with a pair of nylons on socks or not.


Also, if for any reason you can not find a pair of durable shoes that feel comfortable that you want to try May soles of shoes, inserts or orthetics. Stylish Timberland boots are shoe inserts that are custom-made for your feet. These inserts are designed to keep your feet from feeling tired, if you walk long distances or stand for long periods of time. They are very popular with people who work long hours on their feet, such as nurses and wait staff. May you also need for inserts or special soles for shoes, because they generally come with less cushion the race or the type of sport shoes.


Shoes should feel comfortable when you put in place. Do not think you need to spend several days or weeks to break in. Athletic shoes should allow your feet to breathe as the many sweat glands in your feet will cause much distress to you and everyone in the room when you take your shoes. For certain types of shoes you might need to choose the mode for comfort and vice versa. Keep in mind how much time you spend on your feet and for what purpose and this will help you decide on this type of shoe is best.


It is said that quality and good-looking do not rely on the expensive price. Here, that is shoes should not be expensive. There are many offers on the cheap shoes on the Internet. The main thing is that you need to determine exactly what size you need before ordering. There are also many sites that pay to ship your order in case of wrong size. This can make shopping for shoes online, even less stressful.

Internet reference:


Editor: Agile

Release of the Greenpeace report of Timberland

02:41, 14/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Timberland is also working — and Timberland boots had been before the release of the Greenpeace report, apparently — on policies to steer the entire cattle industry away from deforestation in the Amazon. Nike will require its suppliers to certify that leather is not coming from the Amazonian region, and timberland will now require its suppliers to certify that leather is not source from newly deforested tracts of Amazonian forest.


Will other companies follow suit? According to Greenpeace, other us, brands that continue to source their leather and beef from unsustainable ranches in the Amazon include adidas, boss, Clarks, eagle Ottawa (which supplies car interiors for bmw, ford, Honda, Toyota, and others), geox, Gucci, Hilfiger, Ikea, Kraft, Louis vuitton, prada, Reebok, and wal-mart.


The advocacy group urged consumers to ask cheap timberland boots those brands to clean up their supply chains, so that they source leather from ranches that don't eat up the rainforest. A similar effort in 2006 is credited with stopping the rate of deforestation from soy farming in the Amazon. The Greenpeace report traced the leather used in consumer products like shoes and car interiors back through various suppliers to its source on cattle ranches in the Brazilian Amazon. These ranches cutting new swaths from the Amazonian jungle are the single largest contributor to global deforestation, representing 14% of all forests lost each year, according to Greenpeace.


An acre of rainforest is lost every eight seconds, and the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from deforestation help make Brazil the world's no. 4 greenhouse gas polluter in the world. Greenpeace lodges its biggest criticism, though, against the government of Brazil, which it says has supported the growth in the nation's cattle industry (which at 200 million head is the largest in the world) at the same time that it is a part owner of three of the nation's largest cheap timberland boots cattle businesses, bertin, jobs and marring.


A recent nasal analysis illustrates how deforestation spread so quickly through the Amazon, using the western state of rondonia, where about one in three acres of forest has been cleared: weeks after Greenpeace released a study identifying brands that source leather from unsustainable cattle ranches in the Amazon, famous Timberland and Nike have announced new policies to prevent deforestation there.

Internet reference: http://www.timberland-onsale.com/?cat=4

Editor: Agile

Timberland boots can be recycled

01:28, 9/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Recently Timberland's have good news. The new out of Timberland roll top boots is not only beautiful, and more valuable, when it is broken can be recycled. This represents the company's services have reached a new height. Provides not only high-end pre-service, but also increased the emphasis on the environment, protecting the environment from pollution.


In fact, the Timberland boots collection has been made of eighty percent renewable materials that characterize a fifteen percent lessening in greenhouse gas emission and the same proportion boost in the use of reusable content, in contrast to the old pair of Timberland boots.


Green Rubber Inc, manufacture Green Rubber soles that basically are fresh-patented green technology that Timberland Company made use of to come up with these exotic Earthkeepers boots. The technology is used to transform tire rubber that has been damped to supreme quality renewed rubber composite. This can then be recycled to come up with a resource to manufacture the outer soles of shoes. The Earthkeepers boot came as result of collaboration between Malaysia Green rubber and Timberland companies.


The Malaysian company offered their technology to convert ruined waste in to eco-friendly products such as the cheap Timberland boots collection lately. During the day it announced about its very first invention of this green product, the company confirmed its upcoming plans to involve shoes like these in its fall collection for 2009. The customers who will buy these shoes will get a chance to return them to any of the company's stores for renewing after they are done with it.


