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The Best Water Jet Cutting Machine Blog

16/7/2013 - CNC Plasma Applications With Water Jet Cutting System

When configuring a plasma cutting technique, people frequently struggle with all the selection of picking out amongst a water cutting system and an air down-draft cutting table. While both designs of table are productive, every has its advantages and disadvantages. Ahead of making your choice, you will need to take into consideration and evaluate the kinds of supplies you'll be cutting, size of parts, the specifics of your application, plus the short- and long-term charges associated with each and every kind of table.

MATERIALS: The forms of supplies you can be cutting are important in this selection making approach. When you are cutting primarily steel/stainless steel, either variety of table will function well for you. On the other hand, when you are cutting aluminum, water tables can present a significant security hazard. When plasma cutting aluminum over a water table, the dross falling in to the water created by the cutting procedure will produce a chemical reaction using the water. This chemical reaction will extract Hydrogen out from the water that should accumulate in pockets beneath the plates or within the bladder of adjustable level water tables, generating an explosion hazard.

The pockets of Hydrogen that accumulate under the plate will ordinarily just create "popping" sounds as they're ignited and are often not substantial adequate to result in a considerable explosion. Some customers have added water circulation systems from other water jet cutting machines for sale to prevent/minimize this condition. The higher hazard is definitely the accumulation of Hydrogen inside the bladder of an adjustable water level cutting table. Adjustable level water tables essentially have an inverted open-top box in them that may be filled with air to raise the water level and emptied of air to decrease the water level. If Hydrogen accumulates inside the bladder and is ignited, it's going to produce a major explosion. These explosions have blown the gantries off of machines and severely injured and/or killed persons inside the vicinity of your machine. Manufacturers usually do not approve of and highly discourages any cutting of aluminum over a water table.

An air down-draft technique will demand periodic emptying of particulate in the dust collection technique, removal of slag/dross from the cutting table (slag pans might be added to create this process even less complicated), and occasional replacement of filters. There are actually no unique waste disposal charges related with this regular maintenance, and machine down-time is also usually much less.

The size and varieties of parts you're cutting may perhaps be a determining aspect within this choice producing procedure. Firms that reduce many small parts that would have a tendency to fall by means of the slats and into the table must strongly look at an air down-draft system. This may let your operators to rapidly retrieve parts from inside the table, reducing the need to "fish around" for parts in murky water, and decrease "lost" parts. If you are cutting pretty extended components where straightness is definitely an concern, a water table might be far better suited for your application. By partially submersing or "floating" the plate you happen to be cutting, the cooling impact of the water will assistance stabilize the temperature from the plate and lessen camber and/or warping.

Cut excellent between parts produced more than either form of table has been pretty comparable. The greatest difference is that far more dross adheres for the back of parts reduce more than a 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting machine for the reason that the dross cools quicker and sticks to the component as opposed to becoming blown down into the table. The "dross-free" rating by the plasma manufacturers is reduced when cutting over water. This dross/slag just isn't difficult to take away, but does add time/labor for the processing of components.

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27/6/2013 - Basic Information Concerning the Water Cutting Machines

As all of us know, our contemporary society is complete of all sorts of high-tech goods. Together with the aid of these valuable solutions, we are able to love a much better life. Among all the beneficial machines, the water cutting machines are one from the most well-known modern goods.


When it comes for the water cutting machines, possibly quite a bit of men and women don't know significantly about them. Essentially, they may be widely applied in a lot of components of our society. By way of example, they're generally utilised within the heavy market.


Usually, we should reduce a lot of distinctive metals into distinct shapes and sizes. And we are able to use distinctive cnc water jet cutting machine to reduce these metals, but various machines have their very own specific disadvantages. Even so, the water jet cutting method has much more positive aspects. In this case, we tend to work with the the water cutting machines.


