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Real Estate Tax Abatements16/3/2013

Real Estate Tax Abatements: Tax bills have been sent for this Financial new year. If you are a business or homeowner that think your property has been overvalued or if you are a non-profit that received a tax bill and think that you should be exempt, our lawyers are experienced in guiding you through the abatement and appeals process. Your opportunity to challenge any assessment is limited to stringent timeframes.

Estate Planning: The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 signed into law January 2, 2013 provides multiple reasons for you to consider reviewing your existing estate plan, or creating your first estate plan. This is the first time since 2001 that we have had a permanent estate tax in place not subject to any sunsets or expiration dates. As a result of this clarity in the law we can plan for the long term. Contact us: Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys in Quincy MA.

Long Term Care Planning: In regards to your long term care needs, the sooner the better. Since 2006 preparation has to take place a total 5 years before long term care is needed. Recent legislation introduced would increase this to ten years. Given our federal deficits it is anticipated that these programs will become harder to qualify for in the future. For reviewing your long term care planning needs.

Incorporation Resolutions: Many smallbusinesses decide that this Year is the perfect time to incorporate their smallbusiness as a limited liability company or corporation. Starting off the New Year with a new corporate status makes the transition that much easier. Contact us today to assist you with your incorporation needs. Corporate Lawyers Quincy MA.

Corporate Records Update: Every business should start the New Year off with their corporate records up to date and in compliance with all regulations. Updates may include filing annual reports, drafting minutes of annual meetings for record purposes, memorializing any new shareholder or member agreements and preparing for tax filings. Contact us today to review and update your corporate records.

Intellectual Property Maintenance: Trademarks, copyrights and name reservations must be renewed according to specifically defined schedules. Missing a renewal deadline can mean additional fees at the best, and loss or abandonment of your intellectual property at the worst. Contact us: Election Law Attorneys in Quincy.

Employment Matters: A New Year inevitably brings with it comings and goings of employees. If your workforce has changed or is about to change, make sure you have up to date contracts with your employees, and that you have provided adequate end of employment notices to those employees that will be leaving. Through our community service we have been privileged to help out organizations such as Easter Seals, American Diabetes Association, March of Dimes, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, South Shore YMCA, Striar Jewish Community Center and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Lawyers Quincy.

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