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Nikon D800 Images Leaked Again - 09:38, 9/1/2012

new gadgets on which will be discussed here for all types of users


Filters are a must have for any DSLR users simply because they protect the camera’s lens. In addition to that, UV coated filters will protect the eyes as well. Suffice to say, it is a lot cheaper to replace a broken filter rather than a broken lens.

Spare Battery

This is simply a must for all users especially those that are using their cameras for a whole day usage. It is better to keep one in case of the one that is being used finished rather than having an unusable camera. Original ones may cost a plentiful but there are also third-party manufacturers which would be around a third of the price of the original.

White Balance Lens Cap

It is important to keep the white balance settings correct so that the user will get the best colors possible at that particular place. There are two ways of doing it: getting an 18% grey card or a white balance lens cap. Some of these ranges from $45-$65 on Geminideal, but it is definitely a good investment and doubles as a lens cap as well.

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HP to sell new batches of WebOS powered HP TouchPad, starts at $99 - 09:07, 9/12/2011

The first fire sale of the HP TouchPad was definitely beyond expectation of any parties involved. The demand was overwhelming and it only took a short while before the product is all sold out. It all happened for a very good reason as well.

The 9.7-inch tablet was a hit as HP announced that the 16GB and 32GB variant of the new gadgets will be sold at a price of $99 and $149 respectively. Those that require an external wireless keyboard need to pay up another $79 on Geminideal.

Demands for the HP TouchPad have been increasing ever since especially since there are already hacks on which the device could be run on Android which is done by CyanogenMod 7. With its cheap price, it is to no wonder that the device was sold out in such a short period of time.

However, those that still wish to get their hands on one of these can do so on December 11, 6.00 p.m Central Time. HP will be selling the product at its HP eBay store. However, the company will be limiting its sales to only 2 devices per customers so that everyone would get a fair share of the device. Best of luck!

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Iridium releases AxcessPoint Mail & Web app for globetrotting iDevices - 10:10, 24/11/2011

A towel and an even keel go a long way when you're galavanting around the globe, but whether we're going to grandma's or New Guinea, many of us won't leave home without access to email. Iridium created its new gadget-AxcessPoint Mail & Web software for such connection-dependent people, but the service was unavailable to those using iOS... until today. The company has finally brought AxcessPoint to Cupertino's mobile platform, and iPhone users can download the free app now. Of course, before you start checking messages in the middle of the Sahara, you'll need to spring for one of Iridium's pricey sat phones and its WiFi hotspot, then pay a $1 per minute charge once you've connected your iDevice. And, with speeds on the network checking in around 12kbps for web browsing and 40kbps for email, you'll pay dearly for the privilege of opening the Vogon poetry attachment your buddy sent to entertain you while you sail solo across the Atlantic.
More information in Geminideal.

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Have fun at urinals - 10:31, 18/11/2011

You know the saying, “piss drunk”? I guess with all that booze that goes down your throat during the next party, surely your liver and bladder would work overtime, helping to flush out whatever toxins that are in your body, not to mention making room for more of that poisonous (but intoxicating) stuff. Well, if knocking back pints is your favorite hobby, and you have a close knit group of friends who share the same sentiment, perhaps you can approach the management of your favorite cool gadgets-watering hole in install a hands-free gaming cistern system, as what the gents section in the Exhibit Bar located in south London has done?

I know, this sounds rather silly, but hear me out for a while. Imagine building up all that liquid in your bladder, and you know for sure this is going to be a high pressure release the next time you unzip your fly, so why not make the most of it? What makes it more challenging is the fact that your motor skills would most probably be shot or affected already somewhat no matter how strong a drinker you are, so to gain the high score makes it all the more interesting. This hands-free gaming cistern system comprises of three games which we will look at in the extended post.

First of all, you can test your skills with the quiz game known as Clever Dick, where you will need to adjust your golden stream to either the left or right section of the pan, and the more competitive players among you can even post your story onto an online leader board or via Twitter. According to Mark Melford, director at the games’ creator, Captive Media, “It’s taken three years of research and development to get to this point. The reaction to the units so far has been incredible – it’s just so much fun.” Just don’t drop your phone somewhere wet when you’re busy posting up your scores on Twitter, all right?