The water cutting machines, which includes the high pressure water jet machine, have a lot of great points. For instance, they are able to simply reduce different metals and at the same time protect our atmosphere for the reason that they may not give out dangerous gases or liquids. What exactly is more, they will not give out heat power. In this case, they're the actual and helpful cutting machines. Ordinarily, they belong to cold cutting mainly because they reduce metal materials straight by specific water. By way of example, the abrasive water jet cutting machine is among the most valuable water cutting machines. Using the assist of this kind of cutting machine, metals can't be affected by them.


The water cutting machines possess a great deal of positive aspects. By way of example, they can reduce metals precisely. Within this case, we are able to get different metal solutions with perfect information. Some cutting machines can cause the change of your colors of your nonferrous metals, but the water cutting machines will not. In this case, this type of new cutting machine is additional well-known now. The water cutting machines can cut a great deal of supplies such as concrete. By way of example, challenging components like concrete could be reduce by the concrete cutting machine.


As to the cutting glass machine, metal composite components and also other materials also can be reduce by the water cutting machines. Even the combustible supplies may be cut by this sort of cutting machine. What is additional, the insoluble components including the glass and also the ceramic can also be cut effortlessly.


In a word, the water cutting machines have a lot of great points and they are able to cut all kinds of materials. Because they are so strong, we should know more about them and make full use of them.

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28/5/2013 - The Usually Choice of Water Cutting Activities

Water jetting has the advantage from not producing airborne dust. This could allow other nearby activities that happen unhindered. jetting can clean surfaces for the maximum common, supplying the most beneficial surface preparation for industrial painting, as an example. water cutting system might be operated by an auto or perhaps a diesel engine. They're able to be offered as underhand or ultra underhand devices.

The plethora of applications they may be capable to undertake is impressive. In addition to surface preparation they will be utilized for cleaning tanks and vessels. They are in a position to also be employed for cold cutting. In cold cutting a top rated stress water jet is usually utilized in mixture having a clear edged abrasive compound. This can be valuable on steel and concrete as well as to other components. Tiny or insignificant heat is generated, that tends to make this cutting technique pretty appropriate exactly where the popular heat generated by cutting is undesirable.

Cold cutting is extremely damaging for an very high stress of is employed. For this reason operators must be correctly trained and ought to put on the appropriate safety garments and equipment. For obvious causes the operators involved with cold cutting do not keep in the cutting jet. It can be operated within a protected and remote distance. jet machines are useful in removing scaling in the inside of piping.

Most jetting operations are performed using cold water. Nonetheless, it really is equally doable to possess hot jetting too. Hot water could be pumped at underhand in a heat as higher as 70 degrees Celsius, even though the normal operating temperature of a hot water product is cooler at around 50 to 55 degrees Celsius. 4 Axis Waterjet Cutting is usually a pretty useful tool in numerous industries, but mostly inside the offshore oil sector.

Power washers for jet cleaning aids remove stubborn grease and oil patches, fungus and is in regards to the most efficient approach. Other tasks like paint preparation, cleaning of one's wall sidings, driveways, sidewalk, garages, deck, deck furniture, patios, gate grills, barbecue grills and maybe automobiles may very well be washed obtaining a water jet cleaner.

Specially, when flying arm water cutting machine cleaning your sidings, whether or not in readiness of repainting or just cleaning its exterior, therefore considerations to take note of. You did not understand that you need only an extremely low PSI about 300 to 500 to entirely clean your residences sidings.

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23/5/2013 - The fundamental Application Of Waterjet Cutting

Makes use of for Waterjet Cutting include things like cutting the parts to create machinery along with other devices. A waterjet cutter also can be employed to etch in to the material as opposed to cutting it. Once you really need to have metal, granite, stone, or a different really hard surface cut, you need to ensure that that the cut is precise and straight. In a lot of situations, you'll want water cutting system to do this job.

When you require one thing cut for you personally, a waterjet cutter may be a superb solution to go. It saves time in lots of strategies, for instance cutting in a single pass so there doesn't have to be many passes. It also saves time due to the fact the engineer tells the shop what to accomplish and also the shop does it. It only has 1 step, so it doesn't need to go through a procedure to be total, or adjust hands among several men and women. The cuts created is going to be finished and straight, and can either be reduce each of the way by way of or etched in to the material. Any hard material for example wood, granite, or metal is often applied, so the prospective is for limitless projects.

