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Collarbone and the top of the humerus

Posted on 4/9/2014 at 08:19 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

View of the blade on the front. Collarbone and the top of the humerus
Fig. 31 view of the blade on the front. Collarbone and the top of the humerus
Taking into account other factors tilt shoulders forward protrusion of the chest, often resulting overcorrection back position before the child learns to control the action of the muscles of the shoulder, such a description is typical of many non-tuberculous cases stoop. Very hard to find a child who will be able to keep the spine perfectly straight, most children over slouch. What kind of position is the right one for the shoulders and look like rounded shoulders?

Obviously, the correct position of the arms involves a balance with respect to the line of gravity, the force of gravity is not able to reject the body forward or backward. The scientific work of Dr. Lovett (Figure 9) is described as follows: "The shoulder should be placed slightly behind the side of the median line of the body so that the weight is mostly on the chest. In this case, none of the muscles should not feel a strong contraction when the shoulder is moved forward. "Center for arms must be behind the center of gravity.
Blades for six year old child
Figure 32 Blades six year old child
Do pets blades are positioned much closer to the side of the chest than in humans. Proper positioning of the blades gives a person a much wider range of motor for the implementation of manipulation arms and shoulder joints. Furthermore, the correct position of the blades relative to the breast even more expands the range of motion. Babies with a barrel chest (four years) of the blade are very small in size and are located much closer to the side of the chest. Since the thorax expands outwardly, it becomes more flat as the front and rear blades and this time increase in size and begin to bulge until they are positioned on the flat rear surface of the sternum. In a very large percentage of cases, because of the small number of loads the muscles of the back surface of the rear blade displacement occurs. As a result, the blades are positioned obliquely to the sides of the chest. This leads to the appearance of the protruding blades, which are easily seen even through clothing.

Read the article: http://www.medscash.net/products/microgynon.html

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