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About professional (hand)tools and how to sell them in Europe.

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Snel en nauwkeurig handmatig elektrocardiogram beoordelen met ECG-schuifmaat

Posted at 22:53 on 6/12/2015

Elektronische ECG-schuifmaat. De moderne vorm van handmatige beoordeling van een Elektrocardiogram; eenvoudig en snel, zeker en professioneel.

ECG-schuifmaat van Scala Messzeuge

De elektronische ECG-schuifmaat van Scala Messzeuge maakt het mogelijk om in een paar eenvoudige stappen een snelle en zekere beoordeling te doen van de ECG-diagrammen met een papiersneheid van 25mm/s of 50mm/s.

Cardiologisch relevante meetgegevens zoals hartfrequentie (HR/bpm), QT-tijd (QT), gecorrigeerde QT-tijd (QTc), Sokolow-Lyon-index (S-L), ST-daling, QRS-complex, milliseconden (ms) en milli-Volt (mV) kunnen (gedeeltelijk) met een druk op de knop berekend worden en staan borg voor een snelle diagnostisering.

Het gebruik van het tot nog toe gebruikelijke ECG-liniaal icm een passer en een tabellenboek is hiermee achterhaald. Door de geïntegreerde rekenfuncties in de elektronica van de ECG-schuifmaat, wordt het aantal metingen per elektrocardiogram verkleind. Hierdoor is de handmatige beoordeling van een ECG nu eenvoudiger, sneller en nauwkeuriger; het mindere aantal benodigde metingen verkleint meetfouten en  toleranties. Met name de automatische berekening van de gecorrigeerde QT-tijd (QTc) is van grote medische betekenis; het zogenoemde lang QT syndroom is snel(ler) en zeker(der) te herkennen.

De elektrische hartassen volgens de Cabrera-cirkel in de Einthoven-driehoek zijn duidelijk afleesbaar op de achterkant van de ECG-schuifmaat aangebracht.


De karakterhoogte van 6,5mm op het LCD-display zorgt voor het eenvoudige aflezen van de berekende waarden.

De ECG-schuifmaat wordt gevoed door een standaard 1,5V zilveroxide knoopcel-batterij en is CE-geclassificeerd.

Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Ternbach of bezoek HIER de site van Scala Messzeuge en bekijk de promotiefilm.

Electronische ECG-schuifmaat

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Tool manufacturers crawl closer to end users?

Posted at 01:29 on 17/8/2014

In my previous article I wrote about the predictment of Cor Molenaar,Professor at the Department of Business Administration of RSM/ Erasmus University Rotterdam, that the supply chain will implode.
What does he mean? I will explain with two concrete examples.

Distributor crawls next to the wholesaler /retailer

In the toolworld, we have a number of roles or functions.Firstly, there is the manufacturer.The manufacturer produces the tools or has them produced in his name. The manufacturer supplies finished products to the wholesaler or retailer OR to the distributor.The wholesaler or retailer delivers to the end user.
The distributor holds inventory and supplies the wholesaler or retailer.The distributor does not supply directly to the end user.The distributor is often designated by the manufacturer. In case ofl ong lead times or large (physical) distance between the stock of the manufacturer and the market of the distributor,the distributor i sresponsible for the delivery of the products of the manufacturer in his country.Even if the delivery times are not long or the distance between the stock is not large,the distributor often has added value to the manufacturer; the distributor is responsible for the rapid and small deliveries and thus relieves pressure from the logistics of the manufacturer.This value for the manufacturer translates itself into an extra-low purchase price for the distributor (lower than that of the wholesaler or retailer).Often wholesalers and retailers are allowed to buyd irectly from the manufacturer.The wholesaler and retailer will buy at a lower price from the manufacturer than if they buy from the distributor but the delivery times will be longer and they have to buy more product.
But what happens if the distributor starts supplying Bol.com? Bol.com can be seen as a wholesaler, but it is not really. On the other hand, the distributor does not supply the end user directly, but the wholesaler and retailer lose their role.The cost structure of this online platform is much lower which may lead to much lower end user prices, or, more likely,higher margins for the distributor.

