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Popular watch From Baselworld 2017 Movado Connect smartwatch

07:32, 12/8/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Movado is closing the gap between a stylish watch and a wrist computer with this sleek model, featuring Google’s Android Wear 2.0 platform and five customizable versions of its minimalist Museum dial.More www.watchesbuyoff.com.

All the usual hallmarks of Movado’s design ethos are on display with the Connect: the iconic single dot used as a 12 o’clock indicator, a clean and simple case, and a custom watchface made to resemble the company’s classic Museum model.

Movado sports a single button at 3 o'clock, which summons the apps menu and sends you back to the home screen, but all in all it's a pretty vanilla Android Wear 2.0 experience.

But it doesn't scrimp on tech. NFC has been built-in for Android Pay, something Movado was at great pains to boast about. But the company has shirked any notion of fitness features, forgoing a heart rate monitor, GPS and waterproofing. For some that's a deal breaker, but we're glad to see that needless heft has been avoided.

Stainless Steel UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m

08:55, 11/8/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m has a slightly larger and thicker case. It's made of 316L stainless steel, measures 45mm wide, 15.4mm thick, and 50mm from lug-to-lug. Though these dimensions might seem aggressive, it looks handsome and feels comfortable on the wrist www.watchesun.co.

unlike other dive watches that are fully brushed, it has a highly-polished surface finish that wraps around the case and ends at the lugs to create a nice, visual contrast. On wrist, the domed sapphire crystal is clear and offers a degree of visual distortion depending on what angle you are viewing the dial from. The dial markers, filled with BGW9 Super-LumiNova, are large and clear - a trait that's entirely necessary in a purpose-built dive watch.

The Dark Sea 500m is built with saturation divers and heavy users in mind. It provides 500m of water resistance and has a helium escape valve system that prevents gas build-up and internal damage at great depths. UNDIVE also focuses on ease of use. The over-sized 7.5mm screw-down crown makes it easy to adjust the Seiko NH35 movement and the watch also has a tactile 120-click bezel for tracking bottom time.

UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m comes in two versions; Cool Steel, which is the all stainless steel model and Black Storm, which features a DLC-coated brushed bezel. As mentioned previously, the Seiko NH35 movement powers both models.

The impressive Vacheron Constantin Celestia

08:51, 11/8/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

The impressive Les Cabinotiers Celestia astronomical complication is an über-complicated wristwatch powered by a spectacular integrated movement (caliber 3600) that required 5 years of development. It comprises 514 components with 3 weeks of power reserve (thanks to 6 barrels coupled by threes) and 23 complications on twin dials.

Vacheron Constantin Celestia with 45 mm white gold case – manual movement with astronomical grande complication – Hours, minutes, perpetual calendar, day/night indication, precision moon phase, age of the moon, running equation of time, sunrise and sunset, length of day and night, seasons, solstices, equinoxes and zodiacal signs, tide level indicator, Sun-Earth-Moon conjunction, opposition and quadrature, transparent celestial chart of the Northern Hemisphere with indication of the Milky Way, the ecliptic and the celestial equator, celestial time hours and minutes, tourbillon, 3-week power reserve (6 barrels), power reserve indication. Alligator strap with pin buckle.

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Popular watch From Baselworld 2017 Movado Connect smartwatch
Stainless Steel UNDIVE Dark Sea 500m
The impressive Vacheron Constantin Celestia


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