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American tuning changed 997 Turbo

Posted on 4/3/2015 at 06:31 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


Tuning SWITZER from Ohio and other peers have the same horsepower severe thirst, but the difference is SWITZER in the pursuit of speed, but also want to keep some of the comfort and convenience of everyday life , in view of this, it recently SWITZER the Porsche 997 Turbo Tiptronic gearbox used to make the transformation , so this car hand- automatic models are also able to enjoy SWITZER launched P800 power upgrade kit.

According to past experience modification,megane turbocharger Porsche Tiptronic manual gearbox can withstand the maximum horsepower of about 700hp, but there are many customers complain SWITZER, because they also want to have a 997 Turbo Tiptronic allows access to the wild power 800hp Therefore SWITZER decided once and for all to satisfy customers, the Tiptronic manual gearboxes made strengthened to be able to withstand greater horsepower / torque as the goal, and increase power transmission efficiency. After the actual test, the Porsche 997 Turbo Tiptronic P800 in the 0-100km / h acceleration performance of just 2.8 seconds, and is based on standard tires, fuel and boost the value of the results of test scores .

Currently SWITZER had also strengthened this with Tiptronic manual gearboxes for final adjustment, but also believe that being a maker of modified Porsche 9ff TEC HART and will have interest.megane dci turbocharger It has hardened Tiptronic automated manual gearbox is priced at $ 7,990 (about 54,100 yuan) .

G-Power BMW X6M pushing 900ps modification

Posted on 4/3/2015 at 06:30 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


The famous BMW tuner G-Power is introducing the world's fastest SUV: Typhoon RS Ultimate V10 (Dukes RS Ultimate V10).

As you might expect, X6 M's original twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine (555hp and 678Nm of torque power output) will be replaced by G-POWER, and was replaced by cash M5 V10 engine of 5.0 liters. However, G-POWER is not simply a new engine placement, but again be upgraded to V10 engines:KP35 turbocharger MAHLE forged pistons, seven bearing crankshaft, connecting rod and piston strengthen, they also installed two ASA T1-in 316 turbocharger intercooler and revising ECU program.

The car is only limited to five, but the price is up to 675,000 euros (approximately RMB 5.9 million). If this is the price you can not accept, G-Power also supplied Typhoon,clio turbocharger Typhoon Black Pearl and other modified models.

Mazda 2, Mazda 3 modified version released

Posted on 25/2/2015 at 07:24 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


The annual Tokyo Auto Salon also held as scheduled, on Mazda Mazdaspeed Altenza concept car, so we have a prior understanding of the car. But Mazda has brought us joy and more than that, Mazdaspeed Mazda will launch another two concept cars at this year's Auto Salon, a model for the Axela,Toyota 2.0 turbocharger which is we know Mazda 3; another for the Demio model that Mazda 2.
Detailed information about these two concept cars are not yet very clear, but the same concept Mazdaspeed Altenza, Axela and Mazdaspeed Demio concept car also has a good quality. In addition, Mazda will showcase 16 of the other models using specialized suite at this Auto Salon, with the assistance of these models is the famous Japanese tuning company Ken Style and DAMD the launch.
2008 Tokyo Auto Salon will be in next year's January 11 start,subaru impreza turbocharger therefore, have to wait until more detailed information can be learned on the occasion of the show. Now from January 11 the day is not too far away, consumers only need to wait a few days on it.