Manufacturer crawls next to the wholesaler /retailer

In Germany, the United States and the UK, manufacturers are approached by Amazon to supply their products via the Amazon online platform. Products are delivered with dropshipments (directly from the factory to the end user but the invoice comes from Amazon) or via the Amazon warehouse. In this case, the entire traditional supply chain has lost it’s role.

UMAP, Unified Minimum Advertising Price

As long as the distributor and the manufacturer take into account, the necessary added value for the brand the wholesalers and retailers have (information, returns, service and repair) and the prices to the end user will not become too low,there is no need for a price war and the whole system will find a new balance.

In the United States for this purpose there is UMAP: It is not allowed to advertise below a certain minimum price, set by the manufacturer. Sony, Samsung and Philips apply this already to their products. Unfortunately,this systemis is prohibited in the EU.So here it will come down to the self-discipline of the distributor and manufacturer.

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Hardware and Tools: From buying group to sales group?

Posted at 12:49 on 22/7/2014

Hardware and Tools: From buying group to sales group?

Future of Retail

There is a lot written on the future of retail and the necessary restructuring of retail or even how we can save retail. Cor Molenaar, Professor at the Department of Business Administration atRSM / Erasmus University Rotterdam forecasts include:

Customers orient themelves on the Internet and then decide on what and where they buy; Customers are becomming experts.
Smaller stores with higher turnover rates but lower costs and integration of the Internet into the store.
Other agreements with manufacturers like fixed retail price, more accountability for stock at the manufacturer with fast delivery to the retail shop: Implosion of the supply chain.
Delivery at home becomes habit.
Local warehouses do micro deliveries (within 1 hour) while stock is at the expense and risk of the manufacturer: New function of the wholesaler: collect and distribute.


In addition, there has been much speculation about the arrival of Amazon to the Netherlands. Amazon is considered the most progressive retailer in the world. Because they have "big data" on what is bought and sold through Amazon Marketplace, they arewell ableto successfully copy products and marketing strategies for their own benefit. Unlike Marktplaats.nl or Ebay, Amazon isalso a retailer. And direct payment by the customer and a payment term of 90 days to the manufacturer's is another great benefit for Amazon as a retailer. This is one of the explanations why Bol.com was acquired by Ahold; Now there is still a competitive advantage because of theirc urrent market position and client database.

Hardware and tools trade

It seems in The Netherlands, we move at a slower pace than the rest of the world, especially in hardware and tools. It is claimed that The Netherlands after Belgium has the most conservative hardware and tools market in the world and in our "little" country we have more outlets than the whole of Germany in the similar industry. In some industrial areas more than one similar outlet are within sight.

number of colleagues are well on their way selling online in addition to over the counter salesat their physical locations. There are equally those, who automatically, depending on the number of "clicks" that does not lead to a purchase, generate a promotion by their software. And there are a number of big foreign players who have become very successful in a short time in our market through a user-friendly on-line platform, coupled with a short supply chain. Yes, Bol.com sells hardware and tools but the prices are not really competitive with other distribution channels. In short, we move slowly.

And also manufacturers do not seem to take the emergence of on-line sales and the world-wide-web seriously: Different price lists in different countries, hardly any on-line "content" on USP's or on new products or how to use the product, still working with exclusive distribution through local (district or country) partners who serve only one customer group (no multichannel).


