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First meeting

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I walked downstairs with Alice behind me. I went to the garage of our house.
‘Well which car will it be today?’ said Alice. I laughed. In our garage stood five cars. A yellow Porsche from Alice, a silver colored Audi R8 from Ethan, Josephine’s red Volvo C70, Miguel’s Black Jaguar XF and my own white Lexus SC.
‘Probably Ethan’s Audi.’ I answered.
‘As usual.’ She agreed with me. Most of the time we took Ethan’s car to school. Just because that car was the most normal car of all.
We arrived at school and saw our classmates after a long summer vacation. I wasn’t really thrilled to see them again. Most of the time we didn’t speak to them. I guess they think we’re different.
‘We are different.’ Ethan answered my thoughts. I shook my head.
‘Stop reading my mind.’ I said annoyed.
‘Sorry. I couldn’t help it. It was to funny.’ Alice shook her head when she followed our conversation.
‘And then the both of you call me annoying.’ I grinned at her.
‘But you are annoying.’ Alice looked shocked.
‘I’m not!’
‘Stop arguing’ said Ethan when we stepped out the car. ‘We already get a lot of attention.’
Like you mind. Ethan glanced at me. I do mind.
Yeah right. I knew Alice didn’t like it when we had a silent conversation so I smiled at her. ‘English right?’ She nodded. ‘See you later.’ We waved at Ethan. I felt sorry for him that he looked so much older. It was impossible to pretend that we were in the same year. Alice and I pretend to be 17, which was sort of true. Ethan pretend to be 18 and that’s why he was in 12th grade and we in the 11th grade.
‘Thank you for coming.’ Mr. Jefferson looked annoyed when we came in class too late. ‘Sorry.’ Alice said still looking at the teacher. He didn’t answered, but I heard that he didn’t mind at all anymore. I glanced at Alice. She smiled back.
I saw a new girl sitting in the back of the classroom. I recognized her, because last year she was already in 11th grade. What was she doing here? I listened to her thoughts for a while, but I couldn’t figure out what she was doing here. I glanced at Alice. I’ll explain later. She thought.
‘In a month I will make a test for you about the book you’d supposed to be reading.’ The teacher smiled at his pupils. Alice wondered which book. ‘1984 from George Orwell’ I told her. She smiled and thanked me.
How’s English going?
Boring and Math?
Boring too of course. I learned all this stuff 10 years ago and they keep repeating it. It’s like they don’t know I’m already graduated for more than 20 times.

I smiled by the hearing of Ethan’s thoughts. It was true that we graduated so many times. Sometimes it began to be funny when everybody got stressed out for a test. I knew I would pass it anyway, because I made it already 10 times or even more.
Dingdong. I thought it was a real stupid bell, though I was happy to hear it. I packed my stuff, just like Alice did, and walked out of the classroom.
‘Where are we heading?’ I asked Alice. I was to lazy to think myself.
‘Give me a second.’ I listened to the thoughts of our biology teacher. There were many classes that we skipped, because of the use of blood or other stuff that we weren’t able to do. I shook my head.
‘No problems. He is just going to explain what we’re going to do this year.’ Alice nodded when we entered the classroom.
This was one of the lessons we didn’t sat next to each other. The teacher thought it was better for us to sit next to some other classmates. The only problem was that nobody wanted to sit next to us. That was the reason why I sat alone and Alice next to a nerd, Dexter, who always had his ‘little’ tarantula with him. Luckily Alice wasn’t afraid for spiders. But she was a bit for him.
The new girl came into the classroom. She had to sign her note by the teacher and had to introduce herself. ‘Hello, I’m Haley Peterson.’ She looked at the teacher, because she didn’t know what to say further. The teacher nodded.
‘You can sit over there.’ He pointed at the seat next to me. I sighted. I was get used to sit alone and I really didn’t mind that.
‘Hi, I’m Haley.’ She smiled at me. ‘Yeah, I heard that.’ I answered without looking up.

I heard her sighting. She took her books and ignored me for the rest of the lesson. I listened to her thoughts. Haley thought I was coldblooded. That was a horrible joke if she knew that I was a vampire. Even though I couldn’t press a grin. Alice looked at me.
Everything ok? I nodded and made her clear I would explain it after this class. The teacher started babbling again. He explained a few things we were going to do this year. We would have to examine a heart from a deer and a cow’s eye. Some people looked disgusted. I could imagine that if you were human. What I wasn’t anymore and I did longed back to that time. Even though I don’t quite remember how that life was, but it was a life.
I know how you feel sis.
No you don’t. You can remember your life. At least most of it.
Like that was a great time.
See you in the canteen.

Dingdong. Stupid bell. Soon I was out of the room again and Alice stood next to me.
‘Lets go eat something.’ I ignored Alice. I hated to sit in the canteen and do nothing. We walked to the canteen and took some food. We walked to our ‘own’ table. Nobody else ever sat at that table, besides Ethan, Alice and myself.
It looked like everyone thought we were weird. And I knew they did think that.
‘Hey’ Ethan joined us. I took the apple from my plate and hold it in my hand. I looked around. I saw some people glancing at us. I did like I took a bit of the apple and put it away again. I couldn’t imagine people really liked this sort of food. I’d prefer blood.
The bell rang and we walked out of the canteen. I threw the food on my plate away and headed to my next class.