Converted into my home - into the exhaust system modification Raiders

Posted on 25/2/2015 at 07:00 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Growing into people's family car modification, car modification are getting closer and closer to us, some owners feel slow engine response, and some owners think the whirring noise of vehicles was interesting. These vehicles are involved in the intake and exhaust system modifications. Beijing Han Shide ABT Electronics Company technical director Shi Xiaohui said intake and exhaust system modifications have European and American systems and Japanese points. Case I: Returned from Britain after Sir Donald bought a 1.8L automatic golf. But he believes golf speed fast enough, you want a faster engine response speed, while Tsang did not want to let the engine sound too, want to maintain a quiet ride space. Renault clio 1.5 dci turbocharger Modification proposal: European cars such modified intake and exhaust can use K & N high flow air filter to increase the intake air. This is also the German cars are generally the primary intake modification techniques. Large selection of original intake air filter intake mushrooms instead of using a relatively safe option. When you install the filter can simply replace the original. ABT original exhaust tail section uses row to row properly reduced pressure. Shi Xiaohui said such modifications need to replace the exhaust pipe and the middle, because the effect of the modified Tsang requirements for pretty quiet, so the only way to change the end of the row can not affect exhaust emissions and exhaust noise will not have a significant enhance the response of the engine under the circumstances. Comments: If full use of ABT German original imported parts, like Sir Donald Such modifications need about 8000 yuan. If parts are imported from Germany, but not ABT original pieces, the required conversion costs about 5,000 yuan. If full use of domestic components, the entire modified only 1,000 yuan. GT2871 turbocharger Case II: with an Impreza Wang hopes to further enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Modification proposal: These Japanese cars, the intake system can be used mushrooms Blitz intake and pipeline to maximize the expansion of the engine intake air. When you install the original air filter box needs to be removed, the mushrooms placed as far away from the engine, well-ventilated place. And do not forget to remove the air flow meter reinstall mushrooms pipeline. In the exhaust section, Shi Xiaohui suggestions can choose GPSports combination in the tail section. This reduces exhaust pressure, while increasing the exhaust patency, bringing deep exhaust noise. Comment: If the full selection of imported parts, like this modification Wang, probably costs less than 10,000 yuan. Related Articles: http://jamendo.propertybuzzer.info/step-right-to-change-a-tire http://www.totsites.com/tot/jamendo/journald/604205.html

After installation: opening process step by step.

Posted on 13/2/2015 at 06:26 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


After completing the installation of the entire brake system, the next action also needs to be opened. In the opening process, the brake must be soft and short, do not slam the brakes (as heavy braking or too long may lead to friction material and disc brake pads overheat, simply put, just put something fierce braking is not suitable for operation, also need a running-in process). In the slow speed (15 to 20 km / h), and then gently brake the vehicle is started again after a stop,Mitsubishi Exhaust Manifold this process is repeated 5 to 10 times, the purpose of this action is to remove the metal brake disc surface; Subsequently, continued increase the speed to a higher range (30 to 40 km / 50 to 60 km), so gradual manner, to ensure the proper and effective fit between the brake pads and the disc.

The zero record held by Brembo product installation instructions will be, not only a thorough understanding of the dealer Brembo products, while also allowing the media to have a deeper understanding of Brembo. Brembo each product is carefully designed factory Brembo,Nissan Exhaust Manifold whether mechanical or process is to test the product can allow users to experience the best quality assurance. However, the current domestic auto parts market is not standardized, a considerable number of counterfeit and shoddy products, therefore, to ensure a high quality experience Brembo products, please be sure to consumers through its distributor or dealer to buy Shenzhen hit zero.

Maximum power 1160 horsepower Nissan GT-R to change the power package

Posted on 13/2/2015 at 06:20 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


Performance car tuning company from Chicago AMS Performance always introduce some amazing power conversion case, the following is to introduce a specially installed for the Nissan GT-R Alpha 10 R & D power conversion kit, this kit allows the engine group rated maximum power of 1160 hp and peak torque of up to 1300 N • m (need to use race fuel oil).
If you are using civilian gasoline, then the wheel can reach maximum power 900 horsepower. The kit includes two higher power efficiency of the turbine engine strengthen pieces (engine displacement of the option to upgrade to 4.4 liters), high angle camshaft, K & N intake, HKS exhaust and high-flow fuel injectors, etc. Finally, the need to calibration procedures performed by Cobb. From 0 to 400 meters with just 9.1 seconds to complete. Alpha 10 power conversion kit price is $ 24,999.95,Peugeot Crankshaft which is about 155,000 yuan.
MTM modified 6 seconds Pobai Volkswagen Amarok
MTM has been adept at a variety of "performance" to please the owner of the vehicle to be modified to enhance, to turn over the coupe, hatchback Cannon, ultra high-performance wagon even run we have seen a lot. This time, MTM to give us some different products, they took a seemingly more practical to send home models surgery, VW Pickup Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok is a 2010 launch of the pickup, equipped with 2.0L petrol and two diesel engines. MTM approach is relatively straightforward, not abandon this 2.0L engine, replaced with a 4.2-liter V8 diesel engine. The new engine and chassis perfect match with the original car, can output 410 horsepower and 930 N • m maximum torque. In such a power-driven, you will get a 0-100km / h in just six seconds, top speed of up to 222km / h in the pickup.
In order to ensure the stability of such a vehicle traveling at high speed, the rear leaf springs must be asked to replace the new rear air suspension with replacement guarantee the rear transverse rod can be steady as a rock.Subaru Crankshaft Meanwhile, the front brakes replaced with MTM's 405mm brake kit, rear drum brakes by disc brakes upgraded. BBS SV wheels with Michelin tires 295mm width, ensuring a huge 930 N • m of torque can smoothly play.
We may modify the performance of a sports car on the MTM commonplace, but it seems they did not miss each one has the potential to modify models. The Na Pika "cut" people could not help but refreshing, MTM company also showed extraordinary skills. After all, not every company can make six seconds Pobai pickup.

