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Karos game strategy3/2/2010

karos online gold has a complete fighting, economic system, large-scale siege warfare and a copy of such unpredictable dungeon design, in particular, per visit, a copy of terrain are different random design is a great fun game where, where "a copy of the maze" will be a copy that when the player are killing boss to make karos gold, the ever-changing walls, forward moving line or even the location of entrances and exits within the same time. This game is the task which then opens a black skull where map is the goal and the NPC dialogue and monster region or regions. What is the mission does not round the circle will be displayed, and you can’t make karos carat there. Move the mouse to buy karos carat where the task will display the corresponding name. If you go directly to the completion of the task there will be a question mark on the map there will be no circle. Games have set and cooling systems, when the players lined up for a certain time, set up to a certain degree of gas can produce a special props, the game also has mining and fishing recreation system that allows players in the game to choose more ways to make karos online carat. Then play zombies will soon be upgraded. 13, and buy magic items to go to the West, it can be up 20. 20 after that depends on cheap karos carat that what kind of job you had, indeed, different occupations have different upgrade rules, and any breach of a professional's task can use the rule. Therefore, buy karos gold according to your own condition. You can also find your own way to upgrade.

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Making money is a big deal3/2/2010

buy finalquest gold is really a big deal if you play the game. First of all, you can sell everything that can be sold to raise money. And then go to Sky City to collect carbon and silk, of course, the income is very low, generally carbon is 100, silk is 1000, and it depends on the price of each district. I have 1000 revenue of silk, indiscriminate selling 5000 finalquest gold, 300 were sold, of course, it cost a week to sell all of them, but really very profitable. Carbon, then sell 250, sold it in that place called Kelly, location is very important. To see black red colorless very cheap to sell it, no loss, of course, you have to buy final quest gold in case there is not right for you to buy. The price must be clear. When the capital there are one million or so, I suggest to use final quest gold to collect the soul of dazzling silk cheese, these four things, selling to increase their own income. And then go to 26 days curtain monsters of the tank line to sell, fast for 1 week, 2 weeks the money will be slow 6 million, grade should be 35. To make money you should pay attention to upgrading at the same time, after 50, you can make final quest money by your own, do not waste your energy, go to brush vacant, there are bamboo hang in the air at the temple. And it is also very profitable to brush some purple and pink props in the abyss. Those are all quite stable ways to make money.

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Ways to earn money in FFXI3/2/2010

buy FFXI Gil eastern Hills first came to the Great Plains has a record feature is that the entrance point. 1 is a downhill into the entrance door, there is King turtle blocking the road, please be careful around to go wake him you are in danger, be careful of relying on Ffxi gil to the right side around the inside until after the turn into the map to see there is a three-tiered ladder, to jump right on hand to move to place plot of buy gil, you will find a cactus, so that even complete the first step. From the same route on the way back, do not go another exit because there is an ambush, you will be forced to play King Kong turtle. 2. Go to the store to buy 100,000 FF11 gil of jewelry (can not afford? Don’t worry! buy ffxi gil is cheaper now.). Begin to look for a cactus to make money, because the cactus will be able to sell out a 12,000 person-type material of the cactus. Cactus first knew he wanted Final Fantasy XI Gil to capture the mobile line, or we should use smoke bomb. If it is empty clutch, please reckon that he escape route, close to him, he quickly moved to the corner location, then will catch itHowever, with the cactus is playing with him more than speed, want to make him very difficult to break, so someone will be looking for ffxi gold appended teammates are attacking the fire, so to play faster. If applicable smoke bomb is quite relaxed. Probably as long as thirty or forty seconds, it will be caught.

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Rapidly upgrade with wile spells book3/2/2010

When you have got some Atlantica online money, you will think about how to make flexible use of props to quickly upgrade? In fact, the true team leveling masterwork is hidden in those piles of books, it is the wile spells book. The methodology is simple: Use Atlantica Gold to buy the wile spells books suited to their level to enter into the shadow of the most advanced copy of the maze, the combination of two monster teams, then pick a single monster start with, you can easily access a wealth of experience in with cheap Atlantica online Gold. I personally verified this method and they are definitely available. There is also the temptation to show the book was no trial, an advantage of the brain, is that we can choose more advanced than their own strange, to obtain more substantial experience, but not the brain of the trial because of the side mercenary anti-attack ability is not strong, often can not choose their own grade level higher than that strange. Before you go to buy Atlantica online Gold, I have some advices for eager of you. 1. Choose a good location to kill bosses, not the higher the better; playing the boss should choose good choice of whole body. Do not hit a strange; while they have to blame the group has resurrected the best skills, it would make lots of cheap Atlantica Gold. 2. Actually before fighting, pay attention to the strange preferred to place orders start with, so that once and exterminate, reduce the consumption of Atlantica online Gold. 3. Each round without thinking too much attention to such as the side finished in action after the strange actions, first select additional incentives and blood residue, so that can get more experience.