I guess this is one novel idea to draw more and more people back to the bars and pubs considering how tough times have gotten in recent years, so instead of drowning one’s sorrows at home, why not do it in a place where the ambience is full of fun and laughter? The Japanese already have their version by Sega, but that failed to rescue the economy in that part of the world.

More interesting news in Geminideal.

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Mixel Makes Art Social - 07:27, 11/11/2011

More and more, we are communicating without words.

Think of all the developments in the last few years that allow us to converse with one another in nonverbal ways. Instagram lets us create dialogues with others based on photos. Music services like MOG, Rdio and Spotify let us share tracks with one another. Turntable.fm lets us do that in real time.

A screen from Mixel, a new social-art app for the iPad.

In each case, we are often not just trading media, we are having a conversation. The objects, whether they are songs or images, carry meaning. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. In the back and forth that happens between two people or a group that share this media, there are references to memories, emotions, places and other things. It’s not as direct as written or oral communication, but it is communication nonetheless.

So today, we can add a new gadgets to that communicative group. Mixel is a free iPad app from Scott Ostler, co-founder of the image-sharing site Dump.fm, and Khoi Vinh, a former design director of NYTimes.com. The app allows users to make collages using images from Mixel’s own library, the Web or a user’s personal collection. Images can be cropped, rotated and manipulated in other ways using swipe, pinch and twist gestures.

Once a collage (or a “mixel,” as the developers like to call it) has been created, it can be shared with other users of the app. Mixel users can follow one another, and their collages will populate each other’s feeds. In addition, any Mixel user can “remix” the collage you made, putting their own spin on one of your creations (each version is saved and displayed, so people can see the evolution of one collage). The app works with Facebook, so you can find your friends, and the usual commenting and liking features you would expect to find are also available.

I tried Mixel, and it was fun and intriguing. I cannot draw to save my life, but collages? That I can do. You feel like you’re playing Art Director: Fisher-Price version. I mean that as a compliment — it’s fun to juxtapose images and text, and it’s worlds easier than, say, painting. That would’ve been enough to make a perfectly nice app, but adding the social features, where friends and others can create chains of meme-like images, turns Mixel into something more deeply compelling. It’s a conversation I’m looking forward to having.

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Select the right gadgets for survival at school - 10:14, 1/11/2011

September is almost here and students are getting ready to head back to campus. While exciting, the return to school is not without its challenges. The myriad of choice makes selecting the right gadgets for student life seem like a daunting task.

Ava Murphy, a second year environment studies student at McGill University in Montreal, is excited to return to campus. In addition to packing the basic necessities for school, her new Toshiba Satellite L series laptop will be making the trip back to Montreal with her.

“Last year, I went overboard and tried to cram too many gadgets into my tiny dorm room,” said Ava. “I’ve decided to only bring my Toshiba laptop this year. It has all the programs and features I need but is still light enough to bring to class.”

Selecting the right technology is not just important for academic success. It also can enhance life outside the classroom. When selecting a laptop for back–to–school, be sure to think beyond aesthetics and consider the unit’s versatility and point–of–difference. Innovative features such as Toshiba’s Face Recognition, which allows users to bypass passwords and log on with their face, are added bonuses—giving students more bang for their buck. A unit’s durability should also factor into the equation. Since students tend to be tough with their technology, a Hard Drive Impact Sensor, a complex system of hardware and software designed to protect your hard drive, can ensure peace of mind when carting a laptop from class to class.

Sometimes less can be more. When deciding what to pack, Toshiba product manager Steve Wong recommends that students prioritize their technology needs.

“Be sure to select a laptop that suits your purposes and personality. If you are always on the go and want to maximize your battery life, Toshiba’s Eco Utility, a mode that allows you to monitor and save power with a push of a button, is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. If music is your passion, go with a laptop that has amazing harman/kardon speakers, such as Toshiba’s Satellite P series laptops. Make the right choice for your needs and budget.”