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Ford Foucs ST exhaust with MilltekSport

Posted on 6/2/2015 at 09:03 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

At the beginning of this year, February 28, Ford Focus ST formal status in the domestic market to imports,T25 turbocharger the late Reggie to one of the few "Cannon" model adds an option. ST modeling can be used to describe an exaggeration, compared to the normal version of the Focus, increase the size of its grille, sporty side skirts and roof spoiler to further enhance its sporty characteristics. Red ST logo is located bottom right grille, Peugeot its unique position in the Ford family.

The new generation Focus ST was equipped with a 2.0L EcoBoost inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, this engine in the Mondeo - widely used on sharp boundary, Range Rover Aurora, with good performance, after re-adjustment, the maximum power can 250 hp and peak torque of 345N • m, together with on a 6-speed manual transmission, this powertrain can accelerate the car 0-100km / h in 6.5 seconds when completed, a top speed of 248km / h . Just look at the book has enough data Focus ST performance comparable to most models, but like this car and its owner must have six seconds is not satisfied that more achievements, to further enhance the power, the limit is pursued by these owners.GT3582 turbocharger
Surgeon for the upcoming issue of the protagonist is from Xi'an Qi card modification club until the vehicle engine upgrade modification, qi card club opted for a modified exhaust famous brands from the UK for this Milltek Sport Focus ST, either naturally aspirated or turbocharged car models, replacing the intake and exhaust is one of the most effective ways essential. Perhaps there are a lot of riders on the Milltek Sport exhaust which is not very familiar with the brand, Milltek Sport is one of more than 20 years of experience in the design of high-performance exhaust system manufacturer, for more than 20 automobile brands produce a variety of dedicated high-performance exhaust system, the current market range piece of cloth over 40 countries worldwide.
Milltek Sport England, Europe and Japan for the prevailing production of special high-performance automobile brand exhaust system, including Performance Exhausts in to the tail pipes, Hi-Flower Sports & Motorsport Sports Catalysts catalytic converters and exhaust manifold head banana, while the exhaust end of course factory main project is to produce the highest quality materials and full SUS 304 stainless steel, and are rarely used in anti-magnetic properties of materials on the market, single-handedly by the British Milltek Sport aspects from design to production, in addition to obtaining ISO 9001 international certification beyond , Milltek Sport more actively involved in motorsport, including BTCC, etc. which have become AMD Milltek Racing BTCC Team sponsors and VW Racing Cup's official sponsors. Has also been elected Audi Driver Magazine magazine readers one of the best parts for Best Aftermarket Brand Product.


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Design Vision GTI Volkswagen released

Posted on 6/2/2015 at 08:48 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


The annual Worthersee show held in Reifnitz Austria, to the general public every time the fans bring a new toy, this year is no exception. The protagonist named Design Vision GTI, this is born of golf through the track widened, reducing processing and is stuffed with a twin-turbo V6 engine.saab 95 turbocharger
Dynamic aspects, 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with maximum power of up to 503 hp and 560 Nm of torque up limit. With Volkswagen DSG gearbox, all-wheel drive. One hundred kilometers only takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate the car a top speed of up to 300km / h.
Appearance, Design Vision GTI GTI is intended to indicate future design, the iconic C-pillar and rear surround has a substantial change, so that the body looks more low and wide. Interior division, 452204-5005S Turbocharger there are big changes, most notably in the rear seat has been replaced by X-type anti-roll cage.