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Experience of making money in Final Quest26/1/2010

Now make final quest money by brushing might be easy on polar day. Here is my experience of making large amount of money in Final Quest. Using 188 points PL a day you can brush about 50 points of experience and so eye-catching materials, plus a bunch of tasks. Set a stall and sell them at 26-28 line. The task materials cost 1000 finalquest gold, dazzling cost 20,000. If you are in no hurry to upgrade, then remain half of the PL every day to brush dazzling. This way to upgrade is very slow, although not a high-level advantages, but it also avoids the problem of excessively high prices of equipment, after all, so we have high levels of what the future will be a high frequency to buy finalquest gold, so buy something you can enjoy the a good price. So it, this approach is very vigor. Material merchant is actually a choice, but the material does not belong to earn pocket money business career, it is long-term living, although they could be great, if you would like to make money in short-term then buy final quest gold is very suitable for you. And you can choose to be an equipment merchant. Since it is earned pocket money, then you are less likely to have money for high-grade equipment, transmission equipment, reselling, and can only choose some special cheap things in a relative small range. So the best option is to invest some final quest money at right time.

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What I learned from Hunter PK26/1/2010

c9 money it is an invincible state when Hunter hides himself, but move slowly, it is impossible to close him at this speed, but when hiding he can sideswipe or slide or roll so that he can appear to counter-attack immediately when he find a good chance to use c9 online gold. Master’s tracking ball is easy to avoid, that is to pre-roll or side roll at the moment you are almost be hit or hide yourself if not sure. The Invincible Master of your counter-attack can be interrupted by invincible counterattack. buy c9 gold when Hunter PK with Hunter, because who use one side of roll the first can be escaped, hiding behind you, go to great advantage, he can directly hit you. The EU soldiers is not terrible, terrible is that he finished and then you disoriented EU can not hit him, and masters will be given immediately after the other EU counter-attack, cheap c9 gold has many advantages, even if beaten would not need a life-saving skills, because the EU after the pause, he also confused and disoriented, and Another swing chop can be broken open assault. Soldiers fell to the ground after the master will let you even think about stand up. So, when you are lying on the ground, got up and run away to try to find another chance, c9 money safety is looking for opportunity to attack. Soldiers with shields block the attack at close range, when, you can choose a flank attack or direct ran grasp. Master shield can easily be broken, the general Master just adds a little to avoid wasting of SP, and you can hide behind the shield to shoot flame arrows.

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The occupational trait of Kongfu Master and Destroyer26/1/2010

Every occupation will need to buy blade soul gold in blade soul online. Kongfu Master has strong arms like steel and powerful feet, the highest state of cultivation to the physical operation of the punch with disabilities that can be described as a symbol of strength which put up by blade soul online gold. Yin and yang combo: Before a certain amount of common assault after activating his fists into the yin and yang of the Indian, and cheap blade soul gold caused the enemy to attack with his fists several times normal. Playing somersault: fight somersault each other, interrupting each other all the attacks and overturned on the ground. Death bill: Playing somersault connection technology, to create continuity of the enemy a fatal blow. Iron sand palm: the impact of the enemy with his fists, causing a certain amount of damage. Devarajas feet: Iron sand palm connection technology, the enemy was pushed to buy blade soul gold create additional fatal blow. Fire Chi iron foot: to be shoved to the ground caused by a terrible enemy a fatal blow. Destroyer is clear the current four major professional best suited to become a MT in the real god of war, in addition to clumsy things with an absolute defense and terrible beheading fatal injuries can be described as the devil in disguise. Devil shield: absolute defense, to use blade and soul gold immediately activate the body of the surging devil defensive skin, capable of reaching the block fatal damage in a certain period of time. Blood blade: Immediate brandishing weapons to the enemy caused a huge continuity fatal injury. Doomsday: connection technology, to receive continuing injury and use all the strength attack the enemies, its power is equivalent to the total damage caused by blood blade several times. So blade soul money is will do you big favor.