This is true because approximately eighty percent of Timberland roll top boots can be renewed at the company's factory in Dominican Republic. Some other recycling processes that can take place at the factory apart from leather comprise of polyester lining, detachable metal hardware and green rubber soles. Timberland Company has as a result of this creative invention been awarded silver rating from LWG for industry top water, waste and energy administration.


Timberland shoes are not only attention to consumer demand but also attach importance to environmental sustainability, and its initiatives are full of humanity and are a trusted brand for everyone. Timberland is a model for other shoes companies, they should learn from Timberland, healthier, greener and more environmentally friendly.

Internet reference: http://365articles.com/

Editor: Agile

Timberland boots allowing you to stay comfortable without sacrificing style

01:26, 9/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Timberland is one of the high-class brands, which are leaps and bounds in recent years. Timberland boots is inseparable from the success of their efforts, as well as their advanced technology and management methods. This is why the Timberland boots can success. That being the case, a successful company can not do without innovation. If not innovate, the company will be behind the others, and finally lead to failure. Timberland boots have been to improve themselves.


Timberland is popular for its casual shoes and boots and wins great reputation in this presentation. And it can cause a storm around the world with its unique Timberland boots. Timberland comes in many categories such as Timberland Classic Kids Timberland Boots, Boots and Boots of women and so on. Whatever the type of boots that is very trendy and stylish.


Timberland lunched a new activity. The program supports Timberland's modern, eco conscious Fall 2009 footwear collections and includes iPhone and Blackberry applications and games, interactive billboards, branded videos and commercials on Hulu. The company is also using customizable Pandora radio stations, in-store promotions, reverse sidewalk graffiti and out-of-home advertising.


The customized city application is available now in six U.S. markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Denver and Minneapolis. Expedition Timberland guides users to hiking trails, neighborhood walks, secret spots for relaxing and the best city views, among other outdoor-oriented activities.


Timberland boots' move has made initial achievements, Kids Timberland Boots, Mens 6 Inch Boots, Mens Chukka Boots, Mens Custom Boots, Timberland classic boots, Womens Roll-Top Boots have increased sales, Timberland boots integrated marketing an initial victory, I believe that in the near future have a greater effect.


Functional and aesthetic is always a pair of incompatible terms. Practical things are usually ugly, on the contrary, the beauty of things not so practical. This rule is to fit the boots. However, Timberland boots is a special case; Timberland boots not only on a set of functional and aesthetic requirements, but also often create personalized products for them.


Quality winter boots are an important accessory for anyone who lives in a climate with cold temperatures and precipitation. Unfortunately, most warm boots are not always the best looking footwear because of their bulky appearance. If you want to add a touch of personal style to your winter shoes, consider customizing a pair of Timberland boots. These waterproof boots are practical and fashionable, allowing you to stay comfortable without sacrificing style.

Internet reference: http://ezinearticles.com/

Editor: Agile

Timberland, in the name of Earth Day

01:44, 5/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Today in our economy, everyone is familiar to the Timberland and their fashionable boots. We never stop thinking about the new range coming daily in the outerwear & boot market. It is amazingly far-off to reach. Since the company was set up in 1975 in USA, the customers really liked it & made them a big selling brand name in all over the world. Any product has its own worth in the market and is differentiated by its qualities & price.


Depending on this, the demand for the product increases or decreases and the competition goes on among different competitors of the same product. In a casual boot market, Doc Martins is known to be the best creator for casual shoes. However, they are the tough competitors of Timberland Men's boots. Timberland provides boots that look elegant and strong from outside and can go with any kind of clothes and the cost is very much reasonable.


Even non - hikers can get a kick out of Timberlands. The Company is best known for making and promoting men's, women's, and kids' footwear. The company's footwear comprises its famous Timberland waterproof boots, hiking boots, boat shoes, dress and outdoor casual, and sandals. The company also includes apparel like outerwear, shirts and pants and accessories consist of sunglasses, watches, and belts. The price range can be affordable by anybody in the economy.


Economic downturn and environmental protection can not be depressed. This economic downturn, when people go outside to seize the concern for ecology, implement environmental protection, natural interaction with the United States outdoor recreation brands in Taiwan Timberland moving process, find their own original The kick is not bad spirit, let's launch of a campaign slogan. Recovery in the early spring sunshine to everything, how to retaliate this leave without pay the most touching a low ebb as a turning point in life.


All the companies say their environmentally conscious consumers have heard this tired cliché, but it does not mean anything to show for the wrong. Jonah said: classic timberland boots Earth Day to promote the environmental performance of companies like to advertise during the Super Bowl in the United States, if you do not preach, but will consumers think your business is not enough green.

Internet reference:http://www.timberlander.com/index.php?main_page=more_news&news_id=48

Editor: Agile

How to spot the true and false Timberland

01:32, 5/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

The popular brands of shoes and clothing for quite a while, reflecting still can, so there will be fake goods out of school, Agile here to brief you about the fashionable Timberland boots true or false identification.