AMUSE remodeling NISSAN 370Z

Posted on 28/1/2015 at 07:09 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link


AMUSE car from the hands of a basic can be out of sight,Toyota Coilovers with a distinct style to stand out in contemporary post-industrial Japan numerous tuning, the once glorious moment of c-west, ings + 1 and so on brands are under AMUSE eclipsed, each part of the car body from AMUSE are memorable, highly recognizable degrees. Of course, we will never forget the mighty AMUSE S2000 GT1, and so full of carbon BNR34 classic masterpiece. Today, in front of this new work, AMUSE is a public course NISSAN 370Z 370Z modifications in the top grade.
370Z rear has been criticized, boomerang-style taillights, although eye-catching, but too conservative rear bumper design reminiscent of its predecessor 350Z, anticlimactic appearance impression still has not changed, but the outside world know AMUSE assessment, so for the rear to make a more substantial changes, especially in the lower spoiler and rear wing to join, have made this 370Z looks more in line with its dual exhaust is the character shape design trends, AMUSE spend the home produced bluing dual exhaust,BMW adjustable Coilovers not only beautiful style, performance and exhaust noise and goes to a whole new level
This is the root of a four-point engine room is the original trolley car when in fact there are, for this appeal motion characteristics of the vehicle,http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/adjustable-coilovers/bmw-coilovers.html such equipment is essential, in fact, the Japanese car is not so unkind, at least in the local community is still very good. Engine has been tweaked AMUSE Hi-Tec Rom ECU after, with a more sensitive throttle response


STaSIS modification matte black Audi R8 710

Posted on 28/1/2015 at 07:03 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

In recent years, has been specializing in conversion label STaSIS Audi and Volkswagen Group's performance changes in various models, the introduction of an Audi R8 exclusive power kit for the original claim to be able to add additional 200 horsepower, the final figure is 710 horses. This set is named "ultimate challenge" suite, equipped with a Magnuson supercharger system, nissan turbocharger with STaSIS computer programs as well as home-made stainless steel exhaust, as well as to increase the fuel injection system and a high-flow K & N air intake escort. Zero to one hundred kilometers to accelerate three seconds, running 400 meters less than 11 seconds to achieve results. A little terror, right? Dynamic, so much to strengthen the appearance of nature can not be left behind. What is more engaging than the matte black it? Head to toe, a black in the end. Xiao Bian think vulgar, metal nameplate that several brands and models are all minus signs to ensure that all black mystery. One might think of Batman are black cook, really a bit like. To cope with strong power, high-performance brake system has been upgraded to a suite of Alcon, Anthracite 20-inch wheels replace the product, before 9J width, the width of the post-12J, dull dark products, consistent with the body style. See the engine compartment so clean, I really do not believe this is the core of the 710-horsepower. However, Volvo Turbocharger this complete manual, may make people feel boring, no trace of a little modification. Still the same: to understand the nature understand, do not understand do not need to understand. Poet you please move it elsewhere. Car body style and a perfect fit, Audi retains the sense of technology, it is not a strong fighting spirit, "play pig eat tiger," and only a piece of metal plate showed distinctive unique identity. Related Articles: http://jamendo.my1blog.ru/32126/Violent+change+power%2C+handling%2C+suspension%2C+interior+2020.html http://jamendo.blogtur.com/14102664/Depot-NISSAN-SILVIA-S15-cars-cars.html

Modified exhaust system

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Modified exhaust system can be modified car entry, almost a hundred percent of the vehicle to modify their car, the first time to think of going to change almost all of the exhaust system. However, there are more than one in learning to ignore a few owners will,Peugeot Turbocharger most likely at this stage of the modified exhaust systems are designed to shape, "throat, throat," the exhaust noise on the street to run again is really quite hot ! Better to talk about this on this specially modified exhaust, so that all would like to modify the owners have to have a more rational understanding.
Part 1 of the engine cylinder head exhaust port connected to the exhaust manifold is called, commonly known as dead air banana, the role after passing through the cylinder head exhaust vent collection, so it can smoothly to drain away;

2. turbocharged engine, turbo exhaust end piece called after export FRONT PIPE, Chinese "head installment"; within the NA engine in addition to a bridge,Mazda Turbocharger three-way catalytic exhaust gas inflow, there is one that can so that the engine and the exhaust pipe to achieve a soft connection;

3. The following is from the environmental effects of "catalytic converter", the role does not need to speak all know, is not the day for their own sets of car being cut emissions measured plus a fine;

4. And then after that the drum (FRONT SILENCER), if it is used in the car, it should be said that the role of the drum is not large, or even cancel, but if it is modified street car, simply say that in order to reduce the discharge when the gas resonance phenomenon;

5. Shou Mei Guan called exhaust drum (REAR SILENCER), commonly known as dead air hose, also considered to be part of most people converted.


