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trert234's blog

My birthday gift

12:14, 11/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

the sixteen year birthday, i got a gift from my mother.It is Ugg cardy boot.

When i opened the box, a pair of white color ugg cardy boots was lying in the box. Wow, it is just the boot i was dreaming for, but the high price stopped me to have it. i have never though mother would buy it for me as a birthday gift.I were so thankful to my mother.

Beautiful crochet knit upper in a wool blend features a suede heel guard for durable wear all season long.Its flexible design, using the best raw materials and a variety of stylish color elements to use a variety of popular new continuously one after another to create the myth of the classic!

Wonderful! It was really the one i dreamed to have in many night! so lovely, so thankful!

It must have cost my mother much money! But mother told me the price was not as high as i have saw in the shopping mall.She bought it from webstore.I opened my computer and surfering the internet. oh, yes, ugg sale online is on much lower price, it was a good news for me, i can have my favorite ugg boots without paying a lot of money!

Thanks god!

the main Features of Ugg boots

12:12, 11/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

UGG boots come designed with wide range of characteristics, which make them desirable and universal footwear for women, men and kids around the house, outdoors or as a hot fashion statement.


It mostly features:

  1. Made of natural sheepskin. the thick fleecy fibres on the inner part of the boots allow air to circulate and keep the feet at body temperature. This means that Ugg boots can be worn without socks or tights (even in relatively clid weather). While in the boot, the sockless foot is in full contact with the sheepskin lining, thereby maximizing the insulative properties of the boot.
  2. Special shape design. The wide, rounded toebox, wide shaft, and wide heelbox with a heel-less slie enhance comfort by providing a non-constricting space for the foot. The mid-calf shaft, while not encasing the entire lower foot in woli, further enhances the thermal qualities of the boot by encasing the ankle and lower portion of the leg.
  3. EVA outslie.The thick padding and lightness of the slie increases foot comfort during movement, while the soft shank minimizes the weight of the boot.


    Now we offer ugg boots in top quality with cheap price. Ugg boots sale on our website are guaranteed genline. You can save money and get perfect ugg boots here. if you are interested in our products, pls click this link : ugg boots uk, it will brings you directly to our webstore.

    Thank you!

ugg classic tall boots

12:09, 11/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

The Ugg Boots are fashionable worldwide, not only the beautiful appearance but also the comfortable wearing experience. The Ugg classic tall boots are the typical boots in the ugg products line.

UGG boots are known for its material-sheepskin, we can imagine that it is very warm and comfortable to wear a pair of ugg boots in winter especially the very cool winter,but the most surprising thing is that ugg boots can cool your foot when you wear it in summer! Seems unbelievable, but yes, they are! So that means you can wear it all the year,from summer to winter!

And we recommend the most popular color-gray. it is a lovely soft colorand it is the popular color which can match almost all cloth in your wardrobe.

When you are looking for a suitable size ugg boots, You can spend many time digging for it online (care fraud sellers sell copies). You can also stay in our store,spend few time to buy ugg here, all the products are guaranteed! We do good service, offer unbeatable price for unbeatable quality!

Do not be hasitate! It is really your choice to buy ugg here!

ugg sundance boots

12:06, 11/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

We offer you whole line products of Ugg sheepskin boots, Each product is individually guaranteed the authenticity of the information.

The accuracy of the technique is clearly shown in the heel, raw seam and signature UGG Australia label. Light and flexible EVA outsole. 100% genuine Merino sheepskin from Australia. 100% fine wool fleece. Easy to open - for clearance. Highly suitable for a shorter or a great end of the following pants. Not wearing socks! Natural products to wick moisture. Natural toughness. To keep the foot warm to minimum 30 degrees! Experience days when you release tension in your feet slip into a pair of UGG Australia Classic .

What do you think of the ugg sundance boots, here we strongly recommend them. they are pupolur boots in women's lives. They are hot sale now, you if you buy them now,you will get about 20% off. Good chance to purchase it!

Ugg Clasic Collection

14:00, 9/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Ugg Clasic Collection

The ugg clasic boots collection we offer includesUgg Classic Cardy Boots,Ugg Classic Short Boots,Ugg Classic tall Boots and so on.

Here we will specially recommend the Cardy boots and short boots.

The Ugg Classic Cardy Boots features the knitting wool. This kind of boots also features the turn-down collar, you can turn down the upper of the boots to make your boots shorter, then you will get a short boots! They have three beautifull fasteners engraved with "UGG" letters. This kind of boots have several color, pls borwse our website to view them.

The Ugg Classic Short Boots features the material, it is made of sheepskin and wool whole. Short and tall, the different size to meet people different needs. For products detail, pls browse our website!

These two kind of boots are all using EVA sole to make your step light.

We offer unbeatable price for unbeatable quality ugg boots,do not be hesitate,just take action to have one boot you love!

Ugg boots for Women and Men

13:58, 9/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Ugg boots for Women and Men

Ugg boots, sometimes known as ugh or ug boots, are made of sheepskin, with refined wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface.We offer Women's ugg boots and Men's ugg boots,so both men and women can find out boots suitable here.Ugg boots often have a synthetic, usually eva outsole, although this is not universal. Uggs are extremely popular with the teenage set, typically the classic Ugg boots short and tall worn by girls with mini skirts or with jeans tucked in.

In Australia and New Zealand, sheepskin boots have been popular for long time with people in rural occupations, such as sheep shearers, who have ready access to the raw materials.

During the World War I,the Australian pilots have wore the sheepskin boots to warm their feet. In the 1930's, the farmers liked to wear sheepskin boots when they were on the farm in wild winter. Since 1960's, the surfers liked to put on the sheepskin boots to warm their feet after they came back from riding the waves.

