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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

18:51, 12/3/2010 .. Posted in anime .. 0 comments .. Link

i just finished this anime and i must say it was realy good. It had some realy random things like the combination of mechas at the begining or a mecha in a mecha in a mecha controlling each other.

The best part of this anime where probally the charrecters and their great lines like:

Who the hell do you think I am!!

the only thing i didnt like was the ending i mean it is nice to see how everyone lives after all these years but it would have been nicer if they all came togetter or somting


18:04, 12/3/2010 .. Posted in anime .. 0 comments .. Link

First things first i actually didnt wan to watch to this anime becouse i thougt i would look so dumb mecha's playing basketball but since i hadnt anny better to watch i decided to give it a try and after wathinh the whole serie i could only conclude 1 thing this serie was just great


the story wasnt the greatest but it still i could watch the hole serie without getting borred


nothing wrong here everything loocked good especialy the last coupel of episodes the mecha realy loocked great when they were moving


without a doubt the bast part of the anime it gave a realy good feeling espesialy during the matches


there wers some nice carecters in Basquash each of them seems to have some thing happend in the past that gave some nice subplots


the 11th anime that i am going to give 5 stars so overal i think it was a great anime. the only thing i was not satasfied with was that Rouge and dan didnt get a proper ending but you cant expect to much from shonen romance

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