‘Then why is she in our year?’ I asked Alice when we walked to Ethan’s car. I still hadn’t figure out why Haley was in 11th grade, again.
‘She didn’t pass her tests very well at the end of the year.’ I grinned. ‘Haley…’ I glanced at Ethan. ‘That blond girl?’
‘Yes, Haley Peterson. She was in your year right?’ I asked Ethan. He nodded. ‘In my year yeah, but in an other class. What I think is special at Forks High School.’ He grinned and unlocked the car. ‘Let’s go home again.’
‘At full speed?’ I saw him nodding. ‘Great.’ I added.
‘Your eyes are a bit dark Ethan.’ I looked at Ethan and saw Alice was right. ‘That’s weird. Our hunt was just two weeks ago.’ Ethan looked away.
‘It’s just time to go hunting again.’ He drove back to the house. We were there in 5 minutes. He parked the car next to Alice’s Porsche.
‘I’ll first change clothes then.’ I stepped out of the car. ‘See you in a minute.’ I ran into the house, upstairs, to my room. After some seconds I was downstairs again.
‘That took long.’ Ethan grinned at me. ‘I can’t help it. I’m a girl.’ I grinned back.

We ran into the woods. I smelled the resin in the evergreens. I took a deep breath. The smell of the woods always calmed me down.
‘What was that about Haley?’ I looked up at Alice. ‘In Biology.’ I thought for a second. ‘Oh that. She thought we were coldblooded.’ Alice grinned. ‘You can’t stay out of peoples mind, do you?’ I glanced at Ethan. ‘I’m not the only one.’ Ethan looked at me. ‘But you do it more often than me.’ I looked guilty. ‘Ok, maybe that’s true.’
I saw a deer. ‘It’s mine.’ I whispered and I ran away. In a few seconds I was behind the deer. I jumped towards it and bit him in the neck. I drank the blood real quick. Not because I was thirsty, more because I couldn’t stop when I started drinking. But that was in the genes. For as far as we have them.
I saw Ethan running away. I smelled a lion. That was why he ran off so fast. Lion was his favorite meal. Mine was a tiger and Alice’s a lynx. It was very funny that the three of us like cat likes. Especially when you know that Miguel’s and Josephine’s favorites are dog likes. Miguel’s are wolves and Josephine’s are foxes.
I heard a car at our house. ‘Josephine’s back.’ I said to Alice. I didn’t see Ethan anywhere, but I was sure that he had heard me. Alice smiled.
‘Let’s go back then.’ We ran back to the house.
‘Good evening.’ Josephine smiled at us. I looked at my watch. It was already 8 o’clock. We had hunted for 4 hours. ‘How was school today?’ The four of us walked in the house. ‘We have a new girl in our class.’ Josephine was immediately full of attention. ‘Well not really new. Last year she was already in 11th grade, but in an other class than Ethan was.’ Josephine raised one eyebrow. ‘What’s her name then?’
‘Haley.’ Ethan answered. ’She’s nothing to worry about.’ He added when he read Josephine’s mind. She was worried. Nobody of us liked it when there were new people who could find out about us. ‘It’s okay. Really.’ He said again. ‘She was already at our school. She’s not new.’ I saw Josephine relaxing a bit. She nodded and walked upstairs.

The Halls

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 Let me introduce myself. My name is Elisabeth , but my family calls me Liz. I’ve got red brown hair and my eyes are gold colored. They used to be light blue, but I can’t remember much of that time anymore. Only the horrible pain at the end.
I live in Forks, but of course not alone. I’ve got one sister and one brother. My sister is called Alice. She’s the best sister I can imagine. She’s always in for shopping and she is never angry or sad. She can see in the future, which is pretty cool. Sometimes her predictions don’t come true, but most of the time she is right. This is pretty annoying when you want to play a game with her. She always figures a way to win, but I’ve got another trick for that. I can read her mind. So when she figures out what I’m going to do. I can figure out what see is going to do.
Our brother, Ethan, has the same gift as me. He can also read minds. We’ve got a special band with each other. It’s hard to explain, because we don’t know ourselves how it exactly works. We can hear each others mind, like we can with others, but we can hear each other more clear and from a larger distance. Let put it this way: When Ethan is in the north of Canada and I’m in the south of Mexico, we can still hear each others thoughts. It’s like we’ve got a sort of connection.
It would be a bit weird if we would live with the three of us, without parents. Our ‘mother’ is Josephine. She takes care of us like we are her own children. I think she sees us in that way. If you didn’t knew we were sort of adopted, you would believe that she was my real mother. Josephine got the same red brown hair as I do and of course we’ve both got gold colored eyes.
Miguel is our ‘father’. He teaches us a lot. He did that from the beginning of our new lifestyles. He knows almost everything. Although he doesn’t like it when I say that, I keep reminding him of that fact.
Let me introduce ourselves. We’re the family Hall.


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