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The twenty-first day February 14

01:00, 14/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

This is the last day of the 3 weeks.

The 3 weeks were very nice and funny.

I am also happy to see my own family.

The backpack is full.

It’s 2 o’clock.

The whole family is sitting in the car.

The father drives.

We go trough the mountains.

The view is very nice.

But after 2 hours of riding is it boring.

After the last boring hour in Canada.

I say bye to the family.

The journey with the airplane is long.

But I am happy to see min own country.

day 20 February 20

09:58, 1/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

The last day in this house.

The mother does all the dirthy dishes in the dishwasher.

Father is in the forest to cut wood.

It's is a nice day.

But there is nothings special.

I go packing my backpacks in the evening.

The thirteenth day February 6

09:48, 1/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Match day.

I go to play my first ice hockey match today.

We go on top in the competition.

The opponent stands last.

It’s an easy match.

After 5 minutes of playing the score is 2-0 for us.

After 15 minutes it is my turn to play.

It goes not bad.

My position is forward.

The puck goes really fast.

But I score a goal in the last minute of the match.

It’s 10-9.

We win the match.

The fifth day January 29

09:47, 29/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

It’s Sunday, that means: no school!

In the morning we go skiing with the whole family.

That’s fun because we go skiing in the garden.

After skiing is the lunch.

The lunch is delicious.

After the lunch we go with the car to an uncle and the grandparents.

It’s a long trip of 3 hours.

The houses are widely spaced.

After the visit is the diner.

After diner I go to the ice hall for an ice hockey training.

In the team are 10 persons.

It’s hard to do sharp turns.

But my teammates helps me very good.

At the end we do a little match 2 versus 2.

I must play with the best of the team.

We do it very well.

The first game is a draw (2-2) and we win the second game with 5-2.

The second day January 26

07:46, 26/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

The second day January 26


I wake up.

It’s school day.

The school bus leaves at half past eight.

I ask at the driver of the bus how many kilometres it is to the school.

The driver says: 30 kilometres.

That’s really far.

After another 20 stops the bus arrives in a city.

In the middle of the city is the school.

It’s a big building with 3 floors.

My friends for the next 3 weeks are waiting for me in front of the school building.

The first classroom is on the second floor.

It’s very hard to walk upstairs with a heavy backpack.

The friends are nice.

The classroom is a big classroom.

The class is also big: 25 girls and 33 boys.

The teacher starts the lesson.

The lesson is about the history of Canada.

It’s very boring.

The homework is: write a text about the history of Canada.

The text must have at least 200 sentences.

We must hand it in on February 9th.

After a long school day I go with my friends to the gym of school.

The training of the school basketball team starts.

The exercises are hard.

But it’s fun.

At home I go under the shower.

The first day January 25

06:20, 15/1/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

All my bags are full.

I say bye to my parents.

In the airport are a lot of people.

My flight takes off from gate 7.

I walk to the gate.

Now I can see our airplane.

It’s a big airplane.

After I found my place the only thing I can do is waiting.

It’s a journey from about 8 hours.

I’m a lucky guy.

Because of my IPod.

But I forgot the charger.

After 2 hours of playing the IPod is dead.

I try to sleep in the airplane.

But there is a lot of noise in the air.

After 2 borings hours the plane approaches the airport.

It’s a hard touch-down.

I am still a lucky guy because the family where I am going to sleep the next 3 weeks is waiting for me.

After a ride of 3 hour in a Dodge Ram 1500.

I arrived in the house.

It’s a big house, with a big garden.

I am very tired after the long journey, so I am going to sleep now.

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