1. Fabric: genuine – the first layer of frosted leather (cortex relatively smooth, the surface of powder), timberland classic queen material models has always been. One or the imitation of foreign trade alone is often used in leather or nubuck leather two-story (one foot of more than 10 pieces of fabric) and relatively inexpensive.


2. Workmanship: the toe a little bit alike genuine, because design is starting from a human mechanics, this is very suitable for that pioneering era of the united states (because of long labors need is durable and comfort), while the foreign trade alone or imitation alone straightforward, although the surface could not see any difference, but can not wear feet long is to make sense of fatigue, the formation degree of toe workmanship will simply not work with authentic in the same breath.


3. Weight: genuine: 2 kg, and foreign trade: 1.6 kg, instruction sheet: 1.8 kg


4. Design: only genuine before the wind inside the design. This cold winter is very necessary.


5. Logo: sole with timberland’s logo, is the sole mold making system when necessary to their work.


Take a glance of the Timberland classic boots, and there is no flash.

Shoe size: this is a very important distinction between true and false place.

Outside the single-or instruction sheet number: 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46.

only genuine bring about such a number: 40.5 41 41.5 42 42.5 43 43.5 44 44.5 45 45.5 46.5 (fcl 12 pairs, one pair of numbers) so genuine distribution yards on the distribution, the size of points is very small, there are half a yard, foreign trade or the instruction sheet and will do so fine do? Meticulous in the **** 100-200 seller can sell you with? Hexibeifeng go back early. Classic bar :) shoebox: genuine shoebox smooth surface and hardness, color clarity than a single trade or imitation to be much higher. So you with these acknowledge you can spot the fake Timberland boots easily.

Internet reference:http://www.timberland-onsale.com/

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The brief of Chukka boots

08:36, 26/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Chukka boots are a popular style of boots in menswear shoes. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are sold by numerous shoe companies at various prices. At first glance, some may appear to be a type of combat boot because they are similar to boots worn by British soldiers. Today they have developed into a boot of choice for many men and have gone on to become popular with women and children as well.



British soldiers needed cool, yet sturdy, boots to wear during the desert campaigns of World War II. Tall boots would have been too warm. Therefore, designers created ankle-length, lace-up boots with a crepe sole that were dubbed "desert boots." After the war, this design became popular as a casual shoe, sometimes termed "turf boots."



Chukka boots are casual, ankle-high boots that are most often made of either suede or calfskin, although some are made of more exotic materials such as alligator or ostrich hide. The eyelets may or may not have grommets. Laces are usually made of leather or waxed cord, and the soles are either leather or man-made crepe.



Chukka boots were popular as casual shoes, because various thicknesses of socks could be worn with them. By treating the leather with a product such as mink oil, the chukkas are also can be waterproof boots and, with winter-weight socks, were practical for winter wear. The crepe soles helped prevent slipping on icy sidewalks, and the height of the boots helped keep out wet, slushy snow.


Origin of the Term

During the 1940s and 1950s, the game of polo was becoming more popular in America, and these boots took on the name of "chukka boots"---named after one of the timed periods in a polo game.


Today's Chukka Boots

Present-day chukka boots are still made of leather, and while some remain ankle-high, many newer styles are cut much lower and have the support, spring and movement of a good athletic shoe. Heavier weight chukkas are made of thick leather, with 3 to 7 pairs of eyelets, and are often used as hiking boots. Some are even insulated with materials such as Gore-Tex, so they can be worn in cold temperatures. Those with steel toes are sometimes used by policemen, and laborers use them as work boots.


Chukka shoes, like other boots, have a throat in addition to the shoe tongue. The throat is the part of the boot that you slip the foot through to put on the shoe. Here, I want to give you a suggestion that have a try of Timberland boots, include hiking boots, working boots etc. you deserve them!

Internet reference:http://www.ehow.com/about_5066189_chukka-boots-definition.html

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Timberland holds the community greening and concert events

08:34, 26/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Timberland launches 'Dig It'-a multi-city initiative designed to bring eco-minded activists and artists together through environmentalism, tree planting, art and music. These daylong community greening and concert events will take place in Boston (October 1, 2008); New York (October 4, 2008); Los Angeles (October 11, 2008); and San Francisco (October 18, 2008). The 'Dig It' initiative supports Timberland's commitment to green 300 communities globally in the next two years and celebrates the new Timberland footwear collection.


For the daytime community greening events, Timberland will partner with American Forests, the non-profit organization focused on planting trees for environmental restoration and pioneering the science and practice of urban forestry. Timberland and American Forests will enlist approximately 200-300 volunteers to help plant trees in each city with the aid of local partners, including New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in New York; North East Trees in Los Angeles; and Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) in San Francisco. Each organization will target an environmentally neglected area in their city and plant trees, clean sites, and educate neighbors about the importance of maintaining these new green spaces in their communities.