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Practical techniques of killing monsters for Gladiator26/1/2010

A little aika gold is needed if you want to follow me to the next steps. Gladiator has a natural skill, strong hit. I think many people will not use it because of its power is not high, but I found it a small advantage. We all know the advantage of aika online gold, the general attack on the sword fighting is 4 times a cycle, the first four knives is finished to a standstill for a while, which would delay the speed of playing a monster. Should first general attack on the skills set to 1, strike set to 2. Because the two make common attack skill moves to re-start from the first knife (Raider collisions also have this effect, but CD for too long and is often used to clear the BOSS). So it can be 1 and 1 and 1 and 2 and 1 and so on. After 2 it should be immediately closed by a sword. I think that buy aika gold could make the process of killing boss be relatively smooth. There is another trick, the group attacking skills. But because Hell CD traumatic than the other strokes have a long time is fierce roar CD twice, and sometimes can not wait for hell traumatic directly attracting boss at the end of the three measures with the CD range of technology to clean out strange, I practice alone and often drag a group of monster, with aika money, fierce roar, Sword storms, hell, traumatic, and lie to start a prairie fire these skills can usually be clear finished a whole group of monsters. When there may be a situation of each left a small cell only blame all blood, blood in the knife can kill within a one-point with the mouse if there will be some slow, then can choose a BOSS point to a time when the knife fired to take advantage of BOSS has not been hit immediately by TAB, now you must think it is worthy to use cheap aika gold. This will be transferred to the BOSS and fired a second knife to take the chance of BOSS not been hit and then  press TAB and so on, will soon be able to finish cleaning out all of the Boss.

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I play fort in this way19/1/2010

worldedition online gold helps me easily play the fort. My method is to partner with friends and kill boss to get stones. The problem is how to avoid damage when the monster explodes to die. My proposal is: First release Black Dragon so that monsters are around you and thinning the blood of them (do not kill the monster). The difference is big between using and do not using worldedition gold. When the monsters are weak, teleport out of the encirclement of the monsters, to Teleport twice, and throw off the majority track of monsters, and then use the energy ball to look for monster encirclement, using energy ball is to avoid making monsters explode. Does my method sound good? That is the advantage of buy worldedition gold. Aiming the energy ball well to monsters, switch to key three to switch fire dragon, released far enough in determining the flames will not hurt fighting monsters around 3, then after switching to key five to use cheap worldedition gold to buy blizzard or drug sweltering to widely and energetically attack monsters to kill them. The experience on left is raising and the gem at your feet is ringing. The moment when you kill the first monster encirclement, it also formed a second ring of monster encirclement, do not worry, just do it again according to the previous method I mentioned, you can securely and quickly kill bosses. After killing the bosses, you will get those items that drop from the dead monsters and sell them for worldedition money.

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Point method of changing Hunter to Paladin19/1/2010

Do you know how to use cheap c9 gold when changing Hunter to Paladin? Blood blade to add full, because many skills can be connected, arrested, can give knife, empty can float to the knife, but also the state with a loss of blood PK practical, killing BOSS practical. Apart from c9 online gold, it is a strong skill for single player. Double-edged before adding that when you kill a group of monsters with the PK can not even recruit a good time, the utilization rate is not high. Although there are physical states, but in the end is a knockout might as well bow and arrow and practical. This time you can buy c9 gold and add Tornado chopped 1 point, mainly to take them and flee the use of instant invincibility by increasing the skills can not be used as a close. Multi-Arrow is not increased after transfer there was an explosion of multiple arrows with a sputtering damage, more powerful than he. Rocket should add 1 point, PK useful, keep their distance from ready to close down after the, SP more can pay more. For those who want c9 gold but not sure for it, do not hesitate now. Multi-Arrow adds 2, plus full, avoiding the use of instant when the state attacks on strong, fast. Frost arrow adds 1 point. Attack power is good, but is too slow, a passive attack skills add full, and to fill the other 1 point on it. It is not about SP there will be increasing the number of skills, the proposed addition of multiple SP more arrows and rocket-propelled outside the bow and arrow skills, c9 money will make you be able to close up to attack, the Ranger’s power is very terrible, I could not even be close to it.

