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Tiffany: Luxury is not fashion

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Tiffany was founded in 1837 has been successfully established in their consumers on a "luxury" brand image, and became a symbol of high quality and expensive. When people say a certain brand in the industry for high quality and sophisticated consumer groups, often called "a certain industry's Tiffany."

So from a marketing point of view on the concept of the brand, even though runs from Tiffany jewelry, baby gifts and writing instruments so complicated product line, the price is from low to high, to provide customers with many options, but they always passed cautious advertising and events, to position themselves on the world-class jeweler. From the active point of view, such as Tiffany Foundation in recent years, non-profit institutions engaged in arts education, art conservation and environmental protection work in American museums, the famous New York Metropolitan Art Museum retrospective exhibition at the Museum of silverware and jewelry, and the a series of design-related donations and jewelry, etc., these are the brand positioning and Tiffany coincide. Of course, according to Tiffany to say, probably the most effective way to promote the customer's word of mouth or through publicity. This sort of "narrow" brand positioning information, to bring Tiffany and quality related to the enormous popularity noble.

Kowalski's flagship store in China, explained to reporters Tiffany further advocated by the "luxury goods", a "luxury" in the semantic meaning in the course are expensive, but more important is that it itself the quality of nobility. For Chinese consumers, Kowalski would like to clarify such a concept that does not mean the most expensive luxury goods, but with the price of similar products in the quality or the most sophisticated here, including its unique choice of materials, design and technology and so on. They tried to convey to the customer the impression that if you have your own unique taste, and require high quality, so Tiffany can meet you. In other words, people think Tiffany value for money.

As the domestic market is not in the "luxury goods" and "fashion" a clear distinction between semantics, Kowalski emphasized that Tiffany should be a classic brand rather than the fashion brand. This is the location of this jeweler is also very clear in the most delicate areas. Kowalski in the interpretation of the classic can stand the test of time, and and "luxury goods" concept complement each other's quality, is durable and throughout the lifetime of the person. The constantly changing fashion, this season and last season is entirely different. This is Tiffany selection and training of shop employees need a whole one of the factors taken into account, they always pay attention to maintaining their high quality image. "A girl to buy engagement ring Difu Nietzsche, this is a major event in her life, of course, consumption is an important decision. In view of Tiffany's products are likely to experience in a person's previous life as witnessed major events in the such as marriage, having children and so on ... ... "Kowalski said:" You can not imagine such a store would be built somewhere in the casual, for example, duty-free shops inside the airport, right? "

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Must know that the six big classic

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Love luxury clothing, not a mere vanity, it reflects the taste of your identity, culture and philosophy. You may not be noble, not even the middle class, but you always want to have uncontrollable, desire itself is not terrible, especially in this materialistic society. The following six classic big so you have to buy!

  Hermes Birkin包

Hermes Birkin bag

   Hermes Birkin bag 
  You may not buy, but you can not know. This can be called a luxury in the classic, was born in 1984, the French female singer named Jean Birkin Hermes Birkin bag large, there are 90 kinds of material 4 sizes and colors to choose from, with varying price, but with the same long to the proliferation of Waiting List, each teacher spent 3 months by the hand-built, those who want to buy whether you are famous or not, patience to wait 3-5 years now.

  LV Speed  

  LV Speed  

   LV Speed  

  Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854, to the best materials, the most advanced technology and the most exquisite and delicate workmanship, superior quality produce unique, every detail to take care of every element of every possible way. One particularly popular Monogram series, Speed ​​is the best sales years reelection. Now is the introduction of limited edition items door boy, it seems that also caused a craze.


  Gucci bamboo bag

   Gucci bamboo bag

  Bamboo bamboo shape, green, red and green ribbon weaving and horse title mosquito patterns, these three aesthetic elements, constitute the world's leading luxury brand Gucci. In 1947, Gucci for the first time Bamboo handle handbag bamboo used in the design, this bold and trendy design immediately captivated the world, any change fashion wave situation, Gucci's bamboo bag is always secure the top standing in the queue line.

  ChanelNo 5

  ChanelNo 5

   Chanel No. 5

  Double-C logo has become a proud fashion, as a woman most want to have one of the brand. If you go out and do not know what to wear, then wear Chanel it, that black and white tweed suit is a timeless classic hundred years. If you do not have more than enough capacity, then the bar with Chanel No 5, from the famous Marilyn Monroe piece pajamas that began, Chanel No 5 has always been to sit tight in the world the image of elegant selling perfume.

  Tod's 鞋

  Tod's shoe

  Tod's shoe  

  If the pursuit of a brand is a vanity top, then the Tod'S is worth the vanity, it is perfect and deep, because the low-key and be able to escape the kitsch tracking counterfeiters, but also engaging and practical, withstand the scrutiny, long fresh.

  Tod'S legend is about the simple Italian leather legend, two years they have only Leather Sole, rubber-soled, soft slippers Moccasins bottom three, but no matter the star, or high society, Tod's is represented by the top and comfortable shoes.

  Tiffany&Co 首饰

  Tiffany & Co jewelry
   Tiffany & Co jewelry  
  Tiffany classic design is the definition of work, that is amazing each masterpiece can be the perfect generation to generation, the eternal charm. Tiffany's design never meet the ups and downs of fashion and, therefore, will not be out of date. It is completely above the trend of the above. Tiffany creations and ideas are brought out the essence of the American rich features simple lines and vivid clarity tell sober and exciting move of God's grace, harmony, proportion and well-organized, in the design of every Tiffany blend naturally present .

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