A good example of a well thought-out and future-looking initiative is EZ-base. This is a database in which manufacturers can submit their products in a uniform manner so that the retailer has all the information at its disposal in order to compare with other products and to create accurate quotes. EZ-Base is supported by the major Dutch and Belgium buying groups, Ferney, Zevij-Necomij and Transferro, making this platform very useful and cost-effective for the manufacturer.
EZ-base Bouwdata pool is the latest strong initiative in which manufacturers, (infra) builders and wholesalers are working together in the construction industry on a database with product information for commercial purposes.
Whether and how EZ-base will be deployed on the sales side is still not entirely clear to me. There are major differences between the 3 purchasing groups. Ferney cooperates with the German EDE. EDE is able to send one hammer and 10 nails from a central warehouse to an enduser with the invoice payable to the local dealer and is it's own bank. Zevij-Necomij is in the Netherlands and Belgium in terms of outlets and turnover the lasgest.

From buying group to sales group

Perhaps the time has come to also work together in the area of sales before we are forced by the advancing world around us. Now retail is already complaining that there is nothing more to be earned on powertools. Zevij-Necomij alone has a combined total revenue ofEUR 350 million. Combined with those of Transferro and Ferney we should be able to generate enough buying and selling power to restructure our marketplace before this power will be entirely in the hands of the Amazons and the endusers. This will leave us a sound marketplace where everyone can still earn their money and ultimately the enduser will benefit the most. Because if 25% of retail purchases are done on line, then there are always 75% done over the counter.

Rob Lintner
Ternbach Agenturen B.V.

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Commission Agent and Darwins theory

Posted at 01:10 on 28/6/2014
One is often surprised, when I explain that I'm a commission agent of professional hand tools. Does that profession still exist?, is the often heard question. The view is that the profession of commission agent is something of the past and today, with our transparent world and global websites and brands, we are well off without it.

Since I am a commission agent, and successful at what I do, I have, of course, an entirely different opinion.

The markets are getting leaner and leaner. This means that everything a company does, which is not for the direct benefit of the customer, can be considered as cost. And costs should be avoided in order to maintain competitiveness.This leads to more and more links in the distribution chain disappearing. E.g. Chinese factories offer their products directly on alibaba.com to (professional) endusers in packs of 10 up to a full 40-foot container load. Buying groups send their drop shipment from their Central European depots directly to the enduser while the invoice comes through a local dealer: Ordered before three oClock and you will receive your shipment the next day wherever you want in Europe. Or what do you think of Amazon: Such a sophisticated and user-friendly B2B or B2C platform thatyou canplace your order while you are waiting for a traffic light. The back and forth shipping of supplies to local hubs belongs to the past. Not our European borders will determine stock-location but it's accessibility within a predetermined timeframe. The finely meshed logistics are taken over by parcel services which ensure same-day or next-day delivery.

But how will we deal with our customers in future? Certainly not only by email or by an anonymous voice from a callcenter? How do we help our customers to chose our products when they are wandering around in the multitude of vendors and their hundreds if not thousands of products? Who convinces a customer a better product or solution? Who communicates with the customer in his own language and finds the need the customer is not yet aware of? Who can quickly assess a warranty claim or mediate in (non) payments? Who does demos or visits the (potential) customers with a trunk full of look-and-feel samples and verbal explanation and persuasion? Who communicates deviating requirements or specifications withhis manufacturer for the benefit of the customer,but already has an idea if it will be feasibility? Who makes the manufacturer aware of the (local) markets and is able to estimate the best selling price or can negotiate it with a customer?

There will always remain the need for a strong communicative link that should not cost too much.The commission agent can be that link. With just a car, a computer and a good taste for coffee, costs are covered by only a few percent of the price of the product. And for that small amount of money the commission agent is the local scout AND stormtrooper. And thus completes the chain to the customer with maximum flexibility.

And as Darwin said it:not the fittest survive but those that adapt best to changing circumstances.

Ternbach Agencies BV is a commission agent for VOELKEL, V-COIL, DRONCO, WGB, Compass Europe, SCALA, MPS, D+N and LIGNUM.
For more information check http://www.ternbach.nl, mail toinfo@ternbach.nl or call +31(0) 626 052 746
Rob Lintner
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