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Advanced Kit Gather

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This price is the boss kit that would like the whole group as cheap supply to consumers, but it is due to the use of materials, high cost, the estimated selling price should be officially launched in more than 140,000 yuan. Also this group of Turbo Kit can also be used on vehicles syngeneic Saxo, C2, etc., as long as the minor piping modifications. Construction time was 3-4 days,Ignition Coil Pack due to the need to replace the cylinder head gasket, unlikely recompression hours. But the boss said that these are for the sake of perfection, he also provides one year warranty period, if not allowed to modify the original configuration, calibration, and he is confident will not be a problem.
And when I actually test ride, the first feeling is very smooth power output, saw over 2000 rpm on a rapid rise in 6000 forward gears, the clutch engages again quickly to get a strong momentum, Wu said the boss before 2000 rpm there is also no feeling frustrated situation, ask the boss said that more obvious when traffic jam, if not aware of cis open, and as long as the speed control between 2000 and 6000, goes to the output absolutely satisfactory.
Advanced Kit Gather
In addition to this mounting of Stage 1 Turbo Kit, France Cha Ye also now ready enough to satisfy the appetite of a larger Stage 2 and Stage 3 kitperformance ignition coils, which contains a Stage 2 tailpipes piecewise enlarged to 76mm, modified turbine blades, replace the camshaft and boost the value will increase to 0.8bar, Collocation can add 30. The Stage 3 goes further even pistons, connecting rods and other parts have to be replaced belly, strength is worth the wait.

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Inherent quality type

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Intake, exhaust, air enters the engine through the first air filter, the original configuration is now most disposable paper filter, while the modified product is made with special chemical fiber, enables to enter combustion air flow, velocity increased by more than 30%,seat leon cupra turbocharger so that the fuel burn more thoroughly and more efficient. Intake, ignition system is good, but the iron and tin of the inner wall is not smooth due to the exhaust pipe, the exhaust velocity impact, after the modification become the stainless steel exhaust pipe, the exhaust gas combustion chamber can be rapidly discharged, thereby increasing the torque.

Spark plugs, spark plug because of different electrode materials are divided into general, platinum and iridium three. Replaced by platinum, iridium spark plugs, high speed under high temperature, high pressure, still able to provide timely, strong spark. But the owners need to be reminded that the premise is the need to refit the spark plug's own car situation and habits linked to more expensive platinum spark plugs, but stable, and Iridium spark plugs are more expensive, especially if you do not need it, good Platinum iridium spark plugs than the price higher.

Balance bar, balance bar stands for the top front of the vehicle suspension rod, the main role is to increase the rigidity of the structure of the body, improve vehicle driving in the corners of stability and balance. It connects the two shock absorbers,Leon cupra 1.8 turbocharger so both sides of the force is consistent, enabling the car to keep the body stable and avoid sharp turns at high speeds or when not even roll roll, greatly improving traffic safety. In addition, balance bar also inhibit the function of body deformation. Currently on the market is a good balance of aluminum alloy rods, rigid strong, long-term discontinuity deformation, cost about 400 yuan.

Change the car to have a plan

Recommended that those who want to join a family friend modification when dressing up for the car were, we might learn some maturity, the first of spark plugs, cylinder line, balancing pole and other parts for a renovation project, and other vehicle performance was to make friends when surprised, and then the intake and exhaust system, the second phase renovation project, renovation surrounded by large, wheels, tail, etc. These three projects were put icing on the cake. In accordance with the general rules of this transformation step down, in line with the car but also enable the car to change a surprising change from the inside out.

Of course, do not underestimate the primary modified car, is also very cost money, yo! Off level modification takes about 2 million, to achieve the effect is only "catch the eye", so people say, "It was a good car modification"; Roland level modification takes about 4 million, of which you spend most of wheels, modified exhaust and other parts; As experts look after saying "real cow" of the state, starting at 50,000 yuan would recommend voluntary non-fanatics do not easily "caught"!

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SUV essential basics

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SUV SUV is the acronym (SportsUtilityVehicles) due Unlike car design and driving conditions, SUV's operating environment and engine mechanical load quite a big difference, so owners should use high quality engine oil, gear oil, car maintenance and automatic transmission oil,almera turbocharger providing owners the best driving conditions.

