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wow online

• 9/1/2010 - 3.2 version of the outline of changes

3.2 version of the outline of changes gradually revealed, while the previous rumors that the changes to the shaman in 3.2 is now a reality, although the 3.2 version of the amendment is still going on to, but on the current changes, the shaman of this change seems to determine the shaman totem will be a new skill key, this key is located abovewow gold the totem bar, which functions as a motor skills or Druid Paladin aura of the deformation of shape. This button offers the choice of totem for each element, the call key name is Totem call (later renamed the earth call). There is also a new skill key, called the fire calls, and its capacity is set at the same time you calling four totem into the ground at the same time, while at the same time occupying a public CD. (However, to loss of the entire four totem mana required.) Of course, players can set up calls in the fires ofcheap wow gold less than 4 years required for a totem. Fire calls, training can be at 30, while in the more advanced, 60 or 70, you can call the totem at the same time get new skills, such as the water calls, air calls, etc., so you can call more of a totem, which a skill to the player three kinds of rapid deployment totem settings, but in combat it all just a button press can be done.

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• 31/12/2009 - not waste extinction

BOSS fight the case of pairs of slow and the main difference between slow-fast, vice very, very small, slow the only advantage of deputy damage deputy high damage. The advantage of rapid weapons, faster stacked lethal, more focused attacks, therefore, personally believe that the choice of deputies in the damage to give priority to a high DPS weapon you can, choose the speed selected with the DPS thieves damage to the large gains Properties of Wow goldarms. More focus on skills means more damage, more stars, more quickly fatal stack. But the deputies abandoned the high-damage injury, each gain or loss. However, the damage, the cardattributes, is beyond the bleeding. Understanding of property damage two thieves damage the properties of choice is often violent pre-AP, but the real benefits TBC comparative advantage is rapid, the thief is very sharp and can improve the considerable melee damage. But I think the team BUFF, the violence is a look at the face of things, the main damage output of that? Instant Poison! Yes, Poison Instant Poison under BUFF triggering probability Needless to say, once a quick knife. At this time, rapidly became very powerful property, high rapid damage caused by the upgrading of the flat cut is also very good, but also can not ignore the additional number of Gaoping cutting focus, therefore, rapid damage is absolutely the most powerful attributes of one. Crit: I personally believe in a similar storm hit the value of like, recommend 31% -33% (I tried 30%, respectively 32% 35% play a maximum of 32% of that to play out). Man BUFF and trigger a cat is almost 50% of the future, and more at the expense of other attributes less completely depends on face. . In addition there is that element of speckled NGA, the elements of the oath, the birds D, halo, affecting poison explosion hit hit: 230 or so like, I was eating hit 243 hit 263 food, in fact, you can eat quick, in short, flat cut MISS9% -10% is normal. This basic damage is the default value. AP: This goes without saying, and what is natural are powerful attributes, of course, the better, the basic is 2200 + full enough, if you hit high, and put the gem for AP, but remember that if replace gems to make your storms less than 30%, then you still honestly plug agile stone bar. Similarly, the storm hit the same high, remember to keep living and that the maintenance of the basic needs of the few hits. Jewelry: Of course, add thin gray tongue slightly, TBC first physical jewelry, no sheets on the stigma, then to make up for damage the precise question also have a strong AP triggering. Damage the jewelry thief Rank: thin "gray tongue" shame "of the Betrayer crazy" astral spiral "Dragon's Back" Tsunami here in particular explain the tsunami had early TBC when there is no built-in CD was a storms hit the United States serving LR, has been hung with more than 300 attacks that resulted in heavy snow and strong BUFF right jewelry additions built-in CD, the tsunami thief I once again clearly notices the faithful, this thing is cooking. . Whether fighting thieves or damage, then 10 seconds of continuous BUFF time difference compared with the stigma too much debris. Gem: Again, if you are able to meet their basic needs, then hit the storms hit, please gem for AP to the body, and if not, honestly agility. Equipped with: that a set of SW Gold Saint Seiya, rapid, AP are all good, storms hit just the remote with the Knife. If there is no golden set of Saint Seiya, please follow the basic attributes to match, jewelry ring must be. Penetration of both the non-SW with disregard, ZAM, and brand for the ring, I urge students to come quickly replaced, can be considered to start DD rings, its excellent properties. However, in the absence of a disaster situation can be considered to enhance hit the ring with the egg to the gem for AP. The most important is to ensure that the properties of 4T6 must be guaranteed. Proposals are three new T6 + T6 shoulders, this is the best match, there is no FMS's stay night pants, can be considered T6.5 on the shoulder. Output details: Garrote a very popular starting hands, thirst of blood, cut, damage, Poison, and damage, Poison cycle. Then the process should be noted that there are 1: BUFF, thirsty of blood, mongoose, stigma effects, sheet effects, which are always concerned about you, and pairs of cats plus accessories triggered effects disappear when you do not damage waiting for Shane? . Aside from these BUFF you should note that the energy groove and Poison the BUFF, you want to maximize the output, we must fill Crimping Poison 0 seconds Poison, Poison BUFF as far as possible the total output of a longer time, while promising Wow gold kaufenenergy, do not have the energy and other benefits such as BUFF out, playing, or take Poison damage enough. 2: Under normal circumstances, is a 4.5 star Poison, but when you are holding a three star, Poison BUFF has been broken, energy is inadequate complement damage, it can play a Poison, merciless to a star, damage to 3 stars , but also is a four star Poison, and more than 3 seconds of the Poison BUFF, at least four times quick poison. What? Is three stars? . . You are really ugly face. . (Note that the above is a high rapid way under a cover, and some see the face, is to use their own discretion whether or not I personally rely on this for many, many times BUFF) 3: Guan need to disappear by extinction of the outbreak, it is best not good and then the brave time to disappear, when the heroic cycle of rapid, resulting in energy will overflow, so do not waste extinction

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