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Must See HDTV (October 24th - 30th) - 09:22, 25/10/2011

This week baseball's World Series continues, after splitting the first four games evenly it all comes down to a best of three between the Rangers and Cardinals. Of course, that's not all coming to our TVs this week, as several new series premiere, along with some Halloween-themed programming. The biggest surprise however is the 90s-throwback feel of this week's roundup, find out why in the highlights below, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy
When the first flick debuted in 1993, it brought Michael Crichton's book to life with an unprecedented new level of special effects. Of course, that meant the Jurassic Park trilogy's strength was never its story, which regressed further in subsequent films. Still, you can celebrate some of the best in '90s cinema this week with the new triple pack that includes the movies and all new behind the scenes information. You can also get your dinosaur fix every week with Terra Nova, but we wouldn't recommend it.
(October 26th, $48.99 on Gemini)

Beavis & Butt-head
Mike Judge's animated duo make their return to the small screen after a 14 year layoff Thursday night, and for better or worse, it doesn't appear that much has changed. Of course, the internet has opened up a whole new source of bad music videos for the pair to display and dissect, but since they're on the internet, its much more likely that you've already seen them. We'd rather have Daria or Aeon Flux back instead, but we'll check this out for nostalgia's sake.
(October 27th, MTV, 10PM)

The other new fairytale based TV show makes its debut on NBC this week, with a very Supernatural / Fringe type of take on the old stories. This time around the Grimm brothers are homicide detectives that chase down all those supposedly mythical creatures in the very real world of Portland, Oregon. We'll see if it's worth watching as it takes on Fringe in the same time slot Friday night -- check after the break for a preview.
(October 28th, NBC, 9PM)

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Camera showdown: iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4, Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and Amaze 4G - 10:18, 18/10/2011

Siri's sweet and all, but for many of us that new eight megapixel sensor and f/2.4 aperture lens are what really makes Apple's iPhone 4S an appealing upgrade. We spent the weekend shooting around New York City with the iPhone 4S, along with some other top smartphones -- the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and HTC's Amaze 4G -- in order to determine just which phone's camera reigns supreme. And in order to capture video and stills with consistent framing among all five devices, we secured each smartphone to that homemade quintuple cameraphone mount that you see above -- it may be an early prototype, but it got the job done. Jump past the break to see the results, and check out our comprehensive iPhone 4S sample gallery below.

The iPhone 4S is a pleasure to shoot with. The camera is ready to capture its first image within a second of launch, and tapping to focus after recomposing is painless and speedy. With advanced options limited to a grid overlay and HDR shooting, its interface may be too simple for some, but third-party apps are available should you want a bit more control. The camera functions identically to its iPhone 4 predecessor, but its f/2.4 maximum aperture (compared to f/2.8 with the iPhone 4) means that you'll be able to snap higher quality photos in low light. Its image quality rivals many point and shoot cameras in most conditions, though if you tend to shoot in the dark, you'll want a dedicated camera with a more powerful flash.

Apple's iOS may offer one of the simplest camera interfaces, but it's by no means the most powerful. Want manual control over exposure, white balance and ISO sensitivity? The Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and Amaze 4G let you do it all with just a few taps. Overall, we were most often pleased with photos we shot with the iPhone 4S, despite its lack of advanced features. Exposure and white balance were most accurate with Apple's finest, and images were plenty sharp on their own, though not as sharp as those from the Amaze 4G, which appears to add sharpening by default.

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Apple unveils iPhone 4S, updated Nano & Touch, iOS 5 and Siri, but no iPhone 5ˇ­yet - 08:49, 8/10/2011

The iPhone 4S has upgraded components including a better camera, faster processor and available Oct. 15

Today in gadget news, Apple announced the upgrade to the iPhone 4 at a much heralded event at its Cupertino campus. However, they did not announce the arrival of the new iPhone 5.  Apple’s stock tanked after the announcement completed.

CEO Tim Cook, replacing Steve Jobs and leading his first product event, gave us a glimpse of the iPhone 4S, which looks exactly like an iPhone 4, but has upgraded components including a better camera.  It will be available Oct. 15 with pre-orders beginning Oct. 7.

