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that invisible girl


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that song of Rihanna, i mean black butterflies, does make sense. i feel like that now i wish he could just disappear and never appears but i'm not an evil witch or a good fairy so that won't happen. i mean i'm just a normal person

Posted: 19:05, 4/12/2011
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Invisible girl


Well, a lot of drama passed by this weekend. Although I managed it, there’s still one drama going through my head…. Well, he was being such an asshole lately but still… Could I have the power to forgive him? Well, I don’t think I have that much power left. But I’m gonna try at least try to forgive him. Okay this really sucks. It’s like there are two sides of me. One side would like to forgive him but the other side would like to punish him real hard. I mean I told literally all my secrets. But I think rumours were destroying it again. Although I didn’t hear that rumour. Duhh I didn’t hear them they were about me.. Like anyone would tell me a rumour about me.. Well if my friends heard it they would tell me right? Right? Of course not. Nice to know my friends wouldn’t tell me that even though I told them everything. I’m gonna focuss on school. I’ve got tests form this Friday ‘till next Thursday. I’ll start with math. I really have to learn for that one. Because my grades aren’t that great. Have to go bye,


Posted: 19:02, 4/12/2011
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