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Analysis of Blade Master and Force Masters characteristics and skills19/1/2010

cheap blade soul gold, equipments and skills are keys for every occupation. Blade Master, the sword familiar to an extreme, all the sweat and soul blend with the sword. Aura Awakening: under the impact of attacks, with the sword inside the aura immediately got up and entered a state of war. If you want more gold, blade soul money is not hard to get. Vulcan Shock: Sword Vulcan debris around the blade and the impact of the enemy became visible cause a certain amount of weapon damage, and washed into the air. Because of this, more and more players choose to buy blade soul gold. Chopped Dance: Vulcan impact of connecting technology, to float in the air where the blitz was launched, was resulting in lethal weapons injuries. Poseidon surging: Sword of Poseidon in the activated immediately printed, and then attacked the enemy cause some damage and knocked to the ground. If you want to experience the powerful skill, you should have enough blade soul gold. Cut off: the surging sea cucumber connection technology, giving the enemy down on the ground caused by the terrible fatal blow. Force Master to perfection with the "energy" and "strength" and that this mastery of the subtleties that exist between the two, as well as qigong in the awesome power hidden. blade soul online gold will enable you avoid the tiresome quests. Dark binding: Using Qigong broad power of the Secretary of darkness, immediately binding the enemy and thus unable to perform any action, the final overthrow of lying on the ground. The thunder wave: the immediate gathering of more than a few times Qigong waves of air to form a huge ball of gas, and threw the enemy causing fatal injuries. With blade and soul gold and the best skills, levels and equipments wouldn’t problems any more. Multi-qigong wave: the air around gather to cast the enemy out of the continuity of long-range damage.

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Teach you make money in the fierce competition 19/1/2010

How to make tenvi online gold in the new version? I believe that many players would choose extremely popular and scarce ethane to carry out enrichment. But now ethane lessened up, difficult to buy in small shop, so they want to dig up their own, some will choose the easier way that is tenvi gold. But unlike other oxide materials, can be collected at the collection point, ethane is relying on a pitiful probability of opening the box, so a bunch of people struggling on a few boxes is a bit difficult. Now can we consider making cheap tenvi gold somewhere else then? There is! Fluorine has been hot, and now while prices have dropped to freezing point, but still demand is extremely large, because there are a large part of a friend is still hovering around 45-50 levels, worn equipment also need to use fluorine gas, take my area for instance, ethane is sold to about 8J, fluorine gas is 80Y, In the time of digging 10 fluorine, can we certainly be able to get an ethane? Answer is no, even nothing. buy tenvi gold will make things easy. The fluorine gas collection point is now almost no one to keep guard. I have taken at random at the Ghost Island, half an hour of fluorine gas, they adopted more than 100, not including the occasional playing the Snowman, chat, and that more than 100 fluorine placed in the shop, asking price 70Y each, were sold out soon. So, want to earn tenvi money? Give up digging ethane, to dig fluorine gas, and even black iron ore, platinum bar, these things are still very hot now.

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Earning as much money as you want!13/1/2010

blade soul gold is a hot topic among players. Let me teach you how to make as much money as you want. Go out of the city to specifically kill monsters as requested, malleable iron of the mainline mission must be more than adequate, according to how much blade soul online gold you want. When the task items to your self-perceived level of pay on a suicide mission back to the city, reminded the audience level must be greater than 5, otherwise still need to go out one more time or go to buy blade soul gold to make up the loss. Cross finished all the tasks, so that what you go to what bamboo tube on the other, and to the stone that guard gold opposite, that is, next to a guard guarding the captain and lead fishing tasks, good will come to another trumpet fish trade. If you need gold but do not want to cost much time, I advise you to choose cheap blade soul gold. To complete the task of 13 arms, sell it, it is ok. Leaving only the malleable iron and equipment, weapons, items need to put the task repository (the 25 weapons should be left behind to continue) is able to sell 13 weapons and 450, other things that also can make some blade soul money, deposit the money in warehouse, delete number, Note: The front of this main task is to hit objects. Behind the building number, warehouse items all tasks receive one each, delivery missions, malleable iron task allows you to go directly to level 4, 25 weapons and get on out to kill boss till you upgrade to five then get back to take the fish task, and sell it again. As long as you are willpower, blade and soul gold will be waiting for you!

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About lvling method and dharma of mind of Shaolin13/1/2010