Usually four-wheel drive SUV (4WD) designed to cope with different road conditions. The so-called four-wheel drive for the power generated by the engine, with the drive shaft is transmitted to the four wheels, can both improve the balance and the driving force of the four rounds. The four-wheel drive can be divided into full-time four-wheel drive with automatic four-wheel drive, which is equipped with all-wheel drive can be coordinated around a central shaft speed differential, front and rear skid offer. Differential to maintain smooth ride have a very important role.

Most SUV is equipped with anti-slip rear axle differential device (after LSD), in case when a wheel slip, to ensure that there is still another round grip; and such a situation prone to high temperatures, damage to the differential. Therefore, consumers should be advised to use a suitable oil, and only in accordance with good lubrication original, high temperature and other characteristics, in order to truly complete differential protection and automatic transmission.
In addition, in the case of non-ordinary flat road driving, such as: involving the river crossing, across the sand, mud road, and on and off the slopes, etc., play a role in four-wheel drive, the engine output torque increase, Renault 1.5 turbocharger bringing great engine load easy to make a sharp rise in the temperature of the engine oil, the face of this situation, the oil requires more than the average high-quality vehicles, the use of fully synthetic, high stability of engine oil to be able to provide the best protection. At the same time, because the temperature is high, the engine oil more easily oxidized thickens, causing the piston coke, and oil to produce a precipitate, accelerated aging oil, easy to mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, the best owners shorten oil change mileage, the best way to high-quality synthetic oil, engine maintenance is regularly replaced.

If you like the modified SUV owners, such as: the suspension or tire change high increase Nagarkot is best to comply with the provisions of the scope of the original, do not make too massive change. Although over the road after modification to adapt in a non-general road driving and vehicle condition to perform well in the general plane traveling the road once, because the center of gravity to improve, but easy to endanger traffic safety. And each driving a car expedition to conquer something back, it is best to let a professional service center to check the vehicle's suspension system, take a look at the links between body chassis screws without loose, various parts of the shock machine, engine, gearbox, etc. whether the leakage and so on.

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AC Schnitzer modified version of the MINI S

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Distinctive styling and unorthodox lovely colors for women's lethality is too great, this inertia of thinking that will deliver him to the MINI, MINI actually fun than just superficial, off fashion coat, it is still the focus of attention of aggregation.clio 1.5 dci turbocharger
Although they have a lovely small form factor, but the driver's point of view, I did not think that MINI is a model for women, especially MINI Cooper S, 1.6-liter turbocharged engine gives it too much about speed vision, stubborn chassis will not care about your ride is comfortable, point to a more precise steering wheel will not let you have been lax in the space, it is no longer satisfied vanity when the subject of attention, but simply direct driving enjoyment.
So, this car MINI Cooper S faded past pompous, instead creating a little solemn look. MINI classic white roof is retained, but the body has already become a whole body black. Body on both sides of the original stickers make this car very modern car has been somewhat retro flavor, under the guise of a black body, scenic 1.5 dci turbocharger and in the cold air intake on the hood has become no longer advertised. Little metal car body color be white and black in and, in the sunlight shining.


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ABT Audi Q5 appearRelated Articles:ance modification

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Personalization is a lot of tuners for their vehicle to transform the mind. Domestic fans have been in contact for some time modification, whether there had been some precipitation modification culture, or modification techniques so. Just change the appearance of the case which will be there all year, clio dci turbocharger but look at present with the past, we found in the case of the appearance of the modified modified parts have changed a lot. At the beginning, a lot of car modification has been changed to look out of the personalization of the word, feels like a non-mainstream now, even though at present there are still cases of such modification, but also has much less, and more tuning package designed to replace foreign products, once to change the appearance of the vehicle to make it more personalized, now this Q5 is to choose the latter. ABT's The aero front surrounded by large areas modification, the side next to the open air dam in for some cooling components for cooling purposes, retained the fog, this should be more practical design it. After a certain degree in the network changes, while retaining the original family faces spectrum, there are between grids were replaced with better results straight intake. Right now this Q5 owners just made adjustments to his appearance, when it comes to modifications of the mechanical parts are produced only set of Brembo 6-piston brake calipers it, but I believe this is more used to foil the caliper body only. Back to the appearance of it, the owners chose Queen audi ABT tuning package designed as an exterior aero upgrade parts. Has changed a lot from the looks of it, can be personalized full, but also opened the front face of the guide has more outlet for the water tank, intercooler, oil cooler air cooling requires a lot of components to provide sufficient air . As for the rear aspect ABT also has been improved, adding double-tail design wingspan though not much, kubistar turbocharger but there is a good spoiler role. Walking the same respect from ABT's products, the owners chose the sporty wheels ABT BR series, with the Bridgestone DUELER H / P Sport tires, composed this car is almost the same with the ABT factory appearance. I never think so, refit the diversity performance alone is modified, and the appearance alone is modified, but different ideas of personal conversion was therefore modified to obtain different results only. Like this Q5, ABT also has its launch performance modifications of parts, and is a powerful and complete factory performance cars, but the problem is that in crowded cities, is to open a performance is very powerful, but like burning oil the car is good on the tap? Fuel-efficient or comfortable, but the appearance of a distinctive car is good? As a city car, I would prefer the latter. Wheels also uses the ABT BP series wheels, while with the Brembo six-piston brake calipers, caliper can make it easier for "sun" out.

