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More Remedies For Toothache17/8/2010
An irritated tooth can be distracting, but quick remedies for toothache are possible if you just continue reading.

First of all, you need to learn a little about toothache and why it occurs. There are actually two types of toothaches. The first kind of toothache is a result of the tooth coming in contact with extreme heat or coldness. You may have been feeling a particular ache in your tooth when you consume cold, hard ice cream. This pain is caused because our tooth enamel is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Obviously the best way to avoid such toothaches is to avoid eating foods which are either too hot or too cold.

There is another kind of toothache which is caused by an infection in the tooth or gums. This type of toothache can be very painful and involves swelling of gums. Since the pain is diffuse, it will often be difficult to localize the treatment. You may think that your front tooth is what is causing you pain, but the real culprit maybe a back tooth.

Several natural methods of curing a toothache exist. For example, try to breath through your nose and expel air from your mouth. Doing so will help you avoid congestion in the nostrils caused by cold.

A toothache can be a result of nausea, fear, anxiety, etc. If this is the cause of the pain, then the best remedies for toothaches is to attack the root issue. Note that sometimes, along with toothache, you may also feel pain in your neck.

An easy method for curing a toothache that was brought on by nausea is to utilize a fundamental method for acupuncture I've honed throughout time and utilized with success in several instances. Hold the tip of your index finger firmly to the tip of your thumb to make a circle like 'O'. Then look at a distant object, such as your office, or garden. Once you do this your nausea will be gone and so will your toothache.
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