The event also featured the unveiling of Siri, a new voice-recognition technology on the 4S that transcribes voice to text in any text field where there is a keyboard;  Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5, available Oct. 12; the launch of iCloud, which will also be available Oct. 12; and new pricing for the updated ‘white’ iPod Touch and the updated multi-touch iPod Nano.

However, Cook and other Apple executives who took the stage did not announce an iPhone 5, which sent the company’s stock price tumbling — Apple’s share price fell to a loss of more than 3 percent on the day immediately after the event ended without the standard announcement of “one more thing,” which would have been a completely redesigned iPhone.

As mentioned, the new iPhone 4S has an improved camera with a higher-resolution sensor. The processor is faster, which helps run smoother, more realistic action games. It’s also a “world phone,” which means that Verizon iPhones will be usable overseas, just as AT&T iPhones already are.

The new 8 megapixel camera on the 4S offers up 60% more pixels, with a CMOS backside illuminated sensor, offering a staggering 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and it’s 33% faster. In addition to face detection, a 2-3x increase in photo capture time over competitor’s smartphones, the iPhone 4S will take 1080p HD video with image stabilization in real-time. If that wasn’t enough, Apple is including the ability to use AirPlay Mirroring right on the iPhone 4S in addition to the iPad 2, which already supports this feature.

The new iPhone 4S processor, the Apple A5 dual-core processor, is twice as fast for CPU tasks, and up to 7x higher than the previous iPhone, especially with graphics. Even with the increased performance of the new A5 chip, Apple is stating battery life has increased to 8 hours. In addition, Apple is touting a brand new antenna system where the phone will “intelligently switch between two antennas” to offer up even better call quality. Data speeds are increased by almost 2x, now capable of upwards of 14Mbps.

Updated iPod Touch in White

Apple said the new phone will come in black or white. It will cost $199 for a 16 gigabyte-version, $299 for 32 GB and $399 for 64 GB — all with a two-year service contract requirement. It will now be available through Sprint, as well as the existing carriers, AT&T and Verizon.

The previous version, iPhone 4, will now cost $99 for 8 GB. The 2009 model, the iPhone 3GS, will be given away for free with 8 GB. Both also require a two-year service contract.

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ASUS' U46SV-DH51 goes up for pre-order, ships to bezel haters on October 1st - 04:23, 21/9/2011

Do you despise thick bezels, yet harbor an unnatural aversion to portables from LG and Samsung? We're not here to psychoanalyze, but ASUS' U46SV-DH51 might be more to your liking.
The "Brushed Champagne" notebook is notable for its diminutive bezel, which, like Sammy's smaller Series 7, allows for a 14-inch display to exist in a 13-inch chassis. It's got some punch too, packing a Core i5-2410M, 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA's GeForce GT 540M and a DVD burner (remember those?). Not bad for a 4.85-pound laptop that'll supposedly go 10 hours between charges and set you back $879.
Find more information in Gemini.

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Apple iPhone 5 Could Exceed Expectations - 08:25, 17/8/2011

It looks as though the Apple iPhone 5 could potentially exceed the expectations of the company. Not only in sales, but also any number of features that the update will bring to the device. When word first one out of the market that the iPhone 5 was on the way, it was rumored to be a very small update that would bring a number of small features in the same way that some of the previous updates have done. As time has gone on, it has become increasingly clear that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to bring some very large updates that users should be very excited about.

Durbin many different rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 over the course of the last few months, so it is kind of hard to separate fact from fiction with the way that things are currently. A number of anonymous sources with inside the company have stated that some of the rumors will be true, and that the design for the device will be much thinner than we had seen before. It has also been confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature a dual core processor and should have extended battery life when compared to the previous versions of the device.


The update however, will not include 4G LTE service as a result of the widespread cost of the battery life upgrades. It will be interesting to see how popular the device becomes, and many are expecting it to be one of the largest iPhone releases from the company. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see if they are able to continue to capitalize on the large amount of rumors and hype that surround the device. The Apple’s unlocked iPhone 4 has grown into a cultural phenomenon and continues to be a talking point among the masses.

