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Bespaar tips voor Huwelijksplannen

06:44, 21/3/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Marriage is the most romantic and memorable day for a couple. But a wedding is expensive and by planning effectively save on the cost of the wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips to save.

Set on a Budget

A wedding brings a lot of cost along with it, so it is important to first set a budget to let out without a part. Imagine how much you can spend without actually that seductive fun extras. Always ask for a complete service package including all items.

Choose the right location

Wedding planning1

Choosing the right location is always cost-effective. By choosing an outdoor location, or a location with a nice atmosphere, you can already save on decorations. Even restaurants that already have tables, linens and place settings feature can save lots are on hire. Some locations even have package options available for wedding planning and also suppliers discounts. Keep this in mind when choosing the right wedding venue.

Rent a Wedding Dress

Wedding Planning2

Want to save money? rent a wedding dress. Take a look on eBay, online retailers or advertising pages for fun wedding dresses.

The figure wedding cake

Wedding Planning3

Ordering a wedding cake at the bakery can end expensive. If you still want to have a wedding cake, you should select a few smaller cakes that cost less than a bigger wedding cake. A wedding cake for just the wedding couple and a different kind of dessert or cake for the guests would also be a cheaper option.

Shorten the guest list

 Wedding Planning4

Need only close family or friends and no children. A difficult task, but perhaps a cheaper solution to save money on catering, but also the number of invitations and keepsake.


Pick a flower arrangement

Seasonal Flowers are slightly more expensive than flowers that are out of season. Ask the florist for the right kind of flowers sharply in price and suitable for the season. Remember all the flowers are beautiful and it's not worth it to spend too much money.

Wedding Planning5

Photography, Music and Video

Wedding Planning6

You can not afford a good photographer? Whether they might collaborate with another cheaper party that can take care of your photo shoot. Better to choose a smaller band or DJ who can take care of the wedding ceremony and reception.


Hiring Wedding Planning

You can choose a wedding planner who arranges your marriage ceremony for you. This can help you save on your budget, because they often collaborate with suppliers. Be careful when choosing a wedding planner that helps you to save money and not just let spend too much money.

 an article by http://www.bridalonline.nl/trouwen/bespaar-tips-voor-huwelijksplannen/

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Bespaar tips voor Huwelijksplannen


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