buy dragon oath gold can do you a big favor if you are Shaolin in Dragon oath. Every player must know that it is very difficult for Shaolins to rapidly upgrade by themselves, especially at lvl 45 and 75. So, it needs not to add too much dharma of mind early, because no matter how you add, the attacker couldn’t be higher than Ming Jiao. I suggest you use dragon oath gold. There are five skills are needed to add: two is a passive skill, one used to increase the attack, one used to increase the out attack; one is incidental to the continuous release of out attack skills, one is the group attacked a Diamond ring and Lion roar. Retention of the experiences of other upgrades bar. In order to upgrade quickly, cheap dragon oath gold and pet is very important, I think it is better for Shaolin to take a pet with inner attack skill. Since their offensive attack than the outer pet attack power is much higher, but less is an attack against the Shaolin. Is no need to worry about your baby could not resist, because there are Lion roar, skill of attracting monsters is pretty good. Here to talk about why don’t waste too much experience in learning the skills early. Because only little experience can be gotten in an hour at early period, you couldn’t be faster than those who have much dragon oath money. Taking lvl 40 and 50 as examples: The quickest way of lvling for 40 is to brush running task, will have 300-400 thousand experience per hour. But it will be more than 500 thousand per hour for lvl 50, and it will be faster if you brush at the place called Yellow Dragon. Go to Crystal Lake at lvl 65, it will be easily to get 800 thousand experiences in an hour. Learning skills now is more cost-effective than ever.

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Steel Dog is a wonderful racing game!13/1/2010

steel dog money is most important in this racing game. And cornering techniques are most important in racing. We need to know the settings button in the game, understanding the game in the end the number of keys can be used, the key is the brake key and Drift key. steel dog online gold can guarantee stability, brake button can quickly slow down. The tail-flick keys on the front and rear wheel brakes seems to be a serious imbalance than. I used to use brake button to turn, tail-flick key is generally not easy to use. And you can buy steel dog gold as your secret weapon. More than 60 degrees over a short bend, then, to find a good cut curved lines in advance, and then down to a reasonable speed, and if feel that the front point to lack of speed too fast, you can use about Drift keys, front point does not represent the direction of the road car, such a move down to your cornering will be significantly slower because the tail-flick has to have the car out of control, perhaps at a reasonable speed so that fuel door sliding overseers to cornering will be fast. With cheap steel dog gold, you can easily do it better than others. If it is a big horsepower, light car, you can use tail-flick keys, allowing engine speed to maintain at a high position, manual files faster cornering than the automatic transmission is the reason the. But the tail flick is also harder to control the more dangerous, not a sharp turn, do not easily use, and our aim is cornering the most stable and fastest so that we can save and earn as much steel dog gold as we expect.

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Its so easy to make money in Tera13/1/2010

tera money is easy to make for me, let me tell you my methods. After you succeeded in destroying the enemy's castle, not only a wealth of experience, crystal coins, manufacturing formulation, and badges which can call out many good things will send to you, but also the expected cheap tera gold as well. Collection: This game not only has fighting skills, there are some life skills too. Buying some collecting tools and starts your working career. Commercial war: This method is to make extra money from the different price of buying and selling; to purchase props (provided there is a certain amount of tera online gold). Treasure Hunt: Every afternoon and evening, there will be a large number of treasure fanatics in the vicinity of the sunset farm, killing them will gather the treasure map fragments, put them together will lead to dig the treasure chest. You will be able to open 20 chests one day, there are many good things inside it. Those can not be opened can also be sold for tera gold. Is it a double benefit method? Kill BOSS: There are a large number of treasures in the bodies of Taff inside the Taff mine and devil in the devil crypt, kill them and recapture the treasures from the BOSS. There are dozens of ways to earn money, what I introduced is just four easiest ways of them, hope you like it, although no ways can be easier than buy tera gold.

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The perfect engine and skill combination6/1/2010

steel dog online gold has large utility in making prefect engine. There are about three kinds of perfect engine: 1. Torque plus Enhance plus the Greatest; 2. Torque plus Red plus Maximum; 3. Torque plus Enhance plus Time. According to these three engines, with help of steel dog online gold, I have made the following analysis of vehicle skill; let’s take engine 2.4 as an example:

1. Torque plus red (600-700) plus max (400 below), or Torque plus enhanced (20% or more) plus max (400 below), or Torque plus enhanced (20% or more) plus the time, for there are three kinds of engines player, I suggest that the blessing of the high speed should be learned first, to raise the maximum speed to make up for deficiencies in the engine's largest property, the best wishes to buy steel dog gold to upgrade to maximum speed.

2. Torque plus enhanced (20% or less) plus max (500 and above), or plus Red plus Maximum torque (500 and above), for a class engine player, cheap steel dog gold can help you in many ways. I suggest that the first propulsion enhanced learning skills, to make up the engine to promote enhanced enough. Second, re-learn the blessings of both rate and improve red properties.

3. Strengthen spirit is necessary to learn. And the effects and recovery time should upgrade to the highest level. To do the tasks and games are useful.