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LG Windows Phone Mango devices expected to arrive in September - 09:51, 3/8/2011

It’s not the first time we’re hearing that LG will ship powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango , but now they has provided more details on this. LG is poised to launch new Microsoft’s Mango-based smartphones in September.

Here’s an overview of what the Mango  version of the mobile OS will bring:

Communications, with information organized around a person or a group:

  • the ability to toggle between Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger Chat and Messages, all in one conversation
  • Contact groups can be turned into personalized Live Tiles for a quick glance of recent status updates as well as a fast way of interacting right from the Start screen
  • Twitter integration as well as LinkedIn integration with Contacts
  • Facebook check-ins with better face detection and easy tagging
  • Linked inbox for combining several accounts with grouped messages and conversation view
  • Hands-free messaging with speech-to-text and text-to-speech


  • Multitasking with some applications having the ability to run in the background. The user can easily toggle between them
  • Improved Dynamic Live Tiles allow for easy information retrieval and update without the need for the corresponding app to be open
  • Applications will be featured on Search results and Hubs and will be displayed when necessary


  • Internet Explorer 9 brings PC browser power to your smartphone with HTML 5 and hardware acceleration
  • Local Scout gives you local recommendations for restaurants, shops, activities in your vicinity while displaying them in an easy to read manner
  • Improved Bing featuring Bing Vision, Music Search and Voice for easily recognizing images, tags, songs and your speech
  • Quick Cards will bring you a relevant summary and applications while searching for a product, movie, event or place.

The Ecosystem:

  • The platform and ecosystem will be further improved by welcoming three new hardware partners: Acer, Fujitsu Ltd and ZTE. These OEMs committed to delivering Windows Phones on a global scale by the end of this year.

Windows Phone Beta Tools:

  • The new Mango Tools for developers will go live on Microsoft’s page in the upcoming 24 hours for developers to download and use to create a new generation of Mango apps and games that will take advantage of the new features introduced. 

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IPhone 5: Dual Flashes, Dueling Rumors - 10:29, 12/7/2011

With June nearly over and still no sign of the iPhone 5, rumors about Apple's next smartphone continue to swirl. The latest reports suggest that the new iPhone will feature an upgraded camera with dual LED flashes and a faster processor. But more details -- including what it will look like and when it will be available -- remain a question mark, as different news outlets are offering conflicting reports.

Bloomberg reported this week that Apple's next iPhone will debut in September, featuring a more powerful CPU -- the A5 processor, currently used on the iPad 2 -- as well as an 8-megapixel camera. That would be a step up from the 5-megapixel camera that the iPhone 4 offers. Bloomberg's report says that the new iPhone will be available in September.

While Bloomberg's report suggests that the new iPhone will not sport a drastically new look,  The reporting that a "reliable source" has informed them the new iPhone will feature a "radical new case design." Exactly what that new design may look like is unclear, as the site doesn't have any additional details.

Also says that the new iPhone may be available sooner than the widely-anticipated September released date. Their source suggests that the new iPhone could be launched at an Apple event in early or mid-August, with availability beginning in late August.

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The HP TouchPad - 10:44, 28/6/2011

The TouchPad’s Bells & Whistles

  1. HP’s “Cards” interface for multitasking has long been seen as one of the webOS’ key UI elements. Cards allows you to switch between programs seamlessly in a really intuitive manner.
  2. Wireless charging with the TouchStone. This is a feature that was previously available with webOS phones and it allows you to charge the battery without cables.
  3. Aside from wireless charging, the TouchPad is also capable of syncing wirelessly with the Palm Pre 3. This allows you receive text messages and phone calls on the tablet rather than your phone when you are settled at a location so you can take advantage of the larger screen. If you are browsing the Web on the TouchPad and need to leave in a hurry, tapping the Pre 3 on the tablet will open the phone’s browser and load the URL you were reading.
  4. Leveraging the new partnership the TouchPad comes with wireless printing for photos. In the photo albums application, it is possible to wirelessly send images to a compatible HP printer. This makes it convenient to make photo prints.
  5. HP has also established some critical relationships that allow the TouchPad to be used for viewing digital magazines such as Sports Illustrated and books from Amazon using a Kindle app.