Modification VIP Style

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The first part of the Fit changing images already caught on, or do not say to a friend for a good new to refit Fit changing images less clear. But it does not matter, following this whole converted into VIP style Fit is the best of the best examples illustrate. VIP Style focuses on luxury taste, but in many foreign VIP Style modified car conversion program that is giving a feeling of exaggeration. Lying on the ground together with the embarrassment of Camber, crazy throwing wide body, are able to see in the case of foreign VIP modification. But contrary domestic, more VIP Style modifications tend to be low-key style that tends to temperament of.forged connecting rods Or because of domestic traffic and domestic modification enthusiasts do not like the high profile it to decorate their vehicles. Fit this paper is to temperament as a key focus refit appearance. But also a relatively low-key style, people feel that it is the biggest change in the net change in the same vehicle is.
For creating VIP style, the original shock that high body absolutely can not continue to be retained. For tall body to be converted into a VIP style is definitely out of tune. Lower body is necessary, but how to reduce the problem. Whether domestic or abroad, VIP Style modifications who will use a lot of air suspension to achieve lower body, because the elastic pressure shock absorbers adjust relatively high, just by deflated inflatable lifting can be done relatively easily.
For creating VIP style, the original shock that high body absolutely can not continue to be retained. For tall body to be converted into a VIP style is definitely out of tune.adjustable camber plates Lower body is necessary, but how to reduce the problem. Whether domestic or abroad, VIP Style modifications who will use a lot of air suspension to achieve lower body, because the elastic pressure shock absorbers adjust relatively high, just by deflated inflatable lifting can be done relatively easily.
As for the interior, the owners will be modified as a result of energy all concentrated in the appearance of the decoration. So decorate the interior aspect has not been a big whitewash,http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/camber-plates.html just add some decorative small parts to play a decorative role.

Toshiro converted from MTM Scirocco

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All the above-mentioned modified pieces, including aerodynamics components, four-pipe exhaust tail section, springs and complete wheel combination, spent a total of 5,990 euros. However, this price does not include modifications to the engine. ABT for engine modification is first a 1.4 l petrol TSI Scirocco start, power the car's original standard of 160 (118 kilowatts) raised to the 200 (147 kW),coilover kits uk another 2.0 l turbo diesel version power than the standard model of the diesel version adds 30 (22 kilowatts), reached 170 (125 kilowatts). 2.0 l TSI petrol engine, the horsepower is about ABT upgrade to 240 (177 kW).
Toshiro converted from MTM Scirocco
MTM Volkswagen and Audi Queen modification specialists who bring the modified version of the Scirocco, including engine power increased to 272 horsepower, put on sports suspension, better brakes, handsome 19-or 20-inch wheels, wrapped in Michelin tires.

Increase of power from one engine ECU have been adjusted, and put a new exhaust system, rear and thus also vary. Suspension upgrades include a lower designed for sport-tuned springs and shock absorbers, brakes are also equipped with eight-piston calipers and 15-inch brake discs. Scirocco already handsome styling with a beautiful painting, I believe everyone will like this version of the MTM Scirocco.
B & B and Caractere cooperation to push high-powered Scirocco modified
B & B for the Scirocco maximum power 147kW of 2.0L TFSI engine, carried out six segments converted from 235hp (175kW) started the first five paragraphs modified maximum power were 250 (186kW), 265 (197kW), 286 (213kW) and 300hp (223kW).