'American Forests', the Global ReLeaf program is proud to partner with Timberland on the Earthkeepers 'Dig It' project. Together with our local partners and hundreds of volunteers who will wear Timberland shoes, we will be transforming areas of need into areas of green by planting trees and improving the environment in local communities. This environmental action at the local level is a hands-on experience for everyone involved but the benefits of clean air, storm water control and cooling shade are there for everyone in the community to share," said Deborah Gangloff, executive director of American Forests.


For more information, please visit our website www.tblshoes.com. At our website you can find latest news of Timberland products, and learn latest information of Timberland shoes cheap sale event and price adjustment. Welcome to select and purchase! Keep in mind, we offer classic Timberland boots, men's 6 inch Timberland boots, kid's Timberland boots, women's Timberland high top boots, and women's Timberland roll-top boots and so on. Welcome your coming, and we will look forward of you all the time!

Internet reference:


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Means to preserve your Timberland bootsĄŻ quality

06:34, 22/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Timberland boots are considered essential accessories for fashionista, just giving you a feeling of cowboy. Suppose that you have a pair of women's Timberland boots, and we need to properly care for them to preserve their quality.


The purpose of stretching Timberland boots is to improve on the fit of the shoes in order to make us feel more comfortable while wearing them. The steps below are relatively easy and require minimal effort. You can do these at home


Before stretching the Timberland boots, make sure to clean the inside and outside parts with a damp cloth. This will free the pair of shoes from the lines and marks especially if you use warm water for cleaning.


Put a small amount of saddle soap on the rag before wiping it on the surface of the boots, as this will serve as a wax coating to make the shoes shiny. Apply in even strokes and get rid of all the unwanted dirt and marks on the boots.


When the Timberland boots have dried and are finally ready to be worn, put on a pair of socks and put the boots on for about an hour. This will make the leather warm. After removing your boots, you can stuff them with damp newspaper, filling the whole area as tightly as you can. Make sure that the shape of the boots is still maintained. This will make the boots softer and voila- after a few days or a week, they will be stretched to fit comfortably on your feet.


Other people may think that standing on water while wearing boots is a good idea. This is a no-no, because water may destroy the material which the Timberland boot is made of. Foot molds are available in shoe stores which may be used from time to time. Oil is also a good component for making leather stretch. All you have to do is rub them onto your Timberland boots.


Also a point to mention, though most of Timberland boots are waterproof, so called waterproof boots, but you had better not always wear it in rainy days. With too much time dipped in water, it will definitely cut down your Timberland boots lifespan. So you should avoid wearing it in heavy rains. Even though you have got your Timberland boots wet, soon get it dry!

Internet reference:http://www.articledashboard.com/Article

Editor: Agile

Live an enjoyable life with Timberland boots

06:31, 22/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Have you prepared yourself a perfect pair of hiking boots? There are all sorts of hikers, from those who love the serenity of a countryside stroll, to those who live for the adrenaline rush of tackling the world's most thankless terrain. They all share a common appreciation of the great outdoors. So a pair of quality hiking boots is very necessary. If you still have no, please read on, only a few minutes later, you will have a clear concept about which hiking boots are worth of buying.


Strong, well-built hiking boots can protect not only your feet, but also your entire body, from the hazards of rough terrain. You know, the great Timberland boots just have done it well in this field. With fashion design, praiseworthy comfort, Timberland women's boots and Timberland men's boots appeal to many people all over the world.


You know, your hiking boots should withstand vigorous wear and tear. Yet, it is a pity that there are few shoes doing well in this point, though with appealing design, however, not for a long time, it just goes broken. Are there some shoes or boots just having done it well both in design and durability. The answer is yes. Have not you noticed the Timberland boots, which never satisfying in comfort or style?


For me, I feel Timberland boots distinctive. Unlike UGG boots, with the same features, Timberland from womens Timberland boots to mens, and even kids, they are have different features. I especially like the roll top design which makes you look cool, more fashionable. So I also have the special women's Timberland roll top boots which just brighten your eyes.


Some body says Timberland boots are not only suitable for hiking, but also ideal for office footwear. Do you know that Timberland boots are also considered to be the great waterproof leather boots? Unlike another brand also from America, UGG does not do well in this aspect, but Timberland waterproof boots just settle for the question.


Have you got the answer right now? Probably, just like me, you love the brand at the very first sight and get a pair of them to enjoy. So you can visit this website www.talshoes.com, where will show you with a series of durable and stylish Timberland boots. Just go and choose right now!

Internet reference:http://www.bootshack.com/choosing_hiking_boots.html

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