An Automobile water cutting machine utilizes either water or possibly a mixture of water and a further abrasive material pushed at a high velocity to reduce metal, wood, granite, or other hard objects. A waterjet can reduce via almost any material successfully. When combined with abrasives which include grit, it might cut via thicker or harder materials with ease.

The maximum thickness that a waterjet can cut via is 4 inches. This saved time and function, for the reason that the entire reduce might be completed at one particular time. The initial reduce to sear the metal also gives it the final completed surface for the reason that the waterjets leave a clean precise cut. This etches the surface in the material, producing a dent in it. This application could be applied for creating exceptional signs or creating it less complicated to bend thick or stronger metals.

Beyond just cutting materials, waterjet cutting machines is often used for etching the materials. Feeding the material by way of the machine more rapidly implies that the material isn't reduce each of the way via, but rather just reduce into slightly bit.

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10/5/2013 - Why Water Jet Cutting Machines Are So Widely Used

Water cutting is really a procedure that uses a industrial tool to chop via several components. Water Jet cutting water requires a combination of water (naturally) and abrasive materials which are forced via a nozzle at high-speed. This potent mix produces incredible final results. You happen to be in a position to reduce by way of all types of base supplies employing Water jet cutting as well as the outcome is remarkable.

Water cutting machines may be utilised in an array of industries and contains constantly grown in recognition. It is easy adequate to determine why robot water cutting system cutting is really popular you simply consider the positive aspects of this kind of technique to understand why.

Waterjet cutting is considerably far more versatile also. You might be capable to cut an enormous selection of supplies making use of this kind of solution and also the answers are perfect each single time. Water Jet cutting is amazing for a lot softer supplies like foam, leather and rubber also it really is just like efficient on tougher components also. You might be capable to reduce by means of stone, metals and composite materials with abrasive water there is certainly no burring or burning of edges. It cuts thick or thin components with similar sort of precision and use a water jet cutter about the most intricate of components.

Most Waterjet systems from Water Jet Cutting Machines Supplier are controlled by software program systems plus they allow precise cuts to produce in materials. This lets you definitely reduce with elevated proficiency using a Waterjet answer. Tolerance levels are stored low with Waterjet systems and also the precision of this sort of item is difficult to match.

Make use of a stone cutting machine and you may reduce for an precision of .13mm as well as you don't have that with other sorts of solutions. There's less wastage with Water Jet cutting as well. It really is easier to use also. You'll discover no fumes or dust contaminants sent in towards the air anytime you cut with water that is certainly combined with abrasive components.

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3/5/2013 - High Precision Cutting System Introduction

Nowadays many water jet cutting machines supplier provides Water jet cutting service to cut any materials from paper, rubber and foam to stainless steel aluminium, marble and ceramics. There are a number of key benefits if water jet cutting and these include that fact that this cutting process involves no tooling, material distortion or discolouration.

Waterjet cutting tools can have incredible precision. This technology provides the ability to create precision cuts at tolerances as close to 0.005". Now this will not come affordable as the much more precise the job the higher the cost within the setup of the cutter and supplies necessary to carry out a cut that precise but it is doable. The fact that the cutting is controlled by pc and specialized software program is portion of what makes it possible for such precise cuts.

In addition to being widely available, water has other benefits for being used as a tool. Water jets are often used to cut glass and stone for building materials because they allow for more intricate cuts than typical machinery.

This process is very useful for cutting tiles or stone countertops, for example. The water jet's thin stream allows for smooth cuts that won't leave edges looking ragged and unfinished. Another benefit is that there are very few materials that water cannot cut. Diamonds, which themselves are often used to cut materials, cannot be cut by water jets. Tempered glass, which is designed to shatter, is also not cut this way.

There are also some other composite materials that could be ruined by the robot water cutting system, but generally water cutting is highly effective and reliable. This means that for both industrial and home uses, water jets create the same quality products.

