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2012 Annoying TV Characters

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We all love genre television. It one of the reasons a site like Mania exists. But even our favorite genre TV shows cannot escape the malady of an annoying character. That character that just really bugs you for whatever reason, maybe it their personality, the way they look or something they done on the show. Even genre TV has its versions of Dustin Diamond! So with that in mind, here is a look at some of our favorite, but annoying characters in genre TV.

8. Tara Thornton, True Blood

To say Tara has trust issues would be a cavernous understatement. Tara basically has a love/hate relationship with just about everyone in the town of Bon Temps. This is one lady to steer far clear from!

7. Debra Morgan, Dexter

While were on the subject of females who are bi-polar,there Dexter sister Debra, the only character who could make a serial killer look positively normal. A mouth that would make most truckers blush, Deb bounces from one ill-advised relationship to another. First she falls in love with her foster brother who turns out to be the serial killer known as The Ice Truck Killer, then she falls for FBI profiler Frank Lundy, then she falls for her confidential informant Anton who is kidnapped and nearly murdered, then she goes BACK to Frank Lundy who is promptly murdered. Deb is so indecisive about everything you just want to slap her! Guys,this is one girl who you don want to see on a blind date!

6. Richard Alpert, Lost

One great thing about Lost is that when they have an annoying character, they usually recognize them and flush them off the show: Whiny Shannon Rutherford, Killed by Ana Lucia; Ana Lucia (has Michelle Rodriguez ever had a role that wasn annoying?) shot by Michael; Charlie Pace, drowned (as if Dominic Monaghan was convincing as a rock star). Richard is annoying for a whole different reason--he just too damn mysterious. Richard seemingly is the one character on the island who knows everything but he not giving up his secrets. And just how old is this guy anyway? Hundreds of years? Thousands? The Mystery of Richard Alpert is driving us crazy and annoying us! We want answers!

5. Sam Winchester, Supernatural

Ok, so how can one of the two main lead characters be annoying? Well, when one of those characters doesn have the willpower to resist female demons and becomes addicted to demon blood, resulting in Lucifer being released from prison and bringing about the freaking apocalypse for God sake, I say that pretty damn annoying. Thanks Sam, we are all doomed because you were thinking with your pants!

4. Kahlan Amnell, Legend of the Seeker

She gorgeous beyond belief with the most intoxicating blue eyes imaginable. Kahlan is every man dream until you fall in love with her and become her subservient slave due to her powers as a confessor. Poor Richard, living the life of a simple farm boy for all those years and this ray of eternal hotness enters his life and well, cold dips in the pond are all he can do to survive once he discovers what could happen.

3. Chloe Sullivan, Smallville

Now had this been seasons one through eight, insipid, wishy-washy Lana Lang easily would have been the choice. But with Lana out of the picture (for now) we turn to Chloe Sullivan. Chloe,it been nine years,get over Clark! It not going to happen! Poor Chloe, despite everything she been through: getting kidnapped by Doomsday on her wedding day, seeing Jimmy murdered, etc, she still carries the torch for Clark. Every episode we have to put up with the downtrodden puppy dog eyes as she pines away. Please, get this girl a new boyfriend and fast!

2. Matt Parkman, Heroes

Boy, take your pick of annoying characters on this show, right! But the choice is Matt Parkman. Jeez Parkman, how about picking a path and sticking to it? No wonder why Sylar is having a field day playing with his fragile psyche. One moment he gung-ho cop and the next he wants to me Mr. Mom. He has one of the most powerful abilities of any character and he wallows in self-pity. I have to admit, I rooting for Sylar when if comes to his battle with Parkman.

1. Delia Banks, Ghost Whisperer

Bet you thought we take the easy way out and pick Jamie Kennedy Eli James character, but no. Ever since joining the cast in season two, this Manheim Steamroller has been a reason to consider throwing heavy objects at the TV (but I wouldn advise it). The divisive Delia seems to have been added to the cast for no other reason than to be a direct contrast to the awesome hotness that is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Couldn Melinda get a friend who is sort of near to her own age group and, ya know, maybe hot as well?

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This is pretty amazing but , its the first time okonmiyaki and I agree about something. Tara is pretty awesome. Yeah, she has some issues but considering her baggage, she carries herself pretty well. And not to pull out the race and cultural difference card but I know and have met plenty women of color from the south that are exactly like Tara, maybe minus the emotional baggage. I loved Tara from moment one, when she went off on the idiot customer. Rita is definately the annoying one on Dexter, not Deborah. Mainly because Rita character is so often used for 'Oh my, how will Dexter ever get out of this?' plot holes. Again, Richard is a great character on Lost. Just because you don't know the answers surrounding a character, doen't make the character annoying. They have these great characters to work with, but don't know what to do with them. Matt is one of them, as are Hiro and Peter. And as if there aren't enough underused characters on this show, lets add a carnival full of them too. I agree with Ponyboy, the list itself is the annoying thing here.

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