The natural properties of sheepskin results in well balanced thermostatic benefits. Thick fleecy fibers on the inner part of the boots allows air to circulate and keep the feet at body temperature. Man made materials and faux fur boots do not have these properties and sheepskin boots are highly prized for their effectiveness.Whatever Women's ugg boots or Men's ugg boots, they are all designed to be worn without socks in order to maximize the thermostatic benefits of sheepskin.

The history of UGG

13:56, 9/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
The history of UGG

During World War I, Australian pilots wore a fleece-lined "FUG" (flying ugg) boot to warm their foot. In the 1930's, Australian farmers wore a similar type of boot to warm their feet during long days on the farm. In the 1960s Australian surfers would put on ugg boots to warm their feet after coming in from riding the waves, and people in Australia would often wear ugg boots around the house during the mild winters.

The ugg bootshas its roots in Australian culture.

Ugg also has a couple of other spellings.whatever is "Ugh" or "Ug", it is proudly displayed in the Australian dictionary because it is such a common word there. Currently, "Ugg" was registered in Australia as a products trademark .

Whatever you want to call them, they are a huge part of Australian and now, American culture. They are known world-wide and are such a unique and marketable product. They obviously keep your feet warm in the winter, but surprisingly they will cool your feet in the summer. That means you can can wear it year-round!

We offer cheap ugg boots with superior quality.All ugg boots on sale in our store are manufactured using Double Heat Glue sole gluing technology. This ensures the sole never comes off the boot, which is a common problem with many other sheepskin boots. Sometimes even a simple sheepskin innersole for your regular shoes can make all the difference, providing warm and comfort in addition to their moisture absorbing qualities.

Ugg fashion trend

13:49, 9/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Ugg fashion trend

For the last several years, a new fashion trend has been sweeping the nations. This fashion trend is known as the Ugg shoes. The Ugg shoes has gained a huge following among all social groups and ages. Besides the fact that they are extremely trendy, it's their incredible ability to keep feet warm in the bitterest cold of conditions who makes these boots so popular.

The UGG Classic shoes is more than just sheepskin shoes,it is also a kind of lifestyle.

The UGG Classic boots Like the Classic Short is a calf-height boot made from genuine twin-face sheepskin. All boots in the Ugg Classic Collection feature a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin. The molded EVA outsole is designed to be light and flexible to provide amazing comfort with every step.

if you are about to go browsing for boots for your kinfolk, don't forget the soothe and panache that you can get from UGG classic boots. Each fellow member of your family unit will emphatically value the selection that you have made for them.

The UGG shoes made with fine craftsmanship, the design is unique, It has good reputation all over the world, and will be your best choice.

i love UGG

15:12, 6/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
i love UGG

"Do you know UGG? ", Jones asked me.

"UGG ? What UGG ?"

"Great! Time to dress you now.", Jones pulled me out of the door.

"What?", i could not catch her.

"Well, we will go to beach in this weekend, but you do not have the neccesary equipment, fashional equipment for beach life."

"So that is UGG?"

"Yes, ugg boots!"

20 minutes later, we were in the uggs store in Tang shopping mall!

"The ugg is a fashional brand from Australia, ugg boots are made of superior Australia sheepskin with superior workmanship. It is popular on beach and this sandy color one is hot sale recently. It is matching your shape and skin color quite well. Great! this one seems to made for you especially !", the ugg salesgirl warmly recommend one sandy UGG boot.

"Well, thank you! i really like this one, i want it!", it was my first time meet the UGGS, but i loved them at the first eyes when i saw them.

Beautiful, fascinating, fashional..., oh, there are too many advantages, i do not know how to describe the UGGS, just try them yourself, you will love the UGG !

the story of my UGG boots

15:08, 6/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
the story of my UGG boots

Well, i am man, but i have a pair of women UGG boots. It is a remembrance of my first lover.

The UGG Australia is a famous brand boot from Australia since 1978, but i have not gone to Australia, i know the UGG, but it have never gone into my life before the year 2006.

I am a tourist, i love traveling! one day of July 2006, i traveled to Hawaii to visit my friend Ben. On the famous beach i run into my old girlfriend Mary, she is my first girlfriend in my life! She was wearing white skirt and a pair of white UGG boots, walking along the beach, falling in thinking.

My sudden greeting scared her, she was puzzling with me, she did not recognize me at once. We have been parted for 10 yeas. For her, time seems not go, she was still so beautiful, but i am elder, many things changed me, i am not the yong gay ten years before.

She memoried me finally, but we found we did not know what to talk. Time made us feel strange.

"well, UGG Australia, nice boot ! you are the uggs ? ", oh my god! my brain was freezing, i hate myself, maybe i made a mistake, i should not greet her to make us in so awkward position.

She stared me with smile and not a word, then a few second later the smile became into a suddenly laugh. then i laughed too, we were staring each other and laughing loudly, we did not know why, we just wanted to laugh !

We warmly embraced and made deep kiss.

"Don't ask me anything! It is a dream of our meeting!", her finger sealed my lip, she took off the UGG boots, put them in my hand,''i am working for UGG Australia ." then turned her body, went away...

I held the UGG boots in my hand like a tailor's dummy staring her back going away in the evening.

Next day, i left Hawaii, it was a wonderdul episode in my life, if not the UGG boots, i can not believe it was not a dream !

What is blog !

19:04, 5/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

What is blog !


well,first! welcome to my blog ! Hope to make friend world wide,LOL !

A weblog for etrade is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know. There are many guides to choose from, each develops an audience, and there’s also comraderie and politics between the people who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds of structures, graphs, loops, etc

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