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Teen Swap blog Alexander

The day after arrival

10:03, 16/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I really enjoyed it in the Netherlands, but I am happy that I am back.

Day 22 on the airport in Canada

21:24, 15/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
My parents are waiting for me on the airport. I am happy that I see them back.

Day 22 the trip back

07:58, 15/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Today I am going back. I had a lot of fun. It was a very nice family. I am sorry that I have to go back, but I miss my family too.

Day 22 on the airport in Holland

06:17, 15/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I sweep the family where I was the last three weeks.

Day 18 cooking

10:55, 11/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I am now cooking for the hole family. I cook Poutine. That’s fries, covered with cheese and gravy soaked.

Day 18 family visit

10:54, 11/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today is coming the rest of the family. I think it is very nice. Tonight I can cook something Canadian. I hope they like it.

Day 18 the diner

10:27, 11/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Now I can see if they like it, I hope it so. I think they find it tasty. So they hear also.

The first week

10:52, 6/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
That was the first week. I hope that the next two weeks are the same.

Day 11 the trip

11:51, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I go with my new family to ‘Madurodam’, I don’t know what that is. They told me that it is the Netherlands in miniature. It is very funny. I can see whole Netherlands.

Day 8 drum les

17:58, 1/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I go to drum les. I am curious how it is. It’s a very nice teacher, he helps me good. I must go to practice at home. Bert has a drum kit in his sleeping room.

Day 7 football training

18:48, 31/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I now go to the football training. I’m excited. It’s very funny.

Day 4 the first time to school

15:46, 28/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I now go to school for the first time in Holland. I go to school by bike. In Canada we go to school by the school bus. It’s only 30 minutes by bike. In Canada it’s 1 hour with the school bus. I have a nice class with 20 children. We have today Netherlands, I understand nothing of. The rest of the time I do not have much. Only in English and French I am very good. The rest is to quick for me and the teachers are not all very good in English.

Day 2 the diner

18:16, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

We eat kale with sausage. I have never seen it before. It tastes not bad, a little bit strange.

Day 2 the lunch

13:11, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
We eat again bread.

Day 2 the end of the match

12:08, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
We won with three-one. It was very funny.

Day 2 the football match

10:56, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

I now go to the football, I hope I will do it good. At home I play ice hockey. The other players in the football team are nice. We are doing first a warming-up. Than we start with the game, I am at the same place as Bert.

Day 2 the breakfast

10:37, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

In the morning we eat bread and cornflakes with milk. In Canada we eat in the morning toast, French toast, cornflakes, waffles, pancakes, crepe, hash browns, bacon and egg with orange juice, half a grapefruit and coffee. Of course not all at once. The parents say: “Bert plays football, he has a match today. You must play for him. The match begins at eleven o’clock. His clothes are in the closet.” After the breakfast I am going to look for the clothes. I am happy they fit.

Day 1 on the way home

10:51, 25/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
  On the way they ask everything For instance:

Where do you live?

Have you ever been before in Holland?

Do you like Holland?

After a half hour we are already by the home. That is very quick, in Canada it took me sometimes three hours.

Day 1 on the airport in Canada

10:44, 25/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

I am riding now to the airport. I am going to check in. I must wait for two hours until the airplane departs.

Day 1 on the airport in Holland

10:17, 25/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I just landed. I’m going to pack my bags. I have found my bags. I see a clock, it’s nine o’clock. It’s very late. I see my new family, they are at the airport. We go straight home.

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Day 22 on the airport in Holland
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