For starters, I only suggest you learn the strengthen spirit until there is a better 2.0 engine or a more advanced engine, and then according to the engine attributes to learn the skills of vehicles. I suggest that you do not have to worry for the engine 2.4, spend some steel dog money to buy a 2.4 professional torque 28, Red 700, or twisting 28, 28 to strengthen the professional engine is not bad.

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How to crack Wu-Tang Clan Skills6/1/2010

cheap dragon oath gold maybe what you need when you want to crack other clan’s skills. Wu-Tang Clan's special skills is White Crane, Heavenly Steed Flies over the Waterfall, Fairy from Wonderland and Apparent Close Up. Please do not put Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail in the special skills. It can’t compete with cheap dragon oath gold. In the wild, Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail is garbage, especially in the maze where bosses are crowded, Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail has no use at all. It is known as 'trash skills' together with Sky Mountain 80 new skills. When Wu-Tang encounters Ming, which on the offensive to fight anger, anger will have been in a state of discontent. One of 80 new skills, group paralysis, is good to use, but only 3 seconds, has no differences with network delay, just as reporters said, buy dragon oath gold and Capture the Flag is this the best skill. The crack method is one word: to hide. If you can run away when the crane zoom, you have succeeded. A set of skills is garbage, a set of skills with no amplification is trash; there is no threat at all. Therefore, the position of Wu-Tang should be to complement rather than beaters. If depend on the Apparent Close Up alone, but without dragon oath money, when Ming open anger with chopped, Sky Mountain Substitution, any high-grade high-precious stones players have enough to cope with, and this is also the most viable approach for low level players to challenge high-level players, Therefore, Wu-Tang is the second choice faction apart from Emei when fighting in team.

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Become millionaire even you do not have much time 6/1/2010

blade soul gold could be made by many ways. But for someone who neither likes killing boss nor have much time, how to make money then? Please let me share some of my experience here. The old man task is a well known method to make blade soul online gold. But less people know how to get the most money in this way. My trick is to do the task at Saturday and Sunday when there are 3 times of reward. I was lazy to dig up the treasure map. According to present price, I can’t earn money, even will suffer a deficit. Running dragon path at the new area is also a good way to make money and to upgrade. But because running dragon path is both troublesome and tired, just few people can stick to it. Now I tell you how to run an effective and efficient dragon path. Upfront to buy blade soul gold for an expansion box, and then hold onto anything except dragon path maps, 20 dragon path maps each day, generally the box will be full in 4 to 5 days, and then buy a travel charms to run, it will soon be able to finish. blade soul money is not hard to make for hard-working people Of course, there are more lazy ones who don’t even want to run, I would like to teach one way is to some of their energies on setting up plug-in, using plug-in to run automatically. There also is another easy way to make cheap blade soul gold in the new district: Selling the task items; hunting a box of task items every day is enough to sell. I did not hunt because of lazy, but also it is difficult to store. I now only sell one kind of task item which is overlord mark and broken moon knife, golden and watery one is relatively easy to sell, almost 500 thousand each. If you work hard, it is no problem to make millions of gold. Items with other attributes are also very good to sell, at least 300 thousand blade and soul gold each, and storage is easy to solve.

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ML Dragon Dance and dragon point addition6/1/2010

worldedition online gold has its own strength. To point addition, there isn’t the most accurate way but according to your favor. Worldedition's defense is more than 1000, skill is basically invalid, some will add 1 point, and for me I will add 10. Dread is generally used to save life when the opponent is close, but only by transforming dragon dance is the most powerful. If you have cheap worldedition gold, then turn to ML on 167. The weapon should be spear, because dragon dance skill is magic skill, sword and spear is as high as magic attack. ML class is not enough, forming at the latest, generally need to be 100, or must buy worldedition gold for training levels and equipments. Three kinds of dragon dance practice methods are as follows: 1,167 to switch agility. Add the attribute point according to weapons, wearing ancient or lucky equipment (need fee). If the level and worldedition online gold allowed, it’s better to play ML dragon dance, dragon dance course, if to go to 187 and better. 2,187 turn force-sensitive. Forming earlier, weapon and armor requirement is unified, force-sensitive equipment is cheap, and the effect is good. 3,187 turn pure Dragon Dance. Increase the strength properties of the latter part of proficiency coupled with dragon dance, is generally added to the 200. Attitude: First priority: Arms Control adds full. Second priority: Tactical Training Block adds 1 point; later add full when worldedition money is affluence. Second priority: Accurate Tactical Training adds 1 point; later add to full. Third priority: Add fatal blow full. The fourth priority: Add dark defense full.

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