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27/4/2013 - Cantilever Water Jet Cutting Systems Application

Waterjet cutting technology is one of the most user friendly processes used for cutting designs in any materials. They are popular because they are the most economical and environmental friendly options especially for flooring inlays. There are many different tools that are used to make pipe profile cutting machine affable in various industrial sectors.

High Pressure Pumps for Waterjet Cutting:

The high pressure pumps are technologically advanced high-performance devices that are used in waterjet cutting. They can be used for pure water or abrasive cutting applications. These pressure pumps go a long way to influence the final output; hence they should be chosen carefully to get the required control over the intensity of the water jet, and for the exact speed to get the desired thickness.

Cutting Heads for Waterjet Cutting

Nowadays, there are many innovative designs of this amazing tool that are available in the market. Manufacturers have come up with durable and zero-maintenance varieties of cutting heads that are used to carve intricate designs on different materials. While choosing one for yourself, always select the model that can integrate easily with your entire cutting machine setup.

Abrasive Management Systems for Waterjet Cutting

The abrasive management systems in waterjet cutting technology consist of three components abrasive container, cantilever waterjet cutting machines and abrasive cutting heads. These systems have a deep impact on the entire operation of cutting unit. This is because they can help in optimizing as well as minimizing the consumption of abrasive in the entire process.

Where to Get These Tools for Efficient Waterjet Cutting?

As a service provider, you can get all these tools from just any physical hardware store that stocks them. However, it is recommended that you go online to avail the best.

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23/4/2013 - High Pressure CNC Water Jet Cutting Systems

Water jet machines use high-pressure water jets for cutting parts out of different types of material. Water jet machine is widely used to cut metal, composite, marble, granite, ceramic tile, glass, cloth, food, leather, rubber, nylon, wood, dynamite and so on. However, it is not suitable for cutting fabric but this cutter is under research to cut fabric.

The water used in many Water Jet Cutting Machines Supplier is pressurized between twenty and sixty thousand pounds per square inch depending on the type of material being cut. Waterjet Cutting Machine process is controlled with the help of computer numeric control software that guides the water jet nozzle according to the lines and arcs of a computer aided design drawing.

Water cutting system has many advantages such as easy to use components, quick assembly process, reduced turn around time on the machine, complementariness to other machining techniques, and cutting without heating the material.

One major drawback of water jet machining is that the nozzle often gets blocked due to dust particles that might be present in the water. The other problem with cnc stone cutting machine is that they are prone to constant wear and tear caused due to high-pressure water flowing out of tiny nozzles.

These drawbacks are however ignored, as water jets are the most environment friendly and safe machining technology used in the present era. It does not produce fine particles that might get into the human body and cause fatal diseases such as cancer.

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18/4/2013 - High Presure Water Jet Cutting Systems

Water jet cutting may be a high-powered process, but it really is simple to understand. The force of water provides effective cutting with precise handling, and this makes it practical for industry as well as commercial uses.

CNC water jet cutting is one of the most versatile and fastest growing metal cutting processes in which high pressure water jet machine is employed for cutting metals into desired shapes. It is an cost effective way of cutting two dimensional metal shapes in a very wide range of materials without any tooling costs.

A water jet can be used to cut through sheets of aluminum and some types of glass and stone. Sometimes an abrasive material is added to the water to help cut tougher materials. water jet cutting system is often used in factories to cut more delicate materials such as food, rubber and foam.

In water jet cutting process very often water jet technology is implemented with an abrasive additive so that any type of cutting ranging from rapid hole drilling to detailed cuts can be performed on metals for use in automotive applications.

The cutting performed by water jet will be so clean, burr-free, crack free and accurate that it will not require any secondary finishing. Moreover when water jet metal cutting is performed on metals there will not be any distortion and no heat-affected zone will be left over past the cutting process.

With abrasive water jet system any type of metal like stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc can be cut into desired shapes. Even non-metallic materials like tiles wood, marble, ceramics, stones, glass, acrylics etc can be cut into fine shapes with this flying arm water cutting machine.