Should I get the HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad features technology that rivals many laptops in market today, however, the eco-system required to truly make owning this device over the long term maybe an issue if certain things don’t happen for HP.   The bell and whistles of swiping one’s cell phone and seeing the website appear on the computer or synchronized browsing across devices assumes of course that you own a Palm Pre or webos phone. Further to this the lack of a thriving apps market for means thin pickings to continue to enhance the capabilities of your tablet. So while HP Touchpad does an awesome job, I think the ultimate deciding factor for this device to gain any traction is – PRICE.

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How to Make a Soft Reset or Factory Reset of AT&T HTC HD7S? - 10:35, 24/6/2011

If your HTC HD7S WP7 phone for AT&T becomes unresponsive or sluggish, try restarting(soft restarting) your phone and see if that helps. In case your phone has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, the last resort is to do a factory reset(hard restarting).
Method 1: How to Restart HTC HD7S phone (soft reset) steps:

To restart your phone, simply turn it off and back on. If pressing and holding the POWER button doesn’t work, then remove the battery, wait for a few seconds, reinsert the battery, and then turn the phone on.

Method 2: How to factory reset (hard reset) htchd7s:
If you’re passing your phone on to someone else or your phone has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, you can do a factory reset (also called a hard reset). This returns your phone to the state it was in before the first time you turned it on.
Note Factory reset is not a step to be taken lightly. It will permanently delete all your data and customized settings, and will also remove any apps you’ve downloaded and installed. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset. AT&T Cell Phone Problems and Solutions
Steps: SPerforming a factory reset via settings
The most convenient way to do a factory reset is via the phone settings.
1.On the Start screen, tap All Applications Arrow.
2.Tap Settings > about phone. AT&T HTC HD7S info
3. Tap reset your phone, and then tap yes.
4.Performing a factory reset using phone buttons
If you cannot turn on your phone or access the phone settings, you can still perform a factory reset by using the buttons on the phone.
1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons

2. then briefly press the POWER button.
3.Wait for the screen to show the instructions on how to do the factory reset

4. then release the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons.
just do exactly as the  instructions onscreen to factory reset your HTC HD7S phone.

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Things to Consider Before You Sign a Cell Phone Contract - 09:50, 21/6/2011

Cell phone contracts maybe long, boring, and hard to understand, but that is what customer service is there for. These are but a few items you should consider asking about before you agree to any contract.
  • International Charges. This may not be for everyone, but knowing what the cell phone company charges for international usage is necessary for those heavy travelers. Those of you who sit close to your countries borders need to be weary of this a swell. Often times, data charges skyrocket if you happen to connect to a tower in another country. Even if that tower is just across the street. Many cell phone companies have international plans for those who travel, but they are expensive.
  • Roaming. Yeah, there are still times you maybe roaming. Though this is not something customers even consider anymore, it is still in your cell phone contract. A cell phone provider can actually drop you as a customer if you spend too much time making phone calls while roaming. While you are setting up your new contract, be sure to find out what the company considers roaming territory.
  • What does the company guarantee? As sad as it may seem, cell phone service is not always guaranteed. If you read the fine print in your contract, you may find that a company only guarantees a percentage of up time. You will also find that cell phone companies don’t guarantee that your phone will work in every area you travel to. It’s key to know what your cell phone provide guarantees as this can be what stops you from being reimbursed on your bill if you happen to lose service.

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Does Your Cell Phone Come in Green? - 09:20, 7/6/2011

Everyone today is concerned about the environment. The fact of the matter is that today we use a lot more in the way of energy than we ever have, and being able to save a little bit helps everyone. When it comes to cell phones, there are a number of ways in which the manufacturing process as well as the use of the cell phones can be improved so as to be more earth-friendly. Understanding a little bit about the way cell phones are made and what’s out there on the market today can help you make more informed and more responsible consumer decisions. There are several cell phones on the market today that create a small footprint and environmental impact than those other ones on the market.

From the materials used to manufacture your cell phones to the way your cell phone gets its energy, there are several different opportunities for making your cell phone greener.

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