Final Phase 6 Scirocco EVO R abandon existing engines,coilovers uk use a large turbo engine, and the cylinder and valve correction, with the oil cooler and sport exhaust system, the maximum power up to 261kW, so that's one hundred kilometers Scirocco acceleration of 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 274 km.
Other accessories include a 35mm lowered sports suspension and high-performance brake system, and the choice of 18-20 inches of new wheels. As for the appearance of the pursuit, consumers can go to B & B's cooperation tuner Caractere. http://www.maxspeedingrods.co.uk/adjustable-coilovers.html


Abt R8 GTR racing version of the letter of the road

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Abt R8 GTR is to build a new car for the show, the car is based on the Audi R8V10 development, production was only 25. Depot founder Christian Abt said: "R8 GT R is a letter of the road version of the car, it can provide higher performance." The car's front hood, front skirt, side mirrors, door,engine parts uk rear skirts, rear wing and tailgate are made of carbon fiber material, reducing weight than the standard 100 kg.
In order to create an atmosphere more racing, the car is equipped with Recaro racing seats, four point safety belts, stainless steel anti-roll bar and fire extinguisher. Suspension system is adjustable in height, while using the ceramic brakes. 5.2 liters V10 engine, the car is equipped with power from the original 386 kW / 525 hp increase to 456 kilowatts / 620 horsepower, 100 kilometers acceleration time of only 3.2 seconds, is also only 9.9 seconds to accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour while.
Perfect TechArt 911 GTStreetR modification
German tuner Techart Porsche 911 Turbo announced on modified 2010 GTStreet R. Techart called for GTStreet R modification was very successful, its performance can be achieved street track version of the standard.
According Techart news, TECHART TA 097 / T3.1 performance kit can make basic models increased power from 500 hp to 660 hp.race parts At 4500rpm, maximum torque can be 860Nm. TECHART sport clutch and six-speed gearbox for conversion GTStreet R can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds to complete.
Techart also modified the model design, GTStreet R aerodynamic kit includes reducing the height of the siege before, to cater to reduce the height of the body, improve intake is more conducive to the brakes and intercooler needs. GTStreet adopted Techart Formula 5-spoke 19-inch light alloy wheels.

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Junjie FRV 2010 models will be available

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Junjie FRV 2010 compared to the old front face Junjie FRV, the headlamps, fog lamps, grille has improved, the test vehicle's wheels are also quite movement.Mitsubishi Crankshaft The feedback from the market point of view, following the launch of cash Junjie FRV 1.5L model after comprehensive cost-effective, there has been significantly improved, but the margin of preference of the Series models declined, even the price has stopped.
In May 2008, Brilliance Auto launched its first hatchback Junjie FRV, this price is only 55,800 yuan from the car, with a good price and by many consumers, but up to now have been listed for nearly two years, the time has come to change money, and have the new road test spy burst. According to sources, the 2010 Junjie FRV will be officially listed on March 20.
From the road test spy photos, the 2010 Junjie FRV front face compared to the old Junjie FRV, the headlamps, fog lamps, grille has improved,Nissan Crankshaft the test vehicle's wheels are also quite movement. The feedback from the market point of view, following the launch of cash Junjie FRV 1.5L model after comprehensive cost-effective, there has been significantly improved, but the margin of preference of the Series models declined, even the price has stopped.
Cash Junjie FRV dynamic fashion styling, richer than the impact Junjie sedan. Junjie FRV wheelbase 2580mm, vehicle length 4210mm, width 1755mm, height 1460mm, interior space is quite comfortable. Junjie FRV uses Mitsubishi 4G18S and 4G13S power engine and equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and four-speed automatic transmission from Mitsubishi, which still retains the 1.3L version of the country, three emission standards, together with a reach of the country emission standards . Appearance, Junjie FRV many fashion elements into the front face and Hawkeye headlamps designed Junjie family are very impressive, with gorgeous body color, making the car more fashionable rich.
In addition to eye-catching appearance, stable handling is one of the highlights of China Junjie FRV. China Junjie FRV with a McPherson suspension with stabilizer bar independent, torsion beam rear suspension with composite front and rear shock absorbers and inflated, making it the steady stream of traffic easily flash turn maneuvers; high body rigidity, open up very stable, good stability when cornering, basically no roll phenomenon, entirely in the fingertips; position designed pedals fully consider the different height of the driver's needs, clutch, brake all shades of moderate , the maximum guarantee the driver's control of the fun.

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