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17/4/2013 - The Main Structure Of The Water Cutting Machine

Water jetting has the benefit from not producing airborne dust. This could allow other nearby activities that occur unhindered. jetting can clean surfaces for the maximum standard, offering the best surface preparation for industrial painting, as an example. cnc water jet cutting machine could be operated by an auto or even a diesel engine. Here are three main parts of the water jet cutting machine.

Cutting Heads for Waterjet Cutting

The quality of the waterjet cutting heads too depends a lot on the production output. Nowadays, there are many innovative designs of this amazing tool that are available in the market. Manufacturers have come up with durable and zero-maintenance varieties of cutting heads that are used to carve intricate designs on different materials.

High Pressure Pumps for Waterjet Cutting:

The high pressure pumps are technologically advanced high-performance devices that are used in waterjet cutting. They can be used for pure water or abrasive cutting applications. These pressure pumps go a long way to influence the final output; hence they should be chosen carefully to get the required control over the intensity of the water jet, and for the exact speed to get the desired thickness.

Abrasive Management Systems for Waterjet Cutting

The abrasive management systems in waterjet cutting technology consist of three components abrasive container, abrasive metering system and abrasive cutting heads. These cnc glass cutting machine systems have a deep impact on the entire operation of cutting unit. This is because they can help in optimizing as well as minimizing the consumption of abrasive in the entire process.

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16/4/2013 - The Application Of The Water Jet Cutting Systems

Nowadays, the water cutting system generally fall into two categories of Waterjet cutting systems, Pure Waterjet or abrasive jet.

Pure Waterjet Cutting

Pure Waterjet cutting is as the name suggests the cutting process only using water. Pure Waterjet cutting has been in use since Waterjet machines were first commercially used. Pure Waterjet cutting is commonly used to cut soft materials such as rubber, plastics and foam. The pure 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting process has a number of advantages including: 

Jet of water is very thin

Low material wastage during cutting

Cutting does not generate Heat

Can cut very thin and thick materials

Fast cutting speed

Exceptionally low cutting force

Excellent at cutting soft materials

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive Waterjet cutting or abrasivejet as it is sometime referred to is similar to the concrete cutting machine with the exception that abrasive is fed into the cutting head of the water jet cutting machine. The addition of the abrasive makes the Waterjet cutting system more powerful cut far harder than the pure Waterjet system is capable of cutting. Abrasive Waterjet cutting is extremely versatile and cut hard materials such as metals and granite.

Waterjet machines have a number of advantages over other types of cutting machines. Waterjet machines allow you to 

Versatility – Water jet’s can cut almost any type of material   

Little to no heat is generated from the cutting process

Very high tolerances can be obtained

Environmentally friendly cutting process

Low Material Wastage

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9/4/2013 - The Multifunction Water Jet Cutting Machines

Water jet cutting Machines, which are capable of slicing into metal or components with high velocity and pressure. It really is typically used for both fabrication and manufacture of components for machinery and some other devices.

Waterjet cutting is a cold method, meaning that you can find no heat effected zones, hardened material or material stresses. A clean precise burr-free finish often eliminates the need to have for secondary surface finishing. The process also results in modest diameter highly accurate kerfs, making sure that the clean finished goods may be manufactured in a way that may possibly not be possible with other processes.

Water jets can be employed to reduce materials as diverse as fish sticks, gas station sandwiches, and titanium. But nonetheless you can find some components that can't be efficiently reduce using a water jet cutter like, tempered glass, which shatters when cut, irrespective of the cutting technology utilized.

Water jet cutting technology may be the most efficient, cost powerful and quickest developing approach to cut components. As a result of its versatility and ease of operation, fabricators are quickly realizing the vast possible of these machines. Water jets (or abrasivejets) can reduce practically any material in any shape with no heat distortion or mechanical pressure generally brought on by other strategies.

Granite Bridge Saw are also obtaining extremely useful for industrial makes use of. Bridge Saws also incorporate different varieties for the diverse purposes in Small laboratories or industries as Marble and granite bridge cutter, diamond saw machine into rails, electronic bridge shape sawing machine, Compactness and sturdiness etc.
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