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Tiffany Silver Jewelry Sale 

Damas presents the new Tiffany amp Co Atlas Collection

07:31, 5/9/2011  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
One of the most recognized symbols of Tiffany & Co., Atlas, is inspired by the historic bronze gilded clock that graces the entrance of Tiffany’s landmark Fifth Avenue store.
“With the broad range of personal accessories in the Tiffany Atlas collection that include writing instruments, clocks and sterling silver items such as pocketknives and money clips, the Tiffany & Co. customers regardless of their age, gender and nationality will find what they are looking for,” said Mr. Akram. “A Tiffany gift in the trademark blue box conveys a truly special meaning that goes beyond words and monetary value,” he said.
The horological highlights of the collection are the two new complicated watches – the Atlas Perpetual Calendar and Demi-Hunter, which highlight Tiffany’s rigorous standards of craftsmanship and watch making authority. Emblazoned with a medallion of the original Atlas clock on the case back, the elegant watches reaffirm Tiffany’s commitment for over 150 years, to quality and good taste.
The Tiffany Atlas collection is available in all Tiffany & Co. boutiques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Encapsulating a timeless elegance, this collection is hallmarked by Tiffany & Co.’s instantly recognizable features of design and quality, which have won it the high regard of patrons everywhere. The strong,Richard Mille Replica Watches, sleek Roman numerals of the new Atlas collection from the legendary Tiffany & Co., capture the pulse of contemporary life with bold new designs for both men and women. As regal symbols of a golden era in history, the Atlas Roman numerals reflect Tiffany & Co.’s renowned heritage of quality, craftsmanship and design excellence.
Introducing the Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection in the U.A.E. Mr. Akram Eldemachki, Director for International Trade Sales – Tiffany & Co.,Patek Philippe Replica Watches, New York, said, “Both contemporary and elegant, the Atlas collection epitomizes Tiffany’s long tradition in introducing timeless designs with a stylish edge.” Commenting on the worldwide performance of the collection, Mr. Akram said, “The Atlas collection has been extremely popular in the United States and Japan and we expect the collection to perform exceedingly well in the Middle East.”
The selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings redefines tailored simplicity with a fresh,adidas sunglasses, contemporary attitude. Among the must-haves for fashion gurus this season is the epic Atlas bangle in 18k yellow or white gold. A picture of stark beauty and simplicity,IWC Replica, the bangle exemplifies modern chic. For men, the clean,rolex explorer replica, crisp grooves and numerals are a forceful presence in cuff links and studs, tie bar, and 100 per cent silk ties.

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Damas presents the new Tiffany amp Co Atlas Collection


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