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Thank you -my friend and UGG

{ 17:29, 6/8/2009 } { Posted in ugg boots } { Link }
This is my first day to write something in my blog.In fact I found that it is very difficult for me to write a blog.But today I want to write some information about UGG or ugg boots,because I had never heard of this brand until my friend bought a pair of Ugg boots for me. I found it is very comfortable and warm when I wear them on.

Ugg boots (sometimes referred to as uggs or ug boots) are a style of sheepskin boot, with wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface worn by both men and women. As Ugg boots come in a multitude of sizes, colours, styles and fabric options, it has become the latest fashion trend. Traditional ugg and sheepskin boots are cosy, soft and easy to wear. This is why you see them absolutely everywhere in Australia. There are many UGGS crafted from Australian sheepskin graded for ugg boots.

But Ugg Boots does not only make traditional boots. They also make shoes, slippers and flats in the same quality as their trademark boots. Certainly these are no longer for winter use, but they are great footwear still.

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Thank you -my friend and UGG
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