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26/10/2011 - Brand new Air Max sale unique in 360 degree transparent sole

This time the release shoes used 'Club Purple' match colors (and the phoenix SUNS Purple very similar), Nike Air Max Hyper can still find classic gem on the swoosh, swoosh within the crack, palm visible mattress and after Max pinstripes design shoes tongue.
Over the past two years, eight hundred days, whether early morning, dusk, whether the bright or the drizzle, as long as he can practice run via Air Max 2011, he never laziness; Practice is not so much a run, rather than to love his run. Because from 42.195 km run process (or even 100 kilometers or 24 hours), the endurance and hard for bear, not every running shoes can stand, only Nike, only Air Max Shoes, yea, dont hesitate any more! The shoe money has set up a file in the designated shop selling. Nike Air Max 2012 provides new technology design, 360 degrees Air Max transparent fluorescent big Air cushion for this shoe money one of the biggest selling point, on the collocation of color matching gray department, and with high help present, simply to Air Max 95 most popular dominant color, is expected to spread this weekend in the overseas Proper shoppe began to sell.
Black leather and black suede leather and grid mix build material, Swoosh, Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 tongue, lining and Air Max unit around with deep red window are decorated, soles with a light gray present, exquisite collocation, and the sole friction